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Homedrunk es el primer single extraido de Avida Dollars ( Subterfuge Records 2009 ), el 5º álbum de The Unfinished Sympathy,"Avida Dollars" (CD/LP) a la venta en

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The Band On The Edge Of Forever

No los conocía, afortunadamente me dió por escuchar su video, y me han encantado. Es cierto que recuerdan a Coldplay y bandas similares, pero aún asi suenan bastante bien.






-Shore leave (Single)

- The Band On The Edge Of Forever (2009) (GIMRecords)


01. Shore Leave
02. Holiday
03. Cecilia
04. Turn The Key
05. Skane Girl
06. Lullaby
07. Pass The Feeling
08. The Changeling
09. Socialized
10. Astronaut


- Shore Leave

Info thx to ThePassionOfIndieMusic:

The band name is long. And anything other than pop. But it's no wonder when you compare it with eternity wishes. The intention, the same threshold has been exceeded in the band name and the present 10 songs of elegiac debut album by The Band On The Edge Of Forever dejected. The use of the 4 young men in Berlin and lead singer for the practicing internist Volker Neumann primarily a remedy: The Journey to the Interior. The music soundtrack and nourishes the hope of all the borders to be able to blow up if you want to close your eyes and listen. Go on a Holiday ... and you might find what you had in mind Take the fast lane where the sun always shines You don t have to compromise go simply close your eyes it s way much faster, faster than you recognize ... the speed of light ... I do it all the time it is in Holiday, a song until the end of his playing time his true significance is low. Close your eyes, listen, dare to travel.

They consistently deny the instrumented songs just the ubiquitous pop-song arrangements, which at 3 minutes 30 ever the same again. This ensures that the journey is always new images before Zugfenster appear in the head. Volker Neumann Storytelling offers over the length of individual pieces of the album and a convincing arc voltage on. The first single, Shore Leave what something means leave the country as heralding the great ride and is consequently also the opening track. Those on a succinct theme piano-based ballad goes easy on the ear and has the band in some breathtaking speed doors open: The Hitsongschreiber Nosi Katzmann has them on his label gesigned, producer Tobias Siebert (Slut, Kettcar, Tomte, Klez.E) has some title of her album and produced the radio play the song in the day program. It also does not fare too light: Here is the pain of a lost childhood weggeträumt. How well it just goes.

The video shown in the miniature world underscores the desire for a perfect world, a past from which one is locked out forever. But it remains to flee into the art, where everything is possible. Changeling is a vibrant ironic sideswipe at the turn necks, which streamlined their way, and clearly not feeling the wavelength of the band application. We are therefore perfectly fortified dreamers to do. On the concert stage is The Band On The Edge Of Forever no longer an unknown quantity: The band MIA in three cities on their sold-out hall tour supports her debut album and the first time such a large audience. Then follow a tour of the band through Germany as well as several festival dates in summer. The future: The year 2009 will be a great for TBOTEOF. Whatever. Four young men have with the help of friends and companions is a wonderful first album released. No matter how it is the echo. They are happy, we are happy. And the foundation for more great music from the house of The Band On The Edge Of Forever is given. Close your eyes and you will see.

Jack Peñate - "Tonight's Today" VIDEO

Una canción de su segundo trabajo.

Video directed by the acclaimed Alma Harel.


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Pete Yorn "Lose you" LETRA

Sonará esta noche en House, en el capítulo 5x20 llamado "Simple explanation".

"Lose You"

I’m taking a ride off to one side
It is a personal thing.
When I can’t stand
Up in this cage I’m not regretting.

I don’t need a better thing,
I’d settle for less,
It’s another thing for me,
I just have to wander through this world

Stop before you fall
Into the hole that I have dug here,
Rest even as you
Are starting to feel the way I used to,
I don’t need a better thing
(Just to sound confused)
Don’t talk about everyone,
I am not amused by you.

I’m gonna lose you,
Yeah I’m gonna lose you
If I’m gonna lose you,

I’m gonna lose you,
Yeah I’m gonna lose you
If I’m gonna lose you
I’ll lose you now for good

News from John Garrison

El que fuera el cantante de la banda británica Budapest, y después debutará en solitario con "Above the Cosmos", y luego fuera el bajista de James Blunt. Por fin, volverá con un segundo trabajo, compuesto por nuevos temas, y otros que los seguidores de Budapest conocemos como "So close" o "Lost" (En una recopilación que hice, este tema era el que la abría)

Info from John Garrison:

Hi Everyone

I have been crazy busy dealing with 12 very naughty and fidgety new babies that just wouldn’t behave & sit still. But I have finally got them under control and can therefore announce the following;


John Garrison

Produced by Matt Shane

1. Let’s Run
2. I Leave On Friday
3. So Close
4. Footprints
5. Alexander & Annabel
6. Once Around The Block
7. Rendezvous
8. Lost
9. Cold Coffee
10. I Want You
11. Go
12. 2nd For The 1st Time

There will be previews on MySpace soon. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me make “Departures”. It is a huge personal achievement for me and would have been impossible without the help of all involved.


I will be playing a concert in Copenhagen on June 13th. All proceeds from the concert go to who do a marvellous job tackling poverty so please come down and give your support. Details are at

I have also just had a London show confirmed for July 2nd with my band at the Water Rats, Kings Cross. Onstage 9pm. More gigs announced soon.


Modest Mouse

"Modest Mouse is on the move again, debuting their new (fantastic) tune "Guilty Cocker Spaniels" for all on the internet to hear and recently releasing a new video for "Satellite Skin". The video was directed by Kevin Willis and has some crazy images fitting the weird vibes Brock's tunes tend to send out. Check it out:

Satellite Skin

Mp3s thx to IGuessI'mFloating

3 añitos del blog ASilentRoom

(Imagen obtenida del BlocketPC)

Gracias tod@s los que os pasáis por aqui.
Y gracias a las bandas que nos escriben para promocionar sus trabajos, con mucho gusto mencionarles por aqui. Siento si alguna aún está pendiente.

Thanks for reading the blog.
Thanks to the bands who want to appear in the blog.
Sorry for pending posts about some bands.

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Kasabian "Underdog" VIDEO


La canción aparece en el último spot de Sony Bravia.

Canción incluida en el nuevo trabajo de Kasabian "The West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum" que saldrá el 8 de Junio.

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Fanfarlo - "Fire Escape" VIDEO

Hace un tiempo que aparecieron en todos los blogs musicales, tengo que hacer un día un post sobre esta banda, de momento dejo como mención este video, y asi los conoces por si aún no lo habías hecho.

Grizzly Bear "Two weeks" VIDEO

All kinds of Grizzly Bear stuff today. Here's the video for Veckatimest highlight "Two Weeks", directed by Patrick Daughters, which finds the GB boys in a church looking creepy in a way that's hard to put a finger on. They sing to the camera in super slow-mo, a strange glow emanates from their mouths, and then...well, just

Two Weeks

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Canciones gratis en ELPAÍ por el Día de la Música

Será hasta el 1 de Junio.

1ª entrega- Christina Rosenvinge y Vetusta Morla versionando "Chicago" de Sufjan Stevens.


Nanas del siglo XXI

SuperNanas es una iniciativa benéfica destinada a recaudar fondos para Aldeas Infantiles SOS y en el que algunas de las bandas y artistas más reconocidos del país colaboran con una canción de cuna adaptada a su estilo (hay temas nuevos compuestos para la ocasión, adaptaciones de canciones conocidas, nanas tradicionales reinterpretadas…).

Los artistas que colaboran en el proyecto SuperNanas son:

Miqui Puig - Amaral - Nena Daconte - Standstill
Delafé y las Flores Azules - María Villalón - Giulia y los Tellarini
Sidonie - Love of Lesbian - Vetusta Morla- Zahara + Ricky Falkner

Además de scannerFM y Mondo Sonoro, SuperNanas tiene el apoyo del Estrella Damm Primavera Sound que desde hace varias ediciones viene programando minimúsica para los más peques.

Dentro de las actividades dirigidas al público infantil y en el marco de Primavera als Parcs, el domingo 31 de mayo (de 12:30 a 13:30) en el Parc Joan Miró de Barcelona SuperNanas ofrecerá el Baby Picnic, un espectáculo donde se invitará a los niños a participar de forma activa a través de la interacción con la música de la mano de la banda barcelonesa First Aid Kit.

La labor que realiza Primavera Sound con estas actividades infantiles gratuitas tiene como finalidad integrar a los niños en el festival, contribuir a su educación musical y ayudar a generar futuros consumidores de cultura alejada del circuito mainstream.

Cómprate una nana, o dos, o tres! Regala SuperNanas! Comparte esta noticia en facebook! Haz el boca-oreja. Difunde sin pausa, todo por la causa!


The Chase

Leyendo la entrevista que MissIndieStyle hace a Marina de la banda nacional Klaus&Kinski. Decidí ojear las recomendaciones de Marina. Y en la página de ropa de Comptoir des Cotonniers, suenan tres canciones de una banda que no conocía y me parece una delicia. Son THE CHASE.


Indie / Trance / Rock

Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon


+ Guitar, Voice : Cyril Douay
+ Voice : Sophie Moryoussef
+ Keyboards, Voice : Stephane Deal
+ Bass, Voice : Domi Terrieu
+ Guitar, Voice : Florian Brinker
+ Drums, Voice : Laurent Guillot

Info recogida en su MySpace:

In 2006, Cyril Douay decided to form an electro-rock band : "The Chase". This project arises from a collaboration with a totally crazy Parisian singer, Stephane Deal, who is also actor and puppeteer. These two musicians, used to producing and playing songs, wanted to get back to rock energy and primal instinct : dance and trance. Pop/Rock featurings such as Mathis and the Mathematics, DM TSI- sang some of The Chase compositions.

The stage concept evolved gradually and the band was augmented by a veejay, Fred Ladoue, author of the show "Les projectionnistes". He creates live animations during the concerts with figurines, objects and mini cameras moving on the waves of The Chase. The whole concept makes The Chase show a good fun and amazing experience.

-Butterfly in stomach

La Roux - Bulletproof VIDEO

La Roux is an up-and-coming British pop singer who is releasing a self-titled album next month. Here's one of the cuts from that album, a catchy-as-hell electro-pop smash with an 1980s-inspired video that hearkens back to the days of through-the-looking-glass MTV

Los singles previos han sido:

- In For The Kill

- Quicksand

La Rocca -Ok Okay

Hacia mucho que no sabimos de ellos desde su debut en el 2006 llamado "The Truth" y su pegadiza canción "Sing Song Sung". Después de más de dos años la banda californiana vuelve con un nuevo disco que saldrá en Septiembre.

-WEB de la banda

1. Argument Never One
2. Senses
3. Control
4. Half Speed
5. Paris
6. Ballad Of Arizona
7. My Mean So Much
8. Sing Her Song
9. Ripping Down
10. Roadway Hymn
11. Love Under Key


Info por Dangerbird Records:

Ok Okay, La Rocca’s second album (Dangerbird, Sept. 30), marks a quantum leap for the L.A.-based, three-quarters Irish quartet. Subtly but powerfully, its 11 songs substantiate the immense promise of their first full-length, 2006’s The Truth, which Ireland’s Hot Press hailed as “a near-perfectly formed debut from a tight and talented band with a serious future ahead of them.” This is the vibrant sound of a band that has located its true identity through a half decade of hard work and an abiding belief that they were on their way to something worth achieving. “Before,” says singer, guitarist and songwriter Bjorn Baillie, “we were so concerned with everything being spot-on and intricate. This time it was, ‘Let’s just roll the tape and go for it.”
During their years together, Baillie (who may well be the only native Irishman with that given name; his mother was born in Norway) and his cohorts—bassist/singer Simon Baillie (who’s two years older than his brother), drummer Alan Redmond and keyboardist/singer Nick Haworth—have journeyed from Cardiff, Wales, where they formed, to Dublin and then to London before emigrating to Los Angeles in the summer of 2005.
“After three years here, we’ve settled a bit,” says Bjorn. “I don’t go, ‘Wow, I live in Los Angeles!’ anymore. We made the first record very much in that spirit; it documents our move to America and reflects the bands and albums we like. We tried to make the first one a cool record, but this one is more natural and easygoing. You can listen to it straight through, and it careers along nicely. The title, Ok Okay, is like the two sides of a conversation, or an argument. There’s a contrast all the way through, going back and forth, trying to arrive at the right outcome. A lot of it is stuff that you can sing about but not talk about.”
“Bjorn has a tendency to write songs that feel uplifting but are actually about sad things,” says Simon on the way to describing the group’s creative process. “It starts with Bjorn coming to us with a song and mutates from there. Once he plays it for us, it isn’t just his song anymore; when we work it up and play it together, it becomes our song. We all want the best for every song.”
They wanted it, and they got it. Recorded at the tail end of last year in Austin Texas, Ok Okay was produced, engineered and mixed by Mike McCarthy (Spoon, And You’ll Know Us by the Trail of Dead) at his own America…I Love You Studio. Tracked live off the floor the old-fashioned way, to analog tape through vintage gear, the record sounds very much in the moment—visceral, richly textured and pulsing with urgency.
“I think we got him at the right time,” Bjorn says of McCarthy. “I suspect he’s gonna keep on moving up, and he’s already built up a great CV. We were lucky to work with him. It was a great experience. Mike got right to the point with the songs, and he worked very quickly, which is the way we like to do it. This album is about the songs, so the vocal is very much the lead instrument, and he made the vocals sound great, as well as bass and drums. He also gave everything a bit of a twist; I like that it isn’t standard.”
The lone outside player is cellist Sarah Nelson, whose elegant playing decorates the intimate romantic idyll “Paris.” It’s Nelson’s laughing voice that opens the album, as she says “OK,” aptly enough, to playing the bowed D note on her cello that introduces opening track “Argument Never One.” And with that, they’re off to the races.
“Argument Never One” embeds the album’s central theme—the ongoing struggle of individuals to see eye to eye and find common ground in a world constantly in flux—into the charged atmosphere of a widescreen anthem powered by ringing guitars and rousing three-part harmonies surrounding an urgent lead vocal. “The album starts with that song because the whole album is like an argument back and forth,” says Bjorn before adding with a laugh, “but done to nice music.”
The following “Senses” and “Control” comprise what Bjorn states is “very much the center of the album” in the thematic sense. Amid the pastoral lilt of acoustic guitars and piano, Bjorn sings the first half of the song at the very top of his register, the second half an octave lower, suggesting an inner dialogue that coheres in the final moments with a double-tracked merger of the high and the low vocal parts. Right there, Bjorn introduces the psychological force field that threads through the album as a whole.
The chorus of “Control” ratchets up the intensity, coming across with the insistence of a warning and the conviction of a hard-earned insight, as Bjorn sings, “When you give control to someone else/You never get to feel it for yourself.”
“‘Senses’ and ‘Control’ are about trying to work out exactly what you should give over to other people and sharing responsibility,” Bjorn explains. “I meant the chorus lyric, ‘Everybody’s senses will change/As everybody senses a change,’ in the sense that another year’s gone by and more stuff’s come into your life. Like those lines in ‘Senses’—‘I’m slipping down the glass, the feet that walked me in here are like two ropes around a mast..’ That sums up the album in one song. There’s definitely a thread through them all; it’s very romantic in places.”
The tone may be melancholy at times, but Ok Okay is at heart a life-affirming album, charting the ups and downs of everyday life in a readily relatable way. Bjorn describes the songs as ‘like a series of little worries, but nothing that’s beating me down. They’re not major, but they’re ongoing. I think the record is quite optimistic. ‘Half Speed,’ for example, is about the realization that you don’t have to run so fast anymore, that you’ve become content with your lot. It’s that kind of thing, not life and death.”
The undercurrent of tension that runs through the first half of the album is thrillingly released at midpoint by “Ballad of Arizona,” inspired by footage of Dylan and the Hawks on their storied 1966 tour of the U.K. This storming old-school rave-up boasts a flood of madcap Dylanesque imagery, topped off by a wailing harmonica. As with its model, “The piano’s pounding away, and you just hold onto your hats, basically,” Bjorn says with satisfaction. “The first half of the album is relatively straightforward, but after ‘Ballad of Arizona,’ it gets deeper. It becomes more like ‘We Can Work It Out,’ when Lennon sings the low bits and the mood changes.”
Bjorn isn’t speaking abstractly about the Beatles song. On “My Mean So Much,” which introduces the knotty second half, Simon’s chorus harmony unfurls beneath Bjorn’s melody line, Lennon-style, and it’s a resonant blend indeed, as those tight harmonies bring the album one of its musical and emotional peaks. Then comes “Sing Her Song,” another breathtaking anthem, this one deeply romantic, if lyrically mysterious. The mood continues to deepen until the final “Roadway Hymn,” which puts the band’s continuing journey in perspective. “And I’m on the roadway, facing heaven one way,” Bjorn sings. “Turn around and work it out/Darling, what I’m headed for.” Following a couple of minutes of silence—a silence that itself feels emotionally charged—comes the dusky hidden track “Love Under Key,” providing a poignant coda to an enthralling album.
“As musicians, you want to keep getting better, keep on pushing yourselves,” says Simon. “We’ve had high aspirations since we started; it’s just been a matter of trying to get what we hear in our head to translate. We’ve all grown as musicians, and this album feels cohesive and whole; I think it’s the best record we could’ve made at this point in the band’s career.”
La Rocca took its name from a dive in Bristol, primarily because “It had the greatest-looking neon sign I’ve ever seen above the doorway,” says Bjorn. With this memorable album, La Rocca’s name is now lit up brightly as well, as this scrappy crew cruises toward its date with destiny.

Produced and mixed by Mike McCarthy.




Bombay Bicycle Club -Nuevo single

AwayFromHere: El video del fabuloso nuevo single de Bombay Bicycle Club, Dust on the Ground, a la venta el 29 de Junio. Tomado de su disco debut I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose, a la venta el 6 de Julio.

Dust on the Ground

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Interpol's Paul Banks Reveals Full Details of Julian Plenti Solo Album


Julian Plenti Is...Skyscraper: (4 Agosto 2009)

01 Only If You Run
02 Fun That We Have MP3 THX TO MATADOR
03 Skyscraper
04 Games for Days
05 Madrid Song
06 No Chance of Survival
07 Unwind
08 Girl on the Sporting News
09 On the Esplanade
10 Fly as You Might
11 H

Ben's Brother

Ben's Brother is Back! Ben's Brother, aka Jamie Hartman , has returned with his brilliant new album, Battling Giants . It's been a long time coming but we can assure you it's been well worth the wait!

Battling Giants is not only this week's Radio 2 Album of the Week, but also features some stellar performances from Jamie's friends Joss Stone (on Stalemate) and Jason Mraz (on Battling Giants). The first single taken from the new album was the incredibly infectious 'Apologise', co-written with Natalie Imbruglia , check the video for it out below.


Info recogida en

Ben’s Brother es una desconocida banda de Londres liderada por Jamie Hartman que acaba de debutar con un a priori fenomenal disco. Recalcamos el a priori porque el quinteto suena como un cruce imposible entre Rod Stewart, esa voz del comienzo del álbum en Rise, single de adelanto, muy próxima a la del escocés, o la de Live, y James Blunt, esas baladas con piano muy soul como Bad dream o God by another name y esos medios tiempos como Let me out.

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Cornelius (GALICIA,SPAIN) "1960" VIDEO

Una amiga mia me ha preguntado por una banda gallega llamada Cornelius. Servidora sólo conocía a la japonesa Cornelius. Asi que, googleando, he llegado a los Cornelius gallegos, los cuales por lo escuchado en su MySpace, deben estar sonando en EuropaFM. Me perdonáis..pero hace un tiempito que no escucho la radio, antes era mi fuente. Y ahora con internet, ya acabo saturada. Además en algunos programas de radio como "Vamos a escuchar esto en primicia, la primera vez que suena en España", cuando una llevaba escuchando eso hace meses... Me sentía algo engañada.
Bobadas aparte, sí, debo recuperar el escuchar la radio.
De momento, os dejo con la banda gallega Cornelius y su canción "1960", y con el link a una noticia sobre ellos.


Los gallegos CORNELIUS finalistas del GBOB CHALLENGE en su edición española


Por fin está el programa del 5ºFestival Internacional de las Artes de Castilla y León.

Los eventos los puedes ver en la web, y descargárte el programa en pdf.

Este año en la Plaza Mayor:

-30 de Mayo -Cycle
-4 de Junio- Catpeople y The Sunday Drivers
(asi podremos disfrutar de los nuevos temas del que será el 4º trabajo de los toledanos :) )
-14 de Junio -Macaco.

También destacar a: Aaron Thomas, Remate, Digital21, y Hot Chip !!

La parte electrónica se pasará al Cum Laude, este año la Casa de las Conchas albergará otro tipo de eventos.

Una nueva canción de The Sunday Drivers (4ª vez que les vea, tras el gran concierto que dieron en el Potemkin hace unos años, luego en el Proactive en Zamora y después en el 2007 en el inicio del curso universitario)

Last Day from thesundaydrivers on Vimeo.

Catpeople. Pretty Things Valladolid (14.03.2009)(Tras el Proactive en Zamora y luego en el Potemkin, les vuelvo a ver en un escenario grande :), con ganas de escuchar como suenan en directo los temas de su segundo trabajo)

Hot Chip "Ready for the floor"

REMATE -"An eye in the forehead" (Actuará dos días)(Segunda vez que le veré, tras su actuación en el Potemkin con Pal y Nacho Vegas)

Aaron Thomas "Any More"

CYCLE "Apple Tree" (Me tengo que poner al día, a ver cómo está la formación,quienes están)(Les vi una vez en el DA2 cuando estaba la formación con Luke)

Macaco "Moving"- National Geographic
(En la 3ª edición del FIACYL, se suspendió su actuación porque hacia mal tiempo, asi que, a ver si esta vez podemos ver su directo)

Iba a poner su versión de "Quiero ser santa",pero es que me encanta desde que la escuché en Radio3, su versión de "Creep" de Radiohead.
Digital 21 "Creep" (Radiohead cover)


Sea Wolf "What You're Really Thinking" (Demo)

Sea Wolf está trabajando en su nuevo disco, si todo va bien, saldrá en Septiembre.
El productor será Mike Mogis, quien ha trabajado con gente como Bright Eyes, Tilly and the Wall, M. Ward, y Monsters of Folk.

Mientras esperamos nos deja un demo para que la espera sea menos dura.

"Because we don't have any new music to share with you yet, we thought we'd give you an early Sea Wolf demo. It's probably one of the very first Sea Wolf recordings ever. Hope you like it.
It's called 'What You're Really Thinking.'

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Bloc Party -Ares (Villains Remix) VIDEO


'Intimacy Remixed' is out!

The album is out on Limited Edition CD (5000), Limited Edition triple vinyl (1000) and as a download.

The full tracklisting is:
1. Ares (Villains Remix)
2. Mercury (Herve is in Disarray Mix)
3. Halo (We Have Band Dub)
4. Biko (Mogwai Remix)
5. Trojan Horse (John B Remix)
6. Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix)
7. One Month Off (Filthy Dukes Remix)
8. Zephyrus (Phase One Remix)
9. Talons (Phones R.I.P Mix)
10. Better Than Heaven (No Age Remix)
11. Ion Square (Banjo Or Freakout Remix)
12. Letter To My Son (Gold Panda Remix)
13. Your Visits Are Getting Shorter (Double D Remix)
14. Ion Square (Sky Larkin Remix) ** iTunes ONLY
15. Ares (Foals Remix) ** iTunes ONLY

Ares (Villains Remix)

Yves Klein Blue "Getting Wise" VIDEO

Debutan en Junio. A ver cuando tenga tiempo les echo un ojo :)

Getting Wise

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Bombay Bicycle Club-Listado de canciones

so we can finally release some news about the album, which is coming out on july 6th and titled "i had the blues but i shook them loose".

the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Emergency contraception blues
2. lamplight
3. evening/morning
4. dust on the ground
5. ghost
6. always like this
7. magnet
8. cancel on me
9. autumn
10. the hill
11. what if
12. the giantess

as you can see a mixture of some very old, old, fairly new and completely new songs.




Little Boots - "New In Town" VIDEO

Little Boots - New In Town

El pasado año edito un EP llamado "Arecibo", y el 9 de Junio saldrá su debut llamado "Hands"


La semana del 9 de junio sale a la venta Hands, el álbum debut de Little Boots.

El primer single "New in town" ha sido producido por Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue) y está basado en la experiencia que la cantante vivió en su primera visita a la ciudad de Los Ángeles y la creencia que todo es posible en la ciudad de las palmeras, las estrellas de cine y los sueños perdidos.

El listado de canciones es el siguiente:

1.New I Town
3.Stuck On Repeat
10.Tune Into My Heart
11.Hearts Collide
12.No Brakes

jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009

Skint & Demoralised "Love and other catastrophes"

Esta es la portada del disco de Matt. Esperamos pronto el resultado :) Será este mes de Mayo.

Eskimo Joe "Foreign Land" Official Video Clip

Foreign Land

El 29 de Mayo saldrá su nuevo disco Inshalla.

Paper Route "Carousel" VIDEO

"Absence" que salió el 28 de Abril de este año, es por fin, el primer largo de esta banda, tras varios EPs.

Absence-Listado de canciones:

1. Enemy Among Us 4:45
2. Wish 3:51
3. Carousel 3:31
4. Good Intentions 3:32
5. Tiger Teeth 4:46
6. Be Healed 4:12
7. Last Time 5:23
8. No Sudden Revelations
9. Gutter 4:02
10. Are We All Forgotten 3:40
11. Lover's Anthem 3:02
12. Dance On Our Graves 5:57

Info recogida en su MySpace:

PAPER ROUTE:://:: (as told by Chad Howat) I was tired. There was just this lingering sense of exhaustion in the summer of 2004. I was tired of false starts. Tired of dreaming. Tired of being jaded. Tired of being tired. So it seems fitting that this story begins underneath my bed. You may picture me crawling below my mattress, but in reality my bed is about 6 feet above the ground-enough space for a small iBook and some cheap monitors. When I couldn't sleep, I'd descend my steps and make music all night. Some bands have LSD, others have cocaine, and our drug of choice seemed to be insomnia. I programmed, played bass, synths and even snuck into an undisclosed location masquerading as a music student to record piano. JT Daly, a close friend and old band mate, started coming over to sing, sample, and play toy keyboards. We had always wanted to do a project together and finally it was becoming a reality. After a month or so went by, Andy Smith, another close friend and ex-band mate who lives above me, started coming downstairs and contributing vocals, guitar, harmonica, and some synths. A band had naturally formed between the three of us and we were making music together, once again.

After releasing two EP’s, we began preparing to perform the songs live. Long time friend and drummer Gavin McDonald joined us and we played shows across the North East and Mid-Western states. We recorded bits and pieces and released what we thought was the best. We spent far too much time working and not enough time with our loved ones. We read as much as we could and wrote more.

So its 2009 and these EP’s are what we have to show for the sleepless nights. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.

miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009

News from Coldplay

Live album available from 9am on Friday here on
May 13, 2009 2:58 pm

Good afternoon. As previously announced, Coldplay are to give away CDs of their new live album, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, at every remaining live show in 2009 (apart from festival shows), beginning with their West Palm Beach gig in Florida on Friday (May 15th).

Friday is also the day when the free download of the album will become available right here on If you want to be among the very first to have it, then set a reminder for 9am UK time, as we can now confirm that's when the download will be going live. Click here to find out what time that is where you are.


The Dykeenies - "Sounds of The City" VIDEO

Los he descubierto este pasado domingo, gracias al blog de Pablo. La banda es escocesa y pronto sacará nuevo trabajo, tras su debut, que se llamó "Nothing means everything". El tema del video pertenecerá al segundo disco, el cual tengo ganas de escuchar :) ,porque lo que he escuchado del CD de debut me ha agradado bastante.

domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Exile Parade

Es un tema de esos que podía incluir en mis temas "trallazo", no está nada mal, aunque el inicio recuerda algo a U2,no? Escuchadlo!


Mix The Music’s indie-dance tunes, Oasis’s brazen attitude, Jet’s urgency and Kelly Jones’ gloriously dragged out vocal and you’d have the sonic bomb that is Exile Parade. Full of pounding drums and lethal rock ‘n’ roll riffs, their single ‘Heart Into Suicide’ fair oozes vigour and savoir-faire.

All raw and boisterous, the British five-piece have here blended Seventies rock, Brit-Pop and post-punk to create music that socks you full in the face. This addictively chorused track has been given away via the band’s MySpace, clocking up some 40,000 hits and counting.

No wonder then that uber-producer Owen Morris [The Verve, Oasis] has already been working with them. Best catch them now, whilst they’re playing the more intimate venues, for if this single’s anything to go by, Exile Parade are destined to detonate into the big time.
Virginia Arroyo


Warrington, Northwest
Reino Unido



lomax - voice
phil - guitar/Backing Vocals
chris - lead Guitar
dave - bass
mutchy - drums


EXILE PARADE - HEART INTO SUICIDE from Exile Parade on Vimeo.

viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

5º Festival Internacional de las Artes de Castilla y León

Del 29 de Mayo al 13 de Junio en Salamanca

Aún esperando la información en su web, os puedo adelantar sólo una cosita, que me ha llegado a mi correo,



Los artistas londinenses Addictive TV regresan a España, para presentar su espectáculo audiovisual en Salamanca el Sábado, 13 de Junio durante el 5˚ Festival Festival de las Artes de Castilla y León (, y en Barcelona el Sábado, 20 de Junio a Razzmatazz (

Virtuosos del remix audio/video, Addictive TV es uno de los únicos conjuntos de la escena electrónica que mezcla audio y video utilizando los revolucionarios reproductores DVD-J. Sus impresionantes espectáculos deben su éxito a sus video-mash-ups y a sus remezclas audiovisuales.

Reconocidos por artistas importantes como Grandmaster Flash, Goldie, Stereo MC’s y Karl Bartos de Kraftwerk, Addictive TV ha tocado en más de 40 países y en lugares tan diversos como el Centre Pompidou de Paris, el cinema IMAX de Londres y Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, y los clubs Womb (Tokio), Paradiso (Amsterdam) y Razzmatazz (Barcelona) o Goa (Madrid) entre otros.

En el 2006, Addictive TV fue seleccionado como el primer conjunto del mundo en realizar la remezcla oficial de una película hollywoodense. Mezclaron el video viral promocionando Take the Lead, película del estudio americano New Line Cinema, protagonizada por Antonio Banderas. Addictive TV realizó también los web-trailers para las películas Iron Man para Paramount, Slumdog Millionaire para Pathé y Fast & Furious para Universal Pictures.

Ver su Slumdog Millionaire Remix :

… y su Fast & Furious Remix:

Más información (vídeos / fechas / noticias ):




London artists Addictive TV return to Spain in June, performing their audiovisual show at the Festival de las Artes de Castilla y León in Salamanca for the big outdoor closing party on Saturday 13th June (, and for the fourth year running they headline the amazing Razzmatazz club in Barcelona on Saturday 20th June (

Known for their innovation in remixing films, Addictive TV are trail-blazers in the art of audio/video sampling. Using video turntables and laptops, their live sets are a total audiovisual experience driven by their fast paced audiovisual remixes and video mash-ups.

Praised by creative innovators like Grandmaster Flash, Goldie, Stereo MC’s and the former Kraftwerk frontman Karl Bartos, the duo have performed in over 40 countries now, and at venues as varied as the Pompidou Centre in Paris, London’s bfi IMAX cinema and at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as headlining at some of the coolest clubs on the international circuit, including Womb in Tokyo, Rex Club in Paris, Paradiso in Amsterdam and Razzmatazz in Barcelona.

In 2006 they became the first artists to officially remix a Hollywood studio movie when they created the award-winning web trailer for New Line Cinema's Take the Lead starring Antonio Banderas. They’ve since remixed Iron Man for Paramount, the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire for Pathé, and more recently Fast & Furious for Universal Pictures.

See their Slumdog Millionaire Remix here:

and their Fast & Furious Remix here:

More Addictive TV videos and news here :

White Rabbits "Persussion Gun" VIDEO

Hablamos de ellos con su primer trabajo, y hemos dejado por aqui el link para descargarse el tema del video de hoy, que forma parte de su segundo álbum.

White Rabbits es una banda nacida en Columbia, Missouri, aunque asentada en Brooklyn, New York. Famosos por la energía de sus directos, este sexteto de universitarios publicó su disco de debut, llamado Fort Nightly, en 2007.

Su segundo disco de estudio verá la luz el próximo 19 de mayo y se llamará It's Frightening

Info from YouTube:

Music video for White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" from "It's Frightening" out 5.19.09 on tbd Records.

Directed by Andrew Droz Palermo

Hoobastank feat. Vanessa Amorosi - "The Letter" VIDEO

Menos mal el mailing list, que si me hubiera enterado de colaboración. :)

jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

Director "I'll wait for sound" Preview Listening

Ya puedes escuchar el nuevo disco de DIRECTOR en esta web.
Mañana 8 de Mayo,sale el disco en CD y Descarga digital.

Listen to I'll Wait For Sound in Full

Director - I'll Wait for Sound

1.Play Pretend
2. Don't Think I'll Know
3. Sing It Without a Tune
4. Laser Point
5. I'll Wait for Sound
6. Moment to Moment
7. You See
8. Hold Up
9. At What Point
10. Can't Go Home

James Yuill - "No Pins Allowed" [video]


James Yuill "No Pins Allowed" single EP

Full-length album "Turning Down Water For Air" available in North America May 26th!

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

Hooverphonic - "Circles" VIDEO

Geike Arnaert, la carismática cantante de los belgas Hooverphonic, abandona la banda que le dió fama. -MusicInMouth


Move on
You better move on
You're walking in circles

Move on
You better move on
You're walking in tiny circles

But now it is too late
There's way too much pressure
We both lost that little faith

So move on
You better move on
You're walking down in circles

Move on
You better move on
You're walking in tiny circles

But now it is too late
There's way too much pressure
We both lost that little faith
So move on


Nothing feels the same as it did
Enter this old game
You've got to learn to love yourself
And move on

Great Lake Swimmers - "Pulling On A Line" VIDEO

Please enjoy this new video for "Pulling On A Line" by the Great Lake Swimmers. The video was directed by Isaac Rentz in early 2009. The single is off the album, LOST CHANNELS, available everywhere now. You can download "Pulling On A Line" here: For the complete album, please click here:

martes, 5 de mayo de 2009

The Kills: I Hate the Way You Love

(Just one week!!)

This 2005 tour documentary is filled with raw candid footage, raw interview footage, and raw performance footage. The 47-minute film directed by Morgan Lebus is featured in its entirely.

The Kills: I Hate the Way You Love

1. Intro
2. Kissy Kissy
3. Pull a U
4. Cat Claw
5. Black Rooster
6. Dropout Boogie

Howling Bells - "Cities Burning Down" VIDEO

Enjoy the new video for ''Cities Burning Down" by Howling Bells, off the forthcoming album RADIO WARS coming to the US July 28th. Check out the band this summer as they tour with Coldplay. For additional information on all things Howling Bells, click here:

7 microposts en 1

Whisper in the shadow FREE DOWNLOAD

Escuchando a blackbud por recomendación de Cyberpunk (

Maui y los sirenidos "Un ratito más"

1er trabajo de Dulce Castigo "Oscuridad EP"

Chromatic Flights "Favourite cat EP" (thx to IguessI'mFloating)

Free album from Love and Reverie

The Gaa Gaa's "We're all popstars"

sábado, 2 de mayo de 2009

The Kick "Freak" Nuevo Video

Nuevo tema de lo que será un nuevo álbum.

(Photo by Lisa Carlsson)

Shoegaze / Industrial / Emotrónica



*directed by Frida Sjöstam.

Info en su MySpace:

The Kick released their debut single 'Dancer' last winter; a track full of broken disco beats and decadent undertones. Ever since then they've been working towards their debut album. But the tension is insufferable and we can't wait any longer!! So another single will hit the streets on the 22nd of September - 'My Darkest Hour', an intense and altogether darker story, but at the same time rockier and with more of a bang!

The video was shot on a dark summer evening in the middle of Sweden... A boat races forward in the twilight, a woman's dead body floats gently on the shoreline, a group of suspicious characters are occupied with something strange and unclear, and the evening feels peculiar and disturbing... see it now at

The Kick is David Sunqvists solo project but he's definitely no newcomer. David has previously played with among others elektro-glam rockers Elasmo, Fireline Angels (with Sarah Assbring a.k.a. El Perro Del Mar) and Kitty Jutbring (of Kitty & The K). But now he's out there on his own, as The Kick!

viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

Juan Rivas "Superdiscotropical" 2009 -Descarga gratuita

Pop / Lounge / Tropical

Vigo, Pontevedra



Info recogida en su MySpace:

"Tienen las canciones de JUAN RIVAS, la música y los textos, ese aire cotidiano y amable de quienes gustan de los placeres pequeños, las alegrías a ras de tierra y los ojos abiertos de constante sorpresa ante el (agri)dulce paso de los días."

Desde este 20 de abril "Superdiscotropical" será la noticia de portada en la conocida red social Myspace España y Myspace México, en descarga directa desde ambas webs.

JUAN RIVAS regresa con un trabajo donde imprime su sello más característico: la atemporalidad. Próximo al espíritu del Lounge o el Easy Listening, influido por el mejor jazz de la costa Oeste, la Bossa Nova o los nuevos ritmos electrónicos como el House, el Drum&Bass o el Disco, nace “Superdiscotropical”.

Un trabajo donde destaca la presencia de unos invitados de excepción como Joao Parahyba - Trio Mocotó (Brazil), Jose Luis Pardo - Amigos invisibles (NY), Arturo – Electrocugat (Barcelona), Juan José López (Argentina), Modular (Argentina) o Peón Kurtz - Def con dos (Vigo).

“Superdiscotropical” es un cóctel perfecto entre las influencias musicales más sibaritas de décadas pasadas, sin dejar atrás el fresco aire pop que ha cultivado durante toda su carrera.

"Así las cosas, el resultado final de “Superdiscotropical”, debe tanto a Esquivel como a Golpes Bajos, a Barry White como a Augusto Algueró”.

"No cuesta imaginar a Morrisey acompañado al piano por Jobim o los paisajes sonoros de una pelicula de Dean Martin.” “Absolutamente genuíno y único en su especie."

“Ideal para acompañar tu Martini o fiesta en casa.”

“Repertorio retrofuturista de un exquisito compositor de canciones pensadas para tararear sus adhesivos estribillos."

“Tan apasionado como Pizzicato Five o la banda sonora de ‘Love boat’.”

“Divertidos textos inteligentes entre lo cotidiano y el realismo mágico."



-SUPERDISCOTROPICAL (10th Floor, 2009)


-MUNDO FELIZ (Pop&Co, 2007)