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Electronica / Ambient / Alternative

Los Angeles, California, United States


Mike Jerugim
Ory Hodis

Canciones en su MySpace:
-5 minutes -mp3-
-This hollow backdrop -mp3-
-Why didn't I know
-Prickley pear

En su web puedes descargarte las dos primeras y otra llamada Limbox Inwaiting.

The legends-"Lucky star"(CD-Single)

Indie / Alternative / Electronica



Johan - Vocals/Guitar
Tor- Bass/Backing Vocals
Anders - Drums
Björn - Synthesizer
Dennis - Guitar

Sobre The Legends (info de su MySpace):

In 2003 and 2004 The Legends received world wide recognition with the hyped debut ”Up against the Legends”. Now The Legends return with an album that is bound to take the world by surprise. ”Public Radio” echoes of the early 80’s and sounds futuristic at the same time. They mix influences from bands like New Order, Felt, Feelies and The Cure with their own pop aesthetics and turn it into something utterly wonderful and new. From the debut to now The Legends have transformed from a 9-piece band to a one-man project. At least officially. The truth is that both ”Up against the Legends” and ”Public Radio” were recorded, written, played and produced by Johan Angergård (also member of Acid House Kings and Club 8). Johan explain: - "When I start recording an album I have a very clear idea of what I want to do and by doing everything myself the album comes out exactly the way I want it to. Involving other people might only blur the vision."

Últimas noticias desde Labrador:

Labrador is proud to present »Lucky star«, the brand new The Legends single to be released on July 19. It's the bands most eclectic to date; The Legends borrow bits from every favourite record in their collection and turn it into a 2 minutes summer-super-smash hit!

Download full MP3 here!

* Note that's it's only there today (24 hours from now).

07-06 Athens, GA - 40 Watt Club
07-07 Raleigh, NC Raleigh Music Hall
07-08 New York, NY - Cake Shop
07-09 Brooklyn, NY - North Six
07-10 Cambridge, MA - TT the Bear's
07-11 Washington, DC - DC Nine
07-12 Philadelphia, PA - Kensington South Forum

A selection of The Legends' influences, from 9 years of age and on, in chronological order:

The Exploited, Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, Fancy, Pet Shop Boys, Lloyd Cole, The Cure, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths, Go-Betweens, Television Personalities, Felt, McCarthy, Field Mice, Orchids, My Bloody Valentine, Shop Assistants, Would be goods, The King of Luxemburg, Spacemen 3, Shoestrings, Softies, Halo Benders, Sukpatch, Kahimi Karie, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Denim, Astrud Gilberto, Brigitte Bardot, Leonard Cohen, Stina Nordenstam, Avalanches, Bonnie ’Prince’ Billy, Ulf Lundell, Múm, Comet Gain, Kraftwerk, The Russian Futurists, Hot Chip, DAF

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Descubiertos por casualidad, dado que me dió por echar un vistazo a un email de LesInrocks, justo en ese email, el disco del día, 24 Junio 2006, era My Desilusions de Ampop, que salía ahora en Francia gracias a la etiqueta Recall.

Alternative / Rock / Indie

Reykjavik/Glasgow, Iceland

BIGGI(Birgir Hilmarsson)- vocals and guitars,
KJARTAN - keyboards,
JON GEIR - drums

Sobre Ampop (info de su MySpace):

A three piece from Reykjavik, AMPOP are Biggi (guitars, vocals), Kjartan (keyboards), Jon Geir (drums). Those in the know will have first come across the band through their two critically acclaimed electronic based albums released in their homeland. The second of these 'Made for Market' was considered by many local critics the best Icelandic album of 2003. Their one supporter outside Iceland was unsurprisingly the late great John Peel. Keen to develop their sound the band bunkered down in their own studio and over time developed a more organic and song based direction moving away from the more electronic influences of their earlier material. The first examples of the bands new direction were demo versions of two songs, 'My Delusions' and 'Don't let me down', which saw the light of day in early 2005. These tracks were instantly picked up on by Radio 1's Zane Lowe who played 'My delusions' on several occasions and invited the band to play live on his show from Austin, Texas, during this years SXSW music festival. AMPOP played alongside The Bravery, Hot Hot Heat, The Blood Arm and Queens of the Stone Age as the only unsigned band. Other important DJs such as Huw Stephens and Vic Galloway at Radio 1, or Vic McGlynn at BBC 6 Music have also put the stamp of approval to the new songs and have championed the band in their radio shows. After the successful appearance at SXSW the band went back to their studio to finish the album, stopping only to play in NY and the NXNE festival in Toronto. The first single off the new album, 'My delusions', gets a UK release via Relentless Records imprint Stimulus Records , who spotted the band live in Austin, on November the 28th.

Discografía:(Ver más en su WEB)
MY DESILUSIONS (Recall -France- 2006, Dennis -Iceland- Nov 2005)

01.Eternal bliss
02.My delusions -mp3-
04.Don't let me down -video (Bush Hall,London)-
05.Youth -video (Iceland Airwaves 04) -
06.Ordinary world
07.Weather report -mp3-
08.Precious -mp3-
11.3 Hours of daylight (7digital download)

-LesInrocks review
-IndieFreaks review

MADE FOR MARKET (Thule Musik, Dec 2002)
2.Made for Market -mp3-//-video (live on TV)-
3.Sociopath -video-
4.Home Sweet Home
5.Love Song
9.Winter Solstice

Otros videos:
-Nature is not a virgin -video-

-My Desilusions
'My Delusions' was chosen the song of the year at the first official XFM radio awards in Reykjavik last night. AMPOP also got an award as the band with the biggest future

Para acabar diré que el cantante Biggi también tiene un proyecto en paralelo llamado Blindfold.

Get this video and more at

Metro Riots-"Butcher of Hollywood"

Rock / Classic Rock / Blues

London, United Kingdom

Damo - Vocals
Danny Fury - Guitar
Ollie Parker - Drums
Sammy Ray - Bass

Antes de la edición de su single When you're gone (24 Julio) nos están regalando unas cuantas canciones.

Canciones anteriores--Post anterior aqui

La última que nos han dejado para disfrutar es "Butcher of Hollywood" (megaupload)
(Gracias por el detallazo de darnos un link distinto, ante los problemas que hay estos dias en MySpace)




Indie / Ambient / Acoustic

Lars Wiik is from Tønsberg,Norway

Songs in his MySpace:

-There is nothing (demo) -mp3-
-Soon (demo) -mp3-
-Every single drop (demo) -mp3-
-Bontempi (demo) -mp3-

Since Friday in MySpace, new uploaded songs can't be downloaded and now any song can't. So I leave you another link in case you can't get them by MySpace.
Zip Yousendit

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Indie / Alternative / Electro

Según parece han sido teloneros de Embrace en su última gira y gracias a un email de noticias he sabido de la existencia de este banda.

Son de United Kingdom.

Rob Leach (Vocals, Guitar, Synths)
Tom Butler (Vocals, Electric Piano, Bass)
Andrew Lindsay(Vocals, Synths, Drums)

Sobre Anechoic (dese su MySpace)

"an-e-ko-ik" adj - Neither having nor producing echoes: sound absorbent: an anechoic chamber.
Anechoic are three young men and a world of ideas. They formed a couple of years ago or so, two of them childhood friends and the third a university pal. Rob Leach grew up in Crossley Close; onstage you will see him playing a guitar, synth and singing. Tom Butler was raised on Flash Lane; onstage you will see him playing a piano, acoustic guitar, bass, and singing. Andrew Lindsay spent his childhood on The Great North Road; onstage you will see him playing guitar, synth, and singing. Together they make a detailed, expressive music, simple songs embellished by arrangements that demand your attention, that interest you more than usual, that can surprise.
Rob, Tom and Andy have all been in other bands before, dozens of bands, just like everyone else who's in a band right now. Metal bands, dance bands, indie bands. They view Anechoic as a chance for them not to be in a "[insert genre name of choice here] band", it's an opportunity for them not to worry about rules, a chance for them to take ideas and songs in whatever direction they choose.
In the studio all three bring chord sequences or melodies to the group, before they work on stylistic directions and arrangements as a symbiotic whole, each member playing whichever instrument they happen to pick up at the time, from drum machine to guitar to Wurlitzer piano to laptop and beyond. On record they are detailed, considered and beautiful, with occasional leaps into electronic pastures and dynamic shifts keeping things interesting. Live they swell, overwhelm with noise and rhythm, add chaos and energy to their songs.
Rob doesn't have a favourite film - he'd rather be playing with a drum machine. He cites Super Furry Animals as important to him, Arcade Fire as a current favourite, and maintains a fondness for old classics like The Beatles and Beach Boys. He wants Anechoic's music to make people think. And dance. And sing along. He doesn't mind the idea of people having sex to his music.
Tom's girlfriend listens to Anechoic on the bus to work in the mornings; he thinks that may be the best time of day to listen to them. He doesn't like to think of other members of the band having sex while listening to their own music. He'll gladly watch anything with De Niro in except his dodgy comedies. Paul Weller is the reason he picked up a guitar and learnt to play. He loves Elbow and also Ben Folds.
Andrew names The Royal Tennenbaums as a favourite film, because he loves it and can't think of another right now. He spends a lot of time on the train fiddling with music on a laptop, travelling from his home in London to work with the band in Leeds. As a teenager he loved Smashing Pumpkins and Rage Against The Machine, and still does. He wants people to take everything in when they listen to Anechoic.
words nick southall.

"Just like you" EP
-Just like you
-Be patient please

You can now download our first ever EP 'Just Like You' and the video for free!! Just click the link below and fill in the form.
Just Like You was release last year and has now been its a bit of a rare one. We hope you like it.

Click here


The Go Station- Week 4

Indie / Rock / Pop

Advanced album preview- Week 4- Twin six

Don't forget, there's still one more new song to go in the album preview, so be sure to check back next Monday for that one too!



Post sobre ellos -aqui-


Do you want a free copy of our Quiet Zone EP?

All you have to do is vote for us on! The NME unsigned band competition is really heating up, and we need lots of votes to stay in the running.

So here's the deal. First, go here and register :
Then, go here and vote (and leave a comment):

After you vote, email us and let us know, and we'll send you a link to download the entire EP for FREE.

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Semi Royal Blood

Rock / Indie / Pop

London, United Kingdom

Jamie (guitar & vocals)
Dean (guitar)
Michael (bass & vocals)
James (drums)

Biografía (Thx to Dean):

With the line-up complete in 2003 when James took a seat behind the drums, Semi Royal Blood already had a mountain of songs to wade through. It wasn’t pop, and wasn’t rock, and the songs’ tormented edge that meant soaring choruses, vocal harmonies, insidiously melodic guitar lines and lyrics that move from dark to light and back again, make fitting into a category a difficult task. Simple love songs hold strange twists, and general laments on society are reconciled with beguiling simplicity. Jamie and Dean formed the band in early 2001 and, with an equal passion to come up with memorable and captivating tunes, the songs developed in earnest. As much as time allowed, the band gigged the London area in 2003-04 before the call of University sent Jamie to Edinburgh, Dean and Michael to Nottingham and James to Sunderland. But, undeterred, and with the independent release of 6-track EP Shout Across Houses in June 2006, the band will be embarking upon a tour of the East Coast of the US, with hopefully a UK tour in the not too distant future.

Shout Across Houses EP (June 2006)

Canciones en su MySpace:
-Take it away
-Move on

Player (gracias de nuevo a Dean)

mu-on: Week 6


1.Fabs-Surfer Girl

2.Ollie Byrd-Arrives a Girl

3.The Moogs-Keep Runnin’

4.Circus Envy-Fragile

5.Junkyard Choir-Tiny Shreds


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Lo que ha sonado en el blog esta última semana


Pop / Rock / Shoegaze
Columbia, Missouri, United States

-Clones Were Made For Them But Not For Us -mp3-

-Buried Beneath The Winter Frames -mp3-


Indie / Pop / Rock
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom


"It's kind of in between the demo and the Studio versions"-John Garrison

Hemos podido escuchar esta canción en su versión demo inicial, después se le añadió el chelo, y luego la escuchamos producida por Dave Creffield,que fue el productor del primer trabajo de Budapest,llamado Too blind to hear.


Acoustic / Folk / Indie
Lakeland, Florida, United States

-I will free -mp3-

-Keep out -mp3-



Indie / Pop / Rock
Saskatchewan ,Canada

-Run -mp3-

-Follow (Ballad Remix) -mp3-



Rock / Electro / Pop
Columbia, South Carolina, United States

-Take what's mine -mp3-

-How the west1 -mp3-

9 canciones forman el player que ha sonado en el blog durante más o menos una semana. Espero que os gustara. Los links de las bandas llevan a sus webs, pero todos los grupos también tienen su correspondiente MySpace.

Shout out louds

Antes de ponerse a grabar su segundo trabajo, han editado un EP donde han tenido varias colaboraciones, una de las canciones la puedes escuchar en su MySpace.
Y serán una de las bandas que estará en el Summercase.


Stockholm, Sweden

We are very pleased to inform you that while the anticipation of entering the studio to begin the recording of our second album is slowly creeping up on all of us, we have a little treat for everyone anticipating with us. Surprise surprise, it is an EP. A remix EP that is. It is called Combines and it contains all kinds of collaborations with new and old friends of ours, so we are extremely excited about the whole thing. It also includes a brand new song called "I Meant To Call", produced by mp3-

SLEEVELESS (22 canciones!)


-we are the fury--better off this way
-everytime I die--the new black
-the sounds--ego
-madina lake--house of cards
-amber pacific--gone so young
-escape the fate--the guillotine
-rediscover--shake it
-all time low--coffee shop soundtrack
-agent sparks--polly anne
-mute math--typical
-the matches--little maggots
-between home and serenity--the victim
-heavens--patent pending
-the dresden dolls--backstabber
-maylene and the sons of disaster--tough as john jacobs
-the blood brothers--love rhymes with hideous car wreck (live)
-dragon force--through the fire and flames
-thebleedingalarm--sorrows the sea of my h..
-roses are red--failing
-crash romeo--get up, shut up
-the adored--tell me tell me
-the architects--reciprocity
-the working title--the mary getaway (I lost everything)

Puedes bajarlas 1 a 1, o todas en un Zip AQUI

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Regina Spektor- On the radio

Después de Samson, la canción hecha video de su último trabajo Begin to hope es On the radio.

Te recuerdo que Regina estará en España en Julio.

Post sobre ella aqui

Regina's Myspace


Get this video and more at

Casper-Maybe this time

No puedo decir mucho de esta banda, dado que la única información que tengo es la de su Myspace,porque lo que es a mi, el link de su web no me funciona. Tengo que aprender a hacer búsquedas mejor.
El motivo de hablar de ellos es simplemente que su canción Maybe this time me gusta mucho.


Hollywood, California, United States

Its difficult to describe Casper, and their sound, without sounding like the cocky bastards that they are, and rightfully so. Experimental massiveness reverberates throughout their shows without the added help of props or an indie-band uniform; just pure working-class rock and roll with a captivating catchiness that leaves you desperate for more, and kicking yourself for not demanding this kind of song writing out of every band for the last few years. Under the Punk sound of the 70's and the Manchester sound-influence of the 80s and 90s, Casper evokes a Brit-rock nostalgia with influences ranging from: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,The Who, T-Rex, The Stone Roses, The Kinks, The Smiths, and The Happy Mondays, to early RadioHead (The Bends) and Oasis. Casper is the other side of Tinseltown; where pimps, pushers, and some of Angelenos roughest gangs rule over the red carpets and glamour thats captured by the media, then rolled away over the weekend. Despite being Hollywood natives Casper wont fit in to the typical LA Band genre, but successfully create an amazing sound that will remind you of why you fell in love with rock and roll in the first place.
Ingenue Magazine ~Morgen la Brecque~ .

Maybe this time (video dirigido por Zack Rogers)

Metro Riots

No entiendo que escriba las cosas, y luego me falten 3 palabras o unas frases que he escrito.

Vamos con Metro Riots, conocidos gracias a la primera entrega de MU-ON.

Rock / Classic Rock / Blues

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

London, United Kingdom.

We have just put up another song [on our download page]from the live session we did in the back of our Producers garden on the 8th June. As you may or may not know we are giving away one a week up until the release of our Single "When you're Gone" on 24th July. This weeks song is "New epidemic"

-Web //

-New epidemic (live)

-Poison de Bride...

-God bless the Pharma...

The bishops


There is a new download 'Cant Keep The Feeling Alone' recorded live at Weekender Club, Innsbruck, Austria.

Os recuerdo que actuarán el 7 de Julio en la sala Razzmatazz de Barcelona.

Post donde hablamos sobre ellos aqui


Su MySpace--- Our new single.. 'Higher Now' released in UK on 7th August is uploaded

Get this video and more at

The Marshals

Alternative / Blues / Garage

Dublin, Ireland

Banda formada por:
Micheal - Guitar/Vocals,
Barry - Drums,
James - Bass / Vocals

Sobre la banda (info de su web):

And so it was that, in a Dublin rehearsal studio in 2003, three young musicians gathered in answer to an advert. One, drummer Barry Dillon with lengthy spells of stir in a local blues band on his record. One, bassist James O'Brien, was fresh to town having deserted previous band. And one, singer Michael John, was a Beatles-loving impresario, scraping a living giving guitar lessons and despairing of the then stagnant local scene.

A motley bunch, Michael thought, and this being the first audition he'd held since his ad had run, he could expect to spend months auditioning every hair rocker, cybergoth and experimental ferret strangler of Dublin before he found the right band-mates to complement his vision. But he was about to find he was at the helm of a somewhat, charmed band.

"What we do isn't rocket science... We wanted to make simple, fun, upbeat music with a slightly bluesy feel to it. We played 'Under The Great Stars' once together for the first time and we were sat there thinking 'that was easy!'."

He didn't know the half of it. With the birth of The Marshals the constellations shifted and they were about to lead the reinvention of the entire Irish scene with their ragged, hypercharged rabble rock.

Not that it seemed that way over the cold winter of 2003 as they gigged two or three times a week around Dublin and Cork and anywhere they could wangle a show along the road inbetween, or scraped together enough cash through their day jobs to fund demo sessions in which they'd have to lay down four tracks in a single day.

Their third and best demo was recorded in Dublin's Guinea Pig Studios, a converted garden shed. Weeks of intensive gigging culminated with a show in West Cork in front of a grand total of ten punters, where they were also offered a deal by UK label Vertigo on the spot.

"The gig we played before showcasing was in a proper locals pub in Cork" says Michael. "We were supposed to play a gig at the college but they cancelled it, last second, and put us in this other place and we almost got boo'd out of there. We played six songs and nobody in the place listened. At the end one guy came up, grabbed the mike and started singing Andy Williams' 'I Love You Baby'. That was a bit of a low-point. Then at the next gig we got offered a deal."

Meanwhile, back in Dublin, nights like Noise Party and Faction and other multi-band shows around Temple Bar started to throw up Dublin's grittier rock edge, "We were there when it started to change," nods Barry. "We were among the first breaking the mould and the first to be signed. It was all singer-songwriters, loads of them, and acoustic type acts. There was no fun, dirty, in-your-face music."

And while Dublin was learning that harmonicas were actually for chewing into bloody splinters and acoustic guitars were only fit for firewood, The Marshals set to recording their debut album, for which the word 'blistering' should officially be released from its Press Release Cliché ban. Here are Jack White-on-angel-dust rabble-blues songs like 'For You', 'Under The Great Stars' and 'My Girl And I' - fiery pop Good Vibes and fantasist imagery!

The Marshals are a ticking rock grimebomb waiting to explode under the haircut's' drug bands of the current UK scene. The devil-possessed poise of The White Stripes, the melodic clout of pixies and the heart-strung passion of every lost romantic who ever struck a guitar in anger, The Marshals are holding a one-way ticket to God knows where, but - they're not coming back. You'll love them. It's scorched on the stars...

Canciones que puedes escuchar en su MySpace:

-Sofia -mp3-
-Some kind of star
-Frank Miller

-Make her cry -video-

Get this video and more at

Dogs versionando una de Jam

Indie / Rock / Punk

'A Bomb in Wardour St' is now available to download for the next couple of days...

The eraser -videos-

Ya hablamos en el blog de MySpace sobre el trabajo en solitario del cantante de Radiohead, Thom Yorke.
The eraser compuesto por 9 canciones, saldrá en 11 de Julio, y está producido por Nigel Godrich.

El listado de canciones es el siguiente:
1. The Eraser
2. Analyse
3. The Clock
4. Black Swan
5. Skip Divided
6. Atoms For Peace
7. And It Rained All Night
8. Harrowdown Hill
9. Cymbal Rush

Y las últimas noticas son las siguentes:


lunes, 19 de junio de 2006


Indie / Alternative / Pop

He de decir antes de daróslos a conocer, que en principio me sonaba el nombre, pero después me he dado cuenta, que simplemente tenía en mi mente a Baumer, de los cuales suenan dos canciones en el player de abajo, concretamente las dos últimas. Aunque quiera cambiar el player, lo dejaré un par de días más y luego será hora para la música de Ander K., que es mucho lo que hay que escuchar y para Baumer, y para los que se dejen escuchar.

Hoy recibí un mail de Bauer, y así es como los he descubierto. Se les compara con Keane, algo suenan parecido. Pero Bauer si usa guitarra, así que algunas diferencias hay. Lo mejor es que los disfrutéis, escuchando las 9 canciones disponibles, quizá las que más me hayan gustado hayan sido:

-Indian sign

-Don't you move

-Lose all memory (with drums) o Connected (with drums)

que por casualidad son las que están en su web, pero la 3ª está en la versión sin batería.Aunque el resto también están bien, y de hecho me están gustando ahora bastante.

Como ya digo, escuchadlos y juzgad por vosotros mismos. A mi personalmente no me gusta comparar, ni vender a nadie diciendo que se parece a Keane. No creo que porque Keane sea ahora un grupo famoso, todos tengan que imitarles,¿no? Sería tremendamente aburrido.Las comparaciones siempre serán inevitables, pero cada banda debe tener su propia personalidad.

Y antes ya de poner la info, sólo diré que en el player a veces pone Bauer y a veces Barfly, quizá este último fuera su anterior nombre.Es sólo una hipótesis.

Siento si no digo esto en inglés hoy, pero según parece fallo en entendimiento :S Marrrditos Cloze test.


Manchester, Northwest United Kingdom


Greg Matthews - Vocals/Keys

Michael Guitar - Guitar

Neil Treppas - Bass

Lee Bradbury - Drums

Sobre ellos (Info de su web):

Bauer are a U.K Manchester based band who in the past year have received national Radio 1 airplay and secured high-profile support slots with established artists such as Snow Patrol, The Ordinary Boys, Stephen Fretwell, Brendan Benson and Long-View.Their unique brand of melodia and excellent live performances have attracted not only the attention of the music cognoscenti, but also a loyal fanbase and a fantastic online community of people from the UK and beyond. The band are currently holed up in the studio with producer Steve Power (Feeder, Robbie Williams, Blur, Julian Cope etc..) working on tracks intended for their Debut album.


» Unbreakable 3:38 / 5.5MB

» Indian Sign 4:02 / 3.69MB

» Connected (Stripped Down Mix) 4:16 / 2.94MB (también llamada Lose all memory (no drums) )


'Lose All Memory' is a mid tempo indie song while ‘Indian Sign’ is slower and more deliberate in the verses before bursting into life during the verses as Greg’s vocals soar to the heavens and the guitars crank up a notch. ‘Indian Sign’ is arguably the bands best song to date in a damn fine repertoire.

Más en sus dos Myspace:

-Bauer's Myspace

-Myspace with extra songs

Las 9 canciones disponibles para escuchar y bajar, las tienes en el player siguiente:

mu-on: Week 5

1-Vib Gyor--Red Lights
2-The Trams--Know
3-Johnny Poindexter--In Every Language there is...
4-The Mystic Underground--Athletes
5-Soundcard--Web Cam Girl II
A Vib Gyor, los conocemos porque ya los he mencionado en este blog, y en el anterior de MySpace también les mencioné. A ver que tal el resto.
Disfruten de la semana.
We know Vib Gyor, because they were mentioned in this blog before. Let's check out the others. Have a nice week.

The Go Station- Week 3

Indie / Rock / Pop

Advanced album preview- Week 3- When I'm gone

Post anterior -link-

Su MySpace


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This post is for the angel called phydeaux3. Thanks for solving the problem with my sidebar. Now the blog is ok again. :)

sábado, 17 de junio de 2006

Dogs han vuelto!!

Me habia acostumbrado a mencionarlos de vez en cuando, y cuando ya parecía que se acabó lo de dejarnos un regalito cada pocos días, ahora han vuelto con una nueva rareza.

The earliest version of 'Candy Came' (which appeared as a 7" b-side last year), recorded in 2003, has just been uploaded.

-Candy came (early demo)

Y aún sigue para bajar la anterior entrega: You don't know what you know (post sobre la canción aqui )

Post sobre ellos aqui

Su Myspace

viernes, 16 de junio de 2006

2006 Pitchfork Music Festival Sampler

Después de un día con lluvias torrenciales, rayos, truenos, sin luz durante más de dos horas. Volvemos a la civilización con el 4º sampler de la semana. No creo que la siguiente semana tengamos semejante racha. Y no sólo es el cuarto, es que tiene ni más ni menos que 24 canciones !!

2006 Pitchfork Music Festival Sampler

Artist: Various Artists - EMusic
Genre: Alternative/Punk
Styles: Indie Rock, Hip-Hop
Label: eMusic


Writeups by Matthew Solarski, Pitchfork Media

--Ghislain Poirier The Montreal-based Poirier knows how to start parties: mash-up some classics, lay down some thick beats, sprinkle in percussive flourishes, and poof, instant dance floor hysteria. Hip- and rump-shaking are inevitable.

--Tapes 'n Tapes:Combining jumpy, jagged guitars with throaty vocals and scratched-up choruses, Minneapolis rock group Tapes 'n Tapes write songs that are as playful as they are immediate. Some bands make raggedness sound like an affect but for Tapes 'n Tapes it comes naturally. Their songs are fantastically falling-apart-at-the-seams. Mountain Goats: One-time nurse John Darnielle adopts the Mountain Goats moniker any time he feels like sharing lo-fi folky odes with a caterwaul that is all his own. JD's songwriting skills put him squarely in the head of his class, and Darnielle is able to evince tears and hearty chuckles from his listeners, often within the same line.

--Destroyer: Leonine New Pornographer Dan Bejar has recorded under the Destroyer guise for over ten years now, and amassed a devout cult following the process. It's no fluke: Bejar's ambitious, serpentine folk songwriting and wiry, pub-poet delivery beg repeated listens, after which the mysteries only multiply.

--Chin Up Chin Up: Chin Up Chin Up craft gorgeous, atmospheric avant-pop. Highlighted by intricate, harmonic textures, and recalling the impressive post-rock of the best of their Chicago contemporaries, Chin Up Chin Up's star remains very much on the rise.

--Mr. Lif: Politically conscious mic-master Mr. Lif spits deft rhymes over sick Def Jux beats, ensuring listeners sit back and think about it — as soon as they finish getting up and shaking it. A dazzling and versatile lyricist, Lif's output proves continually relevant and inspiring.

--Futureheads: Switching up their delivery from caffeinated post-punk to contemplative pop, UK group the Futureheads prove themselves adept songwriters no matter the surroundings.

--Mission of Burma: After over 25 years of making music, the men of Mission of Burma know a thing or two about rocking. Following an unexpected reunion in 2002 and a surprisingly strong new full-length, Mission have proven they can still create music as inspired and hard-hitting as their new upstart contemporaries — most of whom owe a heavy sonic debt to the venerable Boston trio.

--Jens Lenkman: Forget sleeves, Swedish troubadour Jens has his heart emblazoned on a massive white flag forever waving above his head. The lad also has one hell of a record collection, from which he's known to borrow a choice sample or two — but the core of Jens's charm lies in the young man's off-kilter, Merritt-indebted lyricism and good ol' fashioned melodious songwriting.

--Yo La Tengo: After more than 20 years in the game, the beloved New Jersey trio trades in equal parts fuzz, jangle, and engaging experimentalism. A case study in synergetic musicianship, few acts play and record with such natural verve. One might say they put the fun in profundity.

--Matmos: The sample-mongering duo Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt have earned considerable acclaim with their provocative sonic collages, which are at turns blissful, intricate, and frightening. Often conceptually driven, the San Francisco-based pair manage to inject a bevy of new ideas into each successive release, and it's anyone's guess what they'll do next.

--Danielson: Impossible to ignore is Brother Danielson's nasal voice, but warm up to it and you cannot help but be dazzled Danielson's mighty ship of ebullient, larger-than-life songs, featuring a crew of guest stars in numbers nearing triple digits. The scope and ambition of Danielson's latest opus, Ships, is nothing to sneeze at — graciously it's as fun as it is grandiose.

--The National: This austere New York-by-way-of-Cincinnati quintet weaves tales of romance and woe with stately elegance. Theirs is a sound which enraptures the listener slowly, subtly, but once convinced of the National's songwriting prowess and deft sense of mood, their power is hard to deny.

--Aesop Rock: The eccentric MC, née Ian Bavitz, shot to fame in the hip-hop underground following the release of Labor Days, on Def Jux. A formidable lyricist, Aesop spins downtrodden grumbling atop some of the freshest cuts on the block.

--Matthew Dear: This debonair Detroit DJ and producer has crafted a dancefloor language all his own, with spritely cut-ups and push-me-pull-me beats. Dear often tops the sonic sundae with his own clipped vocals, letting his syllables function as blips and bloops in their own right, and lyrically exploring the varied decadence of the night hours.

--Chicago Underground Duo: Derived from the Chicago Underground Orchestra, this Thrill Jockey institution conjures ghosts from the city's jazz and experimental legacy, while imbuing their free-spirited compositions with distinctive flair. Self-described as "two humans trying ever to expand outward and inward for the people and ourselves," the results of these attempts are consistently stunning.

--Spoon: Austin's Spoon serve up guitar- and piano-based pop rock as taut, streamlined, and essential as their namesake utensil. It's no wonder these four lads have ascended to the upper tier of indie rock — just consider the infectious immediacy of 2001's Girls Can Tell, 2002's Kill the Moonlight, and last year's Gimme Fiction.

--Ted Leo/Pharmacists: The nicest guy in indiedom, Ted Leo and his trusty band of Pharmacists craft spirited guitar music marrying the ethos and energy of punk with the riffs and playfulness of carefree rock. Truth is, Leo cares loads, and charges his strong lyrics with keen observational wit and the occasionally political barb — at no expense to the peerless Pharmacist fun factor.

--Devendra Banhart: De facto president and CEO of the popular freak-folk movement, Banhart has swiftly matured from four-track barefoot bard to ambitious, barefoot auteur with last year's epic Cripple Crow. With wit and whimsy that belie his young age, Banhart's appeal continues to grow almost as fast as his facial hair.

--Nels Cline: Guitar virtuoso Cline joined up with Wilco to lend his talents to A Ghost Is Born, but ensured his legacy long before that with a steady stream of jazz, blues, rock, and avant-garde compositions.

--Art Brut: "Ready, Art Brut?" implores singer Eddie Argos before his band launches into every song — and are they ever. The Brit four-piece craft commanding riff-rock around Argos' sing-shouted gospel of insight, charm, and utter hilarity. These relative newcomers wooed sold-out crowds across the U.S. long before their record was even released in America.

--The Walkmen: Woozy, drunken waltzes, speared by clangy guitars and manhandled by imposing spazz-singer Hamilton Leithauser — it's the Walkmen, ascendant New York five-piece extraordinaire. The boys brought upright piano to the fore with 2002's much-loved Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone, and continued to delight with the dazzling, herky-jerky follow-up, Bows + Arrows.

--Cage: Gritty Def Jux MC Cage channeled his troubled upbringing into the gripping 2005 opus, Hell's Winter, among the best underground hip-hop records of the year. Lyrically, Cage delves into the darker corners of the human experience, towing a fine line with cynicism, and serving up some remarkable insight in the process.

--8 Bold Souls: These particular eight Souls concoct rollicking, improvisational jazz, utilizing cello, tuba, and woodwinds in addition to bass, trumpet, trombone, and percussion. Extolled for their virtuosity, 8 Bold Souls bring something fresh to every performance and recording.

1. "La Blessure"--Ghislain Poirier--2:29
2. "Just Drums"--Tapes 'n Tapes--3:46
3. "Woke Up New"--The Mountain Goats--2:57
4. "European Oils"--Destroyer--4:57
5. "Collide the Tide"--Chin Up Chin Up--4:19
6. "Brothaz"--Mr. Lif--4:30
7. "Skip to the End"--The Futureheads--2:56
8. "Spider's Web"--Mission of Burma--3:27
9. "Black Cab"--Jens Lekman--4:56
10. "Beanbag Chair"--Yo La Tengo--3:04
11. "Public Sex For Boyd McDonald"--Matmos--5:54
12. "Bloodbook on the Half Shell"--Danielson--4:52
13. "Abel"--The National--3:38
14. "Fast Cars"--Aesop Rock--4:37
15. "Dog Days"--Matthew Dear--5:57
16. "Red Gradations"--Chicago Underground Duo--2:52
17. "The Beast and Dragon, Adored"--Spoon--4:20
18. "Little Dawn"--Ted Leo / Pharmacists--5:35
19. "Long Haired Child"--Devendra Banhart--3:45
20. "Spider Wisdom"--Nels Cline--7:32
21. "Good Weekend"--Art Brut--2:49
22. "We've Been Had"--The Walkmen--3:29
23. "Good Morning"--Cage--3:48
24. "Odyssey"--8 Bold Souls--12:18


jueves, 15 de junio de 2006


No sé que ha pasado pero la sidebar se ha ido toda abajo, y por más que he cambiado la plantilla,pusiera la que pusiera se iba a abajo. Si alguien me puede decir como arreglarlo, gracias.

I don't know why the sidebar isn't on the right, I've changed the template several times and nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

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The Foundry Field Recordings

Estaba yo mirando el video de The Foundry Field Recordings para realizar el correspondiente post, cuando me ha dado por curiosear uno de los videos en el Top y me he quedado en shock al ver que era Shakira. Pero como ésta ya tiene promo más que segura,vamos con The Foundry Field Recordings, los cuales descubrí gracias a Planetapop, quien también me dió a conocer a la gran Rose Polenzani.

Pop / Rock / Shoegaze

Columbia, Missouri, United States

Componentes/Band members:

Billy Schuh - vocals/guitar

Benjamin Hook - drums/vocals/noise

Becky Baxter - bass

Daniel Stegall - guitar

Sobre la banda/Info about them (Supersonic EPK)

After years of meticulously collecting binaural recordings and conducting visceral field experiments, the band once known as Billy Schuh and The Foundry re-emerges from a dark studio lost in the heart of the Midwest as The Foundry Field Recordings. They bring with them a body of work named, Prompts/Miscues. The album is fluid with picturesque places and serrated emotions that are capable of immersing even a most cautious observer in a precise composition of vast melodic layers. Carefully embedded deep within the recordings, this timely process results in an authentic cognitive snapshot of a forgotten memory that can be recalled via music alone. Becky Baxter, Benjamin Hook and Daniel Stegall create lovely shoegaze-pop, resonating with strategic feedback and dance-worthy hooks, as Billy Schuh leads The Foundry Field Recordings with his signature modest nostalgia.A quartet since 2003, The Foundry Field Recordings' contemporaries include: Built to Spill, The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai, Guided by Voices, Apples in Stereo, Grandaddy, Flaming Lips, and Wilco. The Foundry Field Recordings have played with Spoon, The Super Furry Animals, Songs:Ohia/The Magnolia Electric Company, The Stills, Dressy Bessy, Robert Skoro and Aqueduct over its two year existence. They are currently preparing for the national debut of their full-length album Prompts/Miscues, due out on June 13th, 2006.


-Prompts/Miscues LP [13rd June 2006]

01. Battle Brigades Part I
02. Battle Brigades Part II
03. Warning Raids Over Kiev
04. Assembled Hazardly -Video-
05. Holding The Pilots/Holding The Facts
06. Broken Strings
07. Clones Were Made For Them But Not For Us -mp3-
08. Spain Never Made It
09. Buried Beneath The Winter Frames -mp3-
10. Circuits On Board
11. Untitled

-eMusic Live at Schubas [May 2005]

-Battle Brigades 7" [September 2005]

Battel Brigades -mp3-

->Fathers as Robots EP [October 2003]

1. Archery Bots
2. Buy / Sell / Trade -mp3-
3. d.a.r.y.l. ♥ v.i.c.k.i.
4. Dancing Lights / Slow Machines
5. Spain Never Made It

Baja el EP gratis en su web aqui


Su Myspace

Get this video and more at

Summer Audio Sampler

Esta semana no nos podemos quejar. 5 canciones gracias a mu-on4, 7 del mix de Immortal y ahora 10 canciones, todas ellas para escuchar y descargar aqui

Pop / Punk / Rock
Tampa, FL

01: Cute Is What We Aim For--there's a class for this
02: Gym Class Heroes--the queen and I
03: The Hush Sound--we intertwined
04: This Providence--wolf in sheep's clothing
05: Forgive Durden--ants
06: The Academy Is...--black mamba (acoustic)
07: Punchline--the fake,the snake and the birthday cake
08: Paramore--emergency
09: October Fall--second chances
10: Panic! At the Disco--but it's better if you do
The Fueled By Ramen & Decaydance

martes, 13 de junio de 2006


Acabo de ver un boletin de Ivy, y mirando la discografía de Brookville, no tenía ni idea que en el 2003 ya hubiera editado un trabajo.
Ivy es una de mis bandas favoritas, y también me gusta mucho el proyecto paralelo de uno de sus componentes -Fountains of Wayne-. También sabia que la pareja formó un proyecto llamado Paco. Pero no sabia de la andadura de Andy Chase como Brookville.

Alternative / Indie / Electronica

Andy Chase of BROOKVILLE is a New York-based musician and producer. He is best known as a member of the band IVY, and has co-produced and co-written all of the music on IVY's four critically acclaimed albums, as well as IVY's score for the Farrelly Brothers movie "Shallow Hal", and IVY's song I'll Be Near You for the recent film "Bee Season" (Richard Gere, Juliette Binoche).

As a producer, he has enjoyed success with the French pop group Tahiti 80, whose debut album Puzzle was a critical and commercial hit around the world, particularly in Japan, where it went gold. This success in Asia led to numerous subsequent production and songwriting offers for Chase, including work with Japanese megastar Chara and several other artists, all of whom recorded songs that Chase had specifically written for them. Chase also co-owns Stratosphere Sound recording studio in NYC with former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha and IVY bandmate (also in Fountains Of Wayne) Adam Schlesinger.

BROOKVILLE is a project that allows Chase to balance his talent for songcraft with his love for rich sonic landscapes and textures. It is in some senses a "solo concept," on which Chase is free to explore the type of languid, atmospheric music that is only hinted at within the tight pop framework of IVY's records.

But the many contributing musicians that appear, including Eric Matthews, James Iha, The Brazilian Girls, Steve Osborne (New Order, Elbow, Doves), Jean-Pierre Ensuque (Autour de Lucie), Jody Porter (Fountains Of Wayne), Josh Lattanzi (Ben Kweller, The Lemonheads), and many others, suggest that BROOKVILLE is always a collaborative effort that leaves ample room for experimentation and exploration. Life In The Shade, BROOKVILLE's follow up to "Wonderfully Nothing", is set for release in June 2006.

Info desde su Myspace

Más en World's Fair aqui



-Life in the shade (13 Junio 2006)(Unfiltered Records)

1. Blue Morning
2. Afraid to Fall
3. Break Yourself
4. Slow Emotion Replay
5. Golden -stream-
6. Crawling in Circles -stream-
7. Up on the Wire
8. Shadows
9. Hey You Hang On
10. Life in the Shade
11. Nothing's Meant to Last -stream-/-mp3-
12. Today
13. Missed You Again

Nothing's Mean to Last (Cassettes Won't Listen REMIX) -stream-/-mp3-

-Wonderfully nothing (26 Agosto 2003, Unfiltered Records)
Harp, September 2003
"Chase's enduring talent for melody ... create(s) a symbiotic lushness recalling Everything But The Girl or Avalon-era Roxy Music."
Flaunting a sleek and slender Euro-romantic sound, Ivy's Andy Chase, steps out on his own with Brookville's debut, Wonderfully Nothing. It is beautifully rendered music that allows Chase to balance his talent for songcraft with his love for rich sonic landscapes and textures. It is in some senses a "solo record," on which Chase is free to explore the type of languid, atmospheric music that was only hinted at within the tight pop framework of Ivy's records. But the many contributing musicians on the album - including James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins), Eric Matthews, Jean-Pierre Ensuque (Autour de Lucie), Jon Skibic (Gigolo Aunts), Danny Weinkauf (They Might Be Giants), and producer-programmer Michael Hampton - suggests that the making of Brookville was also a collaborative effort that left ample room for experimentation and exploration.

Nothing's Meant the Last (featuring Brazilian Girls) -video-

The jolenes

Pop Punk / Rock

Portland,Oregon, United States.

Candy Blyston
Katy Sandford
Christina Wolfe

Sobre The Jolenes (info de su Myspace):
They formed a band.
They released their debut "Rinse and Repeat" and spent the next 6 months teaching the world about stalkers, landlords, and superheroes. But people change, and the Jolenes are no different. Gone are the carefree tales of Diaries and Apple Pectin shampoo, and now on their newest release "Get it to Go" (due out Spring of '06) they tackle such pressing subjects as skirt length, ice cream, and some bitch named Frenchie. With nods to Shonen Knife, Josie and the Pussycats, and the movie Clueless, Portland's reigning pop tarts make the type of music that makes Mary Tyler Moore wanna throw her hat in the air.


-Get it to go (13 Junio 2006)(Good Forks Records)

1. Ice Cream
2. Daddy Needs $
3. Sugar
4. Make Me
5. Better Not Stop It
6. Frenchie
7. Leather and Lace
8. Curses
9. Poison
10. Pedro
11. He Broke My...
12. Devil Made Her Do It

-Rinse and repeat (7 octubre 2003)(Last chance Records)


lunes, 12 de junio de 2006

ImmortalRecords/AbsolutePunk Sampler

Vamos con un sampler de la discográfica Immortal Records, encabezado por Waking Ashland. Si te gusta lo que estás escuchando, más información y los links para descargar las canciones en esta página de Absolutepunk AQUI

01. Waking Ashland – Under The Gun
02. The Bleeding Alarm – Sorrows The Seas Of My Heart
03. The Finals – They’ll Never Know
04. Agent Sparks – Polly Anne
05. The Bleeding Alarm – This Girl Has A Gun
06. The Finals – Right Here, Not Now
07. Agent Sparks – Face The Day

Get your own Flash MP3 Player

Immortal Records is an independent record label out of Los Angeles, CA dedicated to bringing cutting edge music to fans of all walks of life. Founded by Happy Walters in 1994, the label has launched the careers of such influential acts as Korn, Incubus, and 30 Seconds to Mars over the years. The label has also put together some of the most groundbreaking soundtracks of its time, including Judgment Night, Spawn, Blade II, and Masters of Horror. In addition, Immortal has played an instrumental role in the breaking of such artists as Rage Against the Machine, Velvet Revolver, Cypress Hill, Kanye West, and House of Pain.

Currently Immortal Records boasts a diverse roster of buzzing artists, including Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Waking Ashland, Brazil, A Change of Pace, Agent Sparks, and more. As Immortal continues to grow its roster, the world is once again taking notice of the groundbreaking indie label that has continually broken down musical barriers and norms.

Snow Patrol -videos

Ya hablé antes de la actuación en acústico que Snow Patrol hizo en el programa de la2 sobre música indie/alternativa llamado IPop. Curioseando su web encontré el video de You're all I have (acústico).El otro día encontré que habían hecho otra canción en acústico Chasing cars. A ver si la web va mejorando, y algo importante, o por lo menos yo cuando la veo, no lo veo, es que todos los videos estén siempre disponibles, con lo que se agradecería que pusieran un buscador, que pongas tu a ver si hay el video o el reportaje de tal, y asi todo genial.

Post anterior

You're all I have (acústico)--video
Chasing cars (acústico)--video

Ipop web

Los links ahora son para otros videos, concretamente el de You're all I have es realmente Chasing cars. Y el de Chasing es ahora Invisible de Second. Cada tiempo cambiarán, perdón por si alguien no llegó a tiempo.Pero aseguro que cuando el post se hizo,cada video era el que ahi pone.
The links for the videos can change, and maybe you can see another different video. So it's better that you go to Ipop web and then to Actuaciones.


Hablé antes de ellos, cuando Victor me los recomendó diciendo que se daban un aire a Clap your hands and say yeah. Ayer eché un vistazo a su Myspace y tenian nuevas canciones para escuchar. Y además han editado un single.
A él le gustan y también le parecieron interesantes a Joy, asi que vamos con lo nuevo.

Other / Pop Punk / Rock

London, United Kingdom

Post sobre ellos--aqui

Canciones que puedes escuchar ahora en su Myspace:
-five minute wonder
-whoreditch (mp3)
-hoopla (mp3)(letra)

Single "Five minute wonder" (19-05-2006)(Tough love records)
1-Five minute wonder

A new band from South London that have a similar sound to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, with jerky guitars and almost David Byrne vocals. Really strong debut. Por Pure Groove Records


Adam Baranello

Pop / Electronica / Indie

Ya lo he mencionado antes, en un posts donde mencionaba a varios artistas que tenian sus canciones para descargar. De nuevo, Adam Baranello ha puesto sus canciones disponibles para que las tengas en un CD o en tu reproductor.

The Go Station- Week 2

Indie / Rock / Pop

Nueva semana, nueva canción para escuchar de lo que será el primer album de esta banda.

This one is a bit of an anthem, and it's called "Not Enough."

Debut album preview--Week2--Not enough

Su Myspace

Post anterior--Week1
Post sobre ellos--aqui

mu-on: Week 4

4 nuevas canciones para disfrutar, tampoco me suenan mucho las bandas, asi que, bien descubrir nueva música. A ver si en otro rato puedo escuchar el pack y también chequeo sus webs.

1-Red Cassette--Thin King Twice...

2-The Whats--Oh

3-Kiss or Kill--Dans La Lune

4-Andreas Mario--Walk a Way

5-Salvador Garcia--Confidence and Pride


Algunos conciertos

Este finde ha sido bastante musical, el viernes Asian Dub Foundation en la Plaza, y luego he estado escuchando varios discos de: Orson, Regina Spektor,Nizlopi,Gnarls Barkley,Lifehouse,Third eye blind,Ambulance Ltd,Centro-matic,Taking back sunday,Band of horses en la KEXP,The feeling,Muse y seguro se me olvida alguno. Si esto fuera mejor pondría las fotos, quizá más tarde. Y bueno ayer fue atracón de Perdidos ;P para finalizar el día con actuación de Kiko Veneno. La Plaza estaba llena, y a mi me empezó a gustar a la mitad del concierto, antes se me hizo algo puff.
Lo mejor hoy, el Teatro de calle con la compañía Generik Vapeur que estrenan su nueva obra "Conference des chevaux", yo creo que son los mismos del pasado año que representaron Frankenstein, el cual fue una gozada con el barco partido a la mitad ocupando toda la Plaza, moviendo los escenarios entre el público y la música de dos señores que ole,ole,ole. Esta vez he visto que habrá una ballena, un precioso caballo blanco articulado, y aeroplano de madera,.... Ya contaré y a ver si hacemos fotos, lo de colgarlas tardaré más, porque no depende de mi.

Esto es para los que vivan en Madrid o Barcelona:
-Regina Spektor
de la cual acabamos de hablar estará:
12 julio--Moby Dick,Madrid
13 julio--La 2, Barcelona

-The bishops (web)
07 julio--Razzmatazz, Barcelona

Post donde hablabamos de ellos aqui

-The Pipettes (su Myspace)
01 julio--Festival Faraday, Vilanova I La Geltrú

Regina Spektor

Acoustic / Alternative / Punk

New York, United States

Bio (desde Yahoo Music):

A veteran of New York's anti-folk scene, Regina Spektor makes quirky, highly eclectic, but always personal music. Born and raised in Moscow until age 9, Spektor listened to her father's bootleg tapes of Western pop and rock as a young child and also learned to play piano. She and her family moved from Russia to the Bronx, where she was immersed in American culture (at the time, hers was the first Russian family in the borough in 20 years). Eventually, Spektor and her family became part of a community that balanced her Russian Jewish roots with her new home's culture. She continued to practice piano anywhere she could, including at her synagogue, until her family got a piano of their own. Spektor further developed her classical piano training by attending the SUNY Purchase Music Conservatory. During her studies, she was exposed to blues and jazz artists, including Billie Holiday, for the first time; these sounds made such an impact on Spektor that they became a big part of her self-released 2001debut album, 11:11. At the same time, she was also playing gigs anywhere she could in the city, in venues ranging from basements to parties to comedy clubs. With her frequent performances and another self-released album, 2002's Songs, Spektor developed a following that included Alan Bezozi, They Might Be Giants' drummer; he introduced Spektor to the Strokes' producer, Gordon Raphael. Raphael and Bezozi worked with Spektor on her third album, Soviet Kitsch in New York and London (where she collaborated with the band Kill Kenada). Soviet Kitsch was initially self-released like her other work, but it eventually found a wider release with Sire Records. Tours with the Strokes, Kings of Leon, Mates of State and the Moldy Peaches' Kimya Dawson further raised Spektor's profile. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide
Written by Heather Phares


--11:11 (2001)

--Songs (2002)

--Soviet kitsch (2004)

--Live at Bull Moose (2005)

--Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers and Other Short Stories (2006)
It is a 2-disc CD/DVD (PAL/Region 0) album set comprising a 12-track CD album compiling the highlights of the entire recording-output thus far from one of the most enticingly eclectic & classically confounding artistes to still reside amidst her mid-twenties; drawing together songs from her long out-of-print debut album 11:11, tracks from the follow-up Songs and highlights from her magical breakthrough Soviet Kitsch and including the single 'Us'. Also includes a bonus DVD featuring the 'Survival Guide To Soviet Kitsch' and the music video for 'Us'. *Please note you will need an All Code DVD player to view. Sire. 2006.

--Begin to hope (13 Junio 2006)

1. Fidelity
2. Better
3. Samson
4. On The Radio
5. Field Below
6. Hotel Song
7. Apres Moi
8. 20 Years Of Snow
9. That Time
10. Edit
11. Lady
12. Summer In The City

La EDICION ESPECIAL incluye un segundo CD:
1. Another Town
2. Uh-merica
3. Baobabs
4. Dusseldorf
5. Music Box



Get this video and more at

Official website

Her Myspace