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Hercules and Love Affair - "Blind"

"Blind" released on 3rd March 2008

Get a free download of "Hercules Theme" here --




Electro / Surf

Gothenburg, Sweden


Videos de su disco de debut REVERIES:
Creados por Stéphane Manel.

Number One by pacific!

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Hot Lips by Pacific!

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China Room

La banda ha aparecido en dos episodios de la serie por internet,Quarterlife.

Healing & EasyListening

Los Angeles, California
United States


"It's refreshing to hear vocalist Nima Kazerouni's genuine talent and the emotion showcased in tracks "Wonder Years," and the solid closer "Sleep Station" only wonders what they may sound like at this time in a year in two..."
--- Amanda Shively ---

EP para descargar en su MySpace:
-Rosie the Riveter
-Nose bleed
-No 37

Goldfrapp - Seventh tree ESCUCHA

Electrónica / Pop

Genre-busting pop pioneers Goldfrapp release their fourth album, Seventh Tree. Written by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, Seventh Tree was recorded at their own studio deep in the English countryside.» Listen Now

-Official video for A&E by Goldfrapp. Taken from the album 'Seventh Tree'

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Rihanna Performs “Umbrella” With Klaxons At 2008 Brits

Rihanna & The Klaxons - Umbrella

Canciones para ti

What Made Milwaukee Famous, Resistance Street MP3

Info en


Subtle, Unlikely Rock Shock MP3

Info en

Club 8 classics re-issued with bonus tracks

Club 8 "The Friend I Once Had" (1998) + 6 bonus track

With a glittery mix of jangly guitars, bossa nova and sophisticated, melancholic pop melodies, ”The Friend I Once Had” was a big step forwards for Club 8. Their debut album ”Nouvelle” may be regarded as a twee pop classic by some, but the band would happily bury most those songs under a rock. This is the album they wish was their debut.

"It is absolutely essential to own at least one Lp by this group. I'd probably suggest this one as the place to start, but you really can't go wrong.” 10 + INDIESPINZONE

Track listing
01 - Everlasting love
02 - All I can do
03 - Someday
04 - I wish you'd stay
05 - Holiday
06 - The end of the affair
07 - Summer rain
08 - Calcutta
09 - Tomorrow never comes
10 - Better days
11 - Karen
12 - Missing you
13 - Missing you (Permer Remix)*
14 - My heart won't break*
15 - The best of seasons*
16 - Missing you (Making love to a machine mix by Junior Varsity*
17 - My heart won't break (Minty cut mix by Sweet Trip)*
18 - The friend I once had*

*Bonus track
Price: 140 SEK (€15)

Club 8 "S/T" (2001) + 2 bonus tracks

You could tell directly from the opening track that this was another move in a new direction for Club 8. “Love in december” is breathtaking, soulful pop imbued by dark Scandinavian winter atmosphere and bittersweet melancholy.

"If a lover's arms were as soft and sultry as the music on Club 8, returning to them again and again would pose little conflict, and the same goes for slipping into Club 8." ROLLING STONE

Track listing
01 - Love in december
02 - Boyfriends stay
03 - She lives by the water
04 - The sand and the sea
05 - Falling from grace
06 - Hope for winter
07 - London
08 - Say a prayer
09 - A place in my heart
10 - I don´t need anyone
11 - Keeping track of time
12 - Love in December (Remixed by Les Espions)*
13 - A place in my heart (Remixed by Les Espions)*

*Bonus track
Price: 140 SEK (€15)

Club 8 "Spring Came, Rain Fell" (2002) + 5 bonus tracks

A start of a new era for Club 8. ”Spring came, rain fell” was the first album they recorded on their own in the now famous Summersound Studios which they share with fellow band Acid House Kings. The album sparkles of experimental lust with songs & sounds ranging from dub and electronica to smokey trip hop and folky- and acoustic pop.

"As summer slips away, wallow in some Scandinavian sadness with this Swedish duo's wonderfully soothing (UK) début."
TIME OUT (London)

Track listing
01 - We're simple minds
02 - Spring came, rain fell
03 - Spring song
04 - Close to me
05 - Baby, I'm not sure if this is love
06 - The chance I deserve
07 - I give up too
08 - Friends and lovers
09 - Teenage life
10 - Karen song
11 - The girl with the northern soul collection
12 - We set ourselves free
13 - Things we share*
14 - Mornings*
15 - You and me*
16 - Don't stop the night*
17 - Sounds from the gulfstream*

*Bonus track
Price: 140 SEK (€15)

Club 8 "Strangely beautiful" (2003) + 5 bonus tracks

The last of three albums in Club 8’s productive peak between 2001 and 2003 is by many considered their best album to that date. Includes the noisy and Northern Soul-inspired single “Saturday night engine” which was a clear forerunner to The Legends ”Up against the Legends”.

”Club 8 fans and indie poppers should be overjoyed.”

Track listing
01 - When lights go out
02 - What shall we do next?
03 - I wasn't much of a fight
04 - Stay by my side
05 - Cold hearts
06 - Between waking and sleeping
07 - This is the morning
08 - The next step you'll take
09 - The beauty of the way we're living
10 - Saturday night engine
11 - We move in silence
12 - I have no better plan*
13 - So tied up*
14 - Giza*
15 - People who would go for you*
16 - Sometimes I felt like a loser*

*Bonus track
Price: 140 SEK (€15)

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Pennywise :

¡Bájate gratis el single de PENNYWISE!

El próximo mes estos veteranos punkrockers regalarán su disco en MySpace, se llama "Reason To Believe". Pero antes un pequeño aperitivo: bájate ahora el single "Something To Live For" . Escúchatelo y bájatelo

-Something to live for MP3

R.E.M. - Supernatural Superserious

Lo nuevo de R.E.M. se llamará Accelerate, su primer sencillo:

Supernatural Superserious VIDEO EN YOUTUBE

Check out to edit your own video together from 12 different versions

Check the results at

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Pattern is movement

Seguro que con tanto disco y tanta música me pierdo algo interesante. Y esto de ir pillando lo que caiga, hace que el blog y mi gusto sea algo caótico. Y que te sientas rara cuando la gente salga "despavorida" de una disco, cuando te ponen a The Gossip. Supongo que tiene que sonar su música hasta en la sopa como el Young Folks de Peter,Björn and John, para que se hagan a algo indie.
Los acabo de descubrir ahora, creo que desde Cloud Cult, todo lo que suena "así" me llama la atención.Aunque bueno...esto es una versión de Radiohead.

-Everything is in the right place

La original de Radiohead VIDEO:

Pero escuchando su MySpace me ha venido la idea de que su sonido es del estilo Cloud Cult, asi que, escuchad su música en su MySpace para saber mejor cómo suenan. Me encanta "People and touch" pero el player de MySpace no me dejar descargarla :(.

Más en Stereogum, el gurú musical. -AQUI-

Kaisers Orchestra--Enden av November preview

Son noruegos, van a editar su 3er trabajo según he leido en un blog, dejo un post del video de su último disco, y a ver si un dia les presto atención y si no se me olvida, pero seguro que hay alguno que se me pasó hacer post entero, pues les conocemos más.

Kaizers Orchestra -Enden av November preview

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Scott Orr - Miles from today


Listado de canciones:

Don't Want To See That Again
Other Thoughts
You Know What This Song Is About
Love Is A Dream
Old Enough
Take Them Home
You And I Alone
What A Way To Go
I'll Wait For You

Puedes descargalo en su web/You can download it in his website

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Death Heart Bloom - 2 discos

Seguimos que con más discos de descarga gratuita.

Alternative / Rock / Indie

New York, United States




-Dead heart bloom (2006)

01 Listen
02 Sodom
03 I Hope I Stop Fading
04 The Marchers Are Coming
05 Transfiguration
06 Saint Henry
07 One Long Last Look
08 Letter To The World
09 Folsom Prison Blues
10 New Messiah
11 Transmigration
12 Goodbye Farewell
13 There Will Come Soft Rains


-Chelsea Diaries (2007)

01 Who Will You Love
02 Chelsea Song #2 MP3
03 Save The Last Verse For Me
04 New York City Heat
05 Someday Soon Our Time Will Come
06 Wish It Well
07 The Love Song You Always Wanted
08 The Up and Down


Release Date: 05/03/2007

second album 'chelsea diaries' was self-recorded and produced by former phaser singer boris skalsky during the summer and fall of 2006. an acoustic record, it explores the style of songs such as 'listen' and 'there will come soft rains' from the debut album. 'chelsea diaries' is the perfect album for fans of beck, bright eyes or the beatles. it comes packaged in a thick card sleeve with a 12 page photo booklet.-RoughTrade


Wish It Well

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Chelsea Song #2

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Dear Euphoria

Indie / Alternativa / Otros

Stockholm, Suecia




Musicians on these recordings besides me on voice and piano are; Sven Johansson on guitar, bass, drums and voice. Stefan Stenberg on upright bass.

Info recogida en su web:

Elina Johansson has a slight Sandy Denny-ish tremor in her tender, affecting voice. The plaintive ambiance ultimately forces an alternative interpretation of Dear Euphoria-bliss that is not sweet but, rather, costly.-Fingertips


-Dear euphoria (Stereo Test Kit Records)

1. Snow MP3
2. Something Great MP3
3. Falling Behind MP3
4. Oh The Softness MP3
5. Able
6. If I Had The Voice
7. Awaiting
8. Glorious Laughter
9. Naked Before You
10. Not Meant To Have It
11. Love Will Make Us Grand

MGMT - Time to pretend VIDEO!!

Video en YouTube

Actuación en el programa de David Letterman YouTube

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Vetusta Morla - Un día en el mundo ESCUCHA

Puedes escuchar ahora el disco en su MySpace.





Pucho (voz)
David "el Indio" (batería y coros)
Álvaro B. Baglietto (bajo)
Jorge González (percusiones y programaciones)
Guillermo Galván (guitarras y coros)
Juan Manuel Latorre (guitarras y teclados)

Info recogida en MySpace:


A comienzos de 2008 Vetusta Morla publicarán su LP debut, Un Día en el Mundo. El álbum es un resumen musical de 9 años en busca de asimilar cuidados textos en castellano a los esquemas de la música popular anglosajona que forma parte del historial de estos 6 músicos. 9 años en los que han construido una identidad sónica usando la instrumentación de un combo clásico de rock, pero huyendo del lenguaje convencional del género.

Vetusta Morla es una banda que se ha forjado sobre el escenario y el núcleo de la formación es la complicidad, la pasión y la inmediatez de la música en vivo. En su primer álbum Un Día en el Mundo han tratado de recrear ese hechizo mágico, esa fuerza emocional estremecedora del directo, con un sonido premeditadamente natural, sin apenas trucos de producción y sin fuegos de artificio.

Un Día en el Mundo, es un fotograma sacado de una historia mayor, una historia inabarcable que se intuye en las experiencias cotidianas, sin acabar desvelarse. Sus canciones son píldoras casi cinematográficas, enigmas cuya clave sólo tiene cada persona que las escucha y que es invitada a llenar por sí misma los espacios en blanco.

Durante casi una década Vetusta Morla se han ganado una reputación de independencia, más allá de los tópicos sobre esta palabra. Esta reputación se confirma con la creación de un sello propio en sociedad con sus productores: Pequeño Salto Mortal, un nombre que resume lo que significa ser fiel a uno mismo y empeñarse en hacer canciones en tiempos de incertidumbre.



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Dirigido por Álvaro León. Productora: keloide

Peak-So quiet (2008)


Irpinia, Italy



So quiet EP --Descárgalo/Download it here

Cicada - Maladies

Typhoid 4:45 11.9mb
The Mumps 4:19 10.9mb
The Measels 4:05 10.4mb
Rabies 3:08 8.2mb
Trichinosis 3:12 8.4mb
Tinnitus 1:24 4.3mb
Black Lung 4:14 10.8mb
Chicken Pox 4:31 11.4mb
The Clap 4:38 11.7mb
Alzheimers 4:17 10.9mb
Consumption 3:54 10.0mb
Progeria 4:41 11.8mb
Small Pox 3:50 9.9mb


Cicada - Conformatigmatic

Electronica / Experimental / Pop

ATLANTA, Georgia
United States

Let Him Go MP3
Blunt Kut Bangs
Sweet Static
Ya Folks
The Spider Conch
Lord of Flies
4 Years/This City
Optimus Prime


Cicada MySpace



Rock / Americana / Southern Rock

Austin, Texas
United States




Jonathan Lennartz: Vocals
Aaron Bateman: Guitar
John Webber: Drums
James Webber: Bass/Vocals
Kevin Webber "The Witch Doctor": Percussion, Spirit Guide

Bio en su MySpace:

Recent transplants from California, Cattywompus moved to Austin after playing in Texas during an extensive tour of the US in 2006. "We fell in love with the people and the music" James Webber sited as the reason for the move to the Lone Star State. "We respect the history of the great artists from Texas and the love that Texan's have for live music. We had some good adventures while we toured TX."
Brothers James (bass) and John (drums) Webber have been playing music since they were teens, heavily influence by their father's love of music and playing. "Our father was a percussion player. He would make us stay up late and listen to all of his old records, and in the mornings we would see various band mates passed out on the couches as we left for school," John Webber remembers.

James and Jonathan Lennartz met in high school and became immediate friends through their love of music. Jonathan started playing and writing music in college, and has since used songwriting as an outlet for his own emotions and life experiences. Aaron Bateman, Florida native, met James in 2001, the two began jamming, along with John and Jonathan, and began forming a unique sound that represented each member's individual personality and influences.

Cattywompus is a band dedicated to American Roots music. As diverse as America itself, so is the band's musical heritage. Whether it be Rock, Country, Blues or Folk no specific genre accurately pin points Cattywompus. The four have been playing together for six years developing their craft under the influence of the Rolling Stones, Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, Neil Young and countless others.



-Gospel Hymns & Original Sins (2007)

1. First Shots Fired
2. The Soldier
3. It's All Over Now
4. Elizabeth Rose
5. Sweet California
6. Mercy Please
7. Lord I Just Don't Know
8. When In Tempe
9. You're No Angel
10. Blue, Red & Grey
11. Leaving Virginia
12. Age Old Wisdom
13. My Sweet Young Thing
14. Soul Crossing


David Fridlund -Free EP

Indie / Alternative


-I Saw My Reflection And I Didn’t Recognize Myself EP (.zip)


Little Beirut

Rock / Indie

Portland, Oregon
United States




Edwin Paroissien. Hamilton Sims. Jon Trause. Alex Inman.

Bio en su web:

George Bush Sr., while in office, and visiting Portland, Oregon for the first time, was met with massive resistance and protests from the liberal city’s citizens. Some went as far as to ingest red, white, and blue food coloring in hopes of regurgitating the colors of the flag on Bush’s entourage. This led to the elder Bush nicknaming the city “Little Beirut”, a name that earned Portland national attention, and one that has stuck to this day and is recited as a badge of honor by many in the city.
Little Beirut is also a Portland, Oregon-based rock quartet that designs beautiful, lush songs on their commercial debut, “High Dive”, a collection of well-written, hook-laden, sweet pop nuggets that are just as much about the melody as they are a driving rhythm. Instantly accessible and easily memorable, don’t be fooled, because beyond their sugary exterior are vivid, deep lyrical assets to ensure these songs are anything but pop fluff.

Tying into the Bush-coined name of the band, Little Beirut tackles the younger Bush’s administration, namely Condoleezza Rice, with a love song entitled “Love During Wartime”.

“’Love During Wartime’,” explains vocalist Hamilton Sims, “is a jab at the war and the goings on of the Bush administration. But it’s also a jab at the fact that in order for [Rice] to become the most powerful woman in the history of U.S. politics, she had to be completely desexualized to make it okay. Hence why a love song to her seems so absurd.”

“High Dive” was a long time coming for Little Beirut’s two founding members, Hamilton Sims (vocals, guitar) and Edwin Paroissien (guitar, vocals), two friends that have played together for years, most notably in Silkenseed, a pop-rock outfit that had major label attention following their 1998 sophomore album, “Hurry Home” (Rainforest Records) and garnered praise from publications like Billboard, which described their songwriting partnership as “…instant pop hooks and tight guitar/rhythm interplay that mainstream rock has begun to embrace”.

Silkenseed disbanded in 2000 following a departure a year earlier by Sims, who left to go back east to attend graduate school.

Staying in contact throughout Sims’ graduate work, Sims eventually returned to Portland in 2004, and Paroissien and Sims started hanging out, writing songs together. These sessions lead to a 2004 studio demo, “Permanent Kiss”, which helped the duo morph into a four-piece with the addition of drummer Alex Inman and bassist Jon Trause.

Excitement and material grew within the band as they gigged locally and occasionally regionally.

Ready to record their proper debut, Little Beirut entered Portland’s Type Foundry to record what would become their commercial debut, “High Dive”, which will be self-released in February 2008.

Assisting them at Type Foundry were engineers Adam Seltzer (Norfolk & Western, M. Ward) and Badman Recording Co. owner Dylan Magierek, as well as local singer-songwriter and Portland music renaissance man Chris Robley, who co-produced “High Dive” with Little Beirut.

Having never used an outside producer or multiple engineers, Little Beirut realized they needed to push themselves beyond what they had done in the past if they were to fully realize the album they envisioned.

“We wanted to bring in outside opinions to help us with objectiveness and to make the recording more collaborative,” explains Paroissien. “We wanted horns, strings, and keys. We were anxious to move beyond the standard two guitars, bass, and drums set-up we’d done before, and felt seeking help on this would allow us to realize exactly what we wanted to do, without over-complicating the recordings or losing the songs in layers upon layers of instrumentation”.

This opened several new doors for the band in the creative department, invigorating them and encouraging them to test out new ideas, new sounds, and new boundaries.

“We experimented with different tempos, keys, and arrangements, until we got the songs either exactly to, or pretty close to where we wanted them,” Sims says with enthusiasm. “Once we got a song where we wanted it, we’d bring in Chris Robley, who would often trim the fat, re-work the arrangements to fit in orchestration, and help us really develop everything for the benefit of the song. We were able to get a lot of the lush harmonies and orchestrations through this process.”

Once the tracking was done, the band brought the record to the hands (and ears) of mixing engineer extraordinaire Jeff Stuart Saltzmann (Stephen Malkmus, Sleater-Kinney, Death Cab For Cutie, Menomena), giving “High Dive” a timeless sound and feel, ensuring it is just as much about the music as it is the mood for the listener.

All the time and hard work paid off. With the completion of “High Dive”, Little Beirut felt proud that they created a record that spoke not only through the lyrics, but with the music, too, delivering vivid imagery for the listener.

“The imagery of ‘High Dive’ touches on several recurring themes throughout the album,” explains Paroissien. “When you’re on top of a high dive, you’re completely alone, there’s an air of anticipation because either way, something major is about to happen, whether you jump or back down, or do something else. Each choice will have a major impact on the outcome of the event you choose.”

With a release date for “High Dive” set for February 2008, Little Beirut will bring their brand of rock to clubs, doing everything the old fashioned way, winning over one fan at a time with a strong record and a powerful live show to back it up.


-High Dive ,2008

01. She's A Martyr 3:32
02. Sniper's Lament 3:30
03. Acid Wash Soul 3:19
04. Loose Medusa 3:10
05. The Lottery 3:41
06. Love During Wartime 4:31
07. The Monsters Are Coming 3:45
08. Belle De Jour 4:01
09. Estacada 1:22
10. Star Maps 2:55
11. The Believers 3:12
12. High Dive 4:59


"Merz sounds like nobody else in the world and the world would be alright if it listened to nobody else. We absolutely love him"
Chris Martin, Coldplay

Folk / Electronica / Alternative

Bristol, United Kingdom



Further press (Groenland Records)

Cast your mind back to the year 1999, to a world on the brink of a new millennium. A time when dance music was still at large, Apple and iPod were still conspiring in the wings for global domination and now ubiquitous artists such as David Gray were still broke. Joss Stone wasn't even a teenager! In the thick of all this, you may remember a singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist by the name of Merz.

Following the self-released 7 inch single championed by the likes of Jarvis Cocker and called “Many Weathers Apart”, a fierce battle for his signature by several major record labels, Conrad Lambert aka Merz signed to Sony/Epic and looked set to conquer the world. His debut album received widespread critical acclaim and led to appearances on Top Of The Pops, Jools Holland, and was subject to a Channel 4 music documentary. Huge support and Single of the Week also came from Radio 1’s Jo Whiley and an appearance at Glastonbury, featuring on the same bill as a group called Coldplay, who later became firm friends. His music was embraced by the then unreconstructed genre that was English folk, electronica and the fringes of dance (Pete Tong was a fan of some particularly tasty Francois K mixes) and would even be heard on soaps like Eastenders and Coronation Street.

Since his considerable splash in 1999, Merz has apparently disappeared without a trace. But six years later, he is well and truly back with a dazzling album, Loveheart. Elaborating on his early pastoral influences, the album features an astonishing range of delicate instrumentation, and crucially, is illuminated by brilliant arrangements, Loveheart is the work of a gifted and passionate songwriter with a rare musical talent.

Naturally, the first question is – what happened?

Despite a glittering entree to the pop music world, major label shenanigans ensued, leading Conrad down an unexpected road. “For any musician to walk away from a record deal goes against all your inherent instincts," he admits, "so it was a tough decision but absolutely the right one.”

Conrad worked on songs for his next album in Bath. “I worked hard for those years, but had a very unsettled life which made it difficult to complete a coherent album of songs.” Writing turned into a fraught, all-consuming process, and eventually he moved back to a small flat in Yorkshire to continue working towards Loveheart.

He found himself signing back on the dole in his hometown of Huddersfield. “That was very difficult, even more so as I signed on back where I grew up, which felt like going right back to square one on the Snakes and Ladders board.” The anguish of “Mentor”, where Conrad cries out for some kind of guidance – “be my mentor, won’t you influence the things I do / Step down here, be my mentor, I want your influence, I do” – comes from as raw and honest a place as has ever been committed to song.
Living a solitary life in the moors took its toll, inspiring moments of elegiac melancholia that emerge on the mellifluous piano-led album opener, “Postcard From A Dark Star”, where Conrad’s yearning, husky voice aches for “contact, my only wish is contact, my only dream is contact”.

Recorded on location in an empty 17th century parsonage, the sense of lonely isolation is palpable on the haunting “My Name Is Sad And At Sea”, where bells from distant ghost ships toll eerily in the background.

“It was gargantuan effort,” Conrad admits. “The hardest thing of all was getting up in the morning.” But slowly the record began to take shape, modelled by late night drives to and from Yorkshire. “The album is heavily influenced by the Late Junction show on Radio 3 and the John Peel show on Radio 1," Conrad smiles. "I used to write and record in Yorkshire but drive to Bath in between sessions to visit my girlfriend. I’d always drive at night on a weekday so I could listen to those shows. They had such a wide spectrum of music and it was all about discovery. It was great to switch from one show to the other, I’d kind of amalgamate both shows to make my ideal radio show."

Indeed, times were not all so bleak. Conrad married his long-time American girlfriend Jess in Mongolia, where his parents have lived for some fourteen years, and where Jess had also spent a year as an editor on a local English newspaper. Conrad found himself blossoming with ravishing songs like the intoxicated dance-on-air of "Dangerous Heady Love Scheme" and infatuated delirium of “Butterfly”. The enveloping intimacy of "Warm Cigarette Room" where “everything’s how it’s supposed to be” pointed the way out of the maze.

Loveheart was co-produced with Bruno Ellingham (respected engineer on recent albums by New Order, KT Tunstall and The Departure and emerging British producer of note). "He was like an Oxford professor," Conrad says, "I would come to him with my demos and recordings and he would give me detailed notes to go away and work on." Recorded in 12 different locations around Bath, Bristol and The Pennines, and finally finished on St Valentine’s Day 2005, West Country mates including Goldfrapp bass player Charlie Jones and Portishead / Beth Gibbons / Robert Plant accomplice John Baggot also lent a hand on harpsichord, while Norway’s Even Johansen (aka Magnet) contributed lap steel guitar.

Rich in distinctive instrumentation (including Wurlitzer piano, ukelele, mandolin, Hammond Organ, harmonica, Native American bass drum as well as drum machines, synths and numerous electric and acoustic guitars), but never overcooked, Loveheart draws from experiences of intense emotions with a deft and tender touch, displaying a breathtaking way with melody. Warm, and infused with rising hope even at bleak times there are moments of pure joy. The album grows more addictive with each listen.
“If there is a theme to this album, it’s really about finding the strength of heart to get through ropey times in life. I feel like I was led into a forest and have only just re-emerged. I’ve got my sense of direction back and am just going to carry on down that track.”

With the release of Loveheart there is little doubt he is back on the right track and heading towards the bright lights once again.


-Anterior --aquí.

-Último trabajo "Moi Et Mon Camion"

01. moi er mon camion
02. call me
03. shun
04. malcolm
05. silver moon ladders
06. presume too much
07. lucky man
08. cover me
09. no bells left to chime
10. the first and last waltz



-Postcards from a Dark Star

Alive in wild paint

Indie / Alternative / Rock

Phoenix, Arizona
United States




Travis Bryant - Vocals / Guitar
Matt Grabe - Guitar / Piano
David Roat - Bass
Austin Wilson - Drums

Bio recogida en wikipedia:

Alive In Wild Paint (formerly known as Goodbye Tomorrow) is an indie rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2003

Since Goodbyetomorrow's original formation in 2003, from which Josh Johnson is the only remaining member, the bands line-up has undergone much change. David Roat was added to the line-up in 2004 and Travis Bryant was added in 2006 and came almost directly from Tooth and Nail Records now defunct rock act, Terminal. Matt Grabe was also added in 2006 and Austin Wilson was the latest addition to the band in 2007. They are signed to Equal Vision Records, through which they released a 3 song self-titled EP. They are currently touring the states with The Receiving End of Sirens, Emanuel, and Hopesfall and are planning on releasing their debut full-length album in January 2008.

On September 29, 2007, the group changed their name to Alive in Wild Paint, following the lineup changes.

Josh Johnson, former guitarist, left to join Hopesfall, as a bassist. He also is in C A L M.


-Ceilings (March 18, 2008) (

Features former members of Terminal (Tooth & Nail) and Goodbye Tomorrow (Equal Vision)
Produced by Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Mineral, Rilo Kiley)
Mixed by Michael Barbiero (Counting Crows, Maroon 5, Guns N Roses)

1. Ceilings
2. Crystal Selves
3. God Gave Me A Gun
4. Anxious Disease
5. II6. Traffic
7. Sleep With Your Soul In MP3
8. Forecasting
9. Everywhere, An Ocean
10. Children of Divorce
11. Cold Spell
12. A Vespertine Haunting

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

We are scientists - After hours VIDEO

Lo nuevo de la banda, molaaa

We Are Scientists - After Hours

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Enjoy destroy VIDEOS

-Little dreams


La polilla eléctrica

Pop / Rock

Madrid, Spain



MANU (guitarra y voz)
ROBER (batería)
SERGIO (guitarra y coros)
NACHO (teclado)

Info recogida en su MySpace:

ELECTRIC MOTH es un proyecto musical creado por Manu (guitarra y voz) a la vuelta de un largo exilio en la capital británica. Su primera maqueta "In And Out Of Time" fue grabada en Madrid en Febrero de 2004.
La banda la completa Rober (batería), Jorge David (bajo), Sergio (guitarra y coros) y Nacho (teclado). En 2006 grabó su segunda maqueta: "Filtered Melodies".

Electric Moth ha ganado el primer premio del IX Certamen de Jóvenes Creadores de Alcalá (2006), el segundo premio del XVII Certamen de Jóvenes Creadores de la Comunidad de Madrid (2005), y el premio al mejor intérprete de la Asociación de Artistas Intérpretes o Ejecutantes (AIE) en la XXVII Edición de los Premios Rock Villa de Madrid (2005). Además ha sido finalista en el II Concurso Grupo Revelación Nacional del Festival Contempopránea (2006), en el II Concurso Nacional de Ritmo y Compás y en la última edición del Concuso Yamaha X-Band (2007).



1. My Green Sweetie
2. Congratulations
3. Stubborn Like None
4. Television
5. Thirties Blues

-"IN AND OUT OF TIME" (2004)

1. Screaming For The Pain
2. One Way Ticket
3. Starsky & Hutch
4. The Dream Is Over
5. Across The Distance
6. Do You Remember The Sixties?
7. She Got A Hold Out
8. Show Me



MP3s disponibles en su MySpace:

-Buena suerte
-El blues del olvido
-My green sweetie
-Thirties blues
-Un día especial

-.rar =

jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

Model Photographer

Es la banda "Undiscovered" del mes de Febrero de

Indie / Rock / Pop

United States




Alex Rose, Westin Glass, John Bagley.

Info en

Heartbreak and moodiness set to straightforward guitar, bass and drums. this indie rock band from Seattle is the pop-heavy side project of Minus the Bear's Alex Rose.

“Sans braces and a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, Model Photographer was much like my first date: young, talented, nervous, and about to steal my heart ... With melodies that promenade hand in hand with sultry vocals, each tune was sweet and sour with tales of almost love, likened to that of The Reindeer Section and Tahiti 80.”
- Versus Magazine

The story of Model Photographer begins with Alex Rose, a musician and recording engineer from Albuquerque, NM. His previous bands Mistletoe and Bum Out Patrol had shared the stage with the likes of The Breeders, The Shins, Pedro the Lion, Enon, The Decemberists, and Supedrag. Despite the local success, a growing desire to escape the home state led to relocating to Seattle in early 2004, where he began playing bass in a band that consisted solely of relocated New Mexicans. He also began testing the waters for his solo material by performing at open mic nights around town. Deciding to take the plunge, he booked his first solo acoustic show at the prestigious Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on June 17, 2004 and received a mention in the LA Times. This was encouraging, and more solo shows were booked in Seattle and New Mexico.

Later that year, the solo sets began to evolve when fellow Mistletoe and Bum Out Patrol member Westin Glass relocated to Seattle and began to play drums at the shows. A short time later, the two found bassist John Bagley (formerly of Gracie Law) and the first Model Photographer show occurred on March 3, 2005. The band subsequently received generous airplay of a two-song demo on Seattle's KEXP and was featured on their "Music That Matters" Vol. 8 podcast which was made available nationwide on iTunes.

In 2006, with an album nearly complete, Model Photographer became a side project by default when Rose found himself busier than ever playing guitar with Heather Duby and playing keys with Minus the Bear (he had previously been their live sound engineer and helped record their 2005 release, Menos El Oso). During those tours, Glass found time to record an album as The Reformation, enlisting the help of Bagley on a few of the tracks and in the newly formed live band of the same name. Model Photographer’s self-titled LP is now available for the first time on compact disc.

Model Photographer LP

1 Gone MP3
2 Cassette Tape MP3
3 Secret Club MP3
4 Don't Be A Moper
5 Hey Girl MP3 en su MySpace
6 To Hesitate
7 Before You Drive Away
8 We Stayed Home
9 Snow Fall MP3 en su MySpace

Premiere En el punto de mira -en Salamanca

Quien tenga mejores fotos, que no es difícil :P o quiera contarnos qué sintió cuando alguno le dió dos besos, mandad un email a o dejad vuestras fotos y anécdotas en los comentarios del blog.Gracias!

martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

Yoav - Club thing VIDEO

Alternative / Indie / Pop

Cape Town, London, Montreal, United Kingdom


-Club Thing VIDEO

Bio en los comentarios.

Louise Hart "Butterfly" VIDEO

Copenhagen, Denmark


"Butterfly" pertenece a su álbum Velvet (4 Feb 2008)

Dover- Resultado del concurso del video para Serenade

Los 10 finalistas Aqui

Serenade 07 por Diego Pastor
(de Godiee)
Votos: 3301 - Puntuación: 3.35

Serenade 07 ANIMATION
(de rotiao)
Votos: 2938 - Puntuación: 4.11

Serenade 07 (Macarra Crew Version)
(de chussel)
Votos: 2433 - Puntuación: 3.16

Votos: 2426 - Puntuación: 3.07

Serenade 07 - Dover - Serenade Came To Me by Raúl Useros
(de elrufo)
Votos: 1998 - Puntuación: 3.56

Serenade por Daniel Cuenca
(de despop)
Votos: 1860 - Puntuación: 3.17

Serenade 2007 ManuM
(de MaG)
Votos: 1717 - Puntuación: 2.90

Serenade 07
(de Anty22)
Votos: 1666 - Puntuación: 3.21

Votos: 1500 - Puntuación: 2.80

Serenade, The End
(de juli1980)
Votos: 1186 - Puntuación: 2.64

Y el ganador es....Diego Pastor con el video:

Loveninjas por España

Gracias a las chicas de Fikasound.


I wanna be like Johnny C

Keep Your Love

Earl Grey with honey

Meet Me Here


Gran post de versiones.

Feist, Secret Heart (orig. Ron Sexsmith)
(live at KEXP; also available on Let It Die)

Jose Gonzalez, Love Will Tear Us Apart (orig. Joy Division)
(from Remain)

Marc Cohn, I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You (orig. Tom Waits)
(from the Prince & Me soundtrack; more Marc here)

Emiliana Torrini, I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You (ibid.)
(from Merman)

Aimee Mann, The Scientist (orig. Coldplay)
(live; from the Lost In Space Special Edition)

Evan Rachel Wood, If I Fell (orig. Beatles)
(from the Across the Universe soundtrack; Evan's not a recording artist, but her movies rock)

Jonatha Brooke, God Only Knows (orig. The Beach Boys)
(from Back In The Circus)

Peter Malick Group w/ Norah Jones, Heart of Mine (orig. Bob Dylan)
(from New York City)

Amy Winehouse, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Goffin/King)
(from the Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason soundtrack; more Amy everywhere but the Grammys)

Nanci Griffith, Are You Tired Of Me My Darling (Cook/Roland)
(from Other Voices, Other Rooms)

Eva Cassidy, If I Give You My Heart (orig. Doris Day)
(live 1994 bootleg; more Eva here)

Evan Dando, How Will I Know (orig. Whitney Houston)

Habia otro post en otro blog con grandes versiones, sobre todo el curioso sonido de "Toxic", y hace poco vi otra versión de Toxic de no sé quien. Si el buscador del Windows Vista fuera bien, os las sacaba y subia en un momento, pero asi... Con que os suba el mix que hice...daos por satisfechos, porque si mañana sale todo bien, lo mismo hasta Mayo no vuelvo a dar señales por estar muy atareada e incomunicada.
(live, unknown origin; more Evan here)

lunes, 11 de febrero de 2008

Concurso Video Serenade de Dover

Mañana Martes 12 se sabrá quién ha hecho el mejor video para una de las canciones de los inicios de Dover.

Si tienes tiempo puedes ver los videos AQUI=

Entre los más votados está esta animación, también escucharéis que la versión de la canción ha pasado por el filtro del nuevo sonido de la banda:

Say Hi - The Wishes And The Glitch (2008)

Say Hi (to your mom) vuelve con un nuevo trabajo este 2008.

Indie / Alternative / Electro

Seattle, Washington
United States




eric elbogen and westin glass. but also sometimes just e.e.


-New York Times

Say Hi

In just about any other place or time in human history, a guy like Eric Elbogen never would have thought to pursue singing as a career, or even a hobby. He’s an inveterate mumbler with a shaky sense of pitch, and he looks pretty awkward onstage. But there’s something likable — sometimes lovable — about his indie-rock band, Say Hi. For the band’s new album, “The Wishes and the Glitch” (Euphobia), he ditched his old vampire fixation as well as the last three words in his band name (to Your Mom); the result is a warm, modest set of songs that hide their melancholy beneath sturdy tunes and lots of fuzz. Expect his cult to grow, but just a little., December 4, 2007 - After releasing four albums about vampires, video games, spiders and robots, songwriter Eric Elbogen decided to get serious. The multi-instrumentalist moved from Brooklyn to Seattle and produced a lush new collection of introspective songs called The Wishes and the Glitch. He also shortened his long-held band name from "Say Hi to Your Mom" to just "Say Hi."

The Wishes and the Glitch still contains Elbogen's quirky sense of humor, but titles like "Shakes Her Shoulders", "Back Before We Were Brittle", and "Zero to Love" aim at more personal themes about complicated relationships. Vintage keyboards oscillate giving an added depth to catchy hooks and slightly gloomy lines. Nouela Johnston joins Elbogen for some smooth backing vocals on the first track "Northwestern Girls".

As with his earlier recordings, Elbogen recorded the album in his home and played most of the instruments, with guest vocals by The Long Winters' John Roderick and Pedro the Lion / Headphones' David Bazan. Elbogen released The Wishes and the Glitch on his own label, Euphobia Records.

In describing the music of Say Hi, Elbogen says "we're the mumbling in your head while you're crunching the numbers. We're the apparitions, ticks, gut wrenching, suspicion and glee, too. We're the reason you rolled a nineteen for charisma, the cat's meow, your least favorite aunt."


--The Wishes And The Glitch

(5 Feb 2008)

Listado de canciones del nuevo disco:

1. Northwestern Girls (MP3)
2. Shakes Her Shoulders
3. Toil And Trouble (MP3)
4. Back Before We Were Brittle
5. Oboes Bleat And Triangles Tink
6. Magic Beans And Truth Machines
7. Bluetime
8. Spiders
9. Zero To Love (MP3)
10. Apples For The Innocent
11. We Lost The Albatross

--Toda su discografía con 3 MP3s de cada trabajo en su web AQUI.


Love is not a competition (but I´m winning) VIDEO y VERSIÓN

Si cuando mencioné el último trabajo de Kaiser Chiefs no lo dije, lo digo ahora: una de mis canciones favoritas es "Love is not a competition (but I'm winning)". Y si antes no habia puesto el video, ya que no lo veo en el blog, lo hago ahora.

Kaiser Chiefs - Love is not a competition (but I'm winning) VIDEO

Paramore - Love is not a competition (but I´m winning) [Kaiser Chiefs cover] MP3 thx to Mixtamaestro

Faker - This heart attack VIDEO

Viendo videos de Sparkadia en YouTube, pinchando en videos relacionados aparecieron otros australianos, de los que habrá que hacer un post, de momento os dejo su video de la canción "This heart attack".

This Heart Attack
About realising when it’s time to take some space… the point where you realise that you’re doing your own head in. It’s also a bit about being in the midst of a pointless

This Heart Attack VIDEO

This Heart Attack MP3 thx to Burgo.

La canción de JUNO #2

Michael Cera and Ellen Page sing Anyone Else But You from the film JUNO.

Letra recogida en

You're a part time lover and a full time friend
The monkey on you're back is the latest trend
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Here is the church and here is the steeple
We sure are cute for two ugly people
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

We both have shiny happy fits of rage
You want more fans, I want more stage
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

You are always trying to keep it real
I'm in love with how you feel
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

I kiss you on the brain in the shadow of a train
I kiss you all starry eyed, my body's swinging from side to side
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

The pebbles forgive me, the trees forgive me
So why can't, you forgive me?
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Du dududu dududu du dududu
Du dududu dududu du dududu
I don't see what anypne can see, in anyone else
But you


JUNO Awards/Premios -info en Imdb

La canción de JUNO

Como escuché una vez en una reportaje de moda de estos interesantes de Localia, creo, una en el reportaje de Ion Fiz dijo: Me fleché...
Pues al ver la película de Juno me fleché con esta canción.


Letra "Anyone else but you" (The Moldy Peaches)- recogida en

You're a part time lover and a full time friend
The monkey on you're back is the latest trend
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

I kiss you on the brain in the shadow of a train
I kiss you all starry eyed, my body's swinging from side to side
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Here is the church and here is the steeple
We sure are cute for two ugly people
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

The pebbles forgive me, the trees forgive me
So why can't, you forgive me?
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

I will find my nitch in your car
With my mp3 DVD rumple-packed guitar
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Du du du du du du dudu
Du du du du du du dudu
Du du du du du du dudu du

Up up down down left right left right B A start
Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

You are always trying to keep it real
I'm in love with how you feel
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

We both have shiny happy fits of rage
You want more fans, I want more stage
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Don Quixote was a steel driving man
My name is Adam I'm your biggest fan
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Squinched up your face and did a dance
You shook a little turd out of the bottom of your pants
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Du du du du du du dudu
Du du du du du du dudu
Du du du du du du dudu du
But you

domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008

We Should Be Dead






Tara (Vocals and Synth)
Anna (Guitar and Vocals)
Stephen (Drums)
Gary (Bass)

-Forget Romance, Lets' Dance! (February 1, 2008)

01. Forget Romance Lets Dance
02. I Fell In Love with You
03. Summer Street
04. Zero Point Five
05. Disaster
06. Fuckin Around
07. For You
08. My Good Influence
09. What Brings You Down
10. I Cant Find A Reason
11. Chuggalove
12. Playback
13. Ladies Night

-Forget Romance, Lets Dance

Canciones para ti

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin "Glue Girls" MP3
"Pershing is out April 8th, courtesy of Polyvinyl."-Info en

The Wombats "Kill The Director" MP3
"Kill The Director EP is out February 26."-Info en

WHY? "Close To Me" MP3
(Info en

Destroy The Heart "baby go down" MP3
(bonus non-CD track - WEB)


Pop / Indie / Other

Sydney, Australia




AB - Vocals/Guitar
David Hall - Drums
Rabone - Bass/Vocals
Tiffany -Guitar/Keys/Vocals


-Things Behind The Sun EP
-To Much To Do SINGLE
-Animals SINGLE

-Postcards CD (release 2008..)



Add to My Profile


sábado, 9 de febrero de 2008

The Blows - Upskirts

Pop/Rock/New wave

Vigo,Galicia, Spain




Alex Penido
Alex Lago
Roy Basanta
Loruno Mosquera


Información recogida en PupiloRecords:

Apabullante y arrollador. Sin más paliativos, escuchen y critiquen lo que quieran pero ésta es la realidad: nunca un debut había generado tantas expectativas previas y nunca antes ésas expectativas se cumplieron tan por encima. “Upskirts”, el debut de The Blows viene a confirmar una escena rock, post punk y new wave en Vigo que recupera el espíritu de aquella otra movida paralela en los ochenta de esta ciudad portuaria, gris y post deprimida, caldo de cultivo idóneo para desgarrar con canciones la rabia, sueños y frustraciones de una generación veinteañera más allá de los tópicos.

“Upskirts” no es una carta de presentación, es un tartazo en la cara a todos aquellos que piensan que la escena musical independiente en España está mil pasos por detrás de la británica. Su rock vacilón y sexy, emparentado con el de Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Talking Heads o más recientemente Libertines o Strokes, con una inyección de vida nocturna y unos aderezos de baile, convierte a The Blows en uno de los pocos grupos capaces de exportar su sonido sin vergüenzas ni envidias, no en vano, el propio Alex Kapranos de Franz Ferdinand les dio el beneplácito a su primera maqueta o Babyshambles, con quienes compartieron cartel en el Festival Paredes de Coura 2007 (ojo!, contratados aún sin disco en el mercado) aplaudieron su actuación desde el escenario.

Más allá de las comparaciones, la personalidad de The Blows es tan apabullante, que incluso se enfrentaron y desecharon las mezclas propuestas por Cristian Vogel, el genio que se esconde detrás de algunas remezclas de Mäximo Park o Radiohead por ejemplo. Su concepto de cómo debían sonar estaba tan claro en sus cabezas que no dudaron en regrabar y remezclar, repasar y volver a grabar, agudizar y puntualizar ellos mismos algunas piezas. El resultado: rock en vena, tal y como demuestran en sus potentes directos.

“Sin City Lies” es toda una declaración de intenciones: […] Find me and satisfy me […] Actitud descarada para una banda que ha mamado del punk en vinilo y clubes y que lo transmiten tal y como lo han vivido. “Damn 80’s Hooker” ó como se ve la vida después enamorarse una noche salvaje. “We Want You” es sencillamente todo un hitazo. “Clint Eastwood” aporta una etiqueta a esto de los géneros: western rock o “Disco” la mutante versión rock de una tema destinado a la pista de baile con las aportaciones electrónicas de Vogel… Ingredientes más que suficientes para convertir a The Blows en la nueva esperanza del indie rock nacional.


The Blows
CDLP Upskirts
Discográfica: PuPilo Records
Grabado en: Cristian Vogel - Studio 55 (Barcelona)
Producido: The Blows
Mastering: Nathan James
Distribuido por: PopStock!
Fecha de salida: 22 Enero 2008

01. Sin City Lies
02. Two Minutes
03. Damn 80's Hooker
04. 107 dB
05. What's Happening
06. Do You Like My Boots, Huh?
07. We Want You
08. Girls in Leather
09. Disco
10. Clint Eastwood
11. Missing You

The other Boleyn girl TRAILER

Sólo por ver frente a frente a Natalie Portman y a Scarlett Johanson,pongo el video,uff.

Annen Berg en España


Hola amigos/as, este DOMINGO DIA 10 a las 19h nos visita la banda de Scott Jackson ANNEN BERG, vienen desde PORTLAND ( USA ) a los cuales seguirán a continuación JT PREWITT AND THE HOLOCAUST, dos bandas importantes de la escena indie norteamericana, estas dos bandas solo actúan en España en dos sitios, Madrid día 9 y Zamora sala Berlín el día 10,antes de su larga gira por el viejo continente, las entradas ya están a la venta al irrisorio precio de 5€ anticipada y 7€ en puerta.

Nos vemos

Sala Berlín - 3er Aniversario


Centro Comercial La Marina- Zamora

Hola amigos/as,es un autentico placer anunciaros que el proximo sabado 16 de febrero, celebraremos nuestra fiesta de aniversario 3, este año tendremos a LITTLE BOCA en directo, y ni mas ni menos que al director de BOULEVARD de Radio 3, CHEMA REY al mando de la cabina.

Regalos y canapes para todos.

Espero veros en esta fecha tan especial.



Marco Saez

Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom


Canciones que puedes descargarte en su Myspace:

-Tu nube
-La llave
-La era moderna
-De viaje


Nighttiming LETRA

Don't talk to me that way
Don't talk to me that way
I don't ever want to hear you say
Cause you've been nighttiming baby
It's starting to show
Cause you've been nighttiming baby
It's out of control
Yeah you've been nighttiming baby
And you ought to get home
Yeah you've been nighttiming baby
Uh huh

You look different how do I explain
This whole evening just felt so strange
I guess I guess things have changed
Cause you've been nighttiming brother
It's starting to show
You've got your pleasures all around you
They're all in a row
You've been nighttiming brother
Yeah you know how it goes
You've been nighttiming brother
Uh huh

(huh uh uh uh
Huh uh uh uh)

Call you up
Every night
You're singing there
Every night
With the microphone
Favorite place
Fall asleep
Next to you
I wait at home
Don't be late

Don't look at me that way
Like I'm the one who's not the same
Am I completely cracking up again

I hear you're nighttiming baby
Yeah just let it go
Yeah you've been nighttiming baby
Uh huh out on the floor
Yeah you've been nighttiming baby
Everyone knows
They say you're nighttiming baby
Uh huh

I hear you're nighttiming baby
Yeah just let it go
Yeah you've been nighttiming baby
Uh huh out on the floor
Yeah you've been nighttiming baby
Everyone knows
They say you're nighttiming baby
Uh huh

I hear you're nighttiming baby
Yeah just let it go
Yeah you've been nighttiming baby
Uh huh out on the floor
Yeah you've been nighttiming baby
Everyone knows
They say you're nighttiming baby
Uh huh


El de Rooney, hermano del de Coconut Records, haciendo el "video" de la canción:

The Republic Tigers-Buildings and Mountains LETRA

Lyrics for "Buildings and Mountains " -From Their MySpace

we've been waiting all our lives
for things we've always had
but have no eyes to see
somethin' new is going to happen
the most natural thing
but nothin' we'd expect

all these buildings and mountains
slowly they'll arise
before our eyes

how do cities understand
we drink our wine and wonder
why we're really here
what's the point of even asking
you take the good and bad
and make the best of it


have you watched the cities move
does nature fall before
this age of industry
for today i'll let it go
you've been good to me
have i been good to you


lyrics by ben grimes
music by kenneth earl jankowski jr., ben grimes, harry anderson, ryan shank, and the Republic Tigers

The Republic Tigers

Experimental / Indie / Pop

Kansas City, Missouri
United States



Chop Shop Records--The woman behind the soundtracks to "The OC" and "Grey's Anatomy" is launching her own label. -VIDEO


Kenn Jankowski: Guitar, Programming, Vocals
Adam Mcgill: Backing vocals, Programming, Vocals
Justin Norcross: Backing vocals, Guitar (acoustic)
Ryan Pinkston: Backing vocals, Guitar, Guitar (acoustic), Piano
Marc Pepperman: Accordion, Bass guitar, Drums
Justin Tricomi: Drums, Keyboard

Info sobre la banda

With a sound that the band describe as "half organic and half synthetic, kind of like how all our lives are now,” Kansas City’s The Republic Tigers have created a pastoral, yet modern sound, which bubbles along with just the right amount of electronic sparkle on the acoustic guitars, creating intimate epics that demand a second listen.

“Buildings And Mountains” typifies these feelings, with its shuffling tempo and soothing vocals, it’s no surprise that the band would appeal to music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, responsible for the soundtracks to Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, The O.C. who signed the band to her record label. Mixing the right elements of The Shins and the Postal Service, “Buildings And Mountains” is sure to become a mix-tape favorite.


-Orange and Black Attack (2006)(Info en

(11/12/2007)(iTunes) (19 Feb 2008 in

1-Buildings and Mountains MP3
2-Sinkin' Annie Down,Down,Down,Down
3-The Drums

-Made concrete (del disco OxBlood Records-First Blood Compilation) Thx to Let'sSexyFighting -Live VIDEO


-Feeling the future (Live at the Grand Emporium in Kansas City, May 04, 2007)

viernes, 8 de febrero de 2008

Apple Pop-1er concurso de Maquetas

El Concurso de Maquetas Apple Pop nace con el objetivo de promocionar nuevos valores de la escena musical rock y pop, por lo que se dirige expresamente a grupos que no tengan contrato discográfico en vigor y que no hayan editado ningún trabajo discográfico (a excepción de los autofinanciados).
El premio es la grabación y edición de un disco, así como la posibilidad de abrir el Festival Apple Pop 2008.
Nuestra web es

Craig David - 6 of 1 Thing VIDEO

Pues como ya he dicho, mencioné el nuevo trabajo de Craig David, y ha resultado una de las razones de visita de este blog :) Asi que,para la gente que le gusta, aquí va uno de los videos de su último trabajo.
Uno de estos días escuchamos en una tienda su Walking away, y creo que a mi por ese entonces me gustaba más, creo que, me estoy haciendo demasiado indie ?

The official video for the new Craig David single '6 of 1 Thing' out February 18th.

Basia Bulat - In The Night VIDEO

British Sea Power - Waving Flags

Technorati Profile

Conciertos Iguapop

24.03_ DJ SHADOW & CUT CHEMIST: The Hard Sell Tour w special guest KID KOALA
10.04_ THE KILLS
07.06_ FEIST


British Sea Power-Do you like rock music? ESCUCHA

El 14 de Enero salió con RoughTrade y en Estados Unidos saldrá el 12 de Febrero. Aquí en España supongo que lo distribuirá Sinnamon.
Recomendado por "JohnDoe".

Indie / Rock
Cumbria, England

Like many of their fellow countrymen, this UK indie rock group specializes in strutting guitar lines and instantly memorable choruses. And, of course, their new album offers plenty of both. Listen to Do You Like Rock Music? now, before it arrives in stores Tuesday, exclusively on MySpace.

» Listen Now

1. All In It
2. Lights Out For Darker Skies
3. No Lucifer VIDEO MySpace
4. Waving Flags MP3// VIDEO MySpace
5. Canvey Island
6. Down On The Ground
7. A Trip Out
8. The Great Skua
9. Atom MP3
10. No Need To Cry
11. Open The Door
12. We Close Our Eyes
13. Lucky Bicycle

Sinnamon: (10€)

Con una pregunta de fácil respuesta, "Do You Like Rock Music?" (Rough Trade/ Sinnamon Records, 07) titulan British Sea Power su tercer álbum y anticipan lo que vamos a encontrar cuando pongamos el disco en el reproductor. Guitarras afiladas y un sonido más contundente para una banda que se resiste a ceñirse a una etiqueta. BSP rocks!

Bristish Sea Power irrumpieron en la escena inglesa en el año 2000 parapetados tras sus ajados uniformes militares y camuflados tras el follaje con el que cubrían el escenario en sus conciertos. Su llamativa puesta en escena y unas canciones capaces de sumar el aura melodramática del glam-rock con el descaro y la inmediatez del punk-rock, pronto los convirtieron en una de las grandes atracciones del circuito de bandas inglés. Tras fichar por Rough Trade, en 2003 debutaban con "The Decline Of The British Sea Power" (título con el que dejaban claro que más que a ínfulas bélicas el nombre de su banda hace referencia a su amor por la historia) y el Sunday Times les proclamaba como 'The best band in Britain'.
A mediados de 2005 llegaba su segundo largo, "Open Season" un disco más accesible en el que las melodías eran las grandes protagonistas. De nuevo, críticas excelentes les consolidaban como una de las propuestas más sólidas y personales de Gran Bretaña. Mientras, Yan (voz, guitarra), Noble (guitarra), Hamilton (bajo, voz), Word (Batería) y Eamon (teclados) seguían su camino compartiendo escenario con la misma soltura con Faust, con The Copper Family (un clan de Sussex que lleva más de 200 años consagrado a la música folk) o con cualquiera de los grandes nombres del pop rock actual, de Jarvis Cocker a The Flaming Lips o Radiohead.
"Do You Like Rock Music?" es su tercer largo y el primero sin Eamon, consagrado definitivamente a su otro proyecto, Brakes. Reconvertidos en cuarteto, British Sea Power han entregado el que es, sí, su disco más rock. Aunque para ellos 'rock' es más una actitud que un sonido. Como explica Noble: "Pixies, Litte Richard y Public Enemy son rock. Está claro qué es rock y qué no lo es. Hay muchas bandas que hacen rock y no son en absoluto rock". La grabación del álbum fue, cuanto menos, agitada, con paradas en la República Checa, Canadá y un fuerte en Cornwall, e incidentes con helicópteros, jabalíes y tormentas de hielo de por medio. El resultado son doce cortes en los que caben odas a las bellezas eslavas y a los taxistas polacos, un emotivo recuento de una inundación en Canvey Islands, física cuántica en 'Atom' (tema que ya aparecía en su reciente epé, 'Krankenhaus?') o una reflexión sobre los mitos de la música popular en los seis minutos de 'Lights Out For Darker Skies'. Un disco plagado de canciones tan poderosas como 'Waving Flags', elegida como primer single del álbum y que ya ha sido proclamado por The Guardian como la canción de los festivales de 2008 gracias a su explosiva emotividad cercana a la de Arcade Fire (de hecho Howard Willerman, ex batería de Arcade Fire, colabora en alguno de los temas). A los controles, Graham Sutton (Jarvis Cocker, Bark Psychosis), Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) y Howard Bilerman (Hotel2Tango studio). Do you like rock music?