jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009

Paper Route "Carousel" VIDEO

"Absence" que salió el 28 de Abril de este año, es por fin, el primer largo de esta banda, tras varios EPs.

Absence-Listado de canciones:

1. Enemy Among Us 4:45
2. Wish 3:51
3. Carousel 3:31
4. Good Intentions 3:32
5. Tiger Teeth 4:46
6. Be Healed 4:12
7. Last Time 5:23
8. No Sudden Revelations
9. Gutter 4:02
10. Are We All Forgotten 3:40
11. Lover's Anthem 3:02
12. Dance On Our Graves 5:57

Info recogida en su MySpace:

PAPER ROUTE:://:: (as told by Chad Howat) I was tired. There was just this lingering sense of exhaustion in the summer of 2004. I was tired of false starts. Tired of dreaming. Tired of being jaded. Tired of being tired. So it seems fitting that this story begins underneath my bed. You may picture me crawling below my mattress, but in reality my bed is about 6 feet above the ground-enough space for a small iBook and some cheap monitors. When I couldn't sleep, I'd descend my steps and make music all night. Some bands have LSD, others have cocaine, and our drug of choice seemed to be insomnia. I programmed, played bass, synths and even snuck into an undisclosed location masquerading as a music student to record piano. JT Daly, a close friend and old band mate, started coming over to sing, sample, and play toy keyboards. We had always wanted to do a project together and finally it was becoming a reality. After a month or so went by, Andy Smith, another close friend and ex-band mate who lives above me, started coming downstairs and contributing vocals, guitar, harmonica, and some synths. A band had naturally formed between the three of us and we were making music together, once again.

After releasing two EP’s, we began preparing to perform the songs live. Long time friend and drummer Gavin McDonald joined us and we played shows across the North East and Mid-Western states. We recorded bits and pieces and released what we thought was the best. We spent far too much time working and not enough time with our loved ones. We read as much as we could and wrote more.

So its 2009 and these EP’s are what we have to show for the sleepless nights. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.

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