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The Fratellis-Henrietta VIDEO

Aunque sea poniendo videos, que algunas bandas no queden por aparecer por aqui. En el caso de The Fratellis, a ellos si le he dedicado un post. Y si por si acaso, algun@ aún no los conoce, dejo una de sus canciones más conocidas. Algunos la odian y a otros les encanta.

Pongo los links a otros:

-Flathead (YouTube)
Éste juega con la imagen de la portada del disco.

-Chelsea Dagger (YouTube)

-Whistle for the choir (YouTube)

-Baby Fratelli (YouTube)

-Creeping up the backstairs (YouTube)

Cold War Kids - "Hang Me Up To Dry" VIDEO

The Killers- Read my mind VIDEO

De la primera escucha de Sam's Town fue la canción que más me gustó.
La incluí en el mix-nov-2006, aunque luego he pensado que sobraba. Hoy me vuelve a gustar esta canción, asi que, como ya se ha puesto aqui los anteriores videos (When you were young y Bones -dirigido por Tim Burton-) de su último trabajo, este no iba a ser menos.

El video fue rodado en Japón.

Recuerda que estarán el 12 de Junio en el Pepeworld Festival que se celebra en Madrid.

Bilbao BBK Live 2007-Más confirmaciones

El cartel confirmado hasta la fecha se reparte de la siguiente manera:

* +21.06.2007: Iron Maiden + Within Temptation + Mastodon + Stone Sour + Juliette & The Licks + Bloodsimple + Lauren Harris + Vhäldemar
* +22.06.2007: Red Hot Chili Peppers + My Chemical Romance + Fishbon + Fermin Muguruza + Kula Shaker + Billy Talent + Berri Txarrak + One Direction Drive
* +28.06.2007: Fito & Fitipaldis + Maceo Parker + The Knack + Los Ronaldos + Muchachito Bombo Inferno + Pinkertones + Nun
* +29.06.2007: Metallica + Incubus + The Rasmus + Idi Bihotz + Biok

Más información en la noticia recogida en Supernovapop


Alighiero Boetti Io che prendo il sole a Torino il 19 gennaio 1969, 1969

Sin ganas de postear, no sé ni qué grupos tenía pendientes, ni de revisar los nuevos grupos del MySpace. Asi que, tiro de carpeta de MP3 que tenía para un mix. Y sin pensarlo mucho os dejo 22 temas.

01-Oranger-Crooked In The Weird of the Catacombs (WEB)(MP3 en
02-Tiger Lou-The loyal (WEB)
03-Dan and Leland-Carry me away (MySpace)
04-Guttermouth-She's got the look (WEB)
05-Howie Beck-Reptilia (The Strokes cover) (WEB)
06-Michael Penn-Walter Reed (WEB)(MP3 in
07-MRNORTH-Let me in (WEB) (MP3 in
08-Out Hud-It's for you (WEB) (MP3 in
09-Rogue Wave-Endless shovel (WEB) (MP3 in
10-Showroom-Fighting words (WEB) (MP3 in
11-Silverman-Ctrl Alt Del (WEB) (MP3 in

Photo from Musicisart

12-Sky Pilot-AM radio (MySpace) (MP3 in
13-The outline-Shotgun (WEB)
14-The 303s-Waves and generation (MySpace)
15-The Comas-The science of your mind (WEB)(MP3 in
16-The Decemberists-Shiny (WEB) (MP3 in
17-The Hong Kong-Mazerati (WEB) (MP3)
18-The Orange Peels-Something in you (WEB) (MP3 in
19-The Rosebuds-Leaves do fall (WEB) (MP3 in
20-The Sunshine-Sabotage (WEB) (MP3 in
21-Vienna Teng-Gravity (WEB)
22-Vib Gyor-Ultimatum (WEB)



The Outline-Why we're better now (Bert Kish version)

Aunque escuché a esta banda hace bastante. Su disco You Smash It, We'll Build Around It no lo escuché hasta hace un mes o así. Las canciones que abrían el disco eran las que más me gustaban, sobre todo la primera. Por empezar suave, y luego irte encontrando cada segundo algo distinto. Os dejo un video de una de sus canciones, es una nueva versión del video, en este caso realizada por Bert Kish.

La primera versión del video la puedes ver AQUI.


sábado, 28 de abril de 2007



Brooklyn, New York
United States



Worlds-fair Records


Billy McCarthy- Vocals, Guitar
Eric Sanderson- Bass, Vocals
Nate Martinez- Guitar
Tomislav Zovich- Drums, Vocals

Bio recogida en su web:

Pela is an American rock & roll band. At a time when the word 'America' has never been more fraught with meaning, songs that speak to our basic feelings and emotions about life could never be more resonant. Lost amongst all the geo-political tumult are the stories of every day America; the aches and pains and the beautiful possibilities. Yet amidst all the turmoil and uncertainty, new stories are being written and told by a new generation of American bands. Pela is clearly one of those voices.

Long based in Brooklyn, New York but hailing from the hinterlands of New York city and California, Pela are working class artists who have struggled nobly to pursue their dream of making music, be it busking in the metros of New York and Europe, selling neckties in Times Square, tending dive bars, catering food, doing carpentry, working in the A/V department at a major label or playing polka at Croatian weddings. Along the way, various members have put themselves through college, learned to play multiple instruments, studied jazz, toured Europe with other bands, lived in Africa, learned other languages, consumed a lot of beer, had some teeth knocked out and knocked out a few of their own.

Guided by the voices of Bruce Springsteen, Hubert Selby, Husker Du, Raymond Carver, The Replacements, Andre Dubus, The Pixies, Wilco, and The Hold Steady, amongst others, Pela's brand of pastoral punk has been beautifully described as equal parts desperation and inspiration, which they have masterfully crafted into a signature sound. Their upcoming debut album, Anytown Graffiti, is a prism of songs reflecting the broken love, reckless hope, confusion, celebration, isolation, discovery, addiction, loss, small town stares and big city angst of American life through the eyes of 4 young men uncompromisingly living it. Achingly imploring melodies and infectious hooks permeate crowd favorites like "Lost to the Lonesome", "Tenement Teeth", and "Waiting on the Stairs", while the near orchestral grace and detailed narrative of "Cavalry" is as uniquely compelling a composition as the fragile overture "Your Desert's Not a Desert At All". These are songs that Pela has spent a lifetime writing, anthems for any town in New York, California, and everywhere in between and beyond.

Pela has toured ambitiously in America over the past 2 years, playing in any room that would have them, and rewarding audiences with a passionate, and occasionally explosive, live show. Along the way they have shared stages with The Flaming Lips, Norah Jones, Sleater- Kinney, Mission of Burma, Devendra Banhart, The National, The Decemberists, Gomez, Rainer Maria, and others, earning a devoted and passionate following in the process. They have previously released 2 EP's, All in Time on Brassland in 2005, which received rave reviews, and in fall 2006 self-released an iTunes-only EP, Exit Columbia Street. They are also featured in the upcoming documentary, Rockin' Brooklyn, alongside TV on the Radio, Coco Rosie, The National, Vietnam, The Big Sleep and others. Their song "Episodes" was featured in a recent episode of the NBC TV show Scrubs, and they have had several tracks licensed for compilations. Pela will be touring the world in support of their new album.

"Amazing live, rock-solid in your headphones, and positively sinful blasting out your car windows on a day such as this. Pela's music is made of 100uplifting, thrilling, and beautiful rock sounds, and after you try it, you'll love the difference over your normal brand of rock."-
Music For Robot


-Anytown Graffiti (Label:Great Society, 24 April 2007)

1. Waiting On The Stairs
2. Lost To The Lonesome MP3
3. Drop Me Off
4. Trouble With River Cities, The
5. Cavalry
6. Song Writes Itself
7. Your Desert's Not A Desert At All
8. Tenement Teeth
9. Rooftops - (Moth Song Outro)
10. Anytown Graffiti
11. 7th And 17th

PUEDES ESCUCHAR EL DISCO ENTERO AQUI, ahi también encontrarás las letras y más información.

-All in Time [EP] (Brassland Records, May 17 2005)

2. Episodes (Diphenhydramine) MP3

Otros MP3s:

-Present (MP3 via
"Present", from the iTunes-only "Exit Columbia Street" EP
-Lonesome Hearts (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix) MP3


-Cavalry (LIVE)

A live video for "Cavalry" by Pela from their new EP "Exit Columbia Street",available on iTunes. Album includes Cavalry as well as Lost to the Lonesome.

-Waiting at the stairs (LIVE) (Opening for The Flaming Lips) (YouTube)
Pela: Trouble With River Cities


De su EP

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Electrosonic 2007 -Avance

24 y 25 de Agosto

Asian Dub Foundation Sound System
La Mala Rodríguez
Ellen Alien
Françoise K
Pet Duo
Óscar Mulero
Cristian Varela
Aril Brikha
Dominik Eulberg
Birdy Nam Nam
T. Raumchmiere
David Carretta

-Noticia de

Crowded House VUELVEN





-Noticia recogida en
Crowded House han anunciado los detalles del que será su primer álbum tras catorce años de inactividad. El nuevo trabajo del cuarteto formado por Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, Mark Hart y el batería Matt Sherrod (que sustituye a Paul Hester, fallecido en 2005) llevará por título "Time On Earth" y se editará el próximo mes de julio.

El disco se ha grabado en Inglaterra, ha sido producido por Ethan Johns Steve Lillywhite y ha contado con las contribuciones de Johnny Marr y Dixie Chicks. El listado de temas de "Time On Earth", que Crowded House estrenarán este fin de semana en el festival Coachella, en Estados Unidos, es el siguiente:

01 Nobody Wants To
02 Don´t Stop Now
03 She Called Up
04 Say That Again
05 Pour Le Monde
06 Even A Child
07 Heaven That I´m Making
08 Silent House
09 English Trees
10 Walked Her Way Down
11 Transit lounge
12 You Are The One to Make Me Cry
13 A Sigh
14 People Are Like Suns

Sonorama 2007

Aranda de Duero (Burgos)
17 y 18 de Agosto

Bandas confirmadas hasta este momento -recogido en

The Divine Comedy
Mando Diao
Nacha Pop
Los Planetas
La Habitación Roja
Atom Rhumba
Los Imposibles
Digital 21
Dr. Explosión
Yani Como

Yani Como actuará también en el Irish Rover de Salamanca, dentro del Festival de las Artes de Castilla y León. Voy a tener que buscar sobre ellos, porque el otro dia al ver las bandas que vienen, me acordaba ahora de ellos por su curioso nombre :)
Y The Divine Comedy actuarán en la Plaza Mayor de Salamanca también dentro del FestivalCyL

Patrick Wolf ADIÓS



Mirando un email de Observatori, Patrick Wolf aún aparece en la lista de artistas que van a actuar. Pero luego si haces click en su nombre no salía nada. Puede que la razón... Patrick Wolf "se retira", justo ahora que su Magic Position está gustando tanto, ante la atmósfera de drogas y presión de la promoción musical. Dará un último concierto en Noviembre en Londres con orquesta. Es muy joven tan solo 23 años, asi que, quiero creer que de alguna otra manera, él nos mostrará sus nuevas creaciones.
Aún así, si miras en su MySpace son muchos los conciertos que va a dar aún, asi que, puede que también se pase por España.

Ha dejado este mensaje en el foro de su web:

dear all...
I should never have read this.. I really shouldn't.
I dont think when I was 16 and dreamt of releasing records there would ever
be so much crazy speculation about the person I am and that you want me to be.
I have become so tired of this behaviour, sometimes I wake up and have to do six hours
of interviews before doing a show, then go straight to bed to sleep a couple of hours
to fly to a new country to be cross examined in the same way.. I dont know what is left of
me sometimes, some mornings i dont know how i get on the flight or even open my mouth to sing that night. If I choose after working since the early hours of a day and then pouring my heart out for an hour and a half that I really have nothing left to give.. that I cannot be a fake politician and sign autographs for an hour.. does this make an asshole?
because my drummer was causing arguments within my road family, taking sedative drugs before an important show in a city i really love, so much so he could not play the music I wrote, the songs that I have survived on in the last six years... because I had to slap him to see if he was even CONSCIOUS on stage.... the fact that the only thing that got any reaction out his corpse happened to be made of metal.. because all of this.. does this make me seem like I was on cocaine, or on some power trip? I was pissed off because this was just one more musician or businessman taking my good nature and generosity for a ride... trust me, that moment onstage was the end of a long line of bad behaviour that it would unfair to go into in public. Yes I was drunk, but It was one oclock in the morning after seven hours of interviews.. i had been running on about four hours of sleep a night for about two weeks... such is the joy of promoting a record. Anyway, I was having FUN until that moment. So was the rest of my band until we realised my drummer was taking the piss out of all of us and our hard work. I dont work with liars and I dont work with thieves.

I dont want to have to share this information with you but so many seem so interested...

I have made a decision, my final concert will be this november, a retrospective with an orchestra in London. I am not sure wether there will be anymore public communications after that, Infact I am pretty sure there will be none. Of course, this has nothing to do with my drummer.. but a creative clock is ticking and I have many many projects to be creating with my time left on this earth. I hope to share my last shows with you this year.

I have enjoyed making and performing music for you all, I have enjoyed trying to give a little hope
and inspiration to the world. But I feel, especially when I read all this and I go about my days that I have failed.
Im not seeking sympathy or empathy, god, I have to go find something I love and am inspired by in this world again. Many of you will never know the amount of work and emotion that goes on behind the scenes for me and many of your other favourite artists or musicians and why should you? I wanted to give you disneyland.. I wanted to give you a world at the back of your wardrobe, now im just feel a fool for bothering.
I am in berlin today, i know I should never have read this, I dont know who any of you are, just strangers talking amongst themselves,
and I wish I was stronger minded today, but i have to take enough bullshit from other parts of the world for what I do and who I am without getting it from here.

Im going off for a walk now.. clear my heart and head. Thanks to all you with the intelligence to see past the superficial chaos of the media and the various ridiculous personalities and characters that have been painted around me over the years, the problem is, unfortunately many of you will never get to know the truth, but many will still speculate, and play chinese whispers with interviews and
opinions from the friend of a friend. This is nothing new to me, unfortunately, luckily I have always had a close set of dear friends that will always know me for who I really am, just as I do.

If I can give any advice, is, if anything, just listen to the music, watch the videos, read the lyrics, see the artwork, these are my communications, not others.

still love x patrick

The White Stripes - Icky Thump

Estaba hoy pensando en que parece ayer cuando veía el video de presentación del nuevo disco de The White Stripes llamado "Get behind the Satan", tras su exitoso "Elephant", que abría con esa gran Seven Nation Army (video). Y este año tendremos nuevo disco. De momento ya podemos escuchar una primera canción Icky Thump que es la que da título al nuevo trabajo de la banda que saldrá el 18 de Junio.

-Lo que dice

-Discografia recogida en su web.

-MP3 (XFM Recording)


Icky thump
Who'da thunk?
Sittin drunk on a wagon to Mexico?

Ahh well
What a chump
Well my head got a bump
When I hit it on the radio

Redhead senorita
Looking dead
Came and said
"Need a bed?"
En Espanol

I said
"Gimme a drink a water,
I'm gonna 'sing around the collar'
And I don't need a microphone."

Icky Thump
With a lump in my throat
Grabbed my coat
And I was freaking
I was ready to go!

And I swear
Besides the hair
She had: one white eye,
One black (nk) stare
Lookin' up
Lyin' there.

On the stand
Near her hand
Was a candy cane
Black rum, sugar cane
Dry ice (and) something strange

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

White Americans, what?
Nothing better to do?
Why don't you kick yourself out
You're an immigrant too?

Who's using who?
What should we do?
Well, you can't be a pimp
And a prostitue too.

Icky thump
Handcuffed to a bunk
Robbed blind
Looked around
And there was nobody else

Left alone
I hit myself with a stone
Went home and learned how
To clean up after myself.

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Saturna -Some delicious enemy

Hablamos de su EP...All night en el blog.
El 12 de Junio, Saturna editarán su trabajo Some delicious enemy.

Indie / Rock / Shoegaze

Portland, Oregon
United States




Saturna is an indie rock band that plays fuzzy, dirty, driving, psychedelic bliss pop.

-Some delicious enemy (June 12,2007)


1 Roll Down
2 Fall mp3
3 Pop Rocks mp3
4 Blanket of Stars
5 Much More mp3
6 Springboard
7 Just For Thrills
8 Leader Of The Western Stars
9 Chasing the Unpredictable mp3
10 Periwinkle

MP3s thanks to and Planetapopradio


Disco House / Surf / Punk

Glasgow, Scotland
United Kingdom

Similar Artists: The Faint, The Killers, Bloc Party





Info recogida en Fierce Panda Records:

SHITDISCO/Kingdom of Fear
Kingdom Of Fear is the debut album from Glasgow’s disco kings Shitdisco. Building on a solid reputation as the ultimate dance-punk party band, the album includes Shitdisco’s two singles to date – Disco Blood and Reactor Party – and eight stomping new tunes. Produced by ex-Clor man Luke Smith, Kingdom Of Fear is a breakneck, BPM-busting monster of an album. It’s pop music you can dance to and disco music you can shout along to. Referencing punk funk, old school disco and classic house motifs, the album is a party on plastic. I Know Kung Fu is stupidly addictive, Disco Blood is a homage to the past heroes of disco, even incorporating the band’s own take on the laser sounds from Kelly Marie’s Feels Like I’m In Love. This brilliant new album will be out on cd on April 16th


SHITDISCO/Kingdom of Fear (16 Abril 2007) Aqui en España no sé si ha salido, porque los he descubierto hoy de casualidad, ha coincido que los he visto en y el blog de Kelly y Jose -SENSORY OVERLOAD-

Track listing:
I Know Kung Fu
Reactor Party --Yousendit in Sensory Overload
Disco Blood
72 Virgins
Dream Of Infinity
3D Sex Show
Lover Of Others
OK --MP3 in
Fear Of The Future

Singles: (Información obtenida de Banquet Records)

-Reactor party
-Disco blood

The video for our next single 'OK' Released on the 23rd April on download/7"/12" Directed by James Price. TAKEN FROM THE ALBUM "KINGDOM OF FEAR" [RELEASED 16TH APRIL]



Our second single. Released on the 23rd October 2006 on Fierce Panda Records. Directed by Square Lips (



Después de The back room pronto tendremos por fin nuevo material del cuarteto británico.

Indie / Alternative / Rock

United Kingdom



Editors new album, 'An End Has a Start', will be released in the UK &
mainland Europe on 25 June 2007. (A US release date is yet to be announced)

The album will be released following first single 'Smokers Outside the
Hospital Doors' on 18 June (digital available 11 June).

VIDEO sobre el nuevo disco. Échale un vistazo en su MySpace o Web.

Listado de canciones recogido en :

01 Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
02 An End Has A Start
03 The Weight Of The World
04 Bones05 When Anger Shows
06 The Racing Rats
07 Push Your Head Towards The Air
08 Escape The Nest
09 Spiders
10 Well Worn Hand

Fechas en España:

+13.07.2007: Barcelona (Summercase)
+14.07.2007: Madrid (Summercase)
+03.08.2007: El Ejido (Natural Music Festival)

Interpol- Listado de canciones de su nuevo trabajo

Indie / Alternative / Rock

New York, United States



El 10 de julio es la fecha establecida por Capitol para la edición del nuevo trabajo de los neoyorquinos Interpol. El tercer álbum de la banda llevará por título "Our Love To Admire" y supondrá la continuación de sus dos anteriores entregas, "Turn on the Bright Lights" (2002) y "Antics" (2004), ambos editados por Matador.

La banda norteamericana tiene confirmados de momento doce conciertos en Europa para este verano, ninguno de ellos en España pero sí uno en la península, en Lisboa el próximo 5 de julio.

El nuevo trabajo de Interpol contiene once nuevos temas, son los siguientes:

01 Pioneer to The Falls
02 No I in Threesome
03 The Scale
04 The Heinrich Maneuver
05 Mammoth
06 Pace is the Trick
07 All Fired Up08 Rest My Chemistry
09 Who Do You Think
10 Wrecking Ball
11 The Lighthouse

--Noticia recogida en

Indyspensable 2007

IV edición de este festival gratuito, este año también hay concurso de maquetas.

01.06.2007: Camera Obscura + Bombones + Seine + Los Autonautas
02.06.2007: Sidonie + Farrah + Fortune Tellers + Amigos Imaginarios

---WEB--- - Canciones

Of God and Science - "5'7"" MP3
Info in



Bonde Do Role - "Solta O Frango" MP3



Mary Timony Band - "Sharpshooter" MP3

Info in




Dungen - "Familj" MP3

Info in





Info in

Info2 in


MySpace-- Escucha el sampler de su nuevo disco, 2007

Maps - "Lost My Soul" MP3


Bang! Bang! - "Prefab Nation" MP3

Info in


A raucous dance-punk number from the upcoming LP The Dirt That Makes You Drown.

The Old Soul - "Nectar of the Nitwit" MP3

Info in



Satellite Party - "Wish Upon a Dog Star" MP3 zshare

Info in



The Dead Bodies - "Dancing Has No Class" MP3

Info in



The Wombats - "Backfire at the Disco" MP3

Info in



The Mother Hips - "No-Name Darrell" MP3

Info in



Blitzen Trapper - "Boss King" MP3

Info in



Pela - "Present" MP3

Info in



Grinderman - "Get It On" MP3

Info in


Xiu Xiu - "Hello From Eau Claire" (Remixed by Gold Chains) MP3

Info in



Después de Powerlines, tenemos otra nueva canción :)

The Western States Motel - "Rows of Homes" MP3

Info in




The Upwelling - "Love Is Dead" MP3
The Upwelling - "The Steps" MP3

Info in



RaRa Riot - Each Year MP3

Info in


Morningwood - Warrior en su MySpace

Mientras Morningwood preparan su nuevo trabajo, una de sus nuevas canciones suena en un anuncio. No sé en cual, si alguien lo sabe que me lo diga, gracias. Se puede escuchar en su MySpace, en la versión demo, durante un tiempo limitado.

We have been receiving a lot of emails from you about a song currently in a commercial. The song is called "Warrior", and it is actually a demo we did a while back that we may record for real for the upcoming record. For a limited time, we have put up the demo version on our myspace,, so go there now and have a listen!

Editando-- Commercial with Morningwood song (YouTube)

Sea Wolf - You're a wolf

Poco a poco este artista se va haciendo un hueco, el 8 de Mayo editara su GET TO THE RIVER BEFORE IT RUNS TOO LOW - EP con Dangerbirds Records.

De momento escuchamos otro tema llamado You're a wolf MP3

Yes we know there’s a crazy number of bands with 'wolf' in their name lately, but this wolf is one to sit up and take notice of. Sea Wolf is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Alex Church, former member of Los Angeles indie-pop wonders Irving. On this, the first track to be listed from his debut EP, Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low, he wins you over in a heartbeat with delicate and perfectly placed guitar picking and a hushed vocal. Sea Wolf is currently out on tour supporting Dangerbird labelmates Silversun Pickups; be sure to check him out before his full-length is released later this year.

Anterior post/Previous post

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Midnight Movies- Patient Eye (James Iha REMIX)

De nuevo esta gran canción ahora pasada por el filtro de James Iha, del cual también hemos puesto por aqui creo, el remix que hizo para The Postmarks. A ver si pronto llega aqui su Lion the girl. Recuerda que puedes escuchar el disco entero en su MySpace.

"Patient Eye" (James Iha remix) MP3

Fresh off shows with Blonde Redhead and all geared up for this week's release of their sophomore album, Lion The Girl, LA’s indie-noir experts Midnight Movies have now received the golden touch of James Iha. Iha, who is no stranger to the remix, having previously taken hold of tracks from stellastarr*, The Postmarks and Annie, went the subtle route with “Patient Eye.” Starting with a track already featuring sinister bass lines and heavy drums, Iha has added understated beats and slide guitar that perfectly complement Gena Olivier’s haunting vocals to create this hypnotic noir re-mix of the "Patient Eye" single. Take a listen and feel yourself surrounded by the mystery of the "Patient Eye."

Another review, by HERE

Music video for the song 'Patient Eye' from the album, Lion The Girl. Directed by Dot+Cross.

The Lodger

Indie / Pop

Leeds, Reino Unido



Ben - singing, the guitar.
Joe - the bass guitar.
Katie - the drums.

Info recogida en su MySpace:

The Lodger was born in Ben Siddall’s Leeds bedsit flat. He was making demos on his PC and playing them to whoever happened to pop round for a cup of tea. Once he had three songs, he burnt a CD of them and it was quickly passed around Leeds folk.

Around the same time, new label Dance to the Radio was getting off the ground and offered to release the first single by The Lodger. Two friends were quickly recruited on bass and drums and the band made their live debut.

As the new year began, Dance to the Radio issued their first compilation which featured “Unsatisfied” and then quickly followed it up with the debut single by the band “Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion”. A further limited 7” single “Watching” was issued as the year drew to a close.

2006 was where the band got their act together – a permanent line-up of Ben, Joe and Katie was established and the band went out on the road with kindred Yorkshire spirits The Research in February. London indie label Angular Records released the band’s third single “Let Her Go” shortly afterwards. This single won the BBC 6music’s Rebel Playlist.

In the summer the band decamped to Alan Smyth’s tiny little Sheffield recording studio to record songs for their debut album. 13 tracks were recorded in a week in September and the result is “Grown-Ups”. This material was road-tested at headlining gigs in the UK and Germany towards the back end of the year.

As 2007 begins, the band head out on an 11-date UK tour with The Long Blondes and have just completed recording a track with James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco.


CD - Dance to the Radio: Leeds featuring Unsatisfied (Dance to the Radio) April 2005
7" single - Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion (Dance to the Radio) May 2005
Split 7" single - Getting Special (Wrath) June 2005
CD on front of Thee Humbug Issue 3 featuring Unsatisfied (Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation) September 2005
7" single - Watching/Not So Fast (Double Dragon) December 2005
CD - What We All Want featuring You Got Me Wrong (Dance to the Radio) February 2006
7" single - Let Her Go (Angular) May 2006
CD - Blue Skies Up: Welcome to the New Pop Revolution featuring Not So Fast (Dogbox) May 2006
CD - Future Love Songs featuring Simply Left Behind (Angular) Nov 2006
CD - On the Bone Vol 1 featuring Let's Make A Pact (On the Bone) Feb 2007

Digital Download single - Kicking Sand/Centuries (Angular) Apr 2007

Our new single "Kicking Sand" is released as a digital download only on Monday April 9th 2007 through Angular Records. It will be available from all good digital retailers such as iTunes and others along with the B-side "Centuries" which will not appear on our debut album.

Our debut album "Grown-Ups" is released in Germany/Austria/Switzerland through Noise Deluxe Records on May 11th (CD), followed by the UK release on Monday May 28th on Angular Records (CD/download) and then in USA on Monday June 4th on Slumberland Records (CD/LP).

Tracklisting: (for the UK and USA versions)

1. Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion / 2. Kicking Sand / 3. Getting Special / 4. You Got Me Wrong / 5. A Free Period / 6. Simply Left Behind / 7. My Advice Is On Loan / 8. Let Her Go / 9. Watching / 10. Unsatisfied / 11. The Story's Over / 12. Not So Fast / 13. Bye Bye / 14. Let's Make A Pact

Tracklisting: (for the German version) Escúchalo AQUI
1. Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion
2. You Got Me Wrong MP3
3. A Free Period
4. Simply Left Behind
5. My Advice Is On Loan
6. Let Her Go
7. Kicking Sand
8. Unsatisfied
9. Watching
10. Not So Fast
11. The Story's Over
12. Bye Bye


--Let her go

The video to Let Her Go by The Lodger. Directed by Paul Morricone (Angular Records 2006). Ben is late for his own gig - as he uses whatever means necessary to hot foot it across town we see the rest of the bizarre line up put on some truly odd performances.

--Kicking Sand

Filmed at Nottingham Rock City/various locations on tour 2007. A "Miles To Go" Production.


As we've re-recorded all the previously released songs for our forthcoming debut album, and for the benefit of those people who didn't get hold of our early 7" singles, follow this link for 7 free tracks.

The Cooper Temple Clause ADiÓS

Dear Team Cooper

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I must announce that The Cooper Temple Clause have decided to split up.

Last week I informed the rest of the boys that I would be leaving the band. As I hope you will all be able to understand, it was perhaps the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. When the only life you have ever known is that of your five best friends and the music you make, the thought of leaving that life is not one to be considered lightly and I assure you all that the decision was not an easy one to make. Nonetheless, it was something I felt I had to do. I can only apologise from the bottom of my heart for the disappointment this will undoubtedly cause many of you.

In the wake of this decision the rest of the boys agreed to call it a day and pursue other interests. Friendships are well and truly intact and the love very much remains within the camp.

We would like to take this moment to thank all of you for your support over the years and the love and acceptance you have shown us. It has been an honour to be your servants, for that is what we have been. A band is nothing without its fans, without the people who come to the shows, buy the albums and make us feel that we're not alone in the world, that there are other people out there who see the world as we do in all its wonder and absurdity. People can say what they like about The Cooper Temple Clause, but the unswerving loyalty and dedication of you guys, the ones who really matter, can never be called into question. From the very beginning you have shone brighter than we could have ever hoped, from the street teams to the forum administrators, from those of you who saw us in the Bull and Gate to those who made the earth shake at Fuji Rock on the other side of the world; we thank you all, each and every one of you. When we stood as children in front of our mirrors brandishing tennis rackets and singing into upturned golf clubs, never did we imagine the fantastic adventure we would embark upon thanks to you, the greatest fans in the world. We can only hope that we touched your hearts as much as you have ours.

Take heart and carry on, dear Team. Never be afraid to be yourselves, to be individuals, to fly in the face of common sense and listen to your hearts, to do it your own way. We made a bunch of albums. We played a bunch of shows. We met a bunch of people who changed our lives forever.

We love you all.

Thank you so much.
Yours, in absence of a cheesy line from one of our own songs to end this post,


The Cooper Temple Clause



martes, 24 de abril de 2007

Nuevas confirmaciones para el Summercase 2007


The Arcade Fire
Bloc Party
The Chemical Brothers
The Cooper Temple Cause
DJ Shadow

Felix Da Housecat
Fionn Regan
The Flaming Lips
The Gossip
Hidden Cameras
The Hours
Jarvis Cocker
The Jesus And Mary Chain
Kaiser Chiefs
LCD Soundsystem
Lily Allen
The MacCabees
My Brightest Diamond
The Pigeon Detectives
PJ Harvey
Scissor Sisters
Soulsavers feat. Mark Lanegan
The Twang
The View


13 y 14 de Julio

Aguere Rock 2007 -Cartel

Festival en Tenerife, el sábado 19 de Mayo.


Concurso Aguere Demo, lee cómo participar en su web.

MetroRock 2007 -Cartel


Velour (DK)

Descubiertos ayer gracias a la joya de blog Hits in the car que hacia tiempo que no visitaba, con tanto blog para mirar... una descuida éste y otros grandes blogs. Por ello sólo podemos tener disponibles un par de canciones, el resto ya no van los links. Pero a ver si alguna discográfica española saca su disco aqui, ellos han pensando en Elefant Records. Y también pienso que puede ser la adecuada para ellos, sobre todo ahora que está entre sus referencias, Lucky Soul de sonidos sixties también.

Pop / Alternative / Surf

Copenhagen, Denmark



Jonas Petri: vocals,guitar,keys
Glenn Müller : vocals, guitar Kenneth
Floe : bass, vocals
Thomas Olsen : drums

Información del disco Undress your alibis:
Sparkling Californian summer atmosphere under Scandinavian skies . Undress your alibis is the title of the new and second album from the danish indie pop ensemble Velour. This is happy and charming pop music with strings, trumpets and flutes, described by the band as a tribute to the sound of the late 60's. Perfect when the sun is shining (as it is now) and the songs should fit nicely on any summer compilation. Undress your alibis is a collection of 11 beautiful pop songs made and performed by 4 danish guys deeply devoted to the sound of the sixties and the way pop music was written back then. This is pop music with two major but contradictory and divergent ambitions: it want's to soothe the masses with thrillingly easy and catchy melodies, and yet it also want's to challenge the distinguished audience with inventive beats and extended harmonies. Undress your alibis is produced by the swedish producer Per Sunding (The Cardigans, Swan Lee, Superheroes) and the danish producer Morten Bue (Figurines, Moi Caprice). Noisedeluxe


Escucha Undress your alibis y una preview de su anterior trabajo Get in room aqui.

-"Undress your alibis" CD (2007) (Gleisenberg / Noisedeluxe)

03-Janey Black
05-Rain in Summertime
07-Pam and the important man MP3
09-The Way She Said
10-If You Really Want Me MP3
11-Lovers Lost Love

Buy it here!

-"Get in room" CD (2003 Gleisenger Records/ VME)

Starla MP3
Leaving the island
Eyes and tears
Somewhere she's dancing

Más MP3s:

Country (remix)

Windzor White (unreleased) MP3

Video promocional:

Velour Album Teaser

Video teaser for the upcoming album from danish band, Velour.

Conciertos/Live dates:

10.05.07 Berlin, Bang Bang Club
11.05.07 Halle, Klub Drushba*
12.05.07 Leipzig, Pop Up
13.05.07 Hamburg, Astra Stube
14.05.07 Bochum, Bastion
15.05.07 Frankfurt, Clubkeller
*mit The Lodger

The lodger- You got me wrong MP3

Handsome Furs- What we had MP3

*Get it in their MySpace now!!.
It's the first single from their Plague Park (5/22)

1. What We Had *
2. Hearts Of Iron
3. Handsome Furs Hate This City
4. Snakes On The Ladder
5. Cannot Get Started
6. Sing! Captain
7. Dead + Rural
8. Dumb Animals
9. Radio's Hot Sun, The

Dark and minimal while noisy and earnest, the point of this duo was to be as sparse and repetitive as possible with the help of little more than vocals, guitars, and a drum machine. Disenchanted vocals thinly resonate while cloaked in a frenzied undertone of fear and uncertainty, all punctuated by bare drum machine beats. Their debut is a record of melancholic tendency and heartfelt desire; a stripped down symphony relegated between city and country, and made for ears of either side.

lunes, 23 de abril de 2007


Los he descubierto hoy, porque me dió por curiosear su MySpace, ya que habían dejado un comentario en el MySpace de otro artista. Pero algunos ya los conoréis, y si visitáis Obscurezone, ya habríais sabido de ellos desde Agosto del 2006. Pero nunca es tarde para buena música. Y además debutan este año con Heart Tuned to Dead que sale hoy según

Indie / Rock / Powerpop

London, United Kingdom



Matt - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Max - Bass
Ollie - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jimmy - Drums

Debut album from roguish Londoners who pilfer from the bestbits of indie, combining a multitude of influences from the60s to the present day. Wiry and gritty guitars fuse with dance-along rhythms and anthemic choruses to create a memorable burst of cheeky, chirpy guitar pop. Produced by Rob Schnapf (Beck, Vines, Elliott Smith), the album includes the singles 'Drama Queen' and 'Lay Down The Law'.


-Drama queen Single, 19 Jan 2007

1. Drama Queen
2. Hide
3. Stephanie
4. Right/Wrong

-Lay down the law Single 16 April 2007
Just to let you know that 'Lay Down The Law' (an NME Track of the Week), a standout sing-a-long staple of the live sets on the sold out shows supporting The Rakes and The Automatic gets a full release on CD, 2 special edition vinyls and an exclusive 3 for 1 digital bundle, all featuring brand new, non-album B-sides.

The 1st 7'' is a transparent vinyl with a gatefold sleeve that the second 7" coloured vinyl slots into. The exclusive download bundle features the 'as voted for by the public B side' cover of Sexx Laws by Beck, as well as an extra special album preview mix, all for the price of a single track download from Tunetribe!

7'' # 1
Lay Down The Law
Cut My Hair

7'' # 2
Lay Down The Law (original demo)
Testify (alternative version)

Lay Down The law
Eye Need 2 No

-Heart Tuned to Dead (Debut album, 23 April 2007)

1. Drama Queen
2. Snakes And Ladders
3. Lay Down The Law
4. Coming Down
5. Give Up The Ghost
6. The Need To Be Needed
7. Message From Yuz
8. Every Second Counts
9. Step Kids In Love
10. Lovin' It
11. Killer Karma
12. Testify


Switches - Lay Down The Law (New Version)

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La habitación roja- La vida moderna VIDEO

Hoy sale el nuevo trabajo de La habitación roja llamado Cuando ya no quede nada.
Puedes escuchar el disco en una página especial de mtv AQUI.



domingo, 22 de abril de 2007

1990s - You made me like it VIDEO

Ya hablaremos de estaba banda. De momento os dejo el video de la canción que abre su álbum Cookies. Mi canción favorita de esta semana. Very catchy!


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Directors: lewis gourlay/abby warrilow


The Bastard Fairies - Memento Mori (FREE Download!!)

Alternative / Indie / Pop

LA, California
United States



Similar Artists: Brisa Roché, CocoRosie, CSS, Metallic Falcons

Yellow Thunder Woman - Vocals and Lyrics
Robin Davey - Music

Bio recogida en su website:
THE BASTARD FAIRIES could be termed an oxymoron. If this is the case then their music is most definitely oxymoronic. Naughty but nice. Sweet and sour. Beautifully macabre, wonderfully morose. Like a baby with a razor blade, this collection of 17 songs from Memento Mori will hug you then cut you with no warning.

THE BASTARD FAIRIES began when Lead singer Yellow Thunder Woman and guitarist Robin Davey met in Minneapolis when Robin came from the U.K. to produce the 2003 release of Indigenous' self-titled album. Soon after, they began to create their own music because "there wasn't any music out there that they liked listening too", Yellow Thunder Woman says.

This may be a bold statement to make, however it is in her nature as she comes from a bold and proud society. She is Native American, a direct descendant of the Great Ponca Chief Standing Bear, an Indian princess and member of the Yankton Sioux.

Recorded on a shoestring budget utilizing Garage Band on a Mac and scouring thrift stores for old guitars, children's instruments and other odd bits, they set out to create their masterpiece album Memento Mori, (a Latin phrase that calls for awareness of ones mortality), that was written in the most part during an intense week long stint. With tracks like "Whatever", "A Venomous Tale" and "We're All Going To Hell" - Yellow Thunder Woman takes you on a journey portraying life's many trials and pitfalls and understands that, no matter who you are or where you've come from, we are all f**ked up and twisted and each of us a BASTARD FAIRY in our own little way. This is no reality show edited for consumption of a demographic diluted by the ideals of a script doctor looking for sensationalist story lines, this is a collection of the twisted tales of twisted minds. The recounting of repetitive compulsions in the OCD, (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) - laden "Habitual Inmate" or the promiscuous honesty of "The Boy Next Door" set the tone for a collection of compositions where no subject is taboo. The sweet melodies coupled with the lo-fi pop sensibilities of multi instrumentalist and partner in crime Robin Davey create a musical landscape that eases you through Yellow Thunder Woman's lyrical observances and passion for the darker side of worldly workings.

Their next plan was to give it away as a free download on their website With well over 200,000 individual tracks downloaded and close to 50,000 full albums downloaded, THE BASTARD FAIRIES are ready to release a more fully complete Memento Mori that will contain 5 songs only available on the retail CD as well as a DVD of all their videos and additional content. THE BASTARD FAIRIES are committed to keeping the original 12 songs available for the price of FREE through their
web site.


Memento Mori (10 Abril 2007)

The attic sonics and haunted literacy of this Minneapolis project recall the Fiery Furnaces. And like the Furnaces, the Fairies both chill and invite us with all the dying pianos and elfin vocals. The end product is a hugely tasteful postmodernism, the melodies only sharpened by lyrical oddities.
En esta web podéis escuchar los 12 temas + los 5 bonus tracks que incluye la edición a la venta.

1. The Greatest Love Song
2. Apple Pie
3. Habitual Inmate
4. The Boy Next Door
5. Ode To The Prostitute
6. A Case Against Love
7. We're All Going To Hell
8. A Venomous Tale
9. Everyone Has A Secret
10. Maybe She Likes It
11. Guns And Dolls
12. Moribund
13. Exoskeleton
14. A Heathens Lament
15. Whatever
16. Memento Mori
17. Ten Little Indians

Tracklist recogido en

En la web de Amazon dicen de ellos:
The Bastard Fairies could be termed an oxymoron. If this is the case, then their music is most definitely oxymoronic. Naughty but nice, sweet and sour, beautifully macabre, wonderfully morose. Like a baby with a razor blade, it'll hug you then cut you with no warning. Lead singer, Yellow Thunder Woman, fiercely intelligent and clearly disturbed is that baby, assigned to take you through the many trials of life and understand that, no matter who you are, or where you've come from, we are all screwed up and twisted and each of us is a bastard fairy in our own little way. The band has become a Myspace and YouTube favorite with their song "We're All Going To Hell".


-The greatest love song

Las 12 canciones gratis son:

12 canciones GRATIS aqui !!!

James y Phoenix también en el Summercase

The Arcade Fire
Bloc Party
The Chemical Brothers
DJ Shadow
The Flaming Lips
The Gossip
Jarvis Cocker
The Jesus And Mary Chain
Kaiser Chiefs
LCD Soundsystem
Lily Allen
My Brightest Diamonf
The Pigeon Detectives
PJ Harvey
Scissor Sisters
Soulsavers feat. Mark Lanegan

Marilyn Manson -If I was your vampire LETRA

Es el primer sencillo de su nuevo trabajo "Eat Me, Drink Me" que saldrá el 5 de Junio del 2007 a través de Interscope Records.
Puedes escuchar el tema en su MySpace.


6 a.m. Christmas morning.
No shadows,
no reflections here.
Lying cheek to cheek
in your cold embrace.

So soft and so tragic
as a slaughterhouse.
You press the knife
against your heart.
And say,
"I love you, so much you must kill me now."

I love you
so much
you must kill me now.

If I was your vampire,
certain as the moon,
instead of killing time,
we'll have each other
until the sun.
If I was your vampire,
death waits for no one.
Hold my hands
across your face,
because I think
our time has come.

Digging your smile apart
with my spade-tounge.
The hole is where the heart is.
We built this tomb together,
and I won't fill it alone.
Beyond the pale
everything is black,
no turning back.

If I was your vampire,
certain as the moon,
instead of killing time,
we'll have each other
until the sun.

If I was your vampire,
death waits for no one.
Hold my hands
across your face,
because I think
our time has come

Blood-stained sheets
in the shape of your heart,
this is where it starts...
Blood-stained sheets
in the shape of your heart,
this is where it starts.
This is where it will end.
Here comes the moon again.

6:19 and I know I'm ready
Drive me off the mountain.
You'll burn,
I'll eat your ashes.
The impossible wheels seducing
our corpse.

If I was your vampire,
certain as the moon,
instead of killing time,
we'll have each other
until the sun.
If I was your vampire
death waits for no one.
Hold my hands
across your face
Because I think
our time has come.

Beyond the pale
everything is black
no turning back.
Beyond the pale
everything's black
no turning back.

This is where it starts.
This is where it will end.
Here comes the moon again.

This is where it starts.
This is where it will end.
Here comes the moon again.

Here comes the moon again

Here comes the moon again

Art Brut- It's a bit complicated TRACKLIST

Los londinenses Art Brut, que editaron en 2006 su más reciente referencia discográfica, "Nag Nag Nag Nag", publicarán el próximo mes de junio a través de Downtown Records su nuevo trabajo, que llevará por título "It´s A Bit Complicated". Este nuevo trabajo contiene once nuevos temas de la banda británica y se editará poco después del DVD "Talking To The Kids", que verá la luz el próximo mes de mayo.

01 Pump Up the Volume
02 Direct Hit
03 St Pauli
04 People in Love
05 Late Sunday Evening
06 I Will Survive
07 Post Soothing Out
08 Blame it on the Trains
09 Sound of Summer
10 Nag Nag Nag Nag
11 Jealous Guy

-Guillermo de la Madrid - Supernovapop.


Recuerda que un anterior post tenías una preview de algunas canciones del disco. Haz click en la etiqueta de Art Brut, para ver el anterior post.

The Sunday Drivers- Do it VIDEO

Video de su primer sencillo del nuevo trabajo Tiny Telephone.

MySpace !!!

sábado, 21 de abril de 2007

Midnight Movies - Lion the girl

Saldrá el 24 de Abril. Y se puede escuchar ya enterito!! en su MySpace.

1. Souvenirs
2. Patient Eye (MP3 en el blog)
3. Hide Away
4. Ribbons
5. Lion Song
6. Coral Den (MP3 sonando en el blog)
7. Bell Tower
8. Parallel Paramour
9. 24 Hour Dream
10. Dawn
11. Two Years

Midnight Movies first made waves in 2004 with their eponymous debut, about which the LA Times called "undeniably cinematic". After a line-up change and a new label, they return with this release. The California landscape serves as a perfect backdrop for "Lion The Girl". The hypnotic vocals of Gena Olivier cut a seductive path through the layers of lovely psychedelic landscapes. The OC Weekly appropriately crowned Olivier with having "all the beauty and talent of a modern-day Grace Slick." Produced by Steve Fisk (Screaming Trees, Nirvana, Pell Mell).

Cartel del Pepeworld Festival

Al final es cierto!!

El Hey Day Festival, finalmente llamado Pepeworld Festival ya tiene cartel!! También se rumoreaba como banda participante Snow Patrol, pero este es el cartel que Gamerco ha juntado.

12.06.2007: Madrid (Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas)

Smashing Pumpkins
The Killers
Triángulo de Amor Bizarro

13.06.2007: Barcelona (Pavelló Olímpic Badalona)

The Killers
It´s Not Not

Noticia recogida en Supernovapop

martes, 17 de abril de 2007


The Whitest Boy Alive en Barcelona y Madrid
El próximo mes de junio, la nueva banda de Erlend Oye presentará en España su álbum de debut, "Dreams".

Mika en el Summercase 2007

The Arcade Fire
Bloc Party
The Chemical Brothers
DJ Shadow
The Flaming Lips
The Gossip
Jarvis Cocker
The Jesus And Mary Chain
Kaiser Chiefs
LCD Soundsystem
Lily Allen
My Brightest Diamonf
The Pigeon Detectives
PJ Harvey

Cartel del Festival Do Norte 2007
La organización del festival pontevedrés, que se celebra el 18 y 19 de mayo, opta por un cartel repleto de figuras nacionales.
La organización del Festival Do Norte, que se celebra en la localidad pontevedresa de Vilagarcia de Arousa los días 18 y 19 de mayo, ha anunciado la totalidad de grupos que formarán el cartel de este año. Para esta edición, el festival prescinde de la presencia de grupos extranjeros (el año pasado actuaron, por ejemplo, Placebo) y se centra en concentrar a figuras importantes del panorama nacional.

Astrud, Sunday Drivers, Fernando Alfaro y Los Alienistas, Travolta, Deluxe, Lori Meyers, Sr. Chinarro, Schwarz o Grupo de Expertos Solynieve forman parte de un cartel que también contará con Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, CatPeople, Ectoplasma, Igloo, Delorean, Mendetz y The Blows.


Las entradas para cada día tienen un precio de 12€ (15€ en taquilla) y los abonos para todo el festival, con derecho a acampada cuestan 18€ (22€ en taquilla). Se pueden adquirir a través de Caixanova.

El cartel del Festival Do Norte 2007 es el siguiente:

+18.05.2007: Delorean + Astrud + The Sunday Drivers + Fernando Alfaro y Los Alienistas + Travolta + Triángulo de Amor Bizarro + Mendetz + The Blows + Homeboy Dj + Dorian Dj
+19.05.2007: Catpeople + Deluxe + Lori Meyers + Sr Chinarro + Grupo de Expertos Solynieve + Schwarz, Ectoplasma + Igloo + Kitten Dj + Curtis Dj

John Cale, confirmado para Observatori 2007
Tras su extensa gira española de los pasados meses de febrero y marzo, Cale volverá a España en mayo para participar en el festival valenciano.

Milk the bee - TRACKLIST

No quepo en mi de gozo :). Llevo esperando este disco desde que Matchbox Twenty acabo su tercer trabajo. Y he de confesar que entre Rob Thomas y Paul Doucette, me quedo con lo escuchado del señor Doucette. Lo que hace Rob me gusta y me encanta su voz. Pero mientras el trabajo en solitario de Rob, sólo dió algo más de él. Lo que escuché de Paul hace más de un año, me atrevería a decir que en verano hace dos años, pues me sorprendió muy gratamente, tanto la música como la voz, de hecho muchos pensaron al principio que no era el quien cantaba.
A pesar de ser un miembro de una banda de éxito y de estar incluso casado con una nieta de Frank Zappa. Para Paul Doucette no ha sido fácil sacar este disco. Cuando en mi humilde opinión las discográficas independientes deberían pelearse por él. Quizá ser de una banda que se puede decir que es del circuito mainstream o quizá sus condiciones, hayan hecho que esto haya tardado.
Pero hoy ha dejado un post en su blog con el tracklist del disco, por fin!! Después de tanto tiempo, el al menos saber que ya hay disco, que ya hay discografica, es toda una noticia.
(Bueno me acabo de dar cuenta del corrector de ortografia, que me ha ayudado a poner algunas tildes, pero otras no las ha identificado, asi que, se han de quedar sin acentuar)

Alternative / Pop / Folk

Los Angeles, United States


"The Break And Repair Method is the sideproject of Paul Doucette. He is the drummer in matchbox twenty. This sounds nothing like them."

Paul Doucette......with......much help from the immense talents of Greg Collins, Matt Beck, Ryan MacMillan, Dave Levita, Roger Manning, Rusty Anderson, Jeff Russo, Tracey Bonham, Nina Gordon, Heather Reid, Danielle Nesmith and Moon Zappa

Track Listing

The Break And Repair Method
Milk The Bee (Cement Shoes Records/Universal)

1. This City (Is Bound To Do Us In)
2. You Won't Be Able To Be Sad
3. Forget About The Brightside
4. Now We Become Part Of It
5. Calling All Electrical Prints
6. Life Gets Beautiful
7. I'm At A Low
8. Your Numbered Days
9. Won't Get Worse
10. The Most Somebody Can Know

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

TMP supporting HANSON in Glasgow

Tonight THE MARS PATROL are playing with the legendary Hanson at the awesome Carling Academy in Glasgow!

More details

Mute Math-Typical VIDEO

Gran banda los Mute Math. Primero escuché su disco y luego su EP y me encantó.

Nuevo video de la banda , este Typical, que va al revés!!!

Mute Math - Typical

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Mute Math - Typical Teleprompt/Warner Bros. Records Filmed completely in reverse. Download this video + the making of at iTunes beginning April 10th.

Video in YouTube

Handsome Furs-Dumb animals VIDEO


Montreal, Quebec


SubPop Records

Info from their MySpace:
The duo of Handsome Furs began as an idea in the winter of 2006, comprised of Montreal residents Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade) and Alexei Perry. Dark and minimal while noisy and earnest, the point was to be as sparse and repetitive as possible with the help of little more than vocals, guitars, and a new drum machine. Through this, songs of earthbound captains, eggs made of gold and iron, and sleepless bodies were born. Boeckner’s disenchanted vocals thinly resonate while cloaked in a frenzied undertone of fear and uncertainty, all punctuated by bare drum machine beats. Through the course of each track, a deep-seated sense of longing is leveled out by staunch realism as a restless disdain for both urban life and smaller towns collide. Handsome Furs toured Europe before having recorded any songs, and has since opened for the likes of Paavoharju, Islaja, David Cross and Modest Mouse without having released a proper record. Recorded at Wolf Parade’s studio, Mount Zoomer, in the heart of December, Plague Park is their debut. It is a record of melancholic tendency and heartfelt desire; a stripped down symphony relegated between city and country, and made for ears of either side. Plague Park is out on May 22!

Video for "Dumb Animals" from the upcoming Handsome Furs record, Plague Park (5/22). Director: Panos Cosmatos

Evanescence Videos de The Open Door


Call me when you're sober


Sweet sacrifice

Linkin Park - What I've Done VIDEO y LETRA


In this farewell,
There is no blood,
There is no alibi,
Cause I've drawn regret,
From the truth,
Of a thousands lies,
So let mercy come and wash away...

What I've Done,
I'll face myself,
To cross out what I've become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I've done...

Put to rest,
What you thought of me
While, I clean this slate,
With the hands,
Of uncertainty,
So let mercy come,
And wash away...

What I've Done,
I'll face myself,
To cross out what I've become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I've done...

For what I've done,
I start again,
And whatever pain may come,
Today this ends,
I'm forgiving what I've done...

I'll face myself,
To cross out what I've become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I've done...


What I've Done,
What I've Done,
Forgiving what I've done...