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And What Will Be Left Of Them?- FREE EP!!

Pop / Electro / Indie

Worcester, United Kingdom

RED WHITE (vox),
BLUE PETER (vox/guitar),
MATT POOLER (keyboards),

Biografia en su MySpace:
Blasting out of Worcester in the Midlands with whisky in their bellies and songs in their hearts, And What Will Be Left Of Them? are the best proto-post-neo-punk-electro-poptart band ever (Darkworld Fanzine). The band has spent the last 18 months touring the UK and Europe playing with a little charm, a lot of shambolic style and performing as a band on the brink of greatness (Rhythm & Booze). The last And What Will Be Left Of Them? release was their second single on the influential Filthy Little Angels label. The Dance, Damn You, Dance EP contains four tracks concerning dancing, drunkenness and blowjobs at the British Embassy. 100 gigs in, with a plethora of perfect pop, national radio support and a dedicated fan-base (TheM People), And What Will Be Left Of Them? are one of the best live bands on the circuit making regular, alcopop induced appearances at club nights across the country. The band's latest release is 'Wet Week In July', a free download-only single from The Little Hellfire Club label.

1. Wet Week In July
2. Calling All Cars (live)
3. Jesus (live)

Descárgalo aqui o en su MySpace.


Amos Lee "Shout out loud"

Recuerdo cuando Chema Rey habló de él en su Bulevar, Radio3. Como un profesor que hacia canciones que habian sido acogidas tan bien por Norah Jones y Bob Dylan entre otros, que finalmente ha dejado las aulas para deleitarnos con sus canciones. Su album de debut del pasado año tiene destacables canciones como Colors, que ha sonado en varias series como House o Anatomia de Grey. Y estuvo en Los conciertos de Radio3 en su paso por España.
Por lo visto pronto tendremos su segundo trabajo, del cual podemos escuchar ya un tema "Shout out loud" en su MySpace .
Pop / Folk Rock / Acoustic

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Biografia recogida en su MySpace:
The 27-year-old former schoolteacher grew up going between Philadelphia, PA, and a suburb, Cherry Hill, NJ. “I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to see a few sides of life in this country.”

Amos entered the University of South Carolina in 1995, where he began to play acoustic guitar and write songs. “I met my kind of people in there: down-to-earth, sincere folks who didn’t belong to any club. They were all musicians, and they taught me how to treat my music with sincerity and integrity.”

After graduating college with a degree in English, Amos returned to Philadelphia where he taught elementary school. His desire to pursue music as a career forced him to make the difficult decision to leave teaching. To earn a living he waited tables, tended bar, and continued writing songs.

“I started playing open mikes and getting some feedback. I started feeling a little more confidence.” A self-released EP with five of his original songs made Amos “one of the area’s most-talked-about emerging talents” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, and was followed by a second, seven-song disc (both sold out on their initial pressings). “The time between when I stopped teaching and when I got signed was a beautiful, fun time.”

After having had the honor of opening shows for such legends as Bob Dylan, BB King, and Mose Allison, a break came when Norah Jones became an early convert to his cause and invited Amos to open her European tour, beginning in April 2004. Equipped with only his voice and guitar, Amos found himself facing 3,000-5,000 listeners a night—and up to three times that number when he joined Norah’s US tour (through November ’04).

And yet, night after night, he pulled it off. In their concert review the Los Angeles Times referred to Amos as a “writer and singer with enough personality to charm a crowd impatient for Jones to take the stage.” The Albany Times-Union praised Amos’s “charming and soulful solo set”; the Seattle Post-Intelligencer heard him blend “a folksy, flannel-and-denim sound with sultry R&B.”

“My favorite time in music is probably 1970-75. Still Bill by Bill Withers, Harvest by Neil Young, John Prine’s first album, James Taylor’s One Man Dog—I hope I can bring the same sort of spirit I hear on those records.”

-Amos Lee (Marzo 2005)
1. Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight
2. Seen It All Before
3. Arms Of A Woman
4. Give It Up
5. Dreamin'
6. Soul Suckers
7. Colors
8. Bottom Of The Barrel
9. Black River
10. Lies Of A Lonely Friend
11. All My Friends

-Supply And Demand (October 3, 2006)

Puedes escuchar ahora en su MySpace su tema "Shout out loud"



Como he dicho en el post previo, Touriste y Buen Chico han sido las últimas adquisiciones de Faith and Hope Records.
Por la forma de cantar y quizá también por la música me recuerda un poco al estilo Snow Patrol. Y a veces la voz recuerda a Star Sailor.

Indie / Rock / Pop

Isle of Sheppey, Kent, United Kingdom

Sammie Harris -Vocals
Kris Harris -Bass
Rob Wilks -Guitar
Michael Dove -Drums

Biografia recogida en su MySpace:
"I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough." Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Wise words indeed, but Einstein was not residing on the Isle of Sheppey. Touriste are worried about the future and so would you be if a dormant wartime vessel threatened to wipe out your entire civilization. Some things simply cannot wait.

The Isle of Sheppey lies some 25 miles east of central London. It's a small island beached off the Kent coastline, and aside from spawning the Phantom himself, Michael Crawford, Sheppey has failed to offer up anything or anybody of cultural significance.

Furthermore, a boat currently lies off the Sheerness coast that sank in the 1940s transporting explosives. The island's population are adamant that if the boat was to explode, it would cause a tidal wave strong enough to drown everyone on Sheppey.

Touriste are young (with an average age of 19), but understand the daily torment of a motherland that monikers their natives as 'swampies' and endures the daily threat of extinction.

Siblings Kris and Sam Harris have spent the majority of their youth looking out toward the mainland; a veritable land of opportunity. Sheppey may lack the cultural panache to inspire, but its very mediocrity sparks a rebellion to create.

As kids, Kris and Sam shared a bedroom. In such close proximity, Sam (being the youngest at 18) was forced to listen to his brother's streamlined diet of Oasis. An interesting parallel with the brothers grim, and not only due to a mutual love of music claims Kris,

"We used to fight a lot when we started the band, it was fun looking back. I think we've learned to live with each other. We do say what's on our minds. It keeps the guitars in tune."

Taking Sheppey as their curious inspiration (Kris: "I suppose it set the tone for the early songs, life is crap and all that") the Harris brothers came together with Rob Wilks and Mike Dove who had been moonlighting in the local pubs for another band.

Earning their keep by day (Mike: "I was an apprentice panel beater for 2 and a half years, then the company shut down. I then became a van driver for a distribution company for about 3 months. They shut down too. Proper Sheppey life.) Touriste huddled together by night, constantly writing, creating demo upon demo, and urging on the emotions and drive that bestow 'Swampies' wanting out.

They've created a colossus. Touriste share an affinity with the epic. Everything about Touriste is huge - capturing a troubled but beautiful soul, with bountiful melody and unhurried charm.

Maybe Einstein was right, Touriste need not worry about the future. That boat however, may not wait.


What Are We EP (8th July 2005)

1. What Are We
2. Shocks
3. Too Far
4. Easier

*Touriste release their debut single 'Battle On' on September 11 2006 through Faith & Hope Records.
Battle On, with homemade b-side Shannon's Cannon will be available on limited edition 7" and download from iTunes.

Canciones en su MySpace:

-Battle on
Take all you can, they're clearing me out
And I don't know if I even care
You're all that I feel, If all this is real
Then I don't know if I'd pass or not

You know I don't mind, when you lie
I get by with you at my side
We fake and we've learned
There is always a place to return

Open your eyes
Your wasting your time on plans
They say all you need to live is love

You know I don't mind, when you lie
I get by with you at my side
We fake and we've learned
There is always a place to return

-Your move (demo) -mp3- -lyrics-

-What are we -mp3- -lyrics-

-Calm down -mp3- -lyrics-


Buen Chico

De las últimas requests del MySpace, justo esta banda y Touriste me han gustado. Y mira tú qué casualidad que ambas han sido los últimos fichajes en la discográfica Faith and Hope.

Indie / Pop / Surf
Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Morgan - Guitar, Vocals, Dancing, Hair
Kirsty - Bass, Vocals, Libraries, Cats
Alan - Drums, Beard, Current Affairs

Biografia escrita en su MySpace:
One sunny summer afternoon in 2003 Morgan met Kirsty in Leeds and they went for a cup of tea. She lied about liking Weezer and knowing her scales and he didn't talk much. They instantly hit it off. A brand new friendship was born. But a piece of the puzzle was missing. As if by magic Alan came along a few weeks later via a complex series of events including everything from aunties to Dublin to jazz. Now we all live together as one big happy band.

In our three short years we have played lots and lots of gigs with many a fine outfit including The Long Blondes, The Subways, The Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs, Forward Russia, GoodShoes, Boy Kill Boy and The Cribs.

We have also been writing lots of guitar pop songs about all sorts of stuff like global warming, romance, video piracy and cake that will hopefully get you dancing round your bedroom or wherever you happen to be.

This year we have been signed up to Faith & Hope records and put out our first single, 'Giving Your Gifts'. Zane Lowe played it on Radio 1 and Tom Robinson played it on BBC 6music. We will shortly be going in to the studio to record the follow up, so watch this space for a new tour and single!

Buen Chico's first single on Faith & Hope is out, already named as 'Ones To Watch' by The Fly and championed by Zane Lowe get your hands on 'Giving Your Gifts' now on a limited run of white 7" vinyl the best independent records stores and from all the usual download sites.

-'Giving Your Gifts', is such a perfect summer track.
-'Drip, Drip, Tick, Tock'

Canciones para escuchar en su MySpace:

-Giving your gifts
-Drip drip tick tock

-Killing somebody
-I don't care

-La la la (I can't hear you) -mp3-


Indie / Folk / Electro

Birmingham/Rekjavik/London, United Kingdom

Nick Peill - Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Thorunn Antonia - Vocals/Keyboards
Henry Spenner - Drums/Vocals
Matty Derham - Bass/Keyboards/Vocals
Jamie Putnam - Guitar

Sobre Fields -escrito por Wikipedia-:
Fields are an Anglo-Icelandic electronic/indie band formed in London. In early 2006 the band played their first live shows.This sparked a furious bidding war amongst U.K. record companies.They eventually signed a unique deal with Atlantic Records which allows them to keep releasing records through their own Black Lab Records set-up as well as Atlantic.

EP "4 from the village" (July 10th,Black Lab Records).

1.brittle sticks
4.roll down the hill

It's available as a nice old fashioned 12" and on new fangled CD.

Brittle Sticks was produced by Jim Abiss who has produced Arctic Monkeys,Kasabian and Massive Attack.
The other 3 songs were produced by Dan Grech who has also produced Scissor Sisters new album.

-Song for the fields -mp3-
-If you fail we all fail -mp3-
-Heretic -mp3-
-Charming the flames -mp3-

Más mp3 en su web aqui


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Kasabian "Empire"

Indie / Rock / Alternative

Leicester, England, United Kingdom


Su primer trabajo tuvo bastante éxito con geniales canciones como Club Foot y Processed beats. Dentro de nada podremos disfrutar del segundo, o como siempre la prueba de fuego -la confirmación de si merecen o no el éxito- para bandas que han llegado tan lejos con su debut.

The Empire single is out now in the UK in all good download and realworld stores. iTunes or Napster, for example.DVD and 10" vinyl formats will follow on August 21st.

It preceeds the album of the same name, which comes out on August 28th.

Kasabian "Empire" (2006)

2.Shoot The Runner
3.Last Trip (In Flight)
4.Me Plus One
7.By My Side
9.Seek & Destroy
10.British Legion
11.The Doberman

Video: Empire

The bishops "Higher now"(video)

United Kingdom


Post anterior
Post sobre ellos

Despues de "The Only Place I Can Look Is Down", ahora su nuevo video es de su segundo single llamado "Higher now".

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Every Move a Picture

Una de estas requests del MySpace que merecen ser mencionadas. Hay muchas pero con este maravilloso ordenador con el que tardas 10 veces más, pues no las puedo poner todas. Los mencionamos porque esta semana están entre los artistas destacados del MySpace, y han sacado su CD de debut hace poco. Aqui en España no sé si ha salido. Su sonido recuerda a Interpol, ya juzgarás si te gustan más o menos, o te parecen distintos. En exclusiva han dejado descargar "Chemical burns" (pero ya no está disponible) y hoy otros dos temas de su "Heart=Weapon" para que vayas haciéndote una idea de si su disco merece la pena escucharlo entero o no.

Indie / Rock

San Francisco, California, United States

La banda la forman:
Brent Messenger - vocals and guitar
Allen Davis - guitar and keyboards
Joey Fredrick - bass guitar
Dan Aquino - drums

Biografía recogida en la web de su discográfica V2 Music:
Rock ‘n’ roll loves a “Cinderella story” that counters the epic disasters. Every so often the stars align & magic is made - there is the odd occasion where a couple of dollars and some hard work can produce something special. This can be said for Every Move a Picture.

Hailing from San Francisco, their story begins with a childhood friendship between singer/guitarist Brent Messenger, and bass player Joey Fredrick. Fast forward a couple of years with both playing in the early 00’s in various SF combos, at times with drummer Dan Aquino. However, it was in early in 2004, that everything gelled together in what would become Every Move a Picture. But, there was a piece lacking – a guitarist, who was also a dab hand with cool keyboard sounds. And that missing part of the puzzle, amazingly, was supplied with a simple advert in the online classifieds of Craigslist. Having just moved down to SF from Portland, Oregon, Allen Davis, guitarist, keyboard player, and overall sound-whiz, answered the call. It was as if some crazy fate had intervened launching the perfect player the band’s way, & the story of Every Move a Picture truly began.

And this is where the story gets interesting. Setting up in a friend’s rehearsal space and spending a grand total of $290, the band recorded 3 songs. Davis set to mixing them into something that the outside world could hear. And what came out of the session was astounding. Somehow everything had coalesced in the hands of Davis, into something with a hint of magic. The three tracks – “Signs of Life,” “Chemical Burns” and “12AM” - made their way into the hands of a few early tastemakers, and suddenly they were blaring out of the radio in SF and Los Angeles as the likes of Rodney Bingenheimer from KROQ, and others embraced the band’s dance punk energy. The story didn’t stop there. The songs filtered across the Atlantic to the UK – with XFM spinning the band’s tracks and Steve Lamacq playing ‘Signs of Life’ on Radio 1.

Back home, the Every Move fanbase was rapidly growing as they played various underground dance parties in lofts & bars, before moving on to SF’s prestigious Popscene club, and support slots with the Kaiser Chiefs and Louis XIV. At SXSW in 2005, the 28 hour drive (straight through!) east from SF to Austin paid dividends, as they were anointed as one of the buzz bands of the festival, recording an interview with Radio One’s Zane Lowe and playing the hipster central Fader party to great acclaim. The NME discovered them, describing them as ‘test tube perfect… keyboards by the Killers, trousers by Franz Ferdinand’. And speaking of that magic - the crazy part of it all was that Every Move was still yet to even release a record.

That part of the equation was soon completed, as those original three tracks, along with two others – ‘You’re So Predictable’ and ‘St John’s Night’ were issued as a limited Blink And You’ll Miss It EP on the indie “DIY…or Else” label. This made it into the hands of leading tastemaker Nic Harcourt on LA’s uber-hip KCRW station, who immediately took to the band’s energy, offering them their first live radio session. Next up, a slew of licenses for the band’s music, from TV shows such as ‘One Tree Hill’, to various computer games, as the band’s dance punk grooves were compared favorably to everyone from Interpol and the Rapture, to the Killers. An NME live review proclaimed ‘San Francisco's smartest entry in the post-Killers nu-wave race... intergalactic synths, sharp guitars & bass heavy grooves’. Not too bad for a mere four months work.

A month later, unbelievably, Every Move was crossing the Atlantic (albeit slightly delayed as their plane lost its hydraulics leaving San Fran) for their first run of UK shows. The band’s own British invasion started with an appearance in Nottingham, at the Dot Dot Dot Festival, alongside The Rakes, Radio 4 and Ladytron. A support slot with Radio 4 followed, and the band recorded their debut live session for Steve Lamacq’s Monday night show on Radio 1. The tour ended five days later to a riotous packed house in Dublin, Ireland. And that “Cinderella story”? Well, the band still was yet to release a record in the UK. This was soon rectified by the Something in Construction label, who issued a double a-sided 7” with “Signs of Life” & “Chemical Burns.” Those exact same tracks recorded for $290 in a rehearsal space. The 45 was single of the week on Lamacq’s show on BBC’s 6Music station and raved about by Drowned in Sound, who described them as ‘Duran Duran-dragged-backwards-through- shrubbery badass indiedisco floor-filler’. Iggy Pop, The Clash, Pulp, The Faint and Blur were just some of the reference points being made by numerous websites and publications. The 7” promptly sold out the week of release.

And somewhere amidst all this the 2005 Reading & Leeds Festival called, inviting Every Move for a slot on the Carling Stage, and the band played the huge Live 105 B.F.D. radio festival in San Francisco alongside the likes of the Foo Fighters, Hot Hot Heat and Ash. The band supported The Futureheads on US dates in June, before a summer of touring with the likes of Annie and Kasabian. Phew! Somehow that magic dust is still working.

The 4-song EP, Opposition Party, is available now.
All proceeds will go to the Rainforest Action Network (

Every Move A Picture are currently working on their debut full-length CD with producer Eli Janney. It is tentatively set for release in Spring ’06.

Well their debut CD is available now (June 2006)

-The "Opposition Party" EP (V2 records)

1. Signs of Life (original demo)
2. On The Edge of Something Beautiful (at 12:00AM) (original demo)
3. Chemical Burns (original demo)
5. St. Johns Night (Lamacq Live BBC Session version)

-Heart=Weapon (Junio 2006, V2 Records)

1. Mission Bell
2. Signs of Life
3. Best Is on the Outside
4. Chemical Burns
5. Outlaw -mp3-
6. Dust
7. Simple Lessons in Love and Secession -mp3-
8. On the Edge of Something Beautiful (At 12AM)
9. Dixie
10. St. John's Night
Every Move a Picture are rock & roll Frankensteins. A patchwork of sounds and influences jump around their debut record: Duran Duran for a few seconds, then a dash of Interpol, early U2, Franz Ferdinand, and ten other bands on the tip of your tongue. This is the nature of pop music of course, and rock in particular. Choose your influences well, and prosper. But Heart=Weapon doesn't just benefit from what it sounds like, but what it doesn't: a pose. There's nothing unoriginal or co-opted about their infectious enthusiasm or their free-flowing songwriting chops. Brent Messenger's nasal yelp comes off like an unhinged Howard Jones, and works wonders on the rockabilly chunk of "Chemical Burns" or the borderline electro of "Signs of Life." Every song's a driver, full of momentum and release. The album blows by fast and could profit from more of a dynamic range, which the band is clearly capable of producing (you'll wish for another minute or two at least of the coulda-been epic "Outlaw"). But the overall impression is of a band with limitless gusto, diving into their collective musical DNA with the zeal of true believers. --Matthew Cooke

NME-"An unashamed orgy of killer riffs and stratospheric synths"

Product Description
This San Francisco four-piece deliver their debut riding on an ever-growing industry and fan buzz. Before they even had a record deal, they had already taped a session for KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic", had their track "Signs Of Life" hammered on BBC Radio 1 and on modern rock station Live 105, played the Reading Festival and Live 105's BFD Festival, toured with The Futureheads, Radio 4, Stellastar, and Electric 6, and played shows with everyone from The Kaiser Chiefs and The Walkmen to Annie and The Rakes. All of this from a self-released EP!


-Signs of life

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Joan as policewoman- "The ride"(live en Ipop)

Para ver el video pincha aqui

(Recuerda que el link no es permanente, y que pasado el tiempo su URL será para otro video// This URL will be for a new video then, so be fast to watch it)

Mañana hablaremos de ella y su banda, y otras cuantas voces femeninas. Y luego de todo lo que nos falta. A ver si esta semana acabo todo, y luego ya se verá.

Anechoic -Live tracks

Los hemos mencionado ya otras dos veces, y supimos de su existencia porque Embrace -banda a la que ha teloneado- los recomendaban. No son los únicos, Morning Runner también: "We'd just like to take the opportunity to mention Anechoic who opened the Embrace forest shows. If you went to these gigs you will remember this great new band and you can check out some more of their music here - "

Si en el primer post nos regalaban un EP (Anechoic-free EP)
y en el segundo unos temas en acústico (Anechoic en acústico).
Ahora son dos temas en directo:

We have a couple of fantastic live mixes for you from the recent forest tour that we played on with Embrace. Not only that, but Time & A Half has been mixed by Richard McNamara from Embrace himself! The other track, This Is How It Is was mixed by our own Andrew Lindsay.

Bat for lashes

Escuchando la 3ª Podcast de LesInrocks donde suenan CSS, Hot Club De Paris, Sunshine Underground, Viking Mose y Bat For Lashes. Bat for lashes me ha llamado la atención. CSS y Sunshine Underground ya los he escuchado un poco y de los otros dos habrá que escuchar algo más.


Brighton, United Kingdom

Info recogida en su web:

Natasha Khan is "Bat For Lashes"…Natasha was born in to the world famous Khan squash-playing dynasty and travelled the world as a child. "Periods of my childhood were spent in Pakistan… I would adopt different pets along the way and once lost a goat in a sacrificial religious ceremony. I remember falling asleep at night listening to prayers being sung on the wind and wild dogs howling…"

She had a strict religious upbringing until the age of eleven, at which time her parents separated. Natasha, faced with her father's sudden disappearance, began praying to the aliens to bring him back and took to playing the piano in all night free improvisations as a conduit for her pleas.

Fast forward....

In her formative years Natasha studied film and music at art school, where her experimental work, influenced by artists including Steve Reich and Susan Hiller, led her to produce multi-media work centred on sound installations, animations and performance. She also qualified as a nursery school teacher where she was the top storyteller and donator of robot, mermaid and monster drawings.

A trip to San Francisco aged 20, which began as a youthful homage to the Beats, ended up being a revelatory time, as upon her return, armed with a suitcase full of stories and songs, Natasha began to form the themes and ideas behind what was to become her musical persona, Bat For Lashes.
The music comes across like a gun that fires wolves. Natasha's majestic vocal howls, whispers and hiccups to a backdrop of soaring strings, esoteric folk instruments, distorted guitar, bass rumbles and thunder-clap drums. The current Bat For Lashes line up is singer Natasha and Ginger Lee who both play a mixture of piano, guitars, harpsichord, autoharp and electronic machines and Abi on viola ­ who also doubles up on percussion.

As a live band, Bat For Lashes' dramatic music creates an intimate, cinematic world, reminiscent of the nocturnal wanderings of Kate Bush and the heartfelt prayers of Cat Power. They have played a string of astounding shows over the last 18 months at venues such as The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, L.A., Le Triptyque in Paris and supported CocoRosie at Scala in London. They have recently been reviewed in Plan B magazine after their performance at Ladyfest and have been personally invited by Devendra Banhart to play at All Tomorrows Parties festival in May 2006.
Bat For Lashes were also hand picked out of 7000 entries to appear on the respected French music journal Les Inrockuptibles CQFD compilation CD of the top 20 new artists of 2006, and have also appeared on The Black and White Skins (Les Disques Du Crepuscule) compilation, along with artists such as Antony and The Johnsons, Diane Cluck, Devendra and CocoRosie.

Natasha composes songs that rise out of a dark, heartbreak wilderness and take you on a journey in to the light. Taking influence from 70's film soundtracks, weather phenomena, childhood Halloween parties and a David Lynchian vision of suburbia, they occupy the tenebrous space between innocence and a loss of innocence and come straight from the storyteller's heart.

Written by Billy Brown December 2005


-Bat For Lashes debut album Fur & Gold will be released on September 11th 2006 through Echo records

-"The Wizard" (Single)
'the wizard' is the debut 500 only 7" single from brighton band bat for lashes on echo / she-bear records. it is one of the most stupendous, haunting debuts in ages, both it and the home demo flipside 'i saw a light' recall a young kate bush, bjork and cat power. the music is eerie and conjures up imagery that is uncompromisingly disturbing and anti-arcadian and the harmonies are intriguing and strange. limited 7" only. -Rough Trade-


Mother Sea -mp3- *
Sad Eyes -mp3- *
The Wizard -mp3- *
Horse and I -mp3-



Rose Polenzani

La descubrimos gracias al blog Planetapopradio, por hacer una hermosísima versión de "Soul meets body"(mp3) de Death Cab for Cutie, la cual ha sonado en el blog y además la hemos mencionado varias veces. Hay más canciones y versiones en su web y MySpace.

La volvemos a traer al blog debido a un video que ha grabado en plan casero. Inspirada a las 4 de la mañana, cogió su ordenador, unas camisetas, unos lapices y unos folios donde dibujar y nos hizo este Pretty Black Ship. Añado además una versión que hace de Bowie (por si no lo ves, los videos de MySpace necesitan actualizar el Flash a la versión 9)

Indie / Folk Rock / Pop

Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

Sobre Rose Polenzani (info de su MySpace):

Rose used to sing like she was in church. Nowadays, when you hear her sing, it feels like Rose is the church. Sometimes you get so excited when you hear her play, you want to shake (or quake) and cry and scream.
You will almost always find her playing with guitarist, Austin Nevins. She would prefer to not play alone, actually and we are glad of it because Austin's gentle playing fits Rose's music so well, it is utterly perfect. She also plays with the amazing up and comer Jordan Caress and the illustrious Jeff Berlin from time to time.
Rose has released many records on the indie label Daemon Records, although she put out her newest release "August" on her own. She has also sang with the highly acclaimed Voices on the Verge, alongside Erin Mckeown, Jess Klein and Beth Amsel.
Currently residing and thriving in the Cambridge/Somerville music scene, you can catch Rose playing quite often. Want more Rose? Go to her website! So much content!


-Pretty Black Ship

-Janine (David Bowie COVER)

Get this video and more at

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Everstrong - Album Preview (Track3- Driver)

(pic from our last gig in France at the Articaire Festival)

Esta semana en su MySpace puedes escuchar el 3er track de su album "Hello Again", que ya está a la venta.

The 3rd track from our album has been added to our music player. 'Driver' has always been a live favourite, so we hope you enjoy listening to it on our page. Again its only up for a week before we put the next track up so check it out while you can!

'Hello Again' is only available from our online store.

Post anterior sobre ellos aqui

The Mars Patrol "Are you with me?"

The Mars Patrol están poco a poco llegando a más gente. En, web para músicos independientes, la banda escocesa es la más escuchada por encima de otras 1100 bandas de alrededor de 30 países. De los de la lista, sólo conozco a los dos primeros. The Mars Patrol en el número 1 ¡Felicidades! Seguidos de Vib Gyor, de los que ya hablamos en el blog, diciendo que su estilo recuerda a Radiohead, sus conciertos deben ser impresionantes y han editado estos días su primer single.

La banda de Davine sacará su primer trabajo el próximo lunes 31 de Julio, después de un EP con temas en acústicos grabado por el duo inicial formado por Davine y Ross. El album se llamará "Are you with me?" como uno de los temas que has podido escuchar en su MySpace. Y ésta es la portada y el listado de canciones:

1. Are You With Me? *
2. Turn It Around
3. The Kiss Goodnight *
4. Crying Your Heart Out
5. I Still Want You *
6. Can I Have You?
7. One Man's Greed

* Estos temas los puedes escuchar en exclusiva en Gojangle, el tema "Are you with me?" tiene distinta producción, así que ya juzgarás que versión te gusta más, y podrás tantear como será el album. Y para los afortunados que vivan donde la banda, podrán disfrutar de su directo el 29 de Julio.
El album en principio se venderá online en su página web

Puedes ver unos videos grabados por el responsable de su página de fans escocesa, Scott Davidson, en YouTube:

-Crying your heart out (Supporting Kula Shaker GIG)

lunes, 24 de julio de 2006


Descubiertos en el blog de Kelly and Jose, la canción "Hay una piscina en la nube" fue una de las 5 canciones que más me gustó. Y habiendo hablado de nuevo a New Sense, cuyos discos salen con la discográfica Brillante Records, habia que mencionar a este trio puertorriqueño cuyo primer trabajo sale con Brillante también. Además escuchando otro de los proyectos de Angelica, llamado Arturo en el barco (cuyas 4 primeras canciones se pueden descargar y que merecen la pena tanto o más que los propios Balún) , tenía obligación de dároslos a conocer si aún no los habéis escuchado.

Indie / Electronica / Folk

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Jose (melodica, glockenspiel, synths, drums, laptop, a bit of guitar and bass, balun drawings, photography, visuals/animations, web design),
Angelica (toy piano, celtic harp, violin, glockenspiel, accordion, synths, voice, found sounds), Andres (electric and acoustic guitar, melodica, bass, synths),
Ariel (bass guitar *live shows*),
and Nora (bass guitar *some live shows*).

Just three, but actually five.

Sobre Balún (recogido en inglés y castellano en su MySpace):

Al principio, en el 2002, eramos un duo electrónico y nuestro nombre era Balloon. Luego en el 2004 nos convertimos en un trio electro-acústico y el nombre cambió a Balún. Nos gusta la música soñolienta por eso queremos estar durmiendo la mayoría del tiempo! Grabamos unas canciones en el 2003 y en el 2004 para todos y eso fue muy bueno. Algunas personas, específicamente el distinguidísimo señor Robert Balun, nos han dicho que nuestra música les da sueño. Hemos triunfado! Nos gustaría tocar en otros países y por eso queremos comprar un avión. Nosotros también formamos parte de otras bandas. Dos de ellas se llaman Arturo en el Barco y Los Nervios. Son muy buenas! Si te gustaría bajar más de nuestras canciones puedes visitar el netlabel Observatory, ahí puedes bajar gratuitamente nuestro último EP titulado "While Sleeping" y el mismo lo hicimos el verano pasado mientras dormamos. Nuestro debut y primer disco titulado "Something Comes Our Way" acaba de salir bajo el sello, radicado en Chicago, Brilliante Records! Chequealo!

Discografia: (ver más en su WEB)

Balún "Something Comes Our Way CD" (Julio 2006,Brillante Records)

1. Opening The Box
2. A Surprise
3. People
4. Moving Pictures
5. I Shouldn't Do This
6. Squared Triangles
7. Snol
8. Everything's Alright
9. To My Room
10. Be Careful When You Walk
11. They're Calling Us
12. Disappearing Act

"Something Comes Our Way" our debut album with 12 new electro-acoustic and poppy songs for the tropical set. An album full of emotions, stories, strange sounds, songs with a little bit of hiss, songs that don't make sense at all (structure-wise), spaced-out excursions in Balún dub, crazy food, songs inspired by novelty songs, and other stuff that we are not known for.

-Hay una piscina en la nube -mp3-
-Snol (versión del EP "While sleeping") -mp3-

Más mp3 en su web.
El EP "While sleeping" en formato mp3 se puede descargar aqui.

Sobre Arturo en el barco, puedes descargar en formato mp3, los 4 primeros tracks de su album Música para estudiantes aqui. Y en su web hay más música para escuchar.

Y de Los nervios no lo he escuchado aún pero en su web hay 3 canciones disponibles.

Video "Be careful when you walk/Cuidado al caminar"

Ben Kweller

Descubierto este finde, aunque la portada de Sha Sha me suena mucho, me ha maravillado este artista nacido en 1981, tengo ganas de escuchar su album homónimo que saldrá en Septiembre, y también escuchar todo lo anterior. Como el MySpace debido a un outage que ha hecho que algunos profiles caigan, está reestructurando todo, recurrimos al artículo publicado en Supernovapop sobre este artista muy a tener en cuenta.

Ben Kweller "Ben Kweller" -escrito por Guillermo de la Madrid,Supernovapop-

El músico afincado en Brooklin editará el próximo mes de septiembre un álbum homónimo en su trabajo "más personal"

El próximo 19 de septiembre, ATO editará en Estados Unidos el nuevo trabajo de Ben Kweller, un álbum homónimo que supone la segunda referencia discográfica del músico afincado en Brooklin en este 2006 tras su participación en "Broken Boy Soldiers", el debut de The Raconteurs.

En declaraciones a Billboard, Kweller admitió que el hecho de que el disco lleve su nombre por título responde tanto al hecho de haber tocado él mismo todos y cada uno de los instrumentos que suenan en el álbum como a que se trata de "canciones muy personales", con las que dice sentir que ha conseguido "expresar exactamente lo que tengo en la cabeza".

"Ben Kweller" se publica dos años después de su anterior trabajo, "On My Way". El listado de temas del nuevo álbum es el siguiente:

01 Run
02 Nothing Happening
03 Sundress
04 I Gotta Move
05 Thirteen
06 Penny on the Train Track *
07 I Don´t Know Why (mp3 Updated 14 OCT 2006)
08 Magic
09 Red Eye
10 Until I Die
11 This Is War

*Ben Kweller released his new song "Penny On the Train Track"(mp3) from his self titled album coming out September 19.

Its absolutely wonderful. Favorite song of the year so far.
Cant wait for the release. Nice to find faith in music. Its so hard for me.
-Joey Catullo-

En su web tienes disponibles para descargar 4 temas de anteriores trabajos: Need you back, Words, On my way y Commerce.


Más info en Yahoo
Donde puedes ver 3 videos: Wasted and ready, Commerce y The rules

Y conocer toda su discografía de la que destacan sus albumes:

-Sha Sha (2002)

-On my way (2004)

En RCA Records tienes también el video de The rules.
Real - hi : med : low //Windows - hi : med : low //QuickTime - hi : med : low

miércoles, 19 de julio de 2006

El player que está sonando estas últimas semanas

Venus Hum

Indie / Rock / Electro
Nashville, Tennessee, United States


-Surgery in the sky -mp3-
(The Colors in the Wheel,2006)
-Fighting for love -mp3-
(Songs for superheroes EP,2004)

Post sobre ellos aqui


New Sense

Indie / Pop / Electronica
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States


-Chase the night -mp3-
-What if I get sick? -mp3-

Post sobre ellos aqui

Lo último de la banda es una reciente entrevista que está en una Podcast que puedes escuchar y descargar en el siguiente blog.

William and Kristian visit Burst collective for an interview with Daniel Holter and to play some songs from the upcoming album "Flowers after Hours".

Also featured are up and comers the Farewell Circuit.



Rock / Alternative / Indie
San Diego, United States


Post sobre ellos AQUI

-Fortress -mp3- video .mov
-Loro -mp3-


One Second Fame

House / IDM / Trip Hop


-Capitol -mp3-
-Atari (feat. Chara) -mp3-

Player anterior al que está sonando últimamente

Vamos con el player antes de este último encabezado por Venus Hum. Después de muchos problemas con el player, que no se nos creaba o con los links. Por fin, conseguimos hacer uno, desafortunadamente los links del sitio donde fueron cogidos, se redireccionan, con lo que dejó de funcionar. Pero aunque sea por Showroom, que fue un descubrimiento para mi, lo mencionaremos.

Las canciones recogidas en el player, algunas las conocía y otras surgieron. En cuando ves un artista te sugieren otros. Novedosos para mi eran Arno van Goch, Shiloh Pilot , The singing mechanic y Showroom. Estos últimos estaba destinado a ser una huge band, pero por causas que no sé, sólo fueron banda 2001-2006.

Esta canción la descubrí hace tiempo. Pero este año es cuando más me he fijado en esta banda, con geniales canciones como las que mencionaremos en el post siguiente, ya que en el player,que todavía suena en el blog, están su gran Fortress y la deliciosa Loro.
-mp3 aqui-
Sing sing--Come, sing me a song
Una de mis canciones favoritas de esta mitad de año, con ella volvía el duo británico Sing-Sing. Suena en un capítulo de la segunda temporada de Anatomia de Grey.
-La versión que sonó AQUI-
Personalmente me gusta más la versión más preciosista AQUI
The orange peels--Something in you
Canción que el verano pasado no paraba de escuchar. Me hizo gracia en su web, una canción sobre Sting. Pero no controlaba mucho más de ellos, lo digo porque hoy buscando los links, he descubierto en son dos chicos y una chica.
-mp3 AQUI-
El oso--Tonight's now tomorrow
También una de mis canciones favoritas del año pasado, una de esas que por sus destinatarios acababan quedando fuera de las recopilaciones. Pero bien podrían estar en un CD junto a Husky Rescue y otras de esas geniales canciones que se me quedaron fuera de los 80 minutos que se estira un CD.
Shiloh Pilot--Coloring orange
Descubierto mientras creaba el player con los links de
The singing mechanic--Dying to be social
También descubierto el mismo día que Shiloh Pilot.
Hayden--My wife
Sobre este creo que su My wife, ya la había escuchado antes.
-mp3 AQUI-
Arno van Goch--Hush
Descubierto también haciendo el player.
Dutch artist Arno van Goch uses a broad sonic palette to create his own musical language. His sense of orchestration and arrangement is keen, whether it's troubled synth-pop or a post-Millennial update on the Delta blues. Van Goch leaves all ears intact.
Arno is a multi-instrumentalist living in Rotterdam. He records his music on a multitrack recorder and puts some of his songs on the internet for his friends ( and the rest of the world ) to hear.
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Similar Artists: Jimi Hendrix

-mp3 AQUI-
Destroyer--European oils
Una de las bandas descubiertas por mi este año. Esta canción está en el Sampler que puse de Pitchfork Festival.
Showroom--Fighting words
Lo mejor de hacer este player con selección totalmente al azar ha sido descubrir a esta banda canadiense. Gran sorpresa, lástima que ya no haya más de Showroom, habrá que estar atenta a lo que creen sus componentes.

martes, 18 de julio de 2006

Everstrong - Album Preview (Track2-Revolution)

Ahora puedes escuchar "Revolution" en su MySpace ,el segundo tema de su album "Hello Again".

Post anterior sobre ellos aqui

Festival Internacional de Benicàssim 2006

Se han agotado las entradas para el viernes 21, sábado 22 y domingo 23, quedando sólo a la venta para el jueves 20. No obstante, se ha reservado un 5% del aforo en taquilla para cada uno de los días.

1. FIB Heineken 2006 pondrá a la venta en las Taquillas del recinto de conciertos un 5% del aforo para cada día de Festival (20, 21, 22 y 23 de julio) en ENTRADAS DE DÍA.
2. Cada uno de los días sólo se venderán entradas para esa jornada.
3. Sólo se venderán 2 entradas por persona.
4. El pago de las entradas deberá realizarse en efectivo (no se admitirán tarjetas de créditos, cheques, etc.).
5. Las taquillas de venta de entradas abrirán del jueves 20 al domingo 23, a las horas que detallamos a continuación, y cerrarán una vez que se agoten las entradas que se pondrán a la venta cada uno de los días:
Jueves 20: a partir de las 18:30 h. Viernes 21, Sábado 22 y Domingo 23: a partir de las 15:00 h.
6. Las Taquillas están ubicadas en el hall del recinto de conciertos. Puedes consultar el plano aquí.


Este año nace FIB Heineken TV. Con la desaparición del escenario FIB Heineken Music Box, surge un área de descanso de grandes proporciones en la que una gran pantalla de leds será la protagonista de una programación muy especial:
Conexiones en directo con los escenarios Verde y Electrónico, información de todo lo que esté sucediendo en el Festival, saludos de los artistas, retransmisión de las ruedas de prensa y programación del MUSAC en Benicàssim.

Piensa en una zona de descanso del Festival en la que mediante unos auriculares seas tú quien elija qué música quieres escuchar mientras te relajas entre concierto y concierto. ¿Te parece algo imposible? Pues no, es una realidad. Silent Disco llega a FIB Heineken de la mano de la zona de descanso Red Bull donde tendrás la ocasión de disfrutar de dos programaciones de DJ a la vez. Una propuesta totalemte innovadora que no debes perderte.
Consulta la programación aquí.

Volvemos a agrupar por bloques toda la información que debes tener en cuenta una vez estés en Benicássim. Si quieres informarte mejor, no olvides consultar la sección "Dudas" y las recomendaciones.

Consulta los horarios, fechas y trayectos de los autobuses

Consulta el plano de Benicàssim
Ubicaciones, fechas y horarios de los puntos de información

Plano del recinto
Horarios de apertura y cierre del recinto
Fechas, ubicación y horarios de las taquillas
Ubicaciones, fechas y horarios de las oficinas de cambio de pulseras
Horarios de los conciertos

Fechas de apertura y cierre de cada zona de acampada
Ubicaciones, fechas y horarios de las consignas

El FIB Heineken no sólo es música. Consulta las diferentes actividades extramusicales, sus fechas, horarios y ubicaciones:
VII Festival Internacional de Cortos FIB
IX Mustang Fashion Weekend FIB
IX Muestra de teatro FIB-actúa
VII Cita con la Danza
IX Cursos de Verano FIB

fiberfib 2006

Cartel 2006
12Twelve + Ainara LeGardon + Aldo Linares + Alex Smoke + Alexander Kowalski + Art Brut + Babyshambles + Bilbadino + Calla + Camelot + Chloé + Chris Brokaw + Cocó Ciëlo + Codec & Flexor + Coldcut + Colder + El Columpio Asesino + Corazón + Depeche Mode + dEUS + Dionysos + Dominik Eulberg + Dominique A + Echo and The Bunnymen + Editors + Ellen Allien & Apparat + Eme + Erol Alkan + Franz Ferdinand + The Futureheads + Garzón + Gaydjteam + Green Velvet + Grupo Salvaje + Le Hammond Inferno feat. Namosh + Hell + Herbert (live) + Homeboy + Howe Gelb + 'Sno Angel + Humbert Humbert + Isolée + Ivan Smagghe + James Holden + Jay-Jay Johanson + Jeff Automatic + Jennifer Cardini + The Kooks + Líneas Albiés + Lou Barlow + Madness + Manta Ray + Mario Cielo + Matt Elliott + Michael Mayer + Miss Kittin + Mojave 3 + Morning Runner + Morrissey + Ms. John Soda + Nada Surf + Nadadora + Nathan Fake + Onavisión Decoración + The Ordinary Boys + The Organ + Pastiche Sound + Pin & Pon + Pixies + Placebo + Dj Polar + Poni Hoax + PUGGY + Queens Of Noize + Radiosoulwax Presents Nite Versions live and 2manydjs + Justice + The Rakes + Rework + Rufus Wainwright + Santi Campos Y Los Amigos Imaginarios + Scissor Sisters + The Secret Society + She Wants Revenge + Smart + Sr. Mostaza + The Strokes + Sugarpop + The Sunday Drivers + Superpitcher + Sylvie Marks + Teitur + Tiga + Tom Cary + Tom Verlaine with Jimmy Rip + Toxicosmos + Venus + Vladimir Dynamo + The Walkmen + We Are Scientists + White Rose Movement + Wighnomy Brothers + Yann Tiersen + zZz +


domingo, 16 de julio de 2006

Everstrong- Album preview

We are previewing our debut album "Hello Again" track by track on Myspace over the next few weeks. Go to our page now and download the title track from the album for a limited time only. Each week you will be able to listen to a new track.-Everstrong-

Rock / Indie / Soul

Manchester, United Kingdom

Simon Vaughan (Lead vocals);
Paul 'Willy' Williams (Lead guitar);
Phil Carr (Rhythm guitar);
Chris Kelly (Bass guitar);
Piers Vaughan (Keyboards/backing vocals)

Sobre la banda (info recogida en su MySpace) :
Writing and performing songs with pride, power and passion has become this bands trademark. Quintessentially English lyrics and melodies from London, with rocking guitars and rhythm from Manchester, its a great combination, but there is more to Everstrong than just their music. The band work tirelessly in pursuit of their goals, and in April 2005 literally forced their way into the charts, reaching number 9 in the UK Indie Chart and into the Official UK Chart with their debut single 'Take Me Home'.
Performing regularly across the UK from Manchester, to London, Edinburgh to Penzance, the band have gained a reputation of breath-taking live shows, but the UK isnt the only place that their music can be heard. In May 2006 Everstrong will be making their third appearance at Switzerland's biggest annual free festival, Fete de l'Espoir, plus headline gigs in Albertville and Domessin in France this year confirm the bands international appeal.

For more info visit the official site at

"Everstrong really sum up what is so good about English pop music, lyrics which sound like they could have been written by Ray Davies or Paul McCartney, combined with guitars and rhythms that instantly jump out at you, and make you wonder how there was life before this band." -


The Night & Day Sessions - French Version (May 2006)
1. Te Briser
2. Get By
3. Not Gonna Save Yer Life
4. Pretty Pleased (Remix)

The Night & Day Sessions - UK Version (January 2006)
1. Not Gonna Save Yer Life -mp3-
2. Get By -mp3-
3. Break You -mp3-
4. Pretty Pleased (Remix) -mp3-

Take Me Home
1. Take Me Home (Womble 'til I Die)
2. Soldiers

Hello Again
1. Hello Again -mp3- (just a couple of hours to enjoy it, because then you'll listen to Revolution)
2. Revolution
3. Driver
4. Same Way Too
5. Soldiers
6. Coming Around
7. Part-time Sinner
8. All The Time
9. Realise
10. It's Alright
11. The Other Side

sábado, 15 de julio de 2006

The Submarines - remixes

Creo que no he hablado antes de ellos, aunque si que hubo intención de ello, pero supongo que era uno de tantos posts que voy acumulando. A ver si un dia hablo de 3 de Suecia, otro de los players, y otro de unas cuantas voces femeninas.
Ahora de momento con la excusa de los remixes -que me opino que están muy bien mezclados- hablaremos de The Submarines, y con ello ya tenéis bastante para leer, ver y escuchar por hoy.

Indie / Folk / Electronica

Los Angeles, California, United States

John Dragonetti (Jack Drag)
Blake Hazard

Sobre ellos -recogido en su MySpace-:
Blake is a girl from the cold state of Vermont. John was raised in the hot arid sands of Dubai. They met in Boston and made a record of Blake's songs. They then travelled near and far to play John's songs, and then Blake's again. At last the two moved our west to seek adventure, but sadly parted on a bleak November day. They wrote songs, each in their own place, about their dismay and unhappiness without the other. Their songs said things they hadn't said in person, and when they heard them--together--it all made sense. In fact, life made more sense together. After a while, and having realized this, they became The Submarines. Here is the record they wrote to each other, before during and after the sad days apart. There's hope and darkest things, there's peace and hate, even such modern inventions as the feeling of a brighter discontent. So, ready or not, clouds or sunshine, about this conversation between the two we vote yes!

Discografia:-Declare a New State! (June 20, 2006-Nettwerk Records)

1. Peace And Hate * -mp3- NEW!!
2. Clouds
3. Vote
4. Brighter Discontent *
5. Hope
6. Ready Or Not
7. Modern Iinventions *
8. The Good Night
9. This Conversation
10. Darkest Things

*Escucha éstas en su MySpace

Declare a New State is the sound of a break-up. It's also the sound of a reunion. In "Clouds," former solo artist Blake Hazard (Little Airplane), the great-great granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald, sings, "Tonight I won't be coming home." Then in "Hope," John Dragonetti, who used to record as Jack Drag, sings, "I should have known you were gonna drift away." The irony is that the making of their debut helped to bring the two Boston-bred, LA-based Submarines back together. Many songs were written separately and each takes the lead on different ones: Hazard on "Ready or Not," Dragonetti on "This Conversation," etc. Then, on "Peace and Hate" and "Modern Inventions," which combine Beach Boy harmonies with Eno electronics, they trade beautifully glitch-bedecked verses. Their voices are even processed so that they merge into one. Perhaps because they were reconciling while making the album, Declare a New State is neither dark nor depressing, but rather bittersweet and optimistic, an effect reinforced as much by the reflective lyrics--"We were writing songs to make ourselves feel better," Hazard has said--as the captivating instrumental choices, like Wurlitzer in "The Good Night" and viola in "Darkest Things." Significantly, the album ends with the words, "We're coming home." --Kathleen C. Fennessy


-Brighter discontent (Morgan Page Remix)-mp3-
-Peace and Hate (Morgan Page Remix)-mp3-


Mientras "Peace and hate" sería para relajarse -sin dormirse-, por ejemplo para disfrutar después de comer haciendo sofing. Su remix es para prepararse antes de salir de fiesta :)
Creo que a Mr Buzz esto se le da mejor ;)

Blondefilms presents THE HIGHS

A THE HIGHS los mencionamos antes porque incluimos su gran "I waited" en uno de los players que sonaron en el blog, concretamente en este POST . Ahora los podemos conocer más gracias a blondefilms.

also now showing at at


The Format -Dog Problems

schey, sam, marko, nate, don - photo by: jim newberry

Pop / Indie / Rock

Peoria, Arizona, United States

Componentes: means/ruess/raymond/schey/buzard

Sobre The Format (recogido en su MySpace)

Attention downtrodden rock bands everywhere: If you think getting dumped by your girlfriend is rough, try getting dropped by your record label. Twice. Although they're still barely in their twenties, that's exactly what happened to Sam Means and Nate Ruess, otherwise known as The Format. However, instead of letting the experience destroy them, the band has transformed the ordeal into something positive. (Hell, they threw parties both times it happened.)

"It sort of mockingly turned the whole major-label side of the music business into a dance," explains Ruess about one of Dog Problems' most telling songs, "The Compromise." "There's a line, 'I can feel your feet touching mine,' which pretty much explains it all in the sense of 'if you're not willing to play the game, we'll just find someone else.' And that's quite alright with me." Although the band was inundated with major-label offers after their split with Atlantic, they decided to release under their own Vanity Label imprint, distributed by Sony/BMGa move that allowed them to make the album they wanted to make.

"It was great," says Ruess, describing the process of recording Dog Problems with producer Steve McDonald (Red Kross). "I'd go into the studio, make decisions and never have to hear things like, "I don't know if that has enough octane," he continues, laughing. "I feel like on the last record, we were pressured to make an album full of singles, and this time we could just do whatever we want." It's true; six of the songs on Dog Problems have full orchestration (three of which are arranged by Jellyfish mastermind Roger Manning), and while the band may not have felt pressured to write singles, well, nearly every song on the disc could be one.

However, the label issues are only part of the story behind Dog Problemsand hearing Ruess explain the album's title is the best way to understand where much of the album's emotional content came from. "The title Dog Problems comes from the fact that every time my longterm girlfriend and I got back together, we'd get a dog, thinking that it would save our relationship," Ruess explains. In fact, you can actually trace Ruess' tumultuous relationship through the songs on the album: "Matches" sets the scene and "I'm Actual" recounts the events actually going down, while songs toward the end of the disc have a sentimental and almost philosophical bent"Snails" in particular, which uses the animal as a metaphor for making the most of the time we have with our loved ones.

But even if you don't know what each song is about, the medium is also the message. With its horns and complex arrangements, "Dog Problems" has the scope of an elaborate show tune; "Oceans" is so instantly recognizable that it's difficult to believe you haven't heard it before; and "She Doesn't Get It," features a guitar intro based on Bruce Springsteen's "Growin' Up," but quickly morphs into a hook-filled anthem reminiscent of the band's pop-friendly peers. Ghosts of XTC, Harry Nilsson and, of course, The Beatles haunt the rest of Dog Problems, but the album also takes profound inspiration from Brian Wilson. "The new album is definitely a pop record; that's the only way I can describe it," admits Reuss, clearly referring to a time before Britney Spears and boy bands co-opted the term to sell SUVs.

However, despite all this, the most amazing part of The Format's still unfolding story is the way they've survivedno, thrivedin the face of adversity. In the past three years, the band has shared the stage with Motion City Soundtrack, Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional and kept their fans updated via "The Living Room" section of their Web site, where they've posted acoustic versions of Dog Problems songs to tide over their growing legion of listenersand somehow without MTV or radio play, their fanbase has grown exponentially.

So, how does it feel with the album finally set for release?

"It's so exciting," Ruess beams. "We were worried that since the record was delayed for a year, maybe people had forgotten about usbut our fanbase has tripled." He pauses, trying to articulate three years worth of work into one sentence. "I don't know how any of this has happened, but I feel like this is just the beginning."


-Interventions and Lullabies (2003)

-Dog problems (11 July 2006)

1. Matches
2. I'm Actual
3. Time Bomb
4. She Doesn't Get It -mp3-
5. Pick Me Up
6. Dog Problems
7. Oceans
8. Dead End
9. Snails
10. The Compromise -mp3-
11. Inches And Falling
12. If Work Permits

-filter magazine

Lo poco que he escuchado,me ha encantado :)