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Story One

Últimamente nos tomamos el blog con más calma. La verdad es que hay mucho que contar, pero como también hay mucho que leer y escuchar... Hoy tampoco pensaba pasarme por aqui, pero echando una ojeada a los boletines del MySpace, salió esta banda. También he de decir que, a pesar de ojear con frecuencia este sitio (aunque últimamente no con tanta frecuencia) pues no me habia enterado de que The teenagers eran la última sensación dado a conocer al igual que Lily Allen, a través de esta plataforma.

Left to right: Mike, Barny, Tom and G

Nottingham, United Kingdom




Tom Evans - Vocals/Violin
Barny Barratt - Guitar
Gerald Youna - Bass & Guitar
Mike Woolf - Drums.

Su trabajo se llama "Disposable" y te lo puedes descargar gratuito en su web.

-Saving Grace



Given the anonymity of the internet and Myspace, many people use it as a way of conveying feelings and messages they can not relay to their close friends and relatives. It is often used as a way of reaching out and calling for help. Whether it be posting blogs about your thoughts, or writing songs to share with others, or even striking up a freindship with someone on the otherside of the World. This is how Story One came across Grace. Originally contacting the band as a fan, they quickly built up a friendship and spoke almost daily. After speaking for a number of weeks it became apparent that Grace was suffering from depression, and her life was spiralling out of control. She was clearly crying out for help, and the band tried their best to help her. After spending a great deal of time talking to Grace and talking through her problems they felt that she was making her comeback from her depression. However, the next time thay tried to speak to her Grace's profile had been deleted and they couldn't get hold of her at all. They have trawled the internet and contacted Myspace directly trying to get hold of her. If Grace sounds like someone you know, or is infact you please get in contact with the band. 'Saving Grace' has been written about Grace, and how she has touched the band. The actress in our video is not Grace, Grace please get in contact.


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Sonando en el blog: Mix 4 (V CT)

"Sonata artística" de M. de Lara

01-Budapest "Lost"
02-GEM "The subterranean parade"
03-Headlights "TV"
04-Vega4 "You & me"
05-Mutemath "Noticed"
06-The Killers "Read my mind"
07-Guster "Satellite"
08-As tall as lions "Love love love (love love)"
09-Pinback "Fortress"
10-Jeremy Enigk "Been here before"
11-Persephone's bees "Nice day"
12-The rapture "Get mysef into it"
13-Kubb "Wicked soul"
14-Peter, Björn and John "Young folks"
15-Johanna Stahley "I'm not perfect"
16-Leon "Belong"
17-Ben Kweller "Penny on the train track"
18-Every move a picture "Sign a life"
19-Rock kills kid "Hideaway"
20-Bravo Silva "I can't say goodbye"

El player de las 24 canciones

Player en modo Shuffle

01- 27 - closer to you
02- - for an exchange
03- AM and the UV - in this kiss
04- BUDAPEST - life gets in the way (live)
05- JOHN GARRISON - shadow
06- - convincing myself
07- - foundation
08- - never far from me
09- GEM - the subterranean parade
10- GHOSTLY MAN - advice from strangers
11- HAPPY PILLS - not ok
12- HUSKY - easy life
13- KANUTE - viper
14- KUBB - wicked soul
15- LAND OF TALK - speak to me bones
16- NADA SURF - always love
17- PETER, BJÖRN AND JOHN - Amsterdam
18- SNOWDEN - anti anti
19- THE DECEMBERISTS - summersong
20- THE GRATES - feels like pain
21- THE POSTMARKS - goodbye
22- THE SUBMARINES - peace and hate (remix)
23- WHITE TOWN - a new surprise
24- ZOFKA - je ne suis qu'a moi

domingo, 19 de noviembre de 2006

Vega4 "Satellites"

Viendo su página web, sólo hablaban de "You and others" y en algunos blogs hablan de su CD de debut. Asi que, no sabia que antes habia un CD anterior llamado "Satellites". Gracias a Das :) por descubrirme este primer disco de la banda.

01. Drifting Away Violently
02. Sing
03. Radio Song
04. The Caterpillar Song
05. Love Breaks Down
06. Better Life
07. The Love You Had
08. Satellite
09. Shoot Up Hill
10. Burn & Fade
11. Hallelujah

Todo su material en su Fansite.



Post anteriores:

-Vega4 (post)
-Life is beautiful LETRA (post)
-Sonando en el blog: VEGA4 (post)

Life is beautiful

by Vega4

life is beautiful
we love until we die

when you run into my arms
we steal a perfect moment
Let the monsters see you smile
let them see you smile
and do i hold you too tightly
when will the hurt kick in

life is beautiful
but it's complicated
we barely make it
we don't need to understand
there are miracles

your life is beautiful
our hearts they beat and break
when you run away from harm
will you run back into my arms
like you did when you were young
will you come back to me
and i will hold you tightly
when the hurting kicks in

life is beautiful
but it's complicated
we barely make it
we don't need to understand
there are miracles

stand where you are
we let all these moments pass us by

it's amazing where i'm standing
there's a lot left we can give

this is ours just for a moment
there's a lot left we can give

it's amazing where i'm standing
there's a lot left we can give

this is ours just for a moment
there's a lot left we can give

MP3 aqui


Has podido escuchar su "Je ne suis qu'a mois" en el anterior player, el de las 24 canciones. Y ahora aprovechando que ésta y otras 3 canciones están disponibles para descargar en su profile, te los presento.

Lounge / Trip Hop / Nu-Jazz




Myriam Russo, Michael Ricar

Info en su MySpace:

There is no music that fits so perfectly to your summer feeling like the music of Zofka! The sound of their songs is new and fresh, futuristic and retro at the same time, a wonderful melange of Downbeat Chanson, Electropop, NuJazz and Chill Out some sort of NuChanson. Zofkas remarkable art is to make electronic music sound warm, expressive and full of emotions. The music of Zofka reminds you of a charming trip to the south coast of France, the Côte DAzur. This is Zofka: An elegant and unique melange of french chanson and musette, electronic beats and pop-elements married with the remarkable and sublime soul-voice of the vocalist Myriam Russo combined to form a rare and exquisite musical delight. Get charmed!

Discos en su web :
-Bad girls

-Je ne suis qu'a mois MP3
-Parole MP3
-Un deux trois bikini MP3
-Parfum vanille MP3

Videos:(videos by www.bartwasem.com )

-Je ne suis qu'a moi

-Parfum Vanille

-Dark room

Purevolume SAMPLER


-The Damnwells "I am a leaver"
-Jamie Randolp "Wine kings"
-Drive-by truckers "Easy on yourself"
-Starflyer 59 "I win"
-David Bazan "Cold beer and cigarettes" **
-The stills "In the beginning"
-Gasoline heart "Move along"
-Fair "Carelessness"
-Favourite sons "No one ever dies young"
-Denison Witmer "Los Angeles"
-Page France "Bush"
-Discover America "The day you were born"
-The lonely hearts "Love me right"
-Chase Pagan "Spanish tounge"
-Death Comesto Matteson "Ender"

**Esta canción no está incluida en el archizo .ZIP, has de descargarla del PV player. /This song is downloadable in the PV player.

Click on the pic and enjoy it!

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Set The Fire To The Third Bar

Es el tercer single extraido de EYES OPEN (2006), el último trabajo de Snow Patrol. En este tema participa Martha Wainwright (hermana de Rufus Wainwright)

'Set The Fire To The Third Bar' is backed with a live recording of 'Chasing Cars' on the 7" vinyl format and a live recording of 'You're All I Have' on the CD version, but be quick, because both formats are only available until the end of this week!

-Set The Fire To The Third Bar (feat. Martha Wainwright)

Los otros sencillos extraidos de EYES OPEN fueron:

-You're all I have

-Chasing cars
*Primera versión
The video for the anthemic Chasing Cars was filmed in both Iceland and London, by acclaimed directors arni&kinski. The duo in the past have shot promos for the stunning Icelandic band Sigur Ros.

*Video para Anatomia de Grey (recordemos que "Chasing cars" suena justo al final de la 2ª temporada de la serie)

*US Version
US Version of Chasing Cars, filmed by renowned photographer and director Nick Brandt.

No lo he encontrado en YouTube ni en su MySpace, asi que, lo puedes ver en la televisión, en su web o en AOL Music.

Acabo de encontrarlo :o Aunque no se ve muy bien.

Prototypes- FREE EP

Ya hemos hablado antes de ellos, su Je ne te connais pas sonó en el blog.
Ahora Minty Fresh Records, durante un tiempo limitado, te deja descargar el EP.

For a limited time, you can download Prototypes EP that included 4 unreleased tracks in USA.

Ve a su WEB y luego a la zona "Stimuli"

Prototypes' MySpace

120 Days

Location: Oslo, Norway
Genre: Electro / Rock / Experimental
Similar Artists: The Stills, Suicide, Wilderness, The Cure


ADNE MEISFJORD - Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals
ARNE KVALVIK - Keyboards, Electronic Drums

Info recogida en ViceRecords y Download.com :

This Oslo outfit's absorbing material could easily find a home in the electro-ambient realm, what with its gleaming multitracked drones and valiant use of vintage keyboards. But the propulsive beats smack of wider ambitions: listen with headphones, sure, but move those feet.

120 Days had its first rehearsal autumn 2001 in their small hometown, Kristiansund, on the northwest coast of Norway. The band consisted of the four 19 year old friends Jonas Dahl, Arne Kvalvik, Kjetil Ovesen and Adne Meisfjord. They called themselves The Beautiful People.

Not much could happen in Kristiansund, where the bars are full of cover bands if they played music at all. They would have to move to Oslo to on the map. Yet with Oslo being recently rated the most expensive city on earth, they knew they would be able to afford a place to live. So they found the perfect solution: they bought a used motor home, drove to Oslo, parked it in the street, and lived in it and played in it for a year.

In these intense months the only things they did was rehearse. But junkies constantly trying to break in got to be too much. With the help of earnings from various jobs, they finally left the motor home. By this time the 120 Days sound was created.

It's a sound heralding a new dawn of electronic rock: built by vintage and discarded keyboards, colored by drones and noise, powered by guitars, and propelled, in lieu of a drummer, by a motorik beat synched with Kraftwerk and NEU! Other touchstones and inspirations include Suicide, Stereolab, Spaceman 3, Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, Steve Reich's Four Organs, Primal Scream's XTRMNTR, The Stooges, New Order and Harmonia. The songs describe the desolation of cold, dark, long Oslo nights spent searching for escape, a hand to hold, or one last fix.

Early in 2004 the band released their critically acclaimed 3-song EP titled Sedated Times on the small Oslo label Public Demand Records. Late in 2004 they released their second EP, 5 tracks that caused quite a stir in Norway. And after the bands gig at By:Larm in Norway (the Norwegian equivalent to South By Southwest) the band sent shockwaves through a lot of industry people, and the gig resulted in the band being booked to both the Reading and Leeds Festivals in England and the SONAR Festival in Barcelona. Very soon the band had found a home with the great label Smalltown Supersound (Jaga Jazzist, Lindstrom, Kim Hiorthoy) for Norway, and with VICE Records in North America. With their signing to VICE they become the first Norwegian band ever to be signed directly to a US label.

Their self-titled debut album was produced by the band themselves and recorded in Oslo's Crystal Canyon studios in January and February 2006. The album was mixed by Jogen Traen and the band in Duper Studio, Bergen, in April 2006.


120 Days (Vice Records, 10 Oct 2006)

1. Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone) MP3
2. Be Mine
3. C-Musik
4. Sleepwalking
5. Get Away
6. Keep On Smiling
7. Lazy Eyes
8. Sleepless Nights #3
9. I'Ve Lost My Vision (Kraut Nr1)


120 Days - Everyday

viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2006

Ghostly man 'The Only Man That Matters'

Ya hablamos antes aqui de Glyn Thomas. Después de Alpinestars, su nuevo proyecto se llama Ghostly man. Aqui hemos podido escuchar uno de sus singles, "Advice from strangers". Ahora puedes escuchar entero su disco 'The Only Man That Matters' porque durante un tiempo limitado puedes adquirirlo completo y gratutitamente.

Ghostly Man's debut album 'The Only Man That Matters'
is available to download for free for a very limited time

Link en su MySpace

Track list:

01. The Only Man That Matters
02. Hundred Heart Attacks
03. Internal Affairs
04. Ain't Your Ray of Sunshine
05. Coco Download
06. Capital Download
07. Advice From Strangers
08. Us and Them
09. She Loves To Lose
10. Radio Silence

Post anterior

Sarah Blasko

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



Sobre el ultimo disco y ella recogido en su web:

Recording in April 2006, Sarah set to task bringing to life a brand new set of songs she only began working on at the beginning of the year. In a strange twist of fate, Blasko headed straight from her performance of the Crowded House flagship number, "Don't Dream It's Over", at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, to Neil Finn's own Roundhead Studios, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Working again with loyal accomplice, Robert F Cranny, the pair brought in the talent and experience of Jim Moginie to assist with the production of the recordings. Blasko first encountered Moginie personally when collaborating with him on her version of "Flame Trees", although he is better known to many as a songwriter & multi-instrumentalist with legendary Australian band, Midnight Oil.

Complementing the freshness of these new compositions, Sarah took a four-piece band into the studio - a converted former ballroom - where the twelve new tracks were recorded live in the spacious and ornate surrounds by engineer Paul McKercher.

Finally, the project was mixed by Victor Van Vugt, an ex-pat Melbournian who has a long association with icons of the Australian music world, Nick Cave and Dave Graney.

Thematically, the album is an exploration of fatalism. Using the unpredictable ebbs and flows of the sea as her metaphor, Blasko looks at fate with a learned reverence, but with the maturity to set sail in spite of uncertainty, and the courage to use her own former shipwrecks as seamarks.

Sarah Blasko spent her youth in the suburbs of Sydney, in a family whose journeys of faith steered her through numerous religious denominations. Through the church, school and her Father’s oddball record collection, she was introduced to music quite accidentally, and has no formal training to speak of.

Having ventured out into the bright lights of Hollywood to record her last album, Sarah has spent two years touring the world only to find that Australia has a musical heritage as rich as anywhere else in the world.

The result is her second album, "What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have". Recorded swiftly, the album displays a more succinct, a more lucid and a more forthright Sarah Blasko. Her lyrics shoot straight and the instrumentation is clear and purposeful in its application.

Despite Blasko’s grace in the face of her humble achievements thus far, her confidence must have grown a little. She has tiptoed amongst the shadows of people like Jim Moginie, Neil Finn, Paul McKercher & Victor Van Vugt – people whose contribution to music stretches back into her suburban youth. Yet Sarah has emerged into the sunlight on the other side unflinchingly still herself.

Discografia (ver más en su web):

-"What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have" (Abril 2006)

1.For You
3.The Garden's End
4.The Albatross
5.Planet New Year
6.Amazing Things
7.Always On This Line
8.The Woman By The Well
10.Queen of Apology
12.I Could Never Belong To Yo


-"Always On This Line", directed by Ben Saunders

Always On This Line

- [explain] a video by lucy dyson and isobel knowles


Low Altitude Records (US), Dew Process (Australia)

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Sonando en el blog : Vega4

Ya iba siendo hora de cambiar las canciones, pronto haré un post sobre las 24 canciones que sonaron en el blog. De momento, os dejo 4 canciones de Vega4 de los cuales ya he hablado.
"You and me" en la versión que estuvo disponible en su MySpace.
"Life is beautiful" versión del disco "You and others"
"Papercuts" y "Bullets" ambas obtenidas gratis al apuntarme a su mailing-list.

Próximamente sonara la compilación que hice de 20 temas. Algunas ya las escuchaste, de otras hablé. Pero muchas veces sobran las palabras, y lo que cuenta es escuchar.
Time for new music in the blog. Now you can listen to 4 songs by Vega4.
Soon I'll write a post about the 24 songs that you could listen here until today. And I'll make a player in case you want to remember them.

And if the links want work, I'll make a player with my last MIX CD. 20 songs that I hope you will be able to listen soon.

martes, 14 de noviembre de 2006

M. Craft "Sweets" VIDEO y LETRA

Single released 02/10/06 on 679 Recordings


Rose Byrne se dió a conocer definitivamente con su papel de Briseida en Troya. Desde entonces la hemos visto y veremos en:

Wicker Park - Obsesión (2004) .... Alex
The Tenants (2005) .... Irene
Casanova (2005/II) (TV) .... Edith
Marie-Antoinette (2006/I) .... Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron, ducquesa de Polignac
Sunshine (2007)
Dead girl (2007)

little magdalene, we all know about the places that you've been
you think you're hidden there but everyone has seen
and they can see you now you're out in the rain
it's five a.m. and you're on some corner again
soaking wet and there's no taxi with your name, you say...

"i take sweets from strangers
you got a car then let's take a ride
wanna see some places
wanna make some changes
wanna do some living tonight
i'm not shy"

never unseen, you ventured out into the great in-between
the eucalyptus and the burnt gasoline
on dusty nowhere roads you hitch yourself a ride
with a burnt-down man who's eyes are still wide
and all that you can talk about is suicide, you say..

"i take sweets from strangers
you got a car then let's take a ride
wanna see some places
wanna make some changes
wanna do some living tonight
i'm not shy"

little magdalene, we all know about the places that you've been...

M. Craft

Folk / Latin / Pop
London, United Kingdom


Sobre M.Craft por 679 Recordings:

2006 solo debut from this Australian musician, formerly with Space Rock outfit Sidewinder. This time out, Martin Craft's love of late-night Modern Soul shines through with Gainsbourg-like pop mixed with a touch of Neil Young and James Blunt for good measure. The early reviews for this album are using words like 'dazzling', 'fantastic' and 'mesmerizing'. 679.



1. Silver & Fire
2. Emily Snow
3. You Are The Music (MP3 of Tuesday in TheDownloader)
4. I Got Nobody Waiting For Me
5. Love Know How To Fight
6. Lucile
7. Dragonfly (MP3)
8. Snowbird
9. Sweets (MP3)
10. Soldier
11. Teardrop Tattoo


-I Can See It All Tonight (17 Feb 2004)

1. Dragon Fly
2. Sweets
3. Come To My Senses
4. On The 389
5. Out In The Sun
6. Solitaire
I Can See It All Tonight [CD-SINGLE

You Are The Music

You are the music LETRA:

tv shows
won't take my mind far from the things i know
troubled days
are on their way
there's hell to pay
but i know i'm gonna be ok, cause baby

you are the music
the music in me
and when the silence comes
you'll be all that i need
you are the vision
the vision i see
and when the darkness falls
you'll be all that i need

movie screens
faded jeans
won't take my mind far from the things i've seen
a future bright
a world alight
an end in sight
but i know i'm gonna be alright, cause baby

you are the music
the music in me
and when the silence comes
you'll be all that i need
you are the vision
the vision i see
and when the darkness falls
you'll be all that i need

you are the music in me
(i'm gonna move to your beat, wherever it may lead me..)

El pasado de Bauer

Antes de formar Bauer (banda que hemos mencionado varias veces por aqui), algunos de sus componentes formaban un grupo llamado Barfly.

classic line up- Mick Lowe, Neil Treppas, Mikey, Greg, Trevor Sale

Indie / Alternative / Pop

Bolton/Ashton/Manchester, Northwest
United Kingdom



Band Members Band line ups:

Greg Matthews
Mikey Guitar
Neil Treppas
Mick Lowe
Trevor Sale

Greg Matthews
Mikey Guitar
Neil Treppas
Trevor Sale

2003 - 2005
Greg Matthews
Mikey Guitar
Neil Treppas
Lee Bradbury


-Middleman (mp3)

-Walking in your sha.. (mp3)

-Looking for the sun (mp3)

-Searching forever (mp3)

The Rinse

Ya hablé de ellos en el blog de MySpace. Los conocimos siendo 4 chicos,para luego pasar a ser 3,acompañados de una nueva bajista. Incluso Planetapopradio los mencionó en su blog.

Rock / Indie / Pop




Wills - vocals
Ryan - drums
Mex - bass
James - guitar

Nuevos mp3s:
-what to lose (mp3)

-young offender (mp3)

sábado, 11 de noviembre de 2006

Swedish Rock Days


Exactamente un año después de su primera edición vuelve el Swedish Rock Days. No cambia de ubicación, se volverá a celebrar, por tanto, en la Sala Heineken de Madrid, el jueves 23 de noviembre. En su segunda edición, el festival crece tanto organizativamente (ya que a Merklubba Production se han unido Fikasound y Explosión Musical), como en su apuesta por descubrir nuevos talentos y darlos a conocer en nuestra geografía. El objetivo, sin embargo, sigue siendo el mismo: el intercambio musical entre Suecia y España.

Este año el festival crece con nombres como Sugarplum Fairy (muy influenciados por Mando Diao, donde toca el hermano de algunos de ellos), y Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, que después de cosechar buenas críticas tanto en la prensa nacional como internacional, se animan a dar el salto a nuestros escenarios para demostrarnos lo que valen.

Con un concepto más pop que en la edición anterior, se sigue apostando por grupos que empiezan, como Sebastian Fors & The Ones That Got Away, Lucknow Pact o Ida Maria (ganadora del concurso de maquetas de la edición realizada en marzo en Estocolmo). Sin olvidar la participación de uno de los grupos españoles con más futuro, Havalina Blu.

No sabemos si será por los largos, fríos y duros inviernos, si es por el apoyo de las entidades culturales del país o por las clases de música obligatorias, pero Suecia está llena de buenos músicos y mejores grupos, y el 23 de noviembre podréis disfrutar de los personalísimos estilos de cinco de ellos. Posteriormente, tres de éstas bandas (Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, Sebastian Fors y Lucknow Pact) llevarán la representación de estos Swedish Days a Barcelona (el día 24 de Noviembre, Sala Apolo2) y a Gijón (el sábado 25 de Noviembre, Sala Louie,Louie). Os esperamos.

Cartel en pdf

viernes, 10 de noviembre de 2006


También hemos hablado de ellos, de su EP y de su video "Connected"
Aprovechando que hay dos canciones disponibles en su MySpace, te los recordamos.

Indie / Alternative / Powerpop

Manchester, United Kingdom




-Isn't it a perfect.. (MP3)

-Something good again (MP3)

Mystery Jets

Pop / Pop Punk / Powerpop

United Kingdom



Blaine Harrison - lead vocals, percussion, keyboards, effects
Henry Harrison - vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards
William Rees - vocals, lead guitar, percussion
Kai Fish - vocals, bass guitar, guitar
Kapil Trivedi - drums

Canciones disponibles en su MySpace:
-Elizabeth Acoustic (MP3-MySpace) o (MP3*)

-Umbrellahead (MP3-MySpace) o (MP3*)

*Semi-acoustic songs produced by Elron Alkan.

Maxxfemm REMIX y VIDEO

Ya se hablo antes de este duo. Ahora toca un remix realizado por Ahab. Y un video para ver como se las gastan en directo.

Electro / Pop

LOS ANGELES, California,United States



-"Weak condition -REMIX by Ahab-" (MySpace MP3)

-Maxxfemm live video of "storm" from the E.P. "weak condition". video filmed at club moscow in L.A.
maxxfemm live video -storm

Más videos en YouTube.

miércoles, 8 de noviembre de 2006


Estaba convencida haber incluido en un post de estos de Canciones para ti/Songs 4 u, su canción "Even rats". Parece que no está, asi que, aprovechando que tengo otro mp3 disponible, vamos a conocer a este trio. No conocia antes de ellos, o si era asi, no me acuerdo. Parece ser que su estilo ha cambiado algo. Y a Kelly del blog Sensory Overload le recuerda la canción mencionada a Third Eye Blind. Y algo si que recuerda.

Rock / Indie / Big Beat



Marc Friedman (bass, vocals);
Brad Barr (guitar, lead vocals);
Andrew Barr (drums, vocals)

Info recogida en Amazon.com sobre la banda y el último disco:
Sometimes a band comes along that you can't help but champion-. THE SLIP are the real deal.This is indie-rock at it's best. Their latest (and greatest) album is called Eisenhower 11 tracks of brilliantly wrought, well, BIG ROCK. The stuff of heroes...and the heroes in this case are guitarist/vocalist Brad Barr, his bro and drummer Andrew Barr and bassist Marc Friedman. It's a lot to put on the shoulders of these 3 Boston-and-Montreal-based lads, but they brought it on themselves, what with their epic sound and their reaching for more, etc...
The band entered Q-Division Studios in Boston with co-producer Matthew Ellard (Elliot Smith, Billy Bragg & Wilco, Morphine) and later with sound engineer and co-conspirator Drew Malamud (Stars, Metric, The Dears), emerging with an album of classic proportions - drawing from roots as diverse as the Beatles and Led Zep to Built To Spill, Flaming Lips, Wilco, etc...

The first 3 tunes set the tone - from the kick off "Children of December," with its spiraling melody and fast talking delivery, through "Even Rats" - a super-charged, arena-rock racecar for your impersonal post-apocalypse, (the track has already been featured in Sony Playstation2's top-selling "Guitar Hero" video game, earning the band legions of new fans worldwide), to the languid and beautiful epic "If One Of Us Should Fall," or the intimate lullabye of "Suffocation Keep."

Eisenhower is, dare we say it, a classic - undeniably great and gallant, it takes our everyday, mundane feelings and elevates them to profundity- in essence, doing what true poetry does. And, not to mention, just being amazing rock n' roll. Gordon Matthew


7 Nov 2006 (Bar/None Records)
1. Children Of December MP3
2. Even Rats MP3
3. If One Of Us Should Fall
4. Airplane/Primitive
5. Suffocation Keep
6. First Panda In Space
7. The Soft Machine
8. Life In Disguise
9. Mothwing Bite
10. The Original Blue Air
11. Paper Birds


-Does by The Slip (Audio CD - 2000)

-Angels Come on Time by The Slip (Audio CD - 2002)

-Live Providence, RI 6/12/04 by The Slip (Audio CD - 2004)


Hace tiempo que estamos escuchando en el blog su canción "Easy life",que está en el player de 24 canciones que suena en el blog.

Ahora puedes remezclarla y que tu versión se incluya en el próximo single.


Huski MySpace

The Remix Competition is now live!! Download the following zip file for 'Easy Life' and show us what you can do! The best remix will be featured on the forthcoming single! Email us your finished tracks to pike@huskimusic.com


sábado, 4 de noviembre de 2006

4 nuevas canciones de Dan Wallace

new 4 songs for u by Dan Wallace

Siguiendo con la estela de "¿qué poner en una compilación?". Me siguen surgiendo cantantes o grupos que este año me han llamado la atención. Acabo de volver a escuchar "Girl in the war" de Josh Ritter. Y cómo no incluirla, si es... sencillamente genial.
Y ahora me he acordado de Dan Wallace. Las cuatro canciones disponibles cuando hablé de él, el 17 de Mayo en el blog de MySpace, eran muy buenas. Acabo de pasarme por su perfil y resulta que tiene otras 4 disponibles de su trabajo "Neon and gold". Con esa excusa hablamos de él en este blog, aunque ya su canción "Fell" fue incluida en el primer player que hicimos para escuchar en asilentroom.


Canciones disponibles en su MySpace y en su Web:

-Back of my mind (mp3)

-Le Neant (mp3)

-Sonatina (mp3)

-Vante left them human (mp3)

Post donde lo dabamos a conocer AQUI o MySpace-blog y marca la fecha 17 Mayo 2006.

Canciones para ti

Abrimos el post con un cantante del cual tenia este mp3 en el escritorio del ordenador, y cuando no tenia conexión o no me cargaba algun player de la red, pues escuchaba lo que tenia en el ordenador. Y cuando llegaba a esta canción pensaba que quedaría bien en la compilación o simplemente, me gustaba. No sabia muy bien de donde habia salido la canción, pero al final, encontré quien era. Y sorpresa! para variar... una de sus canciones estaba incluida en el nuevo CD, el 2º, de la bso de Anatomia de Grey. Concretamente la canción "Bound by love", la cual puedes escuchar en su MySpace.

Gran Bel Fisher "Edible" (mp3) (MySpace)

Bright Light Fever "A deeper blue" (mp3) (MySpace)
Mp3 de la semana en Filter Mag. Hay otras 3 canciones para escuchar y descargar en su MySpace.

A Place to Bury Strangers "To Fix the Gash" (mp3) (MySpace)

De la banda australiana pensaba que ya habia hablado. Pero haciendo búsqueda no se encuentra nada. Asi que, será de esos posts que se quedaron pendientes.

Skytone- The New York song (mp3) (MySpace)

Último mix de Ander.

One Second Fame- Whenever osf mix (mp3) (MySpace)

Nueva canción subida a su player de MySpace. Escucha en él,más canciones.

Stay - Show me the way (mp3) (MySpace)

Saint John and the Revelations-Parallax (mp3) (MySpace)

Cansei de ser sexy "Alala"



Post sobre ellos


New Wave / A'cappella / Techno

Barcelona, Spain



Sobre Mendetz por Sinnamon Records:

Mendetz, regreso al futuro
Que el recién publicado debut de Mendetz sea la referencia número 200 de Sinnamon Records no es una casualidad. Desde la primera referencia del sello, The Libertines, no se había visto a un grupo tan descarado y con tanto talento. “Mendetz” (Sinnamon Records, 06) es un álbum contundente y trepidante en el que la jovencísima banda barcelonesa ha logrado aglutinar sus viejas y nuevas influencias, el dance rock de The Faint, !!! o sus admirados The Rapture, el synth pop de The Human League, la retro electrónica de Daft Punk y los teclados juguetones de Depeche Mode o Oschestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, hasta lograr un sonido cien por cien personal.


"Mendetz" sincd200

1. The Boola Shines In The Pink Neon Room
2. Sofa
3. The Ground
4. F.O.M.E.N.A
5. FutureSex (mp3)
6. Dryness
7. Maximo Truffato
8. Incide
9. The Sheep Omal
10. Trebla Nara

1 hidden track de la mano de DJ Wooky


-Future Sex

Bravo Silva 2003-2006

Volviendo a pensar en canciones para la compilación, además de Vega4, me acordé de la gran "I can't say goodbye" de Bravo Silva. Ahora que me acabo de pasar por su MySpace, resulta que la banda ha decidido parar, y quién sabe si volverán. Una pena. Debido a ello, aunque ya hablé de ellos en el blog de MySpace, los recuperamos aqui, por si no los conocias.
Crunk / Rock

NEW YORK, United States



Sobre la banda recogido en su web y MySpace:
New York duo Bravo Silva makes artful pop rock music that is at once extremely listenable and sonically complex. Acknowledging the limitations of contemporary indie-rock, Bravo Silva balances the genre's self-awareness with an unguarded love for accessible, intelligent songcraft. Working together, Henry Silva and Joel Bravo create rock tunes that take a crash course through 80s radio rock melody, singer/songwriter verse, and 70s prog rock theatrics. Their synergetic collaboration is musically dynamic: while Silva's husk-and-silk voice reaches for far ends of a dramatic range, Bravo's subtle yet deft guitar work supports and challenges hook-filled song writing. Lush and textured soundscapes call to mind the arrangements of Blonde Redhead and 10cc, and pop-oriented melodies draw from The Police and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. However, once their melodious hooks set in, the band moves on. Never settling, Bravo Silva changes course just as everything becomes comfortable.

Bravo Silva recently finished recording their self-titled debut, produced by Malachi DeLorenzo and soon to be released by Streak Music. For their live sets they are joined by M Wolf (drums), Daniel Gower (synths), and Pete Van Leeuwen (bass).

bravo silva has decided to disband indefinitely. we are deeply gratefull for all your love and support over the last three years and wish you all the best. we'll miss you.


(henry, joel, ian, zoe)


-Bravo Silva "Bravo Silva" (2006)
Comprarlo aqui/Buy it here

En su web puedes escuchar unos cuantos temas y en su MySpace.


-Bad education DEMO (mp3)

-Strawberry blonde (mp3)

-The other man DEMO (mp3)


-Versionando "Hey" de los Pixies

jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2006


Escogiendo canciones para la compilación, me acordé de Vega4. Su canción "You and me" me gustó mucho cuando la escuché en Mayo. Ya hablé de ellos en el blog de MySpace (aqui o pica en el link del blog de MySpace -aqui- y pon la fecha del 18 de Mayo del 2006).
Esta semana he mirado su perfil en MySpace, y tienen otras 3 canciones para escuchar. Además y aqui llega lo más importante, han editado su primer disco llamado "You & Others" y una de sus canciones "Life is beautiful" fue elegida para ambientar uno de los capítulos de la 3ª temporada de Anatomia de Grey. Asi que, si aún no los conocías, hoy te los presento :)
Y es que, como ya dije en el post de Augustana. Estoy recuperando el estilo de música que me gustaba al principio. Y si Augustana me recuerda mucho a Lifehouse (por lo menos, en el tema que da título a su trabajo). Vega4 primero eran los de la gran "You and me" que estaba descargable en su MySpace. Y ahora se han convertido en una banda a la que prestar atención, por el lanzamiento reciente de su primer trabajo y porque su estilo recuerda a Snow Patrol (en "Life is beautiful") y a otros. Pero escuchando "Papercuts" y "Bullets" (por cierto este título también es igual para una canción de Augustana), las cuales puedes descargar gratis si te apuntas a su mailing list, se ve que hay algo más, su propio estilo lleno de esa intensidad propia de cada banda. Que se hagan grandes como Snow Patrol, Radiohead, Embrace, ... es algo que se verá con el tiempo.
Añado que el inicio de "Papercuts" es muy Radiohead,¿no? Asi que, aunque las 4 que os he dejado para escuchar están muy bien. Me quedo por "originalidad" con "You and me". Alguna influencia habrá, pero eso ya me lo decis en los comments o en el chatbox de aqui al laito.

Indie / Alternative / Rock

London, United Kingdom



John McDaid vocals, guitar
Simon Walker bass
Bruce Gainsford guitar
Bryan McLellan - drums

Influencias: Kraftwerk, Stereolab, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Arvo Part, The Postal Service, Rufus Wainwright, Fourtet, M83

Suenan parecido a: U2, Radiohead, The Verve, Snow Patrol, The Strokes, The Killers

Información recogida en su MySpace:
Vega4 release their single 'You and Me' through Columbia Records on 14th August. The single, available as a ltd edition 10" & CD, was produced by Garret 'Jacknife' Lee (Bloc Party, Editors, U2, Snow Patrol).

Vega4 is four individuals with wildly different backgrounds. They are Irishman Johnny McDaid (Vocals, Guitar), Canadian Bryan McLellan (drums), New Zealander Bruce Gainsford (guitar) and Englishman Simon Walker (bass). Brought together whilst living in London through mutual friends, they built a bond based on their shared interests in music. As with their geographic backgrounds, each member brought with them overtly different musical influences. "It's so hard to describe our sound" explains Johnny. "There are so many elements and influences on this record". .

They mark their arrival with the striking single 'You & Me' available on limited edition 10" Vinyl & CD. This track encapsulates the distinctive sound of Vega4, providing an incredible mix of driving guitar lines, strong vocals and unforgettable hooks. Having already built up a strong live fanbase the band will be playing the Latitude Festival alongside The Zutons, Antoney and the Johnsons & Mogwai.

Vega4s experience of working with Jackknife Lee on album 'You and Others', out later this year, was at times as bizarre as it was inspiring. Devoted to working with the band, Lee would undertake sessions between other commitments; hence the album took 9 months to complete. Working with Garret was so stimulating Johnny comments. "He had a way of making us focus on the world and our music from an entirely different perspective. Jackknife forced us out of introspection by whatever means necessary. Whether it was going out to a field in the middle of the night to throw eggs during a vocal take, or climbing into cupboards and kitchen appliances, he managed to show us that beauty and interest exists in the ordinary. He showed us that it is everywhere."

The result is a clutch of uplifting and poignant songs. "We didn't feel the need to hide behind technology or the urge to create songs that please' or follow fashion insists Johnny. The most important thing is that the songs connect with people. Thats something that cant be worked at. It just is." The process of making this record for us was about finding beauty in the details.


-"You & Others" (2006) (Escucha un sampler del disco aqui)

1. You And Me
2. Traffic Jam
3. Tearing Me Apart
4. Life Is Beautiful
5. You
6. Let Go
7. Bullets
8. Paper Cuts
9. If This Is It
10. A Billion Tons Of Light
11. Boomerang

Puedes escuchar:
"You and me"(versión que fue descargable en su MySpace)
"Life is beautiful"
en el player que he hecho para que los escuches si te apetece.
(También hago un llamamiento a Castpost para que me conceda por fin el permiso para poder crear players, o si no seguiremos con myflashfetish.com )


-You and me

-Traffic jam


Vega4: "You & Me (Harkin & Wolf - Calling All Kids remix)" [mp3]

The first album by Vega4 was "Satellites"