domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2007

¡Felices fiestas!

No tengo vacaciones, pero estos días descansaré lo que se pueda. Como todos andaremos igual... Desearos felices fiestas. Que paséis buena Nochebuena y Navidad!!
Lo mejor del año 2007 se lo dejaremos a los expertos, y que tengáis un gran 2008!!

Quizá haga algún post especial de discos,pero ya dije hace tiempo cuáles eran mis discos favoritos de este año y la cosa sigue siendo la misma. El de Cloud Cult "The meaning of 8" y el de Miracle Fortress. Esos especialmente me han llamado la atención, por ser sonidos diferentes a lo que solía escuchar.

Broken Dolls - Here we go

Promo Video: Directed By Jon Pratt.


Mientras Chris Pemberton de la desaparecida banda Budapest, forma parte ya de Broken Dolls. Las últimas noticias sobre el cantante de Budapest han sido que después de editar su disco en solitario, está trabajando como bajista. Y si un antiguo miembro de Budapest toca la batería para James Blunt, ahora John Garrison formará parte de los músicos que acompañan a James Blunt.

The Vision of a Dying World

Indie / Folk Rock / Gospel

San Diego, California
United States




Jackson Milgaten, Keith Milgaten, Jeremy Scott, Jona Tellez-Giron

"Awoken by a Scene from the End Times"

Más en su MySpace.

The Whigs

Garage / Pop / Rock

"New Whigs Record in stores January 22, 2008"

ATHENS, Georgia
United States




The Whigs - "Violet Furs" (MP3)

-Mission Control (22 Jan 2008)

Track Listings
1. Like a Vibration
2. Production City
3. I Never Want to Go Home
4. Right Hand on My Heart
5. Sleep Sunshine
6. 1000 Wives
7. Hot Bed
8. Already Young
9. I Got Ideas
10. Need You Need You
11. Mission Control

Editorial Reviews

Product Description
The Whigs are proud to announce the release of their ATO Records debut album, MISSION CONTROL. Set for a January 22, 2008 release, this confident collection of songs follows up the band's self-released / self-financed album, GIVE `EM ALL A BIG FAT LIP, which caught the attention of many, including Rolling Stone Magazine who declared the Athens GA three-piece "the best unsigned band in America." The Whigs spent most of 2006 and 2007 on the road winning over fans and critics with their full throttle alternative pop / rock which NPR hailed as a perfect combination of "the gravelly rock of The Replacements with the off-kilter pop of Guided By Voices." Eager to record their ATO debut, The Whigs entered the legendary Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles, CA with producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith). Sonically superior to anything the band has recorded to date, MISSION CONTROL is an album jam-packed with infectious melodies and dynamic rhythms. The urgency of opening track "Like A Vibration" knocks over the listener with a roaring attack of guitars, while "Production City" combines a dancing bass line over machine gun tight rhythms. Julian Dorio is a staple throughout, but on the soon to be anthem "Right Hand on My Heart," Dorio's playing makes it evident why Esquire Magazine named him "Drummer of the Year" in 2007. The Whigs will spend the rest of 2007 on the road gearing up for the release of MISSION CONTROL.

-Give 'Em All a Big Fat Lip (19 Sept 2006)


Similar Artists: Zion I, Radiohead, Talib Kweli

Editor's review
And here you thought the "In Rainbows" innovations stopped at do-it-yourself pricing. How about a set of remixes from an Oakland indie hip-hop producer? Just spacey pop in the original, the new Radiohead is something far more postmodern here: Thom Yorke's murmurs spooned over chops and flows.


Amplive is an incredibly busy dude. The Oakland-based DJ/ producer spent the past decade grinding with Bay Area royalty as one half of Zion I, making a hefty name for himself in the production community with behind-the-boards credits on records from Akon, Kafani, Keak Da Sneak, Goaepele and Talib to prove it. But Live has been up to some of his most genuinely impressive work in ?07.

Maybe you heard? Two months ago a little band called Radiohead turned the music industry on its ear when they announced the pay-what-you-want, digital-only release of their sixth LP, In Rainbows. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Amplive decided to pick apart the most buzzed about record of the year, immersed himself in the ten tracks, dissecting every second, breaking the work of Thom Yorke and company down to its rhythmic core.

The result is Rainydayz Remixes, a six-song collection of reworked tracks that each serves as its own testament to Amplive?s ability as a versatile producer with an uncanny ear for timing and texture. Tracklist and more details to come, but in the meantime, check the sleek, starry remix of ?Nude.?

MP3s en

-Nude (Amplive REMIX)

The Kills - Ura Fever VIDEO

Rock / Electronica / Indie

LONDON, United Kingdom




Alison Mosshart/VV & Jamie Hince/Hotel


-Black rooster EP (domino,2002)
-Keep on your mean side L.P. (domino 2003)
-Fuck the people 7" (domino 2003)
-My little brains (domino 2003)
-Fried my little brains CD E.P. (2003)
-Pull a u CD/7" (domino 2003)
-No wow (domino 2005)
-The good ones CD/7" (domino 2005)
-Love is a deserter 7"SINGLE/CD single (domino 2005)
-No wow CDsingle (domino 2005)
-The good ones REMIXES 12" (domino 2005)
-Run home slow CD E.P. (Rough trade,2005)
-Featuring The Kills cover of "Le chanson de Slogan" by Serge Gainsbourg. (2006)

The Kills new music video, called U.R.A. Fever, filmed and directed by Sophie Muller at The Kills' Red Meat Heart HQ.

U.R.A. FEVER by The Kills

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The Helio Sequence - "Keep Your Eyes Ahead" MP3

Right On Dynamite - "Won't Let It Go" MP3

Meredith Bragg - "Plinian" MP3

Hey Willpower - "Uh-Uh-Uh" MP3

Rademacher - "What Happened to Yr Friends" MP3

Rademacher - "If U Got Some Magic" MP3


The Clientele- "Your Song" MP3

Rafter - "Drugs" MP3

The Hard Lessons - "See or Be Scene" MP3

Shipwreck- "Walk in the Woods" MP3

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- "Son of Sam" MP3

Ian Ball- "Breakfast in America" (Supertramp cover) MP3

Loney,Dear- "Le Fever" MP3

Saves the Day - "Can’t Stay the Same" MP3

Travels- "Golden Sun" MP3

Radar Bros.

Visual / Grime / Fusion

Ratwater, western california



Similar Artists: dios (malos), Red House Painters, Low, Grandaddy

Jim Putnam, Senon Williams, Steve Goodfriend and Jeff Palmer.

Editor's review (
It's hard to say whether the Radar Bros. would be glad to hear that their vocals sound a bit like Chris Martin of Coldplay. They'd probably prefer Leonard Cohen--and lucky for them, somehow both are true. Either way, the bandmembers make pretty country-folk ditties that show their attachment to lo-fi folk without bogging them down by the genre's self-seriousness.

Bio (

The Radar Bros. make warm, shimmering, slow motion rock songs that sneak into your heart with low-key attitude and a countrified sheen. They are an old porch rocking chair on a warm summer's evening, a quiet moment with an good friend, and late afternoon sunlight washing over spring-green foothills.


Merge Records will be releasing the new Radar Bros. album Auditorium throughout North America on January 29, 2008. Auditorium was recorded by the band in Jim Putnam's home studio - Phase IV Intergalactic Recording. Filled with beautifully layered melodies and the wistful ease and delicate longing that has become a Radar Bros’ trademark, Auditorium embodies sun baked and dreamy California psychedlic-soul.

The Radar Brothers will be playing a residency at The Echo in Los Angeles every Monday in January (all shows are FREE!), and a full-on North American tour will take place in the spring of 2008, including a stop at SXSW in March. What better way to kick off the New Year?! Preorders begin January 2nd!

Look out for the premiere of a new video from the Radar Brothers in January 2008! The band collaborated with director Bradley Beesley (“Fearless Freaks”, Flaming Lips) on a video for “When Cold Air Goes To Sleep”, the lead track from Auditorium.

RADAR BROS. - Auditorium - CD
Release date: 1/29/08

When Cold Air Goes To Sleep
Warm Rising Sun
Happy Spirits
Hearts Of Crows
On Nautilus
Hills Of Stone
Lake Life
Watching Cows
A Dog Named Ohio
Brother Rabbit
Morning Bird

Residency Dates @ The Echo, Los Angeles (ALL FREE!)
Jan 7th
Jan 14th
Jan 21st

Trabajos anteriores/Previous albums:

And The Surrounding Mountains [cd] (Merge) 2002
Fallen Leaf Pages [cd] (Merge) 2005


Promo video for Papillon from the Radar Brothers' album The Fallen Leaf Pages. This video was directed by band member Senon.


-Sisters MP3 en MP3s

Priscilla Ahn - "Dream" MP3

Beach House -"Gila" MP3

The Long Winters - "Sometimes You Have To Work on Christmas" MP3

Jet Lag Gemini- Run this city VIDEO

Music video from the album Fire the Cannons, available January 2008 from Doghouse Records.


David Ford - Free MP3

A special never before released David Ford cover of Nina Simone's 'At Last'.

Sambassadeur "Final say" - free MP3 single

Cortesía de Labrador:

Second single from Sambassadeur's masterpiece "Migration" is their most luxurious track to date. With Miami Vice-percussion, a choir that seems to be singing underground and galloping guitars "Final say" is bound to dominate any tasteful dance floors in the year 2008. Truly wonderful!

"Anna Persson's whispery vocals are still a big part of the group's charm, but her words get outshone here by the jet-set production: massive 1980s synth-pop snares, skittering hi-hats, and touches of tropical percussion underlie a deft, trebly guitar riff and reverb-dripping synths" PITCHFORK

"Final say" is released on CD single on January 30. Until then, please enjoy this free MP3 download.

Robbers On High Street-Season's greetings MP3

MP3 en su MySpace


"Season's greetings" MP3

Diamond Hoo Ha Men

Chinese pop

United Kingdom




Duke Diamond - vocals/guitar
Randy Hoo Ha - drums/vocals

Info recogida en su MySpace:

Diamond Hoo Ha Men were conceived in Berlin.

Childhood friends since Kindergarten, Duke Diamond & Randy Hoo Ha started out playing Rammstein covers as part of a local residency. During this time they discovered they had an almost Jagger/Richards-esque knack for song writing.

They soon left Berlin and the residency for the bright lights of London where they now live...together.

Duke & Randy are infamously inseparable and although not officially partners, they share the same bed (Duke always on the right, Randy on the left), eat, drink and bath together.

It's true they have a volatile relationship, but there's no doubting this 'Odd Couple' make very special music.



As a special early Christmas gift, from today you can get a FREE MP3 download of a brand new song 345 (Diamond Hoo Ha Men version) at Recorded live in the band's home studio, the song is only available over the Christmas period so be sure to snap it up while you can. Click here to check it out.

MP3 (mediafire)

sábado, 22 de diciembre de 2007

Across the universe

Ni idea de esta película,pero la canción me gusta y sale la chica de la seria que ponía Telecinco por la madrugada,que luego salió en una polémica película sobre la vida de unas teenagers y también salía en un video de Green Day.

Across the Universe

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La película es un tremendo musical que narra la historia de amor entre Jim y una adolescente americana llamada Lucy. Estética videoclip, increíble repertorio musical, mágicas coreografías para adornar una maravillosa historia de amor.-La oficina.

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2007


Descubiertos hace una semana gracias a Music.Download.

Surf / Jungle / Country

Brooklyn, New York
United States



Similar Artists: Band of Horses, Two Gallants, The Rolling Stones


Editor's review

The Brooklyn duo describes itself as "owing as much to chaos theory as it does to fractal geometry," which doesn't say much other than its two dudes are smart. But this is pertinent. The psych- and electro-tinged art rock of "Oracular Spectacular" plays like updated Bowie.


40 years after the Summer of Love (and 30 years after the Summer of Hate), MGMT is celebrating the grand re-opening of the third eye of the world with Oracular Spectacular, the duo's much-anticipated first full-length album, an enigmatic and prophetic collection of hallucinatory sounds and hook-riddled pop tones for the new millennium. MGMT is: Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, two psychic pilgrims whose paths first intersected in the green pastures of Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, circa 2002. "We weren't trying to start a band," Ben remembers. "We were just hanging out, showing each other music that we liked." Andrew and Ben realized that -- despite their opposing views on methodology (one is spontaneously practical, the other is practically spontaneous) -- they shared a common love of mystic paganism (ironic indeed on a campus named for the founder of Methodism), psychotropic sounds, and the belief that a joke (or a joke song) could be sad, profound, and funny at the same time. The pair was drawn to the music of other duos and found themselves incorporating the implications of the hallucinatory power-twee of the Incredible String Band, the roaring subway minimalist electronica of Suicide, the silky pop-soul of Hall & Oates, the pulsing narcotic trance of Spacemen 3, the avant-garde industrial romanticism of Royal Trux and much more into the constantly evolving sounds of MGMT. As on-campus performance art provocateurs, Andrew and Ben began staging a series of "these obnoxious, noisy live electronic shows -- we never planned on having it be a recorded project -- where we would write these weird techno loops and arrangements that we could play with live. Most of it was running live off the computer and we had a turntable plugged into some guitar pedals, a radio, and a tape player. It was all electronically generated at that point. We would write a new song for each show and our shows would be 15 minutes long." The One Song/One Show ethos is manifest in the tracks of Oracular Spectacular, each song on the album shimmers with its own diamond-hard compression of elements interconnecting within MGMT's "unusual or unconventional pop structures." Continually inverting expectations, the music of MGMT owes as much to chaos theory as it does to fractal geometry. In contrast to the group's early live shows, which were mainly electronically generated, Oracular Spectacular is filled with "more traditional rock instruments: electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, synthesizers all played live." Restlessly experimental and consumed with divine discontent, the members of MGMT embarked on a series of temporary guises. "We went on a tour with a drummer once," Andrew confesses, "after we'd written these weird California Creedence Clearwater-style songs in two weeks. We went out, played them, and never did the songs again. A lot of people hated it. That used to be the goal of our shows. We were still trying to be obnoxious and somehow people got into it. Some songs we wrote just because we wanted to learn how to be really bad within a certain genre and then people started liking the song because they liked the genre. It was an accident that people started liking us." Some of those first fans included a group of NYU students who formed an indie label, Cantora Records, in order to issue the very first MGMT commercial release, Time To Pretend (a 6-song EP, currently available on iTunes). Two of the songs from that EP -- "Time To Pretend" (the MGMT "mission statement") and "Kids" ("filled with all those college feelings: naivety, idealism, nostalgia, happiness, sadness") -- have made it on to Oracular Spectacular. Following the release of the EP and a couple of one-month long tours, MGMT took six months off, with Andrew moving to Brooklyn for a post-college "existential crisis" and Ben hanging out in Connecticut before heading to upstate New York to work woodland construction. Following their hiatus from MGMT, Ben and Andrew reconnoitered in Brooklyn and began recording new songs for the sheer fun of it on an "Mbox computer set-up." Those humble home sessions -- at once Apollonian and Dionysian -- lay the groundwork for what would become Oracular Spectacular. Oracular Spectacular opens with "Time To Pretend" ("fanciful but with an undercurrent of impending doom") and closes with "Future Reflections" ("premonitions of a post-apocalyptic future where colonies of young people live on the beach and lead savage yet refined primitive lifestyles and go surfing"). In between lie the refractions of the "current chaotic vibrations of the world" on a album which distills the essence of the past, promises and portends the future, and offers an absorbing transformative experience between the molecules in the pulsations of the present. Not to mention an authentic "4th Dimensional Transition." "Kids are going to be inheriting their parents MP3 collections," Ben predicts. "And, in that aesthetic, corrupted MP3 files will be like the way people glorify scratched-up records now. In 20 years, people will listen to these 30th generation MP3s and say, 'I love that sound!'" MGMT invites you to open your mind to the multi-dimensional vibrating Technicolor sounds of Oracular Spectacular. (5 Oct 2007) -Review

Oracular Spectacular (22-01-2008)

Track Listings
1. Time to Pretend MP3 (via
2. Weekend Wars
3. Youth
4. Electric Feel
5. Kids
6. 4th Dimensional Transition
7. Pieces of What
8. Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
9. Handshake
10. Future Reflections


MGMT - "Electric Feel"

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domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2007

Los Campesinos! NEWS

Nuevo disco en el 2008,nuevas fechas de gira...

Alternative / Indie / Pop

Cardiff, United Kingdom




Aleksandra Campesinos! - Singing/Keyboards/Melody Horn
Ellen Campesinos! - Bass/Singing
Gareth Campesinos! - Singing/Glockenspiel/Keyboards
Harriet Campesinos! - Violin/Keyboards/Singing
Neil Campesinos! - Guitar/Singing
Ollie Campesinos! - Drums/Singing
Tom Campesinos! - Guitar/Singing
Todge Campesinos! - sound guru/eating

FEBRUARY Tourdates:
10 London - Astoria
11 Dublin - Village
12 Bedford - Esquires
13 Birmingham - Academy 2
14 Glasgow - King Tuts
16 Northumbria- University
17 Sheffield - Leadmill
18 Manchester - Club Academy
19 Brighton - Concorde 2
20 Reading - Fez
21 London, Kingston Upon Thames - The Works
23 Portsmouth - Wedgewood Rooms

The first single to be lifted from our coming album is going to be a song called 'Death To Los Campesinos!'. We have recorded a video for this. We did it in Los Angeles, but the thing is, it's recorded inside, so doesn't look like it's in Los Angeles. And best of all, you can watch it now, on our website or at the MySpace.


Now, this is the best stuff. Or at least it is for us. As you may be aware, we have an album coming out next year and we know what songs are gonna be on it, and we'd like for you to know them too now. The album 'lands' on February 18th, and reads like this:

01. Death To Los Campesinos!
02. Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats
03. Don't Tell Me To Do The Math(s)
04. Drop It Doe Eyes
05. My Year In Lists
06. Knee Deep at ATP
07. This Is How You Spell. "HAHAHA, We Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux-Romantics"
08. We Are All Accelerated Readers
09. You! Me! Dancing!
10. ...And We Exhale And Roll Our Eyes In Unison
11. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

martes, 11 de diciembre de 2007

Oslo - The rise and fall of love and have VIDEO

De estos videos que estabamos esperando, si no escuchaste y descargaste la canción cuando la puse en el blog, a ver si ahora les prestas tus orejitas. Con muchas ganas de escuchar el disco ;) de mismo nombre que la canción.

MP3 disponible en el blog / MP3,available in this blog.

Linkin Park - Shadow of the day VIDEO

Linkin Park - Shadow of the Day

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John Garrison - Gig in NY

A solo set at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on Wednesday 12th Dec.

He's onstage at 7pm sharp.

Free entry

sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2007

Promise and the Monster - 'Sheets'

Segundo sencillo de su trabajo Transparent Knives. No se cual es el primero, habra que investigar y escuchar mas ;).

Folk / Gothic / Indie

Uppsala/Stockholm, Sweden


Queens Of The Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu


Miracle Fortress - Next Train (live)

Queridos Reyes Magos y tu Santa, si es que por una vez, quieres ser enrollado con la que escribe. Quiero ver en directo a las dos bandas que han hecho mis dos discos favoritos de este año 2007. Hay mas,pero estas son mis dos primeros en mi humilde TOP. Cloud Cult y Miracle Fortres. Y si puede ser...también un ordenador y tiempo para bloguear algo mas y no pelearme con el Reset y demás.
Tambien...dado que aqui gusta tanto cantar con las bandas, "Story problem" de The envy corps seria perfecta para ello, asi que esta banda entre otras, estaria muy bien que aterrizara por nuestras tierras. Y VHS or Beta y etc.

La canción que hizo que prestara atención a Graham Van Pelt (Miracle Fortress)

Efterklang -Mirador VIDEO

God love you for a liar

ndie / Rock / Alternative

United Kingdom



EP Released

Our debut EP Holding You Is Like Keeping Water In My Hands is now available to buy through the iTunes Store. The EP features, along with it's title track, Love Like We're Lovers, The Hunger, London You Owe Me This Much and a live version of Silent Partner.

To buy our EP you must download a copy of iTunes and then access the store through iTunes. Just search for our name.

Our launch party at the Hedges and Butler club was a great success. Many thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate, we couldn't have asked for a more rowdy audience! We debuted new track Upsticks (lyrics are available here) which received great comments.

The EP is the start of good things...


-Upsticks (demo) MP3

Mas aqui/More here

1990s - See you at the lights

Cuando hablamos de ellos solo pusimos su video You made me like it, pero tambien tienen otros como You're supposed to be my friend. Y este, See you at the lights, que sirve como fondo a una de las promos de Cuatro, concretamente para decir que van a poner las peliculas de Disney en este canal. Tambien You made me like ha sido usada en una de las promos con los circulos de Cuatro y los hombrecillos vestidos de blanco.

1990s - "See You At The Lights" - Alternate Version

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James Blunt - Young folks COVER

El ultimo en hacer una versión de la canción del 2006, éxito en este 2007, ha sido James Blunt. Puedes escuchar una sesión especial de esta canción y mas en MySpace/Transmissions.

James Blunt - "Young Folks" on MySpace Transmissions

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James Blunt belts out an exclusive performance of "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John, LIVE on MySpace Transmissions. Watch this video and check out the rest of the acoustic tracks at . You can also buy the acoustic EP of the performance right on the page.

Luna Halo - Untouchable


jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2007

Run (Snow Patrol cover)

Muchas veces nos resulta gracioso o curioso que los chicos versionen a las "divas", otras veces es al contrario, ahora es una de ellas la que versiona a los chicos. Ellos son Snow Patrol, su canción es la maravillosa Run, de la cual me quedo con una versión acústica que escuche hace unos años en Ingravidez, y ella es Leona Lewis. La razón de que la pongamos es por John Garrison, quien participa como músico.

Leona Lewis - Run (Snow Patrol cover)

lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007

Dear X

Indie / Pop / Rock




Ilex - Lead Guitars
Dani - Bass Guitar
James C - Vocals, Rythm Guitars, Keyboards & Programming
Javimadrid - Drums

Bio recogida en su MySpace:

Many things can be said about Dear X, but never that the band has searched for easy, quick success. Their brand new EP, "Somehow Still Breathing" (summer 2007), marks an ironic wink to their faithful audience, which has quietly travelled their path since their debut gig in Madrid, back in 1999. A dispassionate observer would certainly point out their obsessive search for a compact and original sound which brings together the legacy of apparently distant bands who, to their view, share the same water currents: examples include Jeff Buckley, The Smiths, Radiohead or The Police. This observer would also underline James’ (b. Leeds, England, 1975) obvious talent as composer and singer; some of his songs are simply beautiful and bound to leave a trace in people’s memories. The three other members of the band, all born and raised in Madrid, are Ilex (1974), lead guitarrist, a perfectionist genius who has broadened Dear X’ ambitions; Dani (1974), greatly creative bass player and supportive band member; and Javimadrid (1975), long-time Madrid-scene drummer who, up to today, has been the only one of them to make a living out of music.

Dear X have been repeatedly described as an embryo of Radiohead wrapped in pop tissue . They consciously assume the pop-band label and have chosen from their beginnings to sing in English, the language in which James was born to the world.. Not a choice for everybody’s taste in Spain, but a clear symptom of their determination and honest approach to music. The group was born in Madrid among old friends and played local venues to provoke instant enthusiasm. Problems with original members delayed their evolution, until the unpleasant situation was firmly cut by the choice to stop collaborating with youth friends. This conflict would subsequently last two years more; a couple of musicians were on board for months, but couldn’t meet the commitment and obsessive standard required to steer the boat. The band participated in some local contests with promising results and played several unplugged gigs, but internal unstability never seemed to leave space for growth beyond. Finally, and despite the members’ professional careers and some personal temporary crises, Dear X were able to set a course of action and take on the recording of this EP, initially thought of as home-produced, but which ended up attracting the attention of several producers and receiving many hours of professional care in two studios in Madrid.

Many songs were left aside in the quest to make Somehow still breathing a representative sample of their music. Of their discrete search for this unknown audience, X, “Must I play this game?” is the only song included from their youthful hits: a celebration of their ability to write attractive pop tunes and catch the audience’s attention. The rest of the short record describes well their musical evolution and portrays an exuberant rainbow of dense guitars, electronic side effects, supporting vocals and synchronised rhythmic section which brings them nearer to the radioheadesque path which might have acted as a motivating force in their origins (“Airbag” is still their most perfect cover song in live shows). Farer away seem now the easier listening, most optimistic songs from the early days, strongly permeated by Supertramp or the most direct pop hits of The Police. The sound is on the verge of saturation, but has managed to leave enough space to dream on their meditative love lyrics, astonishing harmonies and clear, transparent voice. Somewhere in the middle, while the song starts to build itself, we get the impression that there was a common factor in those admired artists whose legacy Dear X is striving to stretch further.


-Must I play this game
-Come whoever you may be

Descarga gratuita del EP en su MySpace/FREE EP in their MySpace !!!

domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

Música en MySpace

Una pena no tener más tiempo, y digo una pena porque aparte de que me quedaba hablar de Lost on Purpose y de Picture4Nida, acabo de ver las peticiones del MySpace y hay bastantes cosas interesantes. Encima dejan la mayoría descargar sus canciones, lástima que sea a través del player de MySpace, que aunque funciona ya mejor, sigue siendo para mi como un dolor de muelas.
Recomiendo que piquéis en mi blog de MySpace, y miréis los dos últimos posts, sobre bandas, hay unas cuantas nacionales, de todo tipo y sorpresones como los españoles Dear X, gozadas como los argentinos Impermeables y cosas que requieren una escucha pausada como Boston Lonely, AllRed, Mean Creek y los canadienses Fourth Wall. Si alguien consigue las canciones esta semana que me las envie en un .RAR o .ZIP a través de Mediafire o Rapidshare o Megaupload o FileFactory al correo .Gracias!!

Dashboard Confessional-Thick as Thieves VIDEO

"Thick as Thieves"

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Description: The contest winner for the official music video for "Thick as Thieves," created by one of our MySpace friends.

Director: Dillon Magrann-Wells

Your 33 Black Angels

This is a recommendation by Bryan Fitzgerald (a long-time reader of ASR-blog). Thanks for reading it and for discovering us this band.

New York, United States



Info en su MySpace:

Y33BA was born in Brooklyn, but dreamed in a West Harlem flophouse. There was a bottle of Wild Turkey, grown men in boxers, and far too much bachata music going around. We were not fond of "shoegazer" sensibilities or requisite visits to tatoo parlors; we wanted to sing about the basics: cold merciless women, irresponsible philosophy and violence. We all [unprintable under advice of legal counsel] and insanity and made it our torch: Benji with his 'stache and rolled tobacco, John with his dominant chin and [unprintable], Josh with his guile, mind control and[unprintable], and Tim with myriad indulgences and Epicurean essence. They took on the monikers from today's hip slang, and the Earth was made anew...The M-Diddy, J-O-C, BJ KastIron, and W, the undertaker.

Review por

Limited-Edition Pleasure
This spring, the New York band Your 33 Black Angels quietly released one of this year’s treasures: Lonely Street (no label), in a numbered vinyl-only edition of 250 (I’ve got number nineteen). The LP is worth the hunt for its pop-wise rattle (Pavement with a case of the Strokes) and singer Josh Westfal’s resemblance, in dry, frank voice and cautious optimism, to another local institution: Lou Reed on the Velvet Underground’s fourth album, Loaded.


-Lonely street

David Ford - I'm alright now VIDEO


The new single taken from David Ford's 2007 full length album 'Songs For The Road'. Out Jan 14th 2008!

Citizens here and abroad: 'accelerator'

Porque para no perder el norte de la música está también Lapieldeastracán, gracias a ella, tenemos a los Citizens here and abroad y a Sinichi Osawa.

The third video for citizens here and abroad. from their album 'waving, not drowning'

Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Feat. Au Revoir Simone)

Desde su último trabajo llamado "The One"

Last Leaf LETRA

Lyrics © David Geraghty

I know what it would take for me to be free
To always be silenced everytime she spills tears
I can't ever leave you baby I believe
Just want to be the one who shakes down the last leaf

Feel I'm hanging around only to test thread
If it's strong enough to hold me
Then I'm weak enough to live
But I can't ever leave you baby I believe
Just want to be the one who shakes down the last leaf

Long time runnin'
from the strong lines that holds
It's all I've known
Don't adjust your set
There are cracks on the pavement
So watch where you walk
I'm up in my room
Can you be here soon?

You've put it across forbidden lines
If you never brought it back
I'd never know how where to find it

Long time runnin'
from the strong lines that holds
It's all I've known
Don't adjust your set
The storm will pass
Been up on the roof til now
Changing the tune
There are cracks on the pavement
So watch where you walk
Are you in the room
Can you be here soon

Some surprise VIDEO

Some Surprise - Lisa sings this track with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol on the The Cake Sale album. It was written by Paul Noonan of Bell X1.

Lyrics © Paul Noonan

Your lips come as some surprise
That they would want to come and meet mine
They never taste like the last time
Your lips come as some surprise

I was always a special child
With circuit boards for my insides
And all I dreamed of was flyiong high
So your lips came as some surprise

Your lips come as some surprise
That they would want to come and meet mine
They never taste like the last time
Your lips come as some surprise

I was never one of the boys
Throwin shapes and power ploys
In your arms a warmth I did find
In your seed I did recline

Your lips come as some surprise
That they would want to come and meet mine
They never taste like the last time
Your lips come as some surprise

Now that we've sat for a while
You showed me yours and I've showed you mine
Even after all this time
Your lips come as some surprise

Your lips come as some surprise
That they would want to come and meet mine
They never taste like the last time
Your lips come as some surprise

The Cake Sale

Mucho tiempo sin bloguear...Entre semana imposible entre curro,clases y pasando de pelear con el potatillo. Además después de la decepción del concierto de Bloc Party (estuvieron muy correctos y hasta "cercanos", pero a mi no me llegó su directo),pues... creo que he tenido una crisis musical :P También tener que escuchar en el curro todo la mañana y la tarde,cuando toca, Los40, lo cual implica escuchar 4 canciones, 1 novedad y 4 canciones "clásicas", pues... Pero hoy me he levantado con ganas de hacer algo que me gusta, bloguear, aunque apenas tendré tiempo en este rato, y me ha dado por escuchar un disco que tenía por aquí, y me he enamorado de "Last leaf",la canción que abre el disco,cantada por Lisa Hannigan, se trata de varios artistas que forman The Cake Sale. Y por eso iniciamos hoy con ellos. No sé si son buenos o malos, pero a mi me gustan, y creo que la esperanza de "perder mi "particular" gusto musical" no está del todo perdida.

Indie / Rock / Pop

Dublin, Ireland




Rob Bochnik, Ollie Cole, Brian Crosby, Conor Deasy, Dave Geraghty, Emm Gryner, Lisa Hannigan, Neil Hannon, Glen Hansard, Gemma Hayes, Graham Hopkins, Kevin Horan, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Padraic McMahon, Gary Lightbody, Matt Lunson, Paul Noonan, Nina Persson, Dominic Phillips, Damien Rice, Ken Rice, Josh Ritter, Daniel Ryan, y Nick Seymour.

Info recogida en su MySpace:

The Cake Sale is a band featuring a loose and expansive collective of musicians and writers who have combined to create a 9-song CD of the same name on Oxfam Records. All profits will go to support Oxfams Make Trade Fair campaign and their overseas programme work.

Recorded in Dublin last year, the bones of The Cake Sale's tracks were laid down by Bell X1 duo Crosby and Paul Noonan along with Crowded House bassist Nick Seymour and drummer Graham Hopkins. All songs were previously unreleased and recorded specifically for the Cake Sale project with all publishing royalties being donated by their writers. Lead vocals were provided from Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody, Glen Hansard (The Frames/ ONCE ), Nina Persson (The Cardigans), Gemma Hayes, and Josh Ritter among others. The song "All The Way Down" written by Glen Hansard and subsequently appearing on the soundtrack of indie movie hit ONCE , now features vocals by Gemma Hayes.

Subsequent to the initial recording sessions, vocalists and additional musical parts were recorded in a range of studios and countries according to the touring and recording schedules of the artists involved. On the duet "Some Surprise" Gary Lightbody and Lisa Hannigan (former Damien Rice collaborator) recorded their vocal parts in different countries at completely different times with the song's ultimate success only being proven in the final mix.

"From a creative point of view, I was interested in making a cohesive sounding record for charity by co-ordinating the efforts of a disparate group of people . All the artists involved wanted the Cake Sale to be an authentic album, with all the songs relating to each other in a relevant way" explains Crosby. "There was a really enthusiastic response from everyone who was approached to write songs or perform, which made it a relatively easy project to put together. Everyone got the vibe of what we were trying to achieve. In fact, the only tricky bit was co-ordinating everybody's conflicting schedules ."

After recording Paul Noonan and Brian Crosby left for Tanzania to observe how the proceeds from The Cake Sale would be dispersed. Noonan explains, "Seeing at first hand how the fruits of your labours will be used is at the same time both affirming and humbling. As musicians it was obviously a totally different world for us but it gave us a certainty that the album and the money from those who buy and enjoy it, is working as it should be."

Originally released in Ireland in November 2006, The Cake Sale is a double platinum album in that country. Ireland's Metro Life raved "...a quite dazzling showcase of the Irish music scene." while Hot Press went on to write, "...this is the album other charity records aspire to be."

The Cake Sale (Octubre 2007)

1. Last Leaf -Lisa Hannigan 3:07
2. Vapour Trail -Josh Ritter 3:32
3. Black Winged Bird -Nina Persson 4:07 FREE
4. Some Surprise -Gary Lightbody & Lisa Hannigan 3:18
5. All The Way Down -Gemma Hayes 3:20
6. Too Many People -Glen Hansard 3:42
7. Good Intentions Rust -Conor Deasy 3:01
8. Needles -Lisa Hannigan 4:06
9. Aliens -Neil Hannon 6:31