domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Exile Parade

Es un tema de esos que podía incluir en mis temas "trallazo", no está nada mal, aunque el inicio recuerda algo a U2,no? Escuchadlo!


Mix The Music’s indie-dance tunes, Oasis’s brazen attitude, Jet’s urgency and Kelly Jones’ gloriously dragged out vocal and you’d have the sonic bomb that is Exile Parade. Full of pounding drums and lethal rock ‘n’ roll riffs, their single ‘Heart Into Suicide’ fair oozes vigour and savoir-faire.

All raw and boisterous, the British five-piece have here blended Seventies rock, Brit-Pop and post-punk to create music that socks you full in the face. This addictively chorused track has been given away via the band’s MySpace, clocking up some 40,000 hits and counting.

No wonder then that uber-producer Owen Morris [The Verve, Oasis] has already been working with them. Best catch them now, whilst they’re playing the more intimate venues, for if this single’s anything to go by, Exile Parade are destined to detonate into the big time.
Virginia Arroyo


Warrington, Northwest
Reino Unido



lomax - voice
phil - guitar/Backing Vocals
chris - lead Guitar
dave - bass
mutchy - drums


EXILE PARADE - HEART INTO SUICIDE from Exile Parade on Vimeo.

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