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Loney Dear

Por lo visto no lo habia mencionado antes por el blog, sólo una vez su canción "I am John" (CD "Loney Noir" 2007), en una tarde de domingo en la que me puse a bucear en el Music.Download.com. Y lo llamaba no sé por qué LoneLy Dear, jaja, ole yo.

* Location: Sweden
* Genre (Music.Download.com): Alternative/Punk » Indie Rock
* Genre (MySpace): Otros / Folk / Jazz
* Similar Artists: The Shins, Oxford Collapse


Editor's review -Music.Download.com

Swedish indie rocker Emil Svanangen is the singer-songwriter behind the sugar-coated sounds flowing from the band Loney, Dear. Imagine the sensitivity of Nick Drake fused with the jaunty upbeatness of some totally '80s rock. Supersweet and very Swedish (they know their rock'n'roll


Emil Svanangen is the frequent recorder and songwriter, most of the time on his own. On the other hand, what would it be without Samuel Starck keyboards, Malin Stahlberg singing and tambourining, Ola Hultgren drumming and David Lindvall playing bass.

-Dear John 2009

Es el 5º disco y con él, después de buscar tanto la perfección, la ha alcanzado. Esto según palabras de su discográfica.

1.Airport Surroundings MP3
2.Everything Turns to You
3.I Was Only Going Out
4.Harsh Words
5.Under a Silent Sea
6.I Got Lost
8.Distant Light
11.Dear John

Anteriores discos y más info en Polyvinyl Records.

MP3s de "Airport Surroundings" y "I am John" en Music.Download.com


"Airport Surroundings"

Directed by Marcus Söderlund

miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009

Travis "I kissed a girl" (Katy Perry Cover)

Ya estuvieron geniales y sorprendentes versionando el hit que dió a conocer a Britney Spears. Y ahora versionan el hit que lanzó a la fama mundial a Katy Perry. :)

*Descubierto en un muy interesante blog Away from here.

Canciones para ti

Middle Distance Runner, "The Sun & Earth" MP3

"The Sun & Earth", relates two different seasons of love. With heavy drums and an ambient opening, verse one finds a plea for love to return home in the cold of winter. But when the Summer's breeze begins to thaw out the atmosphere, it becomes clear that love has no intention of making a return appearance. Thoughts of optimism are now replaced with stark realities and it's time to move on. -Filter-Mag.com

The Lovetones, "Journeyman" MP3
(De su 4º disco "Dimensions")
(Info en Filter-Mag.com)

Del último escuchamos en el player de hace un tiempo su pegadizo tema "Lolita".
Throw Me The Statue, "Ship" MP3
(De su EP Purpleface)
(Info en Filter-Mag.com)

martes, 24 de febrero de 2009

Phoenix "1901"

La banda francesa sacará nuevo disco el 25 de Mayo con el nombre de Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Para que la espera se nos haga menos pesada nos regalan el tema "1901", el cual puedes escuchar y descargarte gratuitamente en su web.

Paris, Francia




Christian Mazzalai
Deck d'Arcy
Laurent Brancowitz
Thomas Mars


-United (Septiembre, 2000)

-Alphabetical (Julio, 2004)

-It's Never Been Like That (Mayo, 2006)

-Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Mayo, 2009)

lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009


Esta noche en La2, en Los conciertos de radio 3. Según lo que han dicho en la televisión, será a partir de la 1 y algo.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

El nuevo álbum de la banda de Karen O se llamará It’s Blitz.
Os dejo por aqui dos temas:

-Zero (mp3 en Hypem.com)

-Heads will roll (mp3 en Hypem.com)

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2009


Amaral ha sido una de las bandas que ha participado en el décimo aniversario de EFE EME.

Las canciones originales son:
01. En tus ojos (091);
02. Universal (Lagartija Nick);
03. Luces de neón (Lori Meyers);
04. Si está bien (Los Planetas).

La novena, y última, entrega de las grabaciones inéditas con las que celebramos el décimo aniversario de EFE EME, es Granada, de Amaral. Un EP de cuatro temas, grabado en exclusiva para EFE EME, en el que Amaral recrea canciones de cuatro grupos granadinos: 091, Lagartija Nick, Los Planetas y Lori Meyers.

Para descargarte Granada, sólo tienes que pinchar aquí.

Santogold se cambia el nombre a Santigold

Volvemos con la información de hace unos días sobre publicidad (Post anterior/Previous post), ya que el nuevo anuncio de Trident Senses ("Libera tu lado senses") ha sido subido al YouTube,aunque sea en su versión portuguesa.

La canción es como dije "Lights out" (Tampoco era muy difícil para mi, porque la tengo de "politono" para un grupo de mi agenda)
Y añadimos algo importante, Santogold ya no se hace llamar asi, sino Santigold. Lo vi el otro día y pensaba que era un error,pero no, hay un motivo para ello.


Santogold now goes by just Santigold

santogold-now-santigoldIt’s not some sexually ambigous symbol or some weird spelling, but Santogold has changed her name to simply Santigold. Born Santi White, the artist took on the name Santogold which happened to be shared with an actor/infomercial character who has made a living selling gold chains and making obscure songs since ‘83. The gold chain wearing, infomercial making extraordinaire subsequently sued the artist formerly known as Santogold last year. Here’s Santigold’s official press release:

“Change the graffiti on the bathroom wall, get your tattoo fixed, get your t-shirt airbrushed and change the name on your year end list- Santogold is now Santigold. She’s not telling you why, that’s just how it is. No unpronounceable symbol, no numbers where they shouldn’t be, no random capitalization, just plain ass Santigold so remember that.”

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2009

Gringo Star

Vamos con la banda pendiente de postear, la descubrí gracias a Jay Orlaski de Wildlife Foundation Press. Cuando me llegó el disco también me llegaron otros de los cuales hemos hablado. En esos días, el que más me gustó fue el de los alemanes Saboteur. Pero estas últimas semanas escuchando a The Jeunes y ahora a Gringo Star, he de decir que también me ha gustado bastante sus propuestas musicales.

Big Beat / Psychedelic / Southern Rock

ATLANTA, Georgia
Estados Unidos




Jay O: " 60s psychedelic punk
rock n roll similar to the kinks,beachboys,13th floor elevators,los sacios and the animals


Peter Furgiuele
Nicholas Furgiuele
Pete DeLorenzo
Matt McCalvin

Info recogida en ThreeImaginaryGirls:

After changing their name (from Au-Fir-Ju Well), Gringo Star decided to rework old songs and put them out on a six track, self-produced ep. Well-known about the Atlanta, Georgia scene, Gringo Star has recently focused its attention on the rest of the nation with a steady diet of touring.

I have to admit to being a little distracted by the pictures on their cd insert. These dudes are hot, in a kind of soft private school boy way. With moppy, unwashed hair and button up shirts they look like pin up boys from the late 60s. If I was twelve, I most likely would have blown up their pictures to post to my wall, an aid to fantasies of a world where boys are this pretty.

Influenced by the Kinks and the Animals, Gringo Star shows real rock promise with tight music and vocal variety. The jazzy piano on “No Man” is burlesque, fighting with vocals that follow the bass. Esmerelda is a delicious DeVotcka like ditty with a little surf style drums and guitars. The accordion has the most character here, and nicely compliments the lyrics about a beautifully devout woman. Wistfully, I can imagine that an entire album of Esmereldas would have gotten prize pole position on my ipod.

I look forward to a full length from Gringo Star, which provided they have someone else pick the ordering of songs, will be interesting and delightful. I would also love to see these guys on tour with someone like San Francisco’s Diego’s Umbrella. Not only would it be a night full of eye candy, but I think it would also be a lot of finger clacking and skirt twirling.

-Imaginary Kelly, September 11, 2007

Info actual recogida en Amazon.com:

With their excellent debut album, All Y'all, this Atlanta garage-rock band validate the CMJ buzz. --Spin.com

This Atlanta, Georgia foursome add layers of rural lilt to their Brit-ish pop, garagey grit to others, while sneaking out slight-psych guitar blasts and gang yalps when least expected. If not the wheel rebooted, their self-titled full-length on My Anxious Mouth is stunningly seasoned for a debut. --CMJ.com

A tapestry of jangly guitar and multi-part vocal harmonies, and ranges from psychedelia to garage rock to surf pop. A bit off-kilter and more than a little charming, it's Atlanta pop at its best and communicates as well as any recording could what it's like to see the band live. No song better represents the band than the title track (and first single), 'All Y'all': It's anthemic, hook-filled and catchy as hell --Paste

Product Description
By condensing a palate of swirling and innovative guitar voyages and a sweat-soaked baroque punk ethos that loses itself in carpet-crawling majesty, Gringo Star has emerged as Atlanta s favorite rock and roll sons. Brothers Nick and Pete Furgiuele, along with Pete DeLorenzo and Matt McCalvin have continually built momentum, crisscrossing the country and honing their chops on rock and roll s frontline. Crafting an art-damaged and intense presence, the group s sound falls somewhere between The Animals, Motown and The Kinks. In person, the group s soft-spoken demeanor instills a sense of alluring mystery, but on stage, Gringo Star explode. Never ones to hang on to the same instruments for too long, each member of the group sprints and hurdles from station to station, swapping out guitar for bass for drums for voice, keyboard for accordion, kazoo for tambourine. As a result, the band s multifaceted musicianship culminates in dense and cerebral rock mantras that are hard-wired to the head and heart.


-Debut "All Y'All" (January 2009)

1. All Yall 2:44 MP3 thx to Pitchforkmedia
2. Ask Me Why 3:19
3. Up and Down 2:38
4. Come On Now 3:11 MP3 thx to Spin.com
5. Transmission 3:46 MP3 thx to JP's blog
6. All Day Long 2:57
7. Holding On To Hate 3:40
8. Eve of Your Expression 3:13
9. March of the Gringo 4:30
10. Take A Walk 3:07
11. Don't Go 2:20
12. I Will Not Follow 3:16 MP3 thx to RCRD LBL
13. Rebel Kind (Hazel Wood) 2:39
14. Black Night 3:11

--link temporal--

Daytrotter Sessions

1. He's Got the Power
2. March of the Gringo
3. Up and Down
4. Work It

Más reviews


martes, 17 de febrero de 2009

Publicidad y música

Acabo de ver el spot de Trident SENSES "Libera tu lado senses" y la canción me sonaba mucho, y es, si no me equivoco

"Lights out" de Santogold.
La cual no estaría mal que este año si viniera al Festival Internacional de Artes de Castilla y León.


La música para el spot de Mazda2 es de

Noisettes - Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go baby, go baby GO!)

*Info gracias al usuario Grimor de Cajatonta.org/foros


Y acabando con publicidad vamos con un anuncio de Heineken que en principio iba a aparecer en determinados paises, pero gracias a una situación que podría pasar (esto es un decir xD) en cualquier lado, se entiende bien, y está llegando a todos los lados

*Descubierto gracias a tvspotblog.com

domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

World Party -"She's the one"

Muchos la conoceréis porque Robbie Williams hizo una versión de ella.

Stina Nordenstam - "Little Star"

Sé que tengo pendiente el disco y la info de Gringo Star, pero no tengo ganas de bloguear, además que con todo el solazo que entra no apetece estar delante del ordenador esta tarde. A ver si más tarde os hago el post. De momento siendo tarde de domingo, os dejo con un video de una canción que estoy canturreando hoy. No la escucho hace...pero me ha venido a mi mente...

jueves, 12 de febrero de 2009

El Guisante Mágico CONCIERTOS

WEB de El Guisante Mágico
MySpace de El Guisante Mágico

WEB de Hermosos Vencidos
MySpace de Hermosos Vencidos



12 feb 2009, 20:00 08:00 PM - El Ciclo de Gulliver
centro cultural dr Madrazo, Santander, Cantabria -

13 feb 2009, 20:00 08:00 PM - Sala la Siesta EGM + Hermosos Vencidos
, Madrid, -

14 feb 2009, 20:00 08:00 PM - FNAC Callao
, Madrid, -

19 feb 2009, 20:00 08:00 PM - Sala Begood, in-somnia
, Barcelona, -

20 mar 2009, 20:00 08:00 PM - Auditori CC La Mercè (Pequeño Cabaret Ambulante)
, Girona, Girona/Gerona -

08 abr 2009, 20:00 08:00 PM - Death by audio ( EGM + My Education)
, Brooklyn, New York -

09 abr 2009, 20:00 08:00 PM - The Piano’s
, Manhattan, New York -

Videos de las bandas:

El Guisante Mágico - "Beautiful"

Hermosos Vencidos -"Fotos de Mila"
(Tema incluido en el disco "La ciudad de los semáforos en verde")

Zenttric "Si no vas a venir"

Por si aún no conocias a esta banda de Bilbao, ahora seguro que gracias al spot de Toyota Yaris, ya te habrás fijado en ellos.
En el blog pusimos su video de la canción "Limousine", que se uso para la promo de Digital+ para la Champions League.

Alternativa / Rock / Pop






Puedes escuchar en tema en la web de Toyota.

Mute Math -Spotlight EP

No sabia que habian editado un EP, creo que es solo de venta digital, su nombre es el mismo que el tema con el que participaron en la banda sonora de Twilight (Crepúsculo).Me he enterado gracias a la interesante web Doobybrain.com.

Spotlight EP (10 de Febrero del 2009)

1. Spotlight MP3 thx to Doobybrain
2. Clockwork
3. Earlylight
4. Spotlight (Son Lux Remix)

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

MySpace Secret Show

Se iniciaron con Smashing Pumpkins, luego fue One Republic y ahora....

19 de Febrero
Sala Luz de Gas, Muntaner 246

MySpace Secret Shows- España

Johanna and the dusty floor

Acústica / Folk Rock / Canción popular melodramática

Estados Unidos


Info gracias a BrooklynByHand:
With her sultry sound of folk inspired indie jazz, Johanna & The Dusty Floor captures attention with their unique pop sound. On "Wicked," Johanna grab the listeners interest with her captivating vocals matched with a catchy beat.

Fleeing a country that felt to small, Aussie Johanna moved to NYC to pursue her dream. With her "music from a Music Box" sound, Johanna & The Dusty Floor offers up a refreshing sound of jazz induced folk rock. Writing with the heart and imagination, Johanna & The Dusty Floor captures a sound that is playful and ethereal

CD: Like Sailors (2008)

1 Wicked (mp3 mediafire)
2 Like Sailors
3 I'm Ready
4 If Looks Could Kill
5 Tongue Tied
6 5th Floor Walkup
7 You And I
8 River
9 The Wolf
10 Green Machine
11 Music Box

Other blogs:





domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

Gringo Star "All Y'all" VIDEO

Poco a poco vamos poniendo en el blog, los discos que me han llegado estos últimos meses, la semana que comienza mañana, será el turno de Gringo Star.
De momento os dejo el tema que abre su disco, pegadizo, resultón y con una guitarra que bien podia servir para un spot publicitario. O para una cuña de radio.

Review del video y MP3 gracias a Pitchforhkmedia

sábado, 7 de febrero de 2009


Quizá alguna la repitamos pero merecen la pena.

Bloc Party - "Call The Shots" (Girls Aloud cover)

Bloc Party - "Say It Right" (Nelly Furtado cover)

Both MP3s thx to PretyMuchAmazing.com

Mr Little Jeans - "Single Ladies" (Beyonce Cover) MP3 thx to PersonaSauna.blogspot.com

animal collective VS paper route gangstaz "Animal collective money" (MP3 thx to GorillavsBear)

viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

Youth Group -CD The Night is Ours

La banda australiana Youth Group sacó su último trabajo a mediados del pasado año 2008.En Estados Unidos el lanzamiento será el 7 de Abril de este 2009.

En Febrero estarán por Australia siendo los teloneros de Death Cab for Cutie.

Algunos los conoceríais de antes, otros los descubriríais gracias a su versión de "Forever Young" de Alphaville que sonó en la serie The O.C. y otros los habréis descubierto porque este versión sirve para ambientar la nueva campaña del Seat Ibiza.

Photo by Daniel Boud www.boudist.com

* Location: Sydney, Australia
* Genre: Alternative/Punk » Indie Rock
* Similar Artists: The Vines, Jet



Youth Group, All This Will Pass MP3
by Staff | 02.02.2009

If melodic indie rock is your go-to player, then Aussie foursome, Youth Group, are definitely your winning team. Their new record, The Night is Ours, was recorded in an 1920's abandoned mess hall on Sydney's harbor. In their pop-up studio with no neighbors for miles, they carefully crafted a polished assortment of songs that speak from a genuine sense of isolation.

Lead single, "All This Will Pass", tells the story of a well faulted man. As he searches for forgiveness, he finds strength in knowing that while no one is perfect, all we can hope for is the patience for change. Over a beautiful bed of guitars and lead singer Toby Martin's soaring vocals, it's a message we can all relate to, no matter what our anatomy may be.

Youth Group - "All This Will Pass" MP3

VIDEO "All this will pass"

Dado que en este blog no los he mencionado anteriormente, debió ser en el de MySpace cuando empezaba a bloguear. Diré que yo los conocí,aunque no estoy segura que esa fuera la primera vez, gracias al programa de Los40 llamado Ingravidez, cuando sonó el tema Shadowland, no pude parar de escuchar la canción :)

MP3s de "Shadowland" y "Skeleton jar" gracias a Music.Download.com
Biografia por jmanuelq para Lastfm:

Youth Group tiene sus raíces en el Canberra escena indie rock, el grupo se formó a finales de los noventa por Narrabundah College amigos de la escuela Danny Allen, Paul Murphy, Toby Martin y Andy Cassell. Andy Cassell being one of three partners in the Ivy League / Winterman & Goldstein group of companies. Andy Cassell siendo uno de los tres socios de la Ivy League / Winterman & Goldstein grupo de empresas. Of the original members only Toby Martin (vocals/guitar) and Danny Allen (drums) remain. De los miembros originales sólo Toby Martin (voz / guitarra) y Danny Allen (batería) siguen siendo. After various configurations, including the temporary membership of versatile Sydney musician, John Lattin of La Huva, the current lineup was finalised in 2004 through the addition of Cameron Emerson-Elliott on guitar (previously a member of The John Reed Club) and former bassist of The Vines , Patrick Matthews . Después de diversas configuraciones, incluyendo la composición temporal de Sydney versátil músico, John Lattin de La Huva, la actual línea finalizó en el año 2004 a través de la adición de Cameron Emerson-Elliott a la guitarra (anteriormente miembro de El Club de John Reed) y ex bajista de El Vines, Patrick Matthews.

Discografia en Amazon.com

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

Oren Lavie -"Her morning elegance" VIDEO

Fue a mediados de Abril del 2008 cuando lo descubrí, gracias a Music.Download.com. Pero como otros tantos artistas quedo pendiente de postear. Y se me acabó olvidando hasta su nombre. Hasta que hará una semana ojeando el gran blog sobre anuncios publicitarios, tvspot.blogspot.com, volví a reencontrarme con Oren Lavie, y ahora ya nunca se me olvidará porque me he quedado prendada de su maravillosa canción "Her morning elgance" y del deliciosísimo video grabado en el estilo Stop-Motion.

Alternativa / Acústica / Indie

Berlin, New York, Tel-Aviv,



Editor's review (Music.Download.com):

The folk-pop songman is blessed--no other word for it--with an ideally burnished voice; it's Nick Drake without the deep melancholy, John Mayer sans the cringe-worthy metaphors. Add to that a real feel for heartbreak songcraft, and the mix is beyond reproach.

Bio en Music.Download.com

Bio en su MySpace:

Oren Lavie is a songwriter of curly brown hair, whisperish voice, green eyes and suspiciously cold feet. He was born in 1976, two minutes behind schedule, and has been trying to catch up ever since.

In 2007 Oren's debut album, THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SEA, was released in Europe. If you happen to live in that particular continent - buy it around the corner, behind the bakery and next to the flower shop.

In January 2008 Oren has started his own label in the US, named it, then renamed it, changed it again and finally decided to call it A Quarter Past Wonderful. He then released the album on i-tunes US.
Later in the month the album has been featured on the i-tunes Singer/Songwriter Spotlight, after which it auspiciously climbed to No. 30 on the charts.
Shortly after that, the album track 'Her Morning Elegance' was chosen to feature on a US Chevrolet TV commercial. The aforementioned author, who has never owned a car in his life, and who has diligently ignored the invention of Television, could not stop giggling for days.
With a song in his heart he continues to take the bus.

A full physical US release of THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SEA is planned for later, somewhere between a little later and quite-considerably-later, depending on a series of ever changing factors of mysterious nature.

THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SEA album was written and produced by Oren Lavie, and recorded in his Berlin apartment throughout a period of 3 years.

-The Opposite of the Sea (2007/2008)

Track Listings
1. Her Morning Elegance (mp3 thx to EarItNow.com)
2. Man Who Isn't There, The
3. Opposite Side Of The Sea, The
4. Locked In A Room
5. Ruby Rises
6. Dream Within A Dream, A
7. Trouble Don't Rhyme
8. Short Goodbye, A

"Lavie's debut album is breathy and a little precious, pitting his sweet, smoky voice against a backdrop of light jazz and choppy Nyman-esque strings. The whole is cinematic and mellow, like Nick Drake in a cheerful summer bonnet" --Uncut

Product Description
If you have the feeling you've heard this Berlin-based songwriter's music before, you have. iTunes featured the album on their Singer/Songwriter Spotlight. Chevrolet licensed "Her Morning Elegance" in an uber cool Chevy Malibu commercial and Ophrah's O Magazine will feature the album in the October issue.


-Her morning elegance

Directed by: Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan
Featuring: Shir Shomron
Photography: Eyal Landesman
Color: Todd Iorio at Resolution

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

Nuevo look

Bueno después de mucho pelear, y tener que buscar como añadir ciertas aplicaciones,es como ha quedado el blog. Podía haber sido mejor...pero para otra vez. Es la primera toma de contacto con el XML. Espero que os guste y que a algunos no os cueste tanto ver el blog, que se cargue la página más fácilmente. Ya me diréis.

Peleándome con el html y xml

Odio esto, no se podría hacer más fácil????
Las plantillas que me gustan no las puedo instalar, luego una me gustaba pero es HTML. No sé si quedarme con el HTML o pasarme al XML.
Asi que, si veis que esto está loco es porque estoy haciendo pruebas.
Y familiarizándome con las nuevas aplicaciones que ahora me salen y que no sé usar.

Lily Allen

Ya puedes escuchar los temas de su nuevo disco en su MySpace.

Track Listings
1. Everyones At It
2. The Fear VIDEO
3. Not Fair
4. 22
5. I Could Say
6. Back To The Start
7. Never Gonna Happen
8. F**k You
9. Whod Have Known
10. Chinese
11. Him
12. He Wasnt There


It's Not Me, It's You, is the follow-up to Lily Allen's critically acclaimed 2007 debut, Alright, Still. The album finds Lily in top form, creating a record Blender's recent "In The Studio" feature described as "part God, part country and all middle finger." Allen wrote and recorded the album's 12 songs with producer Greg Kurstin (the bird and the bee), who worked with her on three songs for Alright, Still - "Everything's Just Wonderful," "Alfie" and "Not Big."

On It's Not Me, It's You, Lily's characteristically sharp observations find expression in a variety of musical styles, with influences ranging from the Jazz Era to country and western to dance music. "Highlights include `Everyone's at It,' a synth-pop song about prescription drugs that features Allen on xylophone; `He Wasn't There,' which matches emotional lyrics about her absent father to a jazz groove; and `Not Fair,' a saucy country song about an inadequate lover," said Rolling Stone.

"We decided to try and make bigger sounding, more ethereal songs, real songs," says Lily, who will be touring the U.S. in the spring. "I wanted to work with one person from start to finish to make it one body of work. I wanted it to feel like it had some sort of integrity. I think I've grown up a bit as a person and I hope it reflects that."

martes, 3 de febrero de 2009

The Jeunes

Banda de James Hall, que también forma parte de Shake Some Action!, de los cuales ya hemos hablado alguna vez. Mientras la música de SSA es power-pop, la de The Jeunes es algo más oscura.

Indie / Garage / Rock

Seattle, Washington
Estados Unidos




James Hall: vocals, guitars (2002-current)
David Bos: guitars (2004-2005)
Jaime Clapper: bass guitar (2002-2005)
Curtis Hall: drums (2003-2005)
Kevin Millard: bass guitar (2005)

Bio en su web

11th January 2009
As many of you know, Shake Some Action grew out of a band called the Jeunes. Many of the songs from the first SSA record had been played by the Jeunes. The Jeunes were a little edgier than SSA, some would say a little darker. Some of those darker songs didn't suit SSA so they were left alone. But last year I revisited the Jeunes tapes and I liked what I heard. Songs were remixed, remastered and in some cases edited together from various alternate sources.

Fast forward a few months and a new Jeunes full length record is now available.

The Jeunes "Strangers in the night"

Original Release Date: January 1, 2009
Label: Satellite 451 Records

1. High 5 3:03 mp3
2. Obvious 2:15
3. Time Is On My Side 3:09
4. See You Again 3:46
5. Never Be The Same 3:16
6. Souvenir 2:59
7. It's Alright 2:25
8. Missing Person 3:11
9. Sell Out 3:28
10. What You Do To Me 2:04 mp3
11. Never Be The Same (White Town Mix) 4:22 MP3 Last.fm

Puedes escuchar el disco completo en su web.
Gracias a la banda por regalárnoslo e informarnos sobre él.

La primera vez que lo escuché me gustaban un par de temas, y ayer lunes me gustó mucho todo el disco. Será que la primera vez estaba con otras cosas en la cabeza.

Donde puedes comprar el disco/Buy:



Shake Some Action! MySpace y WEB


Two Shake Some Action! songs were recently placed on Showtime's TV series Californication, starring David Duchovny. What You Want Me To Do appears in episode one of season two, while I Can See Where This Is Going Now appears in episode nine of season two.

Both songs are taken from our self titled debut record, released in 2007. Go here to find out where to download these songs.

domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

Joaquin Phoenix

No tenia ni idea que Joaquin Phoenix hubiera decidido dejar de ser actor. Y que ahora sea rapero. Creo que podría compaginar ambas cosas. Pero en fin, él sabrá.


Sigur Ros - CD gratis

Salió ayer con la revista The independent, incluye algunos temas de sus álbumes más aclamados.

Listado de canciones:

"Hoppipolla" – 4:26
"Inni mer syngur vitleysingur" – 4:05
"Saeglopur" – 7:20
"Gobbledigook" – 3:05
"I Gaer" – 6:23
"Fljoavik" – 3:49
"Hafsol" – 9:46
"Heysatan" – 4:09
"Ti Ki" – 8:49

The Independent


Tras cuatro años de silencio, Doves volverán con un nuevo trabajo llamado KINGDOM OF RUST.

De momento nos dejan escuchar y descargar uno de sus temas.

"Being fans of the Vangelis film score, 'Blade Runner', we always wanted to write an imaginary song for the closing credits on Ridley Scott's classic... It's called Jetstream...


JETSTREAM - Descargar en su website/Download it in their website