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The Killers "Bones" NEW VIDEO

I checked out the new video in YouTube, and there's a problem with the copyright, so in case that you can't watch it in YouTube, I'll leave you the official link too.
After "When you were young", the new single from Sam's Town is "Bones".

The videoclip has been directed by Tim Burton.


Have a good Halloween!!! or simply a good night!!! xxx

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Paolo Nutini

Other / Acoustic / Soul

Paisley, Scotland
United Kingdom



Nov 1 2006 9:00P Sala Caracol Madrid, Spain
Nov 2 2006 9:30P Razzmatazz 3 Barcelona, Spain

Michael McDaid - bass
Paolo Nutini - vocals/guitars
Jim Duguid - drums/vocals/keyboards
Donny Little - guitars/vocals

Info recogida en su web:
Born and raised in Paisley, Scotland, Paolo Nutini is a 19-year-old singer/ songwriter blessed with a soulful, passionate voice and the natural gift of being able to tell a story in a song. Like many of the truly inspired singer/songwriters before him, Nutini has absorbed the soul of classic artist from both sides of the Atlantic and channeled it into something original, captivating, and dynamic.

Despite their Italian name, the Nutini family has lived in Paisley, Scotland for at least four generations. Paolo's great-grandfather opened the fish and chip shop in Paisley which his parents now run. Paolo's musical education began with his late grandfather, who introduced him to Scottish folk songs as well as a wide range of other styles.

"He was a big music lover, my Nonno," Nutini says. "He loved boogie woogie piano, he adored opera, and it was him that really encouraged me to sing. He always wanted somebody in the family to make music their living. He's not around to see it, unfortunately, but I'm doing just what he wanted, and I'm doing it in his honor."

Paolo's exposure to classic R&B stars like the Drifters and Ray Charles came via his dad and an auntie's record collection, while his own post-adolescent explorations brought him to the work of such troubadours as John Martyn and Van Morrison. Nutini first started singing publicly in his school choir, and though the choir's choice of songs were hardly his favorites, one teacher quickly spotted his prodigious talent and guided the young singer through a more soulful repertoire.

"Initially, I'd wanted to be a football player," Nutini recalls, "specifically a goalkeeper. But the more I sang, the more I realized it was just something I could do. I was hardly going to walk away from that, was I?"

At 16, Nutini hit the road with a friend's band, acting as roadie, T-shirt vendor, and occasional on-stage support act. From there, the die was cast – Paolo quit school in Glasgow and moved to London, where he started performing regularly at clubs around town. His bold voice and provocative songs created an instant buzz and he signed to Atlantic Records shortly after his 18th birthday, immediately heading north to Liverpool to work on his debut album with renowned producer Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Ray LaMontagne, Badly Drawn Boy).

The result of their labors, 'These Streets', follows Paolo's departure from his beloved Paisley to his arrival in sprawling London – as chronicled in the title track's aching lament, "Where it takes you about an hour to cross the road/Just to stumble across another poor old soul".

"Basically, the album is an autobiographical journey, " Nutini says, "a diary if you like, of my last three years."

Many of the songs tell of Nutini's already rich romantic life, such as "Jenny Don't Be Hasty," about an older woman he met at London's famed 12 Bar. "She was 23, so I told her I was 22 – and she believed me," Paolo grins. "In fact, I was only 18."

In July, Nutini's moving first single, "Last Request," went straight into the charts at number 5. The debut album "These Street" followed, at number 3 on the album chart, going gold in less than two weeks and certified platinum just four short weeks later. In addition to its popular success, the album received a bounty of critical praise. Uncut Magazine awarded "These Streets" four-out-of-five stars, noting that "For once, comparisons with the great Al Green are not entirely far-fetched." The Observer hailed Nutini as having "a talent for elegant, melodic songwriting and an admirable willingness to vary the tempo." And in the U.S. Rolling Stone have recently named Paolo as one of its "10 Artists To Watch 2006."

A truly charismatic live performer, Nutini has supported such superstars as Paul Weller and the Rolling Stones, in addition to making sensational TV appearances on Top of the Pops and Later with Jools Holland. In May 2006, Paolo appeared at the New York Pops Birthday Gala at Carnegie Hall at the personal request of the evening's honoree – Atlantic Records Founding Chairman Ahmet Ertegun. In July, Nutini brought the house down during a special tribute to Ertegun and Atlantic Records at the Montreux Jazz Festival. The only new artist on the bill, Nutini shared the stage with such icons as Solomon Burke, Robert Plant, and Kid Rock. One of Paolo's heroes, soul legend Ben E. King, was so impressed that he invited him on stage to sing with him, an amazing moment for the young singer.

But for the gifted young artist, all that really counts is having his music heard.

"Everything that has happened to me so far has been really good, really fluent," Nutini says. "There have been a few bumps along the way, sure, but nothing fatal. All I want now is for enough people to identify with my songs so I can keep on singing them. I like to think they're worth hearing."

-These streets (Sept 2006, Atlantic Records)

1. Jenny Don't Be Hasty
2. Last Request
3. Rewind
4. Million Faces
5. These Streets
6. New Shoes
7. White Lies
8. Loving You
9. Autumn
10. Alloway Grove

Info recogida en :
2006 debut album by this young Scottish singer/songwriter influenced by such diverse artists as John Martyn, Van Morrison, Ray Charles and The Drifters, who is playing sold-out headline shows across the UK based on positive word-of-mouth and press support. 10 tracks including 'Jenny Don't Be Hasty', 'Last Request' and 'New Shoes'. Atlantic.


-Jenny don't be hasty


Aqui estoy peleándome con la conexión. Toda la semana esperando el finde, para poder bloguear y descargarme lo acumulado durante la semana, y nada, es imposible. Afortunadamente me ha dado por escuchar cosas que andaban por aqui (uff a ver también cuando miro la compilación que he da hacer ;) ). Y he decidido escuchar a Augustana. Por sus similitudes con el estilo de música de Train, Wallflowers, Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse... pues me ha gustado, qué voy a decir :) Si es de esa música que siempre me gusta. Creo que, aunque una intente ser abierta a escuchar nuevas cosas, siempre hay algo que le gusta más. O a lo que es más propenso. Y bueno, hacia mucho que no escuchaba este estilo, dado que últimamente estoy más con el Pop Indie y con algo de Electrónica.

Rock / Alternative

San Diego, California
United States



Dan Layus, vocals, piano, guitar
Jared Palomar, bass, vocals
Justin South, drums

David Lamoureux, keys, vocals
Chris Sachtleben, lead guitar, Mandolin

Info recogida en :

Augustana's finely burnished debut again points up the contrast between contemporary American rock's persistent navel-gazing and the vibrant, back-to-the-future vibe of resurgent Britpop. The angst-ridden lyrical pleas of mainstay Dan Layus are often informed by the band's restless westward travels from its Midwestern roots on tracks like the spare "Roosevelt" and lush, mid-tempo gem of a ballad, "Boston." Yet one can almost count the modern rock influences on the album's opening wall-of-guitar conceits, "Mayfield" and "Bullets," and elsewhere, the likely residue of Train and Wallflowers producer Brendan O'Brien's aggressive studio slickery. It's to Layus' and the band's credit that the album's best moments are usually its most emotionally and musically direct, as witnessed by the moody title track, "Boston" and folk-tinged closer, "Coffee and Cigarettes." The soaring drama of "California Burning" throws all those elements firmly against the wall and damned near makes ‘em stick, ample evidence that the band has the potential to rise above the comfortably safe familiarity that sometimes seems to constrain them here. --Jerry McCulley


All The Stars And Boulevards (Sept 2005)

1. Mayfield
2. Bullets
3. Hotel Roosevelt
4. Boston
5. Stars And Boulevards
6. Feel Fine
7. Wasteland
8. Lonely People
9. Sunday Best
10. California's Burning
11. Coffee And Cigarettes



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Meg & Dia "Monster"

Pop / Rock / Indie

Draper, Utah, United States





Bio (

-Something Real
-Track listing:

(Doghouse Records)

1. Monster MP3
2. Roses
3. Tell Mary
4. Indiana
5. Masterpiece
6. Rebecca
7. Nineteen Stars
8. Cardigan Weather
9. Getaways Turned Holidays
10. Courage, Robert
11. Setting Up Sunday


Happy Halloween from The Postmarks

Happy Halloween from The Postmarks!!!

On this, the year’s funnest, most rock & rollingest season, our gift to you:

The Postmarks - Every Day Is Halloween (by Ministry)

A cover of Ministry’s classic industrial single from the early ’80s!
This is the first in a series of free seasonal downloads from The Postmarks.



Available now, "The Postmarks Remixes EP" is a window into the forthcoming self tilted debut album by The Postmarks.

Featuring "Goodbye", the EP also contains additional remixes by James Iha, Spookey Ruben, Tahiti 80 and more.

Available exclusively through iTunes for the next week.

The Postmarks Remixes EP
1. Goodbye - Album Version
2. You Drift Away - Album Version
3. Goodbye - Tahiti 80 Remix
4. Goodbye - Bitstream Dream Remix
5. Goodbye - James Iha Remix
6. Goodbye - Spookey Ruben Remix
7. Goodbye - Ma Radio Star Remix
8. You Drift Away - The Saturday Club Remix
9. You Drift Away - Brookville Remix

Posts anteriores/Previous posts:

-The Postmarks "Goodbye" (remix by Cassettes wont listen) POST

-The Postmarks POST

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Pensaba que ya habia hablado de ellos.He hecho una búsqueda en el blog y no aparecen, quizá los mencionará en el de MySpace o sólo alguna de sus canciones. Aprovechando que hay cuatro canciones disponibles de su disco,hablamos ahora de ellos aqui.

Indie / Pop / Alternative
Derby, United Kingdom


Leon Black - Vocals and Guitar,
Lee Horsley - Keyboards,
James Kersey - Bass,
Jeff Davenport - Drums

Info recogida en su MySpace:
Leon have recently toured Europe with the Bloodhound Gang and have gigged with Mylo, KT Tunstall and Hot Chip. The album Uppers and Downers is out now on Freezer Recordings, distributed by Proper Music Distribution in the UK and by Super D in the USA. Uppers and Downers is also available now on iTunes, Napster, CD Baby etc. Formed in Derby from a hybrid of bands early 2004, Leon started recording infectious tunes at a Nottingham studio within a month. Having written an albums worth of material, the band were determined to commit the songs to CD and get on with playing live. Uppers and Downers, the debut album from Leon is basically a collection of twisted love songs, dealing mainly with the pros and cons of sex and death, fusing new and old sounds in the mix, from an injection of Hammond organ here to home-grown electronica there. The singles from Uppers and Downers have had a great reaction from radio and press alike; a goddamn catchy little beggar - Garry Mulholland (Q Magazine, Observer Music Monthly) Daily Mirror Single of the Week - tuneful pop, so memorable an achievement. Leon are a sweet band with a stiletto blade in each hand...good attitude - NME. Unpeeled Review - Slick and scuzzy lo-fi pop rocking thats as cool and crisp as its fuzzy. Review - a slightly wonkier coldplay, exactly what the world needs now! Hurray! played on Jonathan Ross show Radio 2, Janice Long show Radio 2, Session on Janice Long show Radio 2 fabulous! Great songs, the lines went mad!, Playlisted on XFM, Session on Claire Sturgess Show XFM, Played on Weekend Breakfast Show BBC6 Music, Phill Jupitus show BBC6 Music, played on Kerrang FM and Digital......


-Uppers and downers

Be There MP3
Getting Into You
One Day
Belong MP3
Giving It All Away
Good Enough To Eat
Can’t Put You Out Of My Mind
Don’t Feed The Animals MP3
Wake Up MP3


Leon - Getting into you video

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The Shell

Indie / Alternative / Rock

Saint City, Switzerland



patrice lambeau / vocals guitar
frommy / bass
roger cadalbert / drums

christian riesen / keys (live addition)
sacha leuenberger / guitars (live addition)

Info recogida en su MySpace:

the shell is an independent rockband based In St.Gallen, east Switzerland. Patrice Lambeau (singer, guitarrist and songwriter) and Michael Frommenwiler (bass) decide in spring `96 to form a band.The unsucessful search for any ambitious musicians in their small, quiet hometown makes them move to San Francisco for half a year in '98. With an american drummer they play around a dozen gigs in the vivid clubscene of Frisco. Back in Switzerland they start to search again for the two missing pieces of the shellpuzzle. But it takes another 1 1/2 years untill they find Roger Cadalbert (drummer) and Raphael Cernelc (guitarist). To grow together, to work seriously on the songs and to get live experience the shell decides right away to get to the place whereit's at. In july 2000 they move to London wherethey get involved in the scene for 7 months. Daily rehearsals and frequent gigs in well known clubs arejust as part of it as lots of discussions about the identity of the band. Back home, febuary 2001, they introduce themselves to their hometown. After lots of media attention they pull an audience of over 600 people to their first live performance in the Grabenhalle St.Gallen. The day after the shell goes to Stuttgart to record3demo-songs. «trinity», «sink or swim» and "searching beyond the sun" are soon heard on the local radio station. After shows at well-known events as the open-air festival St.Gallen, Pully for noise, Montreux-jazz, Zeltfestival support of bush the shell rocks in front of 25000 people at festival-giant Rock am See with Nickelback, nofx, puddle of mud, toten Hosen. On january 2003, the shell wins the national breakthru contest at sold out Volkshaus in Zurich. They sign an exclusiv contract to universal, switzerland. With indie-expert Mario Thaler (slut, notwist, console) the shell produce their debut in munichs uphon studios. On january 26th 2004, the shell release «powered by the people» in switzerland. Soon after, streewise" and all on ist way" top the charts of swiss alternative-radiostations and the videoclip of not in my name" gets in heavy rotation on vivaswizz. In fall 2004 the shell gets anounced best newcomer 2004 by universal/citydisc. To write new songs, the shell moves into a farmerhouse in toscany/italy on october 2004. the band split from guitarist Raphael Cernelc and keep on working as a three-piece the following production period. The new song-material gets the attention of british producer Phil Vinall (Placebo,Radiohead,Pulp), who's soon after in charge of the shell's production in hamburg and malaga. 'Feel free' is due to release early spring 2006 in germany,austria and switzerland. For the following live-situation, the shell gets supported by the professional musicians Sacha Leuenberger(guitars) and Christian Riesen (keyboards).


-Powered by the people (26.01.2004)

1. satreetwise
2. time will tell
3. tongue-tied
4. lima
5. driftwood
6. laugh clown laugh
7. not in my name
8. all on its way
9. trinity
10. moonliner

-Feel free (25. September 2006)
Label: Monkey (Broken Silence)

1. My Sick Duck
2. Libera
3. Everywhere Is Home
4. Feel Free
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Channel Hope
7. If There's A Time For Everything MP3
8. Telepath
9. Truth Be Told
10. Oblivion
11. Let Go To Hold On MP3

Videos: (link)

Everywhere is home

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Songs 4 u

Oxford Collapse- Please Visit Your National Parks MP3 (Remember the night parties) (info en Filter)

Kristoffer Ragnstam- Breakfast By The Mattress (EP Version) MP3
(Do You Want A Piece Of Me) (info en Filter)

David & The Citizens- The End MP3 (Until The Sadness Is Gone) (info en Filter)

Midnight Movies- Patient Eye MP3 (info en Filter)


The Triffids- The Seabirds MP3 (info en Filter)

Dustin O'Halloran- Opus 23 MP3

What Made Milwaukee Famous- Idecide MP3 (Trying To Never Catch Up) (info en Filter)

Figurines- The Wonder MP3 (Skeleton)(info en Filter)



Berlin, Germany



Conrad Standish - vocals, bass
Tom Carlyon - guitar, vocals
Hugo Cran - drums

Sobre ellos recogido en su MySpace:
It has been a little over two years since the release of the Devastations' acclaimed self-titled debut - an album described by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Mojo magazine as "the best thing I've heard all year", and named the best debut of 2004 by Rolling Stone Germany. The greater part of that time has been spent in Europe, using Berlin as a home base, touring the continent several times, from Helsinki to Sarajevo and most places in between. And now Devastations - vocalist/bassist Conrad Standish, guitarist/vocalist Tom Carlyon and drummer Hugo Cran - return with a sophomore effort, Coal, delivering on the promise of their debut, displaying assurance, subtlety and widened scope. Formed in late 2002, Devastations were from the outset mining a well of their own, preferring understated emotion and veiled menace to the primal strut and bluster of the much-hyped 'new rock' of the time. The critical response to their debut album, released in May 2003, earned the trio Australian supports slots with the Dirty Three, Cat Power, Tindersticks and the Black Heart Procession - but the Devastations always had their sights set further afield. They moved to Berlin and played their first European show in September 2003 as part of 'Bada Bing', a concert series organized by Alexander Hacke of Einsturzende Neubauten. They soon scored a European deal for their debut album through influential Spanish label Munster, and toured extensively with Tindersticks. The Devastations also recorded the backing tracks for infamous Berlin duo Cobra Killer's third album '76/77'. These many and various experiences have all put their stamp on Coal, contributing to the album's impressive richness and range. Recorded in three locations - a Prague concert hall, the former East German headquarters for radio and television in Berlin, and a Melbourne studio - Coal's gentle ballads, such as 'I Don't Want to Lose You Tonight' and 'Dance With Me', sit alongside the sharp, rapid fire assault of 'Take You Home' or 'What's A Place Like That Doing In A Girl Like You'. Strings and piano alternate with stinging electric guitars, and throughout the songwriting is deft and heartfelt. The record's beauty is also enhanced by the contributions of a number of special guests. New Zealand chanteuse, Bic Runga, lends her gorgeous voice to 'A Man Of Fortune', Padma Newsome, of highly-regarded New York instrumental quartet Clogs as well as touring member of The National, plays violin and viola on 'I Don't Want To Lose You Tonight' and 'A Man Of Fortune', and Genevieve McGuckin (ex These Immortal Souls) plays a woozy optigan on 'Dance With Me'. It's a testimonial to the Devastations' craft that despite its varying recording locales and special guest appearances, Coal is as cool, cohesive and compelling a record as you will hear... a fact reflected in it's nomination for the AMP award in Australia for Best album of 2005 along with Drones, Wolfmother, Ben Lee and Go-Betweens. Devastations have recently signed a deal with Beggars Banquet who will release Coal throughout Europe in 2006.


-The devastations ((Spooky/Munster) Self-Titled Debut LP 2003)
1.He Wasn’t Like That When I Knew Him
2.Loene MP3
3.Previous Crimes MP3
4.Hold Me
6.You Can’t Reach Me Now
7.We Will Never Drink Again MP3
8.Love Doesn’t End Like That
10.Sleeping Dogs

-Coal (2006)

1.Sex And Mayhem mp3
2.The Night I couldn’t Stop Crying
3.I Don’t Want To Lose You Tonight
4.Coal mp3
6.Take You Home
8.A Man Of Fortune
9.What’s A Place Like That Doing In A Girl Like You?
10.Dance With Me

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The hold steady "Chips Ahoy" (VIDEO)


BROOKLYN,United States



-Chips Ahoy pertenece a su último trabajo "Boys and girls in America"



Copeland "Control Freak" VIDEO


Lakeland, Florida,United States



(directed by Rob Hugel)

Nuevo disco el 31.10.2006

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Bauer "Connected" VIDEO

Los hemos mencionado ya por aqui, y hemos hablado de la edición de su disco. Incluso tuvimos canciones para poder descargar. Ahora disfruta de "Connected" visualmente.


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Canción disponible en su MySpace:

-Unbreakable (mp3)

One Second Fame "Femme"

House / IDM / Electronica

"Femme" (mp3)
(from the forthcoming album, "Highschool")

My new track is inspired in the french song :
Femme à l´eau de vie by Autour de Lucie

OSF MySpace

Mas canciones aqui

Gael Garcia Bernal

Post sobre la película LINK

"If you rescue me"(Chanson des Chats) (Velvet Underground coverish) (mp3 en youaintnopicasso)

The Postmarks "Goodbye" (remix)

The Postmarks "Goodbye (Cassettes Won't Listen remix)" mp3

La canción original suena en un capítulo de la 3ª temporada de Anatomia de Grey.

Post sobre The Postmarks

Get The Postmarks Remixes EP on iTunes. The original version of "Goodbye" can be heard in tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy. The Postmarks are even offering up sweet prizes to a fan that will break copyright laws for them:

The first person to grab a clean, clear video clip of the full segment (of Grey's Anatomy) with "Goodbye" will win a 1-of-a-kind mix CD from The Postmarks. Simply rip the video, post it on YouTube and send us the link via a Myspace message!


3 canciones para hoy

Gracias a Strike gently"

-Bishop Allen "Busted heart"

-Jesse Sykes "LLL"

-Rogue Wave "Eyes"

-The new lows "Conversation" (A estos los hemos mencionado ya en otras ocasiones)

Scarlett Johansson

Ayer fuimos a ver La Dalia Negra. Personalmente me esperaba más, puede que la hubiera disfrutado más en versión original. Aún asi, en conjunto se me hizo como distintas partes unidas como buenamente se pudo, linealidad rota afortunadamente con toques de humor, momentazo el de la cena con la famila del personaje de Hilary Swank. Al triángulo le falto algó más de chispa. No digo que no estuvieran bien. Pero en conjunto la película me decepcionó, le faltó algo: mejor conexión en el hilo narrativo y más fuerza en los personajes. Creo que junto a la mítica cena destacaría a la actriz que hace de la Dalia.

Scarlett Johansson es actualmente una de las actrices más solicitadas. Además hace sus pinitos como modelos para spots de maquillaje y perfume. Ahora se atreve a versionar temas de Tom Waits. El album de versiones Scarlett sings Tom Waits se editará en la primavera del 2007.

Mientras esperamos ya podemos hacernos una idea:

-Summertime (mp3 aqui)(Gershwin cover)

Tema recogido en Unexpected dreams:Songs from the stars donde varios actores/actrices hacen sus versiones de temas de Gershwin, Dylan,...)

Malajube "Fille à Plumes" VIDEO

Por ser un trallazo de canción, tenía que mencionarlo en el blog. Es una excusa también para conocer a esta banda canadiense.

Progressive / Grindcore / Jam Band

Montréal, Québec, Canada



Julien Clerc Mino
Francis Cabrel Mineau
Thomas Fersen Augustin
Mathieu M Cournoyer
Renaud Reno Bastien

Bio en su web aqui

Discografia en su web aqui.
-Le compte complet (Nov 2004)
*Le metronome (mp3)

-Trompe l'oeil (Feb 2006)

*Montréal -40ºC (mp3)

Pierre Lapointe et Loco Locass apparaissent avec l'aimable autroisation des Disques Audiogram.

Videos: (en su web aqui)

-Pate filo

-Montreal -40ºC

-La metronome

Dare to care records WEB

Catpeople + Why go


Barcelona, Spain



Info recogida en su MySpace:
Catpeople se forma en Vigo (Galicia Spain) tras un encuentro fortuito entre Adrián Pérez (vocalista) y Fito Rodríguez (bajista) en el año 2002 durante el transcurso de una de las ediciones del Santi-Rock. Enseguida conectan y comienzan a montar los primeros temas por su cuenta. El siguiente paso fue el lógico, buscar batería y guitarra solista para terminar de completar una banda de rock. Basándose en un principio en temas más cercanos al post rock, reclutan a Paco Iglesias (batería), procedente de otra banda que termina quedándose definitivamente. Por entonces se hacían llamar Isósceles aunque tras la evolución en el sonido y concepto de la banda se abandona su antiguo estilo para adentrarse en lo que luego se ha venido a llamarse revival, forman entonces Magic Noise, entrando como guitarra solista Javi Abalo, aportando mayor solidez a las canciones de cara a los directos y regalando maravillosos arreglos de guitarra en estudio. En el año 2005 grabaron el CD promocional CatPeople! y consiguieron hacer tanto ruido que el panorama español por fin tiene un exponente de calidad en el que reflejarse. Las composiciones son cosa de Adrián y Fito, aunque éste se desmarca de los directos para dedicarse exclusivamente a la composición. Es por ello que hay otro miembro estable en la banda, Iván Fernández, quien domina el bajo y aporta la robustez y elegancia necesaria. Por último se ha reclutado a Raúl Muñoz que maneja tanto los teclados como la guitarra con una soltura envidiable y que libera a Adrián para poder concentrarse más y mejor en la interpretación vocal. Actualmente la banda tiene su base en Barcelona, donde además de continuar los ensayos y grabaciones, varios de los miembros de CatPeople están trabajando en proyectos cinematográficos.

Disco: Reel

1.- Pretty Things
2.- Everyone Can Tell You
3.- Radio
4.- Party People
5.- Behind
6.- Mexican Life
7.- Alone
8.- Next Hours
9.- Gear Up
10.- Tania is on my bed
11.- Myst


Vigo, Galicia, Spain


Héctor; Rubén; Javi; Pablo; Cinta.

Info recogida en la
Why Go nace en Vigo hace siete años con el objetivo de explorar sin ceñirse a un estilo concreto. Quizás la única etiqueta válida para referirse a ellos sería la de rock experimental en su más amplio sentido. Estos discípulos aventajados de Robert Fripp, Mike Patton y Jeff Buckley, nos proponen en su tercera grabación un cóctel que, sin olvidar los elementos del rock clásico, trata de explorar otros terrenos; incluyendo vientos, progresiones imposibles o utilizando la voz como un instrumento más. Why Go fue grabada bajo la supervisión de Iván Vivas y Anxo Bautista (Guitarra de Kannon, ex-Killer Barbies, Superbudú) durante el verano de 2005 y mezclada en diciembre del mismo año en los estudios gallegos mix-plus.


1. Bûra (mp3)
2. Entrails Rain (MP3)
3. Ra (mp3)
4. Helen M (mp3)

Little Man Tate

¿los nuevos Arctic?

Indie / Rock

Yorkshire,United Kingdom



Jon Windle (vocals + guitar)
Maz (guitar)
Ben Surtees (Bass)
Dan Fields (drums)

Sobre la banda recogida en su web:

It's safe to say that when Jon, Maz, Ben and Dan, singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer in Little Man Tate, first got together under a year ago, they couldn't have been prepared for what lay ahead.

Then, they were four lifelong friends from Sheffield who'd spent their teens playing football, drinking and chasing girls together, in thrall of the sounds of Pulp, the Roses, the Pistols and Blur who formed a band for the simple pleasure of playing gigs.

Now, twelve months on, they're still four lifelong friends from Sheffield, still chasing the good times together, but on the verge of something a little but special. The gigs are getting bigger and bigger, selling out in less and less time; the clamour for their debut single The Agent saw all 2000 copies sell out in no time at all, second single What? What You Got hit top 40 and with their debut album on the horizon, soon there'll be no more driving through the night from gigs to make it back in time for morning shifts at work.


-House party at Boothy's
-What? What you got?



HELLO MISS LOVELY (so you like my jeans) (mp3)



- Young Offenders

- House Party At Boothy's

- The Agent

- What? What You Got?

jueves, 19 de octubre de 2006

Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin

Pop / Indie
SPRINGFIELD, Missouri, United States


Banda formada por:
John Robert, Philip, William , Jonathan

-Broom (10/24/2006)

Broom Info (recogido en Polivynil)
Broom is a gem, it sparkles when it rocks, has hooks galore and should make a lasting impression once its left your player. Need a musical reference point? Think the Shins, Pavement, of Montreal, Elliott Smith. The few folks that have got their hands on the disc became instant fans. In comes a slew of kind words. Spin Magazine says, “...could succeed the Shins as the band that ‘will change your life'”, while the SF Weekly declares, “One of those rare albums where every song is crafted, delicious, and essential.”
LP format of Broom includes three bonus songs.

Track Listing
1. Pangea
2. I Am Warm And Powerful
3. What'll We Do
4. Travel Song
5. Oregon Girl MP3
6. House Fire
7. Yr Broom
8. Anna Lee
9. Anne Elephant
10. Gwyneth
11. Let's Get Tired (LP Bonus Track)
12. Warm & Powerful (Acoustic) (LP Bonus Track)
13. Song W (LP Bonus Track)

Escucha CLIPS de las canciones aqui.

-Oregon Girl (live at Mojo's in Columbia,MO 10/13/06

Oregon Girl (live at Mojo's in Columbia,MO 10/13/06)

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Vib Gyor DEMOS

Indie / Alternative / Rock

Leeds, United Kingdom

-red lights (MP3)
-silence (MP3)

Últimas noticias:

New EP Details.........and general news......

"We've been really busy recording in Bath with Paul Corkett (The Cure, Placebo, Radiohead, Nick Cave) and getting everything set in place for our second official release.

We can now announce that it's gonna be a 4 track EP, released on Dec 4th and distributed through vital. You'll also be able to buy it on ITunes and through our website, which is finally having a revamp and will be up and looking flash in a matter of days.

Tracklisting :
The Secret / Scanners / Ultimatum / The Stalker (XFM Session)

The video for The Secret is also being recorded next this space..

. . . .

Our next gig is with The Aliens (Ex Beta Band) on Nov 11th at the Bumper in Liverpool. We should be adding some more UK gigs soon to tie in with the release.

And if you live in the USA and can get Portland 94.7 KNRK then keep an ear out...apparently Fallen is still on heavy rotation there...

Bye "

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My architects

Mencionados únicamente en "las canciones del mes" (post que tenia en el otro blog) y en un post de Vib Gyor porque estuvieron de gira,junto a estos y a Alterkicks. Aprovechando que tienen dos demos disponibles, os presento si aún no los conocéis a My architects.

Indie / Alternative / Pop

Warrington, United Kingdom



Aid Burrows (vocals / acoustic guitar)
Rich Robinson (electric guitar)
Matt McWilliams (bass)
Dave Cheetham (drums)
Mike 'Fibes' Phillips (keyboards / synths / samplers / backing vocals).

Bio recogida en su web:
They formed in 2004 and have been stealthily honing their sound in the North-West over the past year.

'Grand Designs' is the quintet's first album. It was recorded in Warrington and France in the company of James Sanger (U2, Keane) and then mixed by Ian Grimble (Manics, Travis). It is by any standards a lovingly crafted debut.

Blame it on their home town: Warrington is just off the M62, smack bang between Liverpool and Manchester, and MY ARCHITECTS wisely (and gently) filch from both cities' musical legacy. So theirs is an upbeat vibe with a downbeat twist; intelligent, complex music with a commercial everyman appeal; heroically understated songs for lonely twilight hours that you can also whistle while you work.

-mistakes DEMO (MP3)

-open armed disease (MP3)

miércoles, 18 de octubre de 2006

Vanishing Act


PLEASANT HILL, California, United States


Loren Darcy - drums
Tharon Weighill - bass
Shawn Lloyd - guitar
Jeremy Ciccone - vocals, guitar

Check out this new epic band, Vanishing Act. They're on their way to greatness so here is your opportunity to be their first fans. Thanks guys.-From a bulletin by The Strokes.

-Years mapped out (mp3)

Ingenting "mycket väsen för ingenting"

Pop / Indie / Shoegaze

Stockholm, Sweden


matte bergqvist - drums, vocals
tobias måård - guitar
sebastian ross - bass
christopher sander - guitar, vocals
andreas jeppsson - keyboard, piano, synth, organ
niklas lundell - percussion

Bio recogida en Labrador :

[ingenting] is Swedish for [nothing] and the band was formed late 2003 in Stockholm by Mattias, Tobias, Andreas, Sebastian and John who've been friends since forever...

Despite the fact that Labrador only release Swedish artists, this is actually the very first band which actually sings in Swedish! It's not that we don't like our own language, it's just that this is the first band singing in Swedish that's been amazing enough to be released on Labrador.

This debut EP "ingenting är lätt" was released in digipak in May 2004. With influences ranging from Velvet Underground and Pixies to Beach Boys and a Swedish 70's touch the band
refuses to admit, [ingenting] manages to sound like nothing else but themselves. You shouldn't miss one for the world, even if you don't understand a word their singing!

Right now the band can be heard on national radio in Sweden and seen on live scenes all over the country. Make sure you check the Tours section once in a while!

The band released their debut album "ingenting duger" in the autumn of 2004.

And now there's a new one "mycket väsen för ingenting":

Labrador Records’ only band singing in their native language return with an album packed with a glorious mix of psychedelic folk, sunny 70's pop and sinister proggy overtones. A slightly schizophrenic and highly wonderful collection of songs that tastes of the Swedish country side as well as decadent urban night life and crushed dreams.

-Punkdrömmar MP3 en el post anterior
-Släpp in solen MP3

Wintercase 2006

Ya dejamos aqui el cartel, ahora tienes como ha quedado el cartel artísticamente. Y las últimas noticias.

*Las entradas para el concierto de ED HARCOURT + THE VEILS en Madrid y Barcelona

están agotadas
. Por ese motivo y de manera temporal se para la venta de abonos.

¡Si aún quieres conseguir tu abono Wintercase, podrás volver a adquirirlo a partir

del día 4 de octubre en los puntos de venta oficiales!

**Atención: el concierto SURFIN' BICHOS + BRAKES en Madrid se ha trasladado

de la Sala Caracol a la sala Joy Eslava
. Las entradas adquiridas son igualmente válidas.

domingo, 15 de octubre de 2006

Cansei de ser sexy

Hace tiempo que deberiamos haber hablado de ellos. Ayer me encontré con el video que añado en el post, y dije que ya era hora de tenerlos aqui.
Traducción de su nombre: "Cansado de ser sexy"/"Tired of Being So Sexy"

Powerpop / Club / Rock



Info recogida en su MySpace:
To relate the story of a band which has no story clearly must involve a slight amount of background (and no small amount of sleight of hand). A South American venture involving a young group from Sao Paulo, a sudden sense of urgency and movementwithout a proper narrative, how could it happen? Where to begin? The official press release offers scattered insight, and translated from the original Portuguese, it remains a lively romp around the English language: "Taking the fact of not knowing how to play their instruments as a challenge for creativity, the group started to risk small shows in the night clubs that feed Sao Paulo underground." Skip back to Sao Paulo, circa 2003: A band comes together not with any presumptions or typical formulas, but by meeting at clubs and photologs (some sort of social networking sites focused on sharing photos and video, and apparently quite popular in Brazil), deciding to try something new. They meet in basements. They plan. Without knowing how to play the instruments set before them, the experiment begins. One day, a girl forgets her guitar and is given the microphone instead, suddenly able to yell out. It fits. Eventually the group expands into six members strong, a combination of some girls with guitars and one guy trying out new drums; all steadily tumbling into their skills. Handclaps and one crappy keyboard, throwing in beats; tumbling and tumbling again. Fuelled by aggravation towards the empty swagger of faux artists, and to celebrate the un-celebrity, a name was chosen: CSS. "Lovefoxxx is a very gifted designer, Ana studies cinema, Ira is a fashion designer, Carolina works with graphic design. Luiza is in art school." Fast forward to 2006: Over loose beats and quick programming, this group sings in Englishas opposed to their native language of Portugueseand claim that their scene is not Sao Paulo, but the internet. As evinced by "Meeting Paris Hilton" and "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above," CSS makes unshakably clear its predilection for the glorification of pop culture. Between funky dancehall and keys that bubble and bounce, lead Lovefoxxx continues to yell and throws down vocals in a way that is wholly unafraidshameless in the best of waysand the rest is filled in with wire-thin guitars, swift drums and manic hooks. It is a thick, pulsating thing full of haphazard synths ("Alala") and a come-on of call and response that tears down any attempt at posturing ("Art Bitch," "Patins"). An album bursting with its own unique squeaks and pops, it is intensely urgent while remaining cohesive. With fully formed music and entirely fragmentary lyrics, they had truly arrived. "Each of these nights turns into an adventure. Everything can happen: plastic balls war between the band and the audience, stage divings, panties showing, male underwear threw to the stage (and back), people playing with their backs to the audience the entire show and even people playing seated on the floor in a rare anti-show position." CSS's Cansei de Ser Sexy, or "Tired of Being Sexy," is their debut for Sub Pop. It is equal parts rock mantra and throwback into something new, transcending boundaries of genre and geography. It careers full speed into dance territory, into the unknown and untouched, to emerge all hot and bothered with wild electro-rock. Pretension? Absent. Friction? Probable. They are the un-pretension: unfinished, exposed, and throwing all they have right at you. It is quick, tightly-wound, unfastened and supreme. Not a sneer but a giggle. "Not only music, but a new way to live with it. An unfinished group that, unlike preserving itself until getting 'to the point,' was bravely showing off, turning everything into style."


-CSS (Julio 2006, SubPop Records)

1. CSS Suxxx
2. Patins
3. Alala
4. Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (MP3)
5. Art Bitch
6. Fuckoff Is Not the Only Thing You Have to Show
7. Meeting Paris Hilton (MP3)
8. Off the Hook
9. Alcohol
10. Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex
11. This Month, Day 10


CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above

Actuación en España:
Dec 1 2006 - Barcelona Primavera Festival, Barcelona


Alternative / Indie / Rock

Portland, Oregon, United States


Steve Anderson, Ryan Carroll, Eric Block

Sobre la banda recogido en su MySpace:

Saturna rises from the rainy haze of the Pacific Northwest, soaking in narcotic pop, racing with a super-charged engine, harnessing astral energy for a seductive sonic fix.

Bio en su web:
Saturna is the rock ‘n’ roll band you want to listen to before, during, and after the party. Their debut EP …All Night serves up a tantalizing cocktail of ethereal guitars and riveting drums, tender harmonies and heart-ripping hooks.

With a swirl of melody and a pulsing drift of guitar, the wordless beauty of “Springboard” launches your night. You sip a vodka tonic, and you’re off. You plunge straight into the city blasting “Pop Rocks.” The tick-tock drums and fuzzed-out Love & Rockets-style vocals spark something ferocious inside you. You finish another drink and drop your glass. You lose your friends, your money, and half your senses, but the sexy bassline keeps looping through your brain. It’s not enough. You want more. More. So the night gets nastier: “Just for Thrills” slashes you with dirty riffs. You sneer and smile, blurring through bars and parties. Streets and cars and clubs and shows. The song drags you snarling through an underworld of twisted love, but then the harmonic chorus shimmers above the rumble. For a moment you can think. Where are you? What did you just do with who? Forget it. Too late. You’ve passed the turning point and begun the long glide toward dawn with “Blanket of Stars.” Finally, in the melancholic “Chasing the Unpredictable,” you face the sun and try to figure out what it all meant. One thing is certain: you want Saturna’s …All Night again.

Charismatic Ryan Carroll graces lead vocals and rhythm guitar; while Eric Block, the most unassuming rock god in America, manhandles lead guitar; and Steve Anderson, detail-crazed genius inventor, takes on drums, bass, and backup vocals.

Mixing swagger and sweetness, Saturna soundtracks your whole night—from sundown to downtown to dawn.

Kirk Perry


...All Night (2006)

1. Springboard (mp3) NEW!! ADDED 5FEB 2007
2. Pop Rocks MP3
3. Just For Thrills MP3
4. Blanket of Stars MP3
5. Chasing the Unpredictable
6. Just For Thrills (radio edit)

Ferraby Lionheart

Descubierto gracias a Stereogum.

Indie / Folk / Pop

Los Angeles, California, United States



'self-titled EP' review // LMNOP
Something like a cross between Ray Davies, Faris Nourallah, and Eric Carmen. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Ferraby Lionheart moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. He has had some local success with his band Telecast...but has also now begun recording solo. Lionheart's tunes are classy and classic...and sound almost nothing like the average generic underground artist. Ferraby is a master of composition, coming up with melodies and lyrics that could easily sell millions...if they were marketed correctly. "The Fighter" (our favorite track) hits some real emotional chords. Smart, sincere, and highly melodic...this EP is an excellent obscure delight... (Rating: 5)


1. Tickets to Crickets (mp3)
2. Won't Be Long
3. The Fighter
4. A Crack In Time (mp3)
5. The Ballad of Gus and Sam
6. Something to Love

Video:-A crack in time

A Crack In Time

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4 songs 4 u by Pete Jones

Indie / Acoustic / Alternative

West London, London
United Kingdom



Info en su MySpace:
After fronting various bands on the London music scene (Lux, modelcitizens & a stint on bass with The Cornerstones) taking the solo path may not seem a natural progression for this 25 year old singer / songwriter. But that is exactly the path that Pete Jones has chosen.

Never one to shy away from trying the less obvious route, Pete is now bringing his own brand of soulful & uplifting music to new audiences across the capital and beyond.

"Fade away, taking my life with you... I don't know what to do; you're breaking us into two..."

Experience has taught many musicians that it is all about the quality of the songs and Pete Jones is no exception. Petes whole outlook is based on the foundation of people wanting more than just a haircut and the latest fashion, they also want songs that speak to them and these songs certainly manage to achieve that. Stripped back and given an acoustic simplicity the songs have taken on a life of their own.

Listen carefully and youll hear strains of Dylan, Lennon, Hardin & Buckley through to Ashcroft, Weller, Frame & Tilbrook. Pete Jones is continuing a heritage of classic singer / songwriters.

Summers all been told, the futures never sold, its a bad day...

Make no mistake, for every fly by night industry darling who end up as tomorrows fish and chip paper, there will always be a Pete Jones. Someone who will craft great songs no matter who the media tell us is the latest flavour of the month.

A musician who will be making music with fire, passion & skill for many years to come.

Rob H - March 2006

Canciones:-Thinkers corner (mp3)
-Don't you think (mp3)
-Always remember (mp3)
-In my soul (mp3)

4 en su MySpace-de-covers

One Second Fame - New single

House / IDM / Electronica

This is my new song feat.Perro Panda.
Esta es mi nueva canción, interpretada por Perro Panda.

01. Corazón de Hormigón vocals by Perro Panda (mp3)

02. Corazón de Hormigón Instrumental by OSF (mp3)

OSF MySpace
Perro Panda MySpace

sábado, 14 de octubre de 2006

Tilly and the wall "Sing songs along" VIDEO

Cuando comencé a bloguear, ésta fue una de las bandas mencionadas.

Tengo ganas de verlos en concierto, tiene que ser curioso ver que una de las componentes hace su parte musical con sus zapatos de claqué.


Hey Hollywood

Rock / Indie / Pop

Dallas, Texas, United States


Banda formada por:
Alex - Justin - Brandon - Erick

Hey Hollywood's new 6 song EP
"Don't Just Stand There"

-The difference (mp3)

Irene Carranza

CITY OF ANGELS, California, United States

Info en su MySpace:

Life as Art... Life is Music... if we could all live this way there might be a few more "frowns" turned "upsideown" in this crazy world... I'm a sucker for a strong sturdy durdy base line...and a kindly catchy melody... anyone who pours their heart into their art has my respect... or at least my attention... for the next 2 1/2 minuets anyway... did i mention... i am...a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/artist with an affinity for many styles of music. Toured w/ Urban IV to colleges across the United States. Sang/Lead at Harvest/Somebody Loves You. Had the priveledge of singing BGV's for Crystal Lewis and others. Been singing Jazz for almost 9 years, done some commercial/studio work and loving it. Currently singing at Calvary and writing new music. I love collaborative work... worked w/some of the best Jazz, Pop, Folk, Gospel musicians... this page is a work in progress...

Canciones para escuchar:-Falling

Parker House and Theory

Rock / Pop / Funk





Eric-jon | Lead Vocals | Guitar
Carlos | Lead Guitar | Vocals
Marcos | Drums | Vocals| Percussion
Andy | Harp | Keys| Vocals
Colin | Bass | Vocals

Info en Sonicbids:
Parker House and Theory should really find a shorter name. They know you will learn it eventually because night after night they crank out unforgettable performances chock full of energy. They are one part soulful bouncy pop, one part bluesy-funk, two parts personality. Parker House’s signature grooves and bursting melodies will seep into your soul. This year they shared the stage with Jurassic 5, 311, G. Love, Dropkick Murphy's, The Wailers, John Butler Trio, Everclear and State Radio but for a stylistic comparison think Maroon 5 with some Red Hot Chili Peppers and nasty John Popper-esque harmonica highlights.

'Slide Down' - 11 track debut recorded at Fort Apache
'Soon' - New Ep produced by Scott Riebling

-November (mp3)
-Bury it low (mp3)
-AD4 (mp3)
-Doctor (mp3)

Joy Box

Electro / Country / Folk

Stroud, Gloucestershire
United Kingdom


Nick Parker - Vocals, Keys, Guitar
Chris Pinchbeck - Guitar
Sam Jarman - Bass
Ben Laden - Percussion

Info en su MySpace:
Joybox formed in the early era of 2006, and with a couple of songs under their belt from Nick and Chris's previous writing sessions, the band began full rehersals, composing a recording material, and playing the occasional concert for charity. Recently, Joybox have recorded their full 12 track Album - On This Day, which is available for purchase at the reasonable price of £5. It contains all the songs that have been written over the past 2 years, and is bound to be a favourite among the local music scene.

On This Day Full Length Album Available For Purchase 1st October

(All art work by Andrew Ek,

-One step (mp3)

Para relajarme un poco

Entre las requests del MySpace hay cosas muy buenas, y aqui estamos spreading the word, pero hay otras que no sé. Asi que, antes de :X, me digo Take it easy, y me encuentro en YouTube nada más abrirlo esto. Creo que puse el original aqui, pero si no lo dije, lo digo ahora, sólo porque salia Elena Anaya. Porque no es que me guste especialmente el que fuera el primer sencillo de lo nuevo de Justin Timberlake.

Parodia de Sexy back (original de Justin Timberlake)

The Gray Kid and Daniel Stessen. Directed by People Food.

McKinley Place

Rock / Powerpop / Indie
Minneapolis, United States


Shack (center vox)
Trick (acoustic, vox)
Michael (electric tar)
Jesse (bass, vox)
Tyler (drums)

Info en su MySpace:
" Ladies love em, and so do I! We are just lucky to still have these guys around." -SC Times

Hang on tight everyone! The new EP 'Love Luck & Lust' is being released this October and the boys have finally captured their LIVE energy on a recording. Produced by local legends Matt Kirkwold and James Harley (Quietdrive, Lucky Boys Confusion etc.) Mckinley Place has taken themselves to another level. MP has now traded in their acoustic guitars for electrics and is THE most energy filled rock band of its kind.

Led by lead vocalist Bryan Shackle, guitarist/background vocalist Patrick Gibbs, and guitarist Michael Kropp, the band's vocal harmonies, and guitar sounds range from big, melodic overtones reminiscent of The Goo Goo Dolls, and Jimmy Eat World to punchy, in-your-face growls similar to the likes of the Marvelous 3 and the Black Crowes. So what do you get when you put all of this together? Original songs that create a rock/pop pulse that hooks you in and doesn't let go! And let's not forget the experience between band members who have shared the stage with national acts such as Train, Marvelous 3, Soul Asylum and Tesla, and regional acts that include Tim Mahoney, G.B. Leighton, Dazy Head Mazy, Leep 27 and many others. But it wasn't always this way, the band evolved from simple beginnings.

Growing up in the suburbs, Bryan and Patrick spent most of their time locked in a basement, writing lyrics and screaming songs along to Patrick's percussive guitar riffs. Although they hadn't asked for it, the duo ended up booking gigs and were soon attracting many eyes wherever they played. Not long after, the two decided it was time to lay down some original works. They added a third member (Michael) and made a CD that sold over a thousand copies without distribution.

As crowds continually grew larger, and more CD's were sold, Bryan, Patrick and Mike decided, "Hey, why not make another album". Determined to create something in their home studio that rivaled a big budget, major label album, the trio set forth on By Design. While continually gigging about 150 shows per year, they managed to accomplish that goal but now faced one problem: they were no longer just an acoustic group. Adding a bass (Jesse) and a drummer (Tyler) this insane quintet was formed. Soon after, the band held an endorsements from Miller Lite, Triple Caff Energy Drink, Deadly Clothing, and

Now, on the brink of MP's biggest release yet 'Love Luck & Lust', they have already started turning national heads and continue to awe fans with their live show. This acoustic group has slowly morphed into the rock music you PLAY LOUD in your car at 90 miles an hour! "We always had it in us. We just needed someone to bring it out...Kirkwold and Harley did it!" -B Shackle


2005 : Video
DVD Video

2004 : By Design
CD available at a store near you.

1. Last Pair of Wings
2. Champagne and Cigarettes
3. Now or Never
4. By Design
5. Rockstar
6. Waste of Love
7. Daydream
8. Simple Pleasure
9. Goodbye Tonight
10. Above All Luck
11. Sonador

2002 : Freedom
This cd is sold out, but is available for purchase on iTunes.

1. Freedom
2. Hollywood Girls
3. Champagne and Cigarettes
4. Silence on My Side
5. Do You Realize
6. Keeps Me Around
7. Breathe
8. Streetlight
9. Young Again
10. Where Are You Hiding
11. Waiting
12. Find Myself