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The Band On The Edge Of Forever

No los conocía, afortunadamente me dió por escuchar su video, y me han encantado. Es cierto que recuerdan a Coldplay y bandas similares, pero aún asi suenan bastante bien.






-Shore leave (Single)

- The Band On The Edge Of Forever (2009) (GIMRecords)


01. Shore Leave
02. Holiday
03. Cecilia
04. Turn The Key
05. Skane Girl
06. Lullaby
07. Pass The Feeling
08. The Changeling
09. Socialized
10. Astronaut


- Shore Leave

Info thx to ThePassionOfIndieMusic:

The band name is long. And anything other than pop. But it's no wonder when you compare it with eternity wishes. The intention, the same threshold has been exceeded in the band name and the present 10 songs of elegiac debut album by The Band On The Edge Of Forever dejected. The use of the 4 young men in Berlin and lead singer for the practicing internist Volker Neumann primarily a remedy: The Journey to the Interior. The music soundtrack and nourishes the hope of all the borders to be able to blow up if you want to close your eyes and listen. Go on a Holiday ... and you might find what you had in mind Take the fast lane where the sun always shines You don t have to compromise go simply close your eyes it s way much faster, faster than you recognize ... the speed of light ... I do it all the time it is in Holiday, a song until the end of his playing time his true significance is low. Close your eyes, listen, dare to travel.

They consistently deny the instrumented songs just the ubiquitous pop-song arrangements, which at 3 minutes 30 ever the same again. This ensures that the journey is always new images before Zugfenster appear in the head. Volker Neumann Storytelling offers over the length of individual pieces of the album and a convincing arc voltage on. The first single, Shore Leave what something means leave the country as heralding the great ride and is consequently also the opening track. Those on a succinct theme piano-based ballad goes easy on the ear and has the band in some breathtaking speed doors open: The Hitsongschreiber Nosi Katzmann has them on his label gesigned, producer Tobias Siebert (Slut, Kettcar, Tomte, Klez.E) has some title of her album and produced the radio play the song in the day program. It also does not fare too light: Here is the pain of a lost childhood weggeträumt. How well it just goes.

The video shown in the miniature world underscores the desire for a perfect world, a past from which one is locked out forever. But it remains to flee into the art, where everything is possible. Changeling is a vibrant ironic sideswipe at the turn necks, which streamlined their way, and clearly not feeling the wavelength of the band application. We are therefore perfectly fortified dreamers to do. On the concert stage is The Band On The Edge Of Forever no longer an unknown quantity: The band MIA in three cities on their sold-out hall tour supports her debut album and the first time such a large audience. Then follow a tour of the band through Germany as well as several festival dates in summer. The future: The year 2009 will be a great for TBOTEOF. Whatever. Four young men have with the help of friends and companions is a wonderful first album released. No matter how it is the echo. They are happy, we are happy. And the foundation for more great music from the house of The Band On The Edge Of Forever is given. Close your eyes and you will see.

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