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Architecture in Helsinki - Hold Music

Directed by Kim Gehrig

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Miracle Fortress

Como ya he dicho en algún post, este es uno de mis discos favoritos de este 2007. Junto a The meaning of 8 de Cloud Cult ha sido otra grata sorpresa.

Tropical / Classic Rock



From Secret City:
Miracle Fortress is the brainchild of Graham Van Pelt, a Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who in this incarnation builds wall of sound pop songs in the tradition of Brian Wilson and Brian Eno. Originally from Stratford, Ontario, Graham is also a member of Montreal’s Think About Life (Alien8 Recordings). He began to record as Miracle Fortress after co-founding the multi-functional art space/venue/studio space Friendship Cove with local artist Jack Dylan in Montreal’s Griffintown in late 2005. A 5 song EP, Watery Grave, led to a collaboration with Secret City Records in 2006 to record a full length LP. Graham spent a larger part of the year building into the Friendship Cove studio and recording the Miracle Fortress debut, taking time out to perform as a solo act opening for bands like Love is All, Vic Chestnut, and locals Sunset Rubdown and Islands. Five Roses was completed in January 2007 and is an ambitious and engaging record of pop songs that echo My Bloody Valentine and the Beach Boys alike. It will be released in May 2007. Sunset Rubdown’s Jordan Robson-Cramer (who also plays on the B-side to the first single), Telefauna’s Adam Waito, and SS Cardiacs' Jessie Stein have recently joined Graham in the live lineup of Miracle Fortress.


-Five Roses (Secret City / May 22nd 2007)

1. Whirrs
2. Have You Seen In Your Dreams MP3
3. Next Train
4. Maybe Lately
5. Beach Baby
6. Hold Your Secrets To Your Heart
7. Little Trees
8. Poetaster
9. Five Roses
10. Blasphemy
11. Fortune
12. This Thing About You

-Have You Seen In Your Dreams 12" (Secret City / March 13th 2007)

A. Have You Seen In Your Dreams
B. Hanky Panky Nohow (John Cale cover)

-Watery Grave EP (Winter 2005)

1. Watery Grave
2. Forgiven
3. Secret Passage Way
4. Eschatology
5. Sacred Flowers

The Enemy

"Music needs more lunatics like this from the midlands, they're nice lads, and a fookin top band"

Rock / Indie

Coventry, Midlands .United Kingdom




Liam - drums
Tom - guitar/main vox
Andy - bass/backing vox

Album de debut

We'll Live & Die in These Towns (23 Julio 2007)

1. Aggro
2. Away From Here
3. Pressure
4. Had Enough
5. We'll Live And Die In These Towns
6. You're Not Alone
7. It's Not Ok
8. Technodanceaphobic
9. 40 Days And 40 Nights
10. This Song
11. Happy Birthday Jane
12. Fear Killed The Youth Of Our Nation
13. Dancin' All Night
14. It's Not Ok: Video
15. Away From Here: Video
16. 40 Days And 40 Nights: Video

Japanese pressing of this full-length album comes with two bonus tracks, 'Fear Killed The Youth Of Our Nation' & 'Dancing All Night'. This version also includes an enhanced clip. Warner. 2007.


-Had enough (El más nuevo)

-Away from here

Away From Here

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-40 days and 40 nights

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Labrador Summer Sampler #4

Última entrega del Sampler de Labrador compuesto por 68 temas.

1. Acid House Kings - Sunday Morning (3:13)
2. Edson - Sunday, Lovely Sunday (3:53)
3. Aerospace - Tenderness Is The Plight Of The Weakerthan (3:14)
4. Wan Light - That Grim Reality (3:12)
5. Chasing Dorotea - The Anchor Song (3:59)
6. Wan Light - The Astronauts (4:08)
7. Aerospace - The Only Things We Share (3:07)
8. Tribeca - The Sun Always Shines On TV (3:03)
9. The Radio Dept. - The Worst Taste In Music (2:52)
10. The Legends - There And Back Again (3:13)
11. Acid House Kings - This And That (2:39)
12. Acid House Kings - This Heart Is A Stone (3:03)
13. Wan Light - Two Words Away (2:57)
14. The Mary Onettes - Void (3:27)
15. Club 8 - Whatever you want (3:44)
16. Edson - When the mind suffers, the body cries out (3:53)
17. The Radio Dept. - Why Won't You Talk About It? (3:09)


Puedes descargarlo entero desde Pirate Bay aquí. Esto es para los que tengan Torrent./You can download all the 68 tracks from Pirate Bay here.

CANTECA DE MACAO-"Camino de la vida entera"

Los acabo de descubrir, gracias al MySpace, el cual ponía: Descárgate 4 temas de su nuevo disco. Resulta que te puedes bajar el disco entero en su web. No es que vaya mucho con el estilo del blog.Pero también se intenta poner de todo. Y esta música a mucha gente le gusta. Por ejemplo, a los del pueblo de mis abuelos, ellos siempre escuchan música similar, y yo soy la de "los grupos raros". En mi caso he de escuchar sus temas, y ni por asomo quieren escuchar un segundo de la música que a mi me pueda gustar.

Other / Ska / Latin



Ana Saboya: Singer
Isidoro Lora Tamayo: Lead Guitar & voice
Alvaro Melgar Jaquotot: Guitar
Danilo Montoya: Flute
Lucia Ochotorena: Cajón
Juan Tomas Martinez: Percussion
Pablo Carretero: Bass
Guillermo Martinez Yusta: Drums
Javier Rodriguez de Zuloaga: Jugglings
Cindy Castillo: Manager

Biografia en inglés recogida en su MySpace:
Canteca de Macao is one of those groups in which the most important thing, over the anxiety of marketing, is the relation and encounter among persons. As a band Canteca de macao is a human group, is an attitude towards the music itself. There are no leaders, just exchangeable roles and musicians that live with the illusion of sharing a project, and this is the key for innovation in times such as this where the main purpose of music is not other than the ego and the devotion for easy recipes. Formed by 9 components (From Spain, Venezuela and Chile) Canteca de macao represents the emergent multiculturalism borned, raised and developed in the streets. Their musical style cant be translated into a mix of rhythms such as Rumba, Ska, reggae and Flamenco, that have allowed and inspired the creation of their first album Cachai?, generating an unpredictable enthusiasm in the Spanish musical scene that has overcome all possible expectations. Moreover, their energetic and young live shows together with the strong social message carried by their songs, have become a reference point for all the lovers of what they define as social conscience music. Still one of the most interesting aspects of this band, lies in the fact of being, nowadays, the unique group that fills 2000 people venues all over Spain, without having their album on sale on the music stores. In other words, Canteca de macao auto-produced their first album Cachai?, they sold and sell thousands of copies in every concert, and visit all the possible festivals in Spain and foreign countries without any help other than their will, their music, energy and their hope of communicating to people that other way of functioning is possible. At the present time Canteca de Macao has achieved for first time in the music history that multinationals such as EMI publishing accept their music under a copyleft license. The rest of the job is done by the public that assist to their concerts, which allows them to have a promotion tool free of any commercial labels. Their second Album "Camino de la vida entera" has been produced with one of the most prestigious producers of Flamenco in Spain, Jose Luis Garrido, that has worked with people such as Paco de Lucia, Tino di Giraldo, Carles Benavent etc. this album will be released on February 2007. You can download it from their

Camino de la vida entera (2007)

2-La rabia
3-Los pies en el aire
5-Canción del No amor
6-La cajita
7-La rubia perfecta
8-Tanguillo de José Ignacio
11-Pal sur
12-Romance de un sentir
13-Tango de la disconformidad
14-Chic tu chic

Nine Black Alps - Burn faster VIDEO

Gracias a un mail recibido de estos mailing lists a los que una se apunta. Pues he sabido que Nine Black Alps tiene nuevo material. Me llegaba el mail, como en plan "presentación de esta banda",pero ya han sacado un primer trabajo que se llamó Everything is. De momento nos quedamos con lo que nos contaba el mail, y con el video el single "Burn faster" que salió el 23 de Julio.

Manchester-based alternative rockers Nine Black Alps deliver heavy guitars, a slice of punk and dark passionate lyrics. With their debut album Everything Is they drew comparisons with the likes of Nirvana, the Pixies and even Neil Young with their thundering anthems and intricate melodies.

The four fuzzy rock heroes have recently returned from recording with Dave Sardy in LA (Oasis, Wolfmother, Jet) with their grunge roots intact, new single Burn Faster is out now, with their second album Love/Hate coming later this year. Click here to download a free album sampler MP3!

'Listening to Burn Faster is like Ash drinking smoothies with Brian Wilson. Blissful'
What's On The NME Stereo

'new songs sound more immediate and just as gloriously distorted as ever' NME

'one inceniary firebomb of a tune after another... from chruning riffs and barking refrains to perfect pop songs wrapped in distortion and noise' Kerrang

Sobre la banda:

Rock / Alternativa / Indie

Manchester, Reino Unido



Sam Forrest - guitar playing and singing.
James Galley - drumming and singing.
Martin Cohen - bass
David Jones - guitaring and bassing.


Everything is (Album)
Glitter Gulch (EP)
Singles Ver en su web

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Shake Some Action! - su música en un spot

Nike has licensed our song What You Want Me To Do for their "Watch Us Play" promotion. For details, go to The song is currently on the "Watch Us Keep Going" video on that website and will be used in others in coming weeks.

Eisley - Invasion

Eisley - Invasion

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Tegan and Sara - Back in your head VIDEO

The Mary Onettes- Gira española

26.09.2007: Madrid (Moby Dick)
27.09.2007: Zaragoza (Centro Cívico)
28.09.2007: Barcelona (La [2])
29.09.2007: Bilbao (Bilboloop Festival)
01.10.2007: Madrid (FNAC Callao)

Información recogida en

Fátima meets Kuriaki -Skyline VIDEO

Gracias a Man Zanas por darnos la información de que el dúo tenía videoclip. Skyline está dirigido por Sergio San Martín.

jueves, 26 de julio de 2007

Coldplay -Cuarto trabajo

Coldplay graban en Barcelona
La banda continúa en la Ciudad Condal con las sesiones de grabación del que será su cuarto trabajo, aún sin título y cuya edición está prevista para 2008.

Coldplay se encuentran en Barcelona grabando parte del material que dará forma a su cuarto trabajo, el sucesor de "X&Y" (2005), que se editará revisiblemente en 2008. La banda, a través de un comunicado hecho público en su página web, ha declarado estar de viaje "con apenas una guitarra acústica, un par de micrófonos, un portátil y algunos auriculares. Estamos en Barcelona, yendo de iglesia en iglesia e instalándonos donde podemos, delante del altar, bajo el púlpito. Hemos estado tocando a los pies de los ángeles; es una escena extraña, con un grupo de santos mirando impadibles a los miembros del grupo."

La banda ha reconocido que en su próximo trabajo habrá algo de la influencia hispana que las sesiones en Buenos Aires y Barcelona están dejando en el grupo. "No habrá maracas, ni castañuelas, pero sí algo de colorido vibrante que debe mucho a las atmósferas de Buenos Aires y Barcelona".
-Noticia recogida en

Pelle Carlberg- Segundo sencillo MP3

We're proud to present the second single from Pelle Carlberg's recent album "In A Nutshell" - Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls. Besides holding the title for the longest song title in 2007, Clever Girls (etc...) perfectly showcases why it's so easy to fall in love with his mix of wry humor and catchy pop tunes.-Labrador-

> Download the MP3 for free here!

Cancelaciones en el Contempopranea 2007

Ellos vuelven a caerse del cartel al no poder probar sonido y Linda Guilala y Nude suspenden también sus respectivas actuaciones.
-Noticia completa de AQUI-

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Litte Man Tate # 5

Message by LMT:

Little Man Tate have just announced their biggest show to date at Blackpool Empress Ballroom on December 15th 2007. Former bassist with the Stone Roses and now bass player for the Primals, Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield will DJ at the event as a special guest of Little Man Tate and yet more special guests are to be announced on the bill in the near future. Tickets go on sale on Friday 20th July at 9am.

As an added bonus to this announcement we are giving away 2 Exclusive Tracks via download on Head straight to now to get your hands on new tracks ‘Trouble With Detox’ and ‘Suicide Tuesday’.

LIVE: Sheffield The Plug (Benefit Show) Aug 4th
St Helens Eclectica Festival (free) Aug 11th
Reading Festival (Main Stage) Aug 24th - Leeds Festival (Main Stage) Aug 25th
Blackpool Empress Ballroom on Dec 15th

REL: Aug 27th – Single ‘European Lover’
Sept 3rd - Album ‘About What You Know’

*‘Trouble With Detox’ and ‘Suicide Tuesday’ zip YSI

James Blunt

No sabia que sacara ya disco. Y es que me acabo de enterar que el 17 de Septiembre saldrá a la venta el nuevo y segundo disco de James Blunt, el cual se va a llamar All the lost souls. Y el primer sencillo será una canción llamada "1973" MP3 (YSI).
Poco hay que decir de este artista. No los dieron a conocer como "el soldado metido a cantante". Al principio su "You're beautiful" era una bonita canción, que después debido al impresionante éxito del artista, fue tan radiada y con esa voz -que a veces desagrada escuchar-, llevó a que los mismísimos oyentes pidieran a las emisoras que "Por favor, dejaran de ponerla YA". Se convirtió en una de las canciones más insoportables.
Luego poco más hemos sabido, fue sacando sencillos, haciendo todas las entrevistas posibles en todos los programas posibles, y saliendo también en los medios rosas por sus relaciones con una componente de las Pussycat y luego por su relación con una modela que se hizo conocida por sobrevivir al desastre del tsunami.
Lo único que puedo añadir de nuevo a eso,es que por lo menos en la gira americana, ahora no lo sé, el batería que le acompañaba, formó anteriormente parte de la desaparecida banda británica Budapest, según relató John Garrison -cantante de Budapest- en un blog de sus aventuras por tierras de Nueva York.

Motion City Soundtrack "Broken Heart" VIDEO

First video of the highly anticipated album, Even If It Kills Me, out September 18th, 2007.

Motion City Soundtrack "Broken Heart"

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Motion City Soundtrack perfect their trademark blend of indie rock riffs, bittersweet melodies, driving synths, and droll-yet-earnest lyrics on Even If It Kills Me, due September 18th. Produced in parts by the duo of Fountain of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger & Girls vs Boys' Eli Janney, and by pop-rock legend Ric Ocasek, Even If It Kills Me is a heartfelt examination of the human condition, at turns both comic and tragic. Contagiously clever, buoyantly catchy, and featuring the instantly memorable single "This Is For Real," Even If It Kills Me is the year's most anticipated record.-Epitaph

Perfect Creature TRAILER

Protagonizada por Dougray Scott.

Fearless vampire brothers roam the streets of New Zealand. One causes havoc, one tries to stop it.

Horror Movie Perfect Creature starring Dougray Scott

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The last legion TRAILER

Hacia mucho que no "ibamos" al cine. La verdad es que no me ha llamado nada la atención.Pero para que no se me olvide, y porque sale Colin Firth. Aqui no sé cuando se estrenará.

The untold beginning of the King Arthur Legend. The Last Legion Trailer - In Theaters August 17th.

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Canciones para ti

Gentle Touch
Indie / Electro




Componentes: Michael, Gustav y Viktor


Memories MP3

Smedby MP3



Pop / Classic Rock




Fredrik Saroea: vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards.
Ket-ill: bass, background vocals, programming, keyboards


Dressed in bright red jumpsuits, Datarock rules the stage with a Beastie Boys-meets-Talking Heads style. Trading off between campy rap tracks and legit postpunk jams, this Norwegian posse has raised the bar for today's party music. Catch them at dance club or dive bar near you.

I used to dance with my daddy
Fa Fa Fa

MP3s aqui


Jupiter Rising

Trip Hop / Hip Hop / Pop

LOS ANGELES, California
United States



Lead Vocals:Jessie Payo

Vocals/Beatbox/Production/sax/everydamnthing:Spencer Nezey


This L.A. pair demonstrates two performers mounting a legit challenge to Fergie and Artfully aping the Peas' successful formula--cleverly saucy lyrics and funk-hop jam licks--Jessie Payo and Spencer Nezey make a bold foray into the SoCal scene.


Electropop Video

MP3s aqui


John Garrison

Pop/ Rock / Alternative

Leamington Spa, England/ New York, United States



Canción fuera de Above The Cosmos:
So Wrong So Right MP3


Jennifer Gentle

Padova, Italy
Rock & Pop » Psychedelic



Marco Fasolo (vocals, electric & acoustic guitars)
Francesco Candura (bass, melodica & backing vocals)
Liviano Mos (keyboards)
Andrea Garbo (guitars & backing vocals)
Paolo Mongardi (drums & percussion).


Italian psyche savants Jennifer Gentle have captured the sound of gnome revelries in full swing. Sounding like early Pink Floyd on asthma medication, these merry pranksters blast out art-damaged pop for acid mother funkers. In the nonlinear world of Jennifer Gentle, the '60s are happening right now again.


I do dream you MP3
Universal Daughter MP3

De su último trabajo llamado The midnight room (2007)
Electric Princess MP3

Take my hand

Más MP3s aqui

The Underdog

La canción es una de las que están en el player #5. Ya hemos puesto aquí en el blog, su MP3 y el link para ver su video. Ahora para que la canturrees mientras suena.

Picture yourself in the living room
your pipe and slippers set out for you
I know you think that it ain't too far

But I hear the call of a lifetime ring
felt the need to get up for it
oh you cut out the middleman
get free from the middleman

You got no time for the messenger,
got no regard for the thing that you don't understand,
you got no fear of the underdog,
that's why you will not survive!

I want to forget how conviction fits
but can I get out from under it?
Can I gut it out of me?
It can't all be wedding cake
It can't all be boiled away
I try but I can't let go of it
Can't let go of it,

Cause you don't talk to the water boy
and there's so much you could learn but you don't want to know,
You will not back up an inch ever,
that's why you will not survive,

The thing that I tell you now
It may not go over well
And it may not be photo-op
in the way that I spell it out

But you won't hear from the messenger,
don't wanna know bout something that you don't understand,
You got no fear of the underdog,
that's why you will not survive! (Hey!)

-Spoon "Ga Ga Ga Ga" Letra/Lyrics thx to Sixeyes

Love me like the world is ending -First Take

Uno tiene idea de como poner imágenes a su canción, y luego lo que sale es otra cosa. No fue el día acertado para grabar el vídeo en Nueva York. Justo ese día hubo una explosión, se produjo el caos en la ciudad pensando en un nuevo ataque terrorista, el 11s sigue en la mente de los ciudadanos. Con lo que el rodaje del video fue finalmente interrumpido. Aunque eso sólo lo notes al final. Además hay cosas que no salieron como debieran, el perro no coge la pelota que Ben le lanza, los del monopatín van como no debían. Así que, a pesar del día perdido y de los costes que eso supuso, seguramente se haga otro vídeo diferente. De momento nos quedamos con esta primera idea.

Puedes leer la "aventura" de ese día en el blog de MySpace de Ben Lee.El post se llama "Indecent Exposure", a ver si os va con este link.

sábado, 21 de julio de 2007

Vig Gyor-LA Show Tonight (time change) !!

Hello everyone - sadly it's the last show of our USA tour this evening
(but we'll be back later in the year!). Just to let you know that the
show tonight is at the Good Hurt on Venice Blvd in LA.

We're on stage at 10.45. (not 12.15 as the website states)

It's gonna be a great party to end a great tour so be sure to get
yourself along if you're in the area.........get down early as tickets are
selling fast.

Vib Gyor Central x

Labrador Summer Sampler - Part 3

1. Sambassadeur - New Moon (2:43)
2. Afraid of stairs - Not Today (2:00)
3. Edson - On Last Song About You Know What (4:23)
4. Waltz For Debbie - Once Upon A Time (3:09)
5. The Legends - Play it for today (2:40)
6. [ingenting] - Punkdrömmar (3:10)
7. Ronderlin - Reflected (3:21)
8. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Rent A Wreck (2:59)
9. Pelle Carlberg - Riverbank (3:02)
10. Laurel Music - Sacred Heart (2:02)
11. Club 8 - Saturday Night Engine (4:06)
12. Acid House Kings - Say Yes If You Love Me (3:04)
13. [Ingenting] - Släpp In Solen (3:01)
14. Douglas Heart - Smoke Screen (5:18)
15. Tribeca - Solitude (2:48)
16. Club 8 - Spring Came, Rain Fell (2:36)
17. Mondial - Stand By Your Story (2:55)


viernes, 20 de julio de 2007

Tegan and Sara-The Con ESCUCHA

Indie / Pop / Alternative
Vancouver/Montreal, Canada

Indie favorites Tegan and Sara have created a gem of an album for their major label debut, The Con. The songs are sincere and the melodies memorable. Hear it first exclusively on MySpace, before it hits stores Tuesday!

John Vanderslice- ESCUCHA

2 Step
San Francisco, CA

John Vanderslice continues to emerge as one of the most compelling and thought provoking singer / songwriters. Listen to his latest epic Emerald City right now, exclusively on MySpace.

White dove MP3 disponible en su Myspace-player. Y otros 3 de anteriores trabajos.


Radiohead - Nobody Does It Better (Carly Simon cover) MP3 aqui

The Killers - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? (Moz cover)
Arctic Monkeys - Leave Before The Lights Come On
The Gossip - Are U That Somebody? (Aaliyah cover)

MP3s aqui

Labrador Summer Sampler 2007 -Part 2

1. [Ingenting] - Här Kommer Solen (2:59)
2. Corduroy Utd. - Here Comes The Summer (3:08)
3. The Legends - Hide away (3:09)
4. Pelle Carlberg - I Love You You Imbecile (2:56)
5. Loveninjas - I wanna be like Jonny C (3:45)
6. Starlet - I'm Home (3:44)
7. [Ingenting] - Julia (2:32)
8. Loveninjas - Keep Your Love (3:33)
9. Sambassadeur - Kate (3:50)
10. Wan Light - Landmarks And House (3:26)
11. Irene - Little Things (That Tear Us Apart) (1:54)
12. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Loop Duplicate My Heard (3:07)
13. Club 8 - Love In December (3:40)
14. The Mary Onettes - Lost (4:02)
15. The Legends - Lucky Star (2:10)
16. The Legends - Make It All Right (2:31)
17. Club 8 - Missing You (2:37)


Labrador Summer Sampler 2007 -Part 1

1. Douglas Heart - A Question Of Gender (4:42)
2. Douglas Heart - Always no (3:16)
3. Irene - Baby I Love Your Way (2:11)
4. Sambassadeur - Between The Lines (2:40)
5. Lasse Lindh - Bruised (2:59)
6. The Legends - Call It Ours (2:29)
7. Corduroy Utd. - Daddy's Boy (3:33)
8. Leslies - Dear Friend (3:43)
9. South Ambulance - Die 5 Times Times 5 (3:54)
10. Acid House Kings - Do What You Wanna Do (3:07)
11. Laurel Music - Dreams And Lies (2:27)
12. Airliner - Everything That's You (3:51)
13. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Funeral Face (2:58)
14. Pelle Carlberg - Go to Hell, Miss Rydell (3:38)
15. South Ambulance - Hanging in a tie (3:04)
16. The Legends - He knows the sun (3:30)
17. Waltz For Debbie - He Loves Anna (3:20)

RAPIDSHARE (no tienes que esperar sale directamente/download it without waiting for any countdown)

jueves, 19 de julio de 2007

Gira en Noviembre de Bloc Party

* 22.11.2007-Valencia (Repubblica 1) 25€
* 23.11.2007-Salamanca (Pabellón Multiusos) 25€
* 24.11.2007-Bilbao (Santana 27) 25€
-Noticia recogida en

Matchbox Twenty VUELVE!!

Nunca pensaron en separarse, no sé porque a algunos medios le dió por decir que si. Sólo decidieron tomarse un tiempo para hacer cada uno lo que quisiera. Rob Thomas escribiendo temas para aún más gente y haciendo un disco con estilos que le apetecía. Y Kyle Cook con su banda paralela The new left. Y Paul Doucette creando su maravilloso disco en solitario, para el cual aún tenemos que esperar, y que no sé porque la industria discográfica le pone tantos obstáculos porque merece la pena. Ya lo he dicho 50 veces, para mi fue una gran sorpresa escuchar su voz, y el estilo tan indie que proponía, Life gets beautiful y otras, sencillamente maravillosas. La banda volverá con su cuarto trabajo de estudio, que se llamará Exile on Mainstream, y el primer sencillo ya se puede escuchar en su MySpace, y se llama How far we've come. A falta de poder escuchar todos los discos que últimamente aparecen dado que el potato este está que ya se muere. Pues me han alegrado el día, no puedo evitarlo me gusta mucho la música de Mb20. Y aunque es extraño escuchar una batería que no toca ya Paul Doucette, ya que éste se ha pasado a los teclados y guitarra. Y es triste ver sólo a cuatro y no 5. Nunca he tenido oportunidad de ver a los 5 en concierto, y se me hace extraño que no esté Adam Gaynor. A pesar de todo me han alegrado el día y el tema me ha gustado bastante. Deseando escuchar el disco entero, porque mucho ha llovido desde More than you think you are, asi que, supongo que habrá nuevas cosas en el sonido de Mb20 por descubrir. Espero que vengan YA a tocar a España, no lo hicieron con el último trabajo. Y si Paul Doucette se trae un par de sus discos para que tengamos ocasió de comprarlos, para tenerlo por fin! mejor que mejor.

Rock / Pop / Acoustic
Orlando, FL



Having sold 28 million albums worldwide, matchbox twenty is back with their first new song in five years! Listen to "How Far We've Come" from the upcoming album Exile on Mainstream exclusively here on MySpace.

miércoles, 18 de julio de 2007

Mighty Six Ninety

Hará como año y medio que descubrí a esta banda. No paraba de escuchar su canción Leave this world una y otra vez. Ayer según parece fue el día de edición de su trabajo Cheers to the bitter end. A ver si hay ocasión de escucharlo, el tema mencionado y su canción gratuita Mistakes like these, me gustan bastante.

Pop / Indie / Rock

California, United States



Rich- vocals/guitar
Jeremy- guitar
Camille- keys
Reade- Drums
Patrick- Bass

Info recogida en ArjanWrites:

Mighty Six Ninety is a familiar phrase to many people in Southern California. It is the name of a border-blasting AM radio station in the Tijuana area of Baja California, Mexico that was one of the most popular top 40 stations in the San Diego area in the 1980s. The Mightly 690 was an inspiration to many aspiring musicians at the time, including Rich Michalowski who grew up in a rural area outside of San Diego.

The radio station was Michalowski's first taste of commercial pop music. He used to listen to the radio station and started learning the guitar soon after. He began obsessively rehearsing the instrument for 8-10 hours a day. Fast-forward to 2006, Michalowski named his new band Mighty Six Ninety as an homage to the pop radio station. The quintet includes Rich Michalowski on vocal/guitar, Jeremy Castillo on guitar, Benjamin Herr on bass, Reade Pryor on drums and Camouflage on keyboards.

The band is preparing the release of their debut album "Cheers To The Bitter End" on July 17. The group's catchy tunes are polished and fun to listen to. It echoes the sounds of many of the artists that inspired them, including New Order, The Cure and The Smiths. Michalowski and his pals layer melodic synths with rippling basslines, soaring guitars and yearning vocals.

Even though Michalowski was inspired by '80s new wave and pop, he writes me he doesn't consider Mighty Six Ninety an '80s band. "We're influenced by pop music from the early 90's and late 80's. Some of our favorite albums are from 80's band's who continued to released material well into the 90's," Machalowski writes Arjan. "However, it would be unfair to call us an '80's band. After all, we don't wear make up."

One of my favorite tracks is "Mistakes Like These" that has a special meaning to Michalowski. "I was terribly depressed and wrote half the song on the edge of my bed late one night," Michalowski writes me. "It was more about a feeling than the lyrics. Jeremy and I later finished the chorus and pre-chorus together over the phone and during a few studio sessions. We wrote most of 'Cheers To The Bitter End' in this same way."


Cheers to the bitter end (2007,Invisible DJ)

Keeping you in mind MP3 aqui
Mistakes like these MP3 aqui
With me
I'm not smiling
Northern border MP3 aqui
Leave this world MP3 (Este link es de hace más de un año y medio, asi que, seguramente la versión del disco sea distinta)
I wonder if I'm even here
Never go to sleep
Break up
Cheers, to the bitter end

Entrevista a M 6 90 aqui

martes, 17 de julio de 2007

Two Hours Traffic "Little Jabs"


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island




Liam Corcoran, Derek Ellis, Andrew Macdonald, Alec O'Hanley

Info recogida en su MySpace:

Two Hours Traffic began in 2003 when former kindergarten colleagues Liam Corcoran and Alec OHanley recruited fellow University of PEI Chemistry students Andrew MacDonald and Derek Ellis. After the better part of a year, the group released an EP entitled The April Storm. This record caught the ear of acclaimed Halifax guitar hero Joel Plaskett, who immediately offered to produce the groups first full-length album. When not breaking Erlenmeyer flasks, the group managed to pen and record a twelve-song eponymous album that blurs the line between alt-country and power pop. Unabashedly catchy and sincere, Two Hours Traffic is deservedly at the fore of the Canadian Maritime pop revival.

Recorded while the band was still in their teens, Two Hours Traffic recalls the eccentricity of The Cars and the immediacy of Big Star. People took to the songs without hesitation: Limelight fueled some hottub drama on The OC, Better Sorry Than Safe edged out indie-rock mainstays Broken Social Scene and The Constantines on CBC Radio 3s 2005 year-end list, and the album was nominated for Best Rock Recording at the 2006 East Coast Music Awards. While their debut album was a magnet for critical accolades, their peers took notice as well. THT has toured Eastern Canada extensively with the likes of Wintersleep, The Joel Plaskett Emergency, and Cuff the Duke.

Now, Two Hours Traffic have completed their second EP, Isolator. Having triumphed over the dreaded sophomore slump, the band continues to prove that science kids can make great art. Armed with an arsenal of new songs, Two Hours Traffic gladly leaves behind the ivory towers of higher education for less dignified pursuits.

Discografia completa en su WEB:

(IN STORES JULY 24/2007)

01 Nighthawks
02 No Advances
03 Stuck for the Summer VIDEO (Ya pusimos en el blog este video.)// MP3 disponible en su Myspace
04 Heros of the Sidewalk
05 Jezebel
06 Backseat Sweetheart
07 Whenever We Finish
08 Stolen Earrings
09 Sure Can Start
10 Heatseeker
11 Arms Akimbo

Aquí en su WEB tenéis toda su discos. Y podéis escuchar completo este trabajo en un player que se abre en una nueva ventana.

Album release show-Today in New York

john garrison | above the cosmos

album release show


PIANOS, 158 Ludlow Street at Stanton St. (LES)

Get your personalized copy of “ABOVE THE COSMOS” at special day of release rate $10.



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Rilo Kiley - The Moneymaker VIDEO

The Moneymaker

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Track 3 on the new album "Under the Blacklight" available 8/21/07

Under The Blacklight's Tracklisting:

1. Silver Lining
2. Close Call
3. The Moneymaker MP3 aqui
4. Breakin' Up
5. Under the Blacklight
6. Dreamworld
7. Dejalo
8. 15
9. Smoke Detector
10. The Angels Hung Around
11. Give a Little Love

Cambios en el cartel del FIB 2007

19, 20, 21 y 22 de julio en Benicàssim.

Micah P. Hinson será sustituido por Astrud.

El dúo Two Lone Swordsmen, ha anunciado su separacióny serán sustituidos por los daneses WhoMadeWho (que forman también parte del cartel del Creamfields Andalucía, que se celebra el próximo 11 de agosto en Almería).

-Noticia recogida en Supernovapop-

Cartel del Contempopranea

Alburquerque,27 y 28 de julio

ELLOS (A pesar de su ruptura con el sello Subterfuge, Ellos si actuarán en este festival, presentando su nuevo trabajo "Qué fue de ellos")


Su debut fue "Stars Of CCTV" (2004-2005).El segundo trabajo de la banda se llamará "Once Upon A Time In The West" y saldrá el 3 de Septiembre.

El listado de canciones es:

01 Suburban Knights (1er single, que sale el 20 de agosto)
02 I Shall Overcome
03 Tonight
04 Watch Me Fall Apart
05 I Close My Eyes
06 Television
07 Help Me Please
08 Can´t Get Along
09 We Need Love
10 Little Angel
11 The King


domingo, 15 de julio de 2007

Gravenhurst - Trust

Music video for new Gravenhurst single 'Trust', out 17th July on Digital and 30th July as a Ltd 7inch.

The track features on the forthcoming album 'The Western Lands' - due mid September.

Making of Typical


*El video al revés, o más bien al derechas AQUI/HERE THE video FORWARD ^O^


*Lo último de Mute Math ha sido participar en la banda sonora de Transformers, aportando el tema principal. THE MOVIE THEME
En la bso también hay temas de Goo Goo Dolls, Linkin Park,Smashing Pumpkins entre otros.
El tema de Black Lab no aparece en el disco de la banda sonora. VIDEO

The National - MIstaken for Strangers VIDEO

This is the video for "Mistaken For Strangers", directed by Thread-Count. This is the first single for The National's acclaimed album, Boxer. More information can be found at

sábado, 14 de julio de 2007

Kubichek !

Rock / Alternative / Experimental

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom



30:30 Recordings


Al: vocals, guitar
Frog: vocals, bass
Nelson: guitar
McGreevy: drums

Bio recogida en su web:

Creators of this year’s best indie rock debut; make no mistake, Newcastle’s Kubichek! are a devoutly special band. As incendiary as the intentionally explosive exclamation mark that doorstops their moniker, like all the best bands, they come armed with a musical manifesto – a mission statement if you will – that encompasses their lust for uncompromising DIY punk jitter, noir tinged, New Wave tainted atmos, and feedback swamped melodic sass. Said debut, ‘Not Enough Night’ is evocative of their variety in palate; a record that perfectly plots their brilliance over twelve explosive, contrasting melodic assaults, announcing their arrival to the world with aplomb. It is a stunning debut missive.

Formed from their wreckage of their former band (North East England’s much beloved Parklandsway) - and forged from a mutual love of Idlewild, Mogwai, Fugazi, At The Drive In, Primal Scream, and Sigur Ros – they’re a band for anyone who ever believed in the clang of the electric guitar, the rasp of a tattered voice, and a bellyful of bright, bold, guitar skewed pop songs. Consisting of Alan McDonald (vocals / guitar), Mark Nelson (guitar), Frog (bass) and Chris McGreevy (drums), they’ve long since won the hearts of NME (who’ve frequently juxtaposed the worlds ‘brilliant!’, ‘awesome!’ and ‘vital!’ alongside their name), while the likes of Bloc Party, Zane Lowe, The Futureheads, Steve Lamacq, Maximo Park, and Editors are all committed fans. Kubichek! are your favourite bands’, new favourite new band. It’s likely they’ll be yours too.


Discografia: AQUI



1. Searchers
2. Roman Is Better MP3
3. Taxi
4. Nightjoy
5. Hope Is Impossible
6. Stutter
7. Method Acting
8. Outwards
9. Opening Shot
10. Hometown Strategies
11. Start As We Meant To
12. Just Shut It Down


Gorth 2 CLIP (Bside of Stutter)


Kubichek! - Stutter

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Kubichek! - Nightjoy

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Kubichek! - Outwards

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Debería visitar más el blog MUSICSLUT, porque me hubiera gustado escuchar a las CocoRosie cantando el Turn me on de Kevin Little.

Antony & The Johnsons - Crazy In Love (Beyonce cover)MP3 aqui

Devendra Banhart - Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis cover) MP3 aqui

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Love I'm Searching For (Rentals cover) MP3 aqui

Above The Cosmos

Ya está aqui!! Bueno, es su versión para descargar en la red. La versión física saldrá más tarde. Para los que no podáis esperar, lo podéis descargar ya AQUI -->

John Garrison's

Budapest's MySpace

Track list y demos en anteriores posts.

viernes, 13 de julio de 2007

Tim Ten Yen - Girl Number One (Video)

Yen is the Singing Salaryman. Here, he sings his debut single "Girl Number One" which will be released by Fleet Street Records in April 2007.


Porque algunos los descubrieron con Chasing Cars, y antes de esa canción hay otros 3 discos. Pongo la canción RUN porque no habia visto el video, y porque Tele5 ha usado el tema para promocionar JERICHO.

Qué calor

Architecture In Helsinki - Heart It Races

The video for the first single from the new Architecture In Helsinki album Places Like This.

Bloc Party - Hunting For Witches

Brand new Bloc Party video. Third single from the album A Weekend In The City.

Love me like the world is ending

Ben Lee is back!!
You can listen to his first song "Love me like the world is ending" in his MySpace right now!!

His new album will be called RIPE and it'll be released in September.

jueves, 12 de julio de 2007


Tom Jones - I bet you look good on the dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys cover,LIVE) (MP3 AQUI) grazie mile!

The Police - Message In A Bottle (feat. John Mayer & Kanye West) [Live] (MP3 AQUI, thx to IGuessI'mFloating)

Avril Lavigne - The scientist (Coldplay COVER)(MP3 AQUI,thx to Mixtapemaestro)

Lifehouse - Somewhere only we know (Keane COVER)

Ghosts - Don't Cha (Pussycat dolls COVER) Video AOL Sessions

Ben Gibbard - All Apologies (Nirvana cover)
(Live) Video

The Rakes-Ten new messages

Creo que en el foro de Supernovapop decían que era un de los mejores discos del año. Últimamente lo he escuchado bastante y creo que lo voy a añadir a mi pequeña lista de lo mejor del 2007, que de momento sólo la componen The Meaning of 8 de Cloud Cult, Five Roses de Miracle Fortress (del cual aún tenemos pendiente un post), el disco de debut de The Mary Onettes, y probablemente también esté el disco de Great Nothern. Seguramente haya más, así que, abierta estoy a sugerencias. Con ganas de escuchar el nuevo de Pinback y el de New Buffalo.

Rock / Alternative / Indie
London, England




Alan Donohoe - Vocals
Matthew Swinnerton - Guitar
Jamie Hornsmith - Bass
Lasse Petersen - Drums

Info recogida en su MySpace:

The Rakes are trying to get through. They’re rushing, bobbing, and weaving. They’re pushing ahead, avoiding the crowds. They’ve got a place to reach, a message to pass on. But there’s stuff in their way. Traffic. Strangers punting street hassle (Give us that pizza! What kind of mobile you got?). The network’s down. A disruption on the line (underground and telephone). The arteries at the heart of the city are clogged. But they’re up for it, no matter how much they’re ground down by the daily grind. They’ve got the drive. The Rakes will get through.

Ten New Messages is the brilliant second album from London’s most switched-on, keyed-up young band. It is, literally, ten new messages contained in ten new songs. Musically for The Rakes it was about broadening their palette – the short-sharp-shock of their first album, Capture/Release, has given way to more developed, melodically strong songs. ‘We’ve not gone avant-garde or experimental or anything,’ the band say. ‘We’ve just got better at our jobs.’

So it’s about communication and travel, about reaching out to people, leaping over barriers, dodging buses on your bike, getting home on the night bus, getting hold of your girlfriend when there’s no sodding signal on your phone or the battery’s done. About how we move through the modern world. It’s real life, as opposed to globalised existential angst and pretension.

Half of Ten New Messages was recorded in Lincolnshire with producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Kasabian), half in London with Brendan Lynch (Primal Scream, Paul Weller). It’s testament to the strength of the songwriting and the playing that it sounds like one scorching whole. This is a band who, in the same year, as well as collaborating with Statik, produced a cover of a Serge Gainsbourg standard, demonstrating a broad spectrum of influences that reaches further afield and into territory uncharted by your average trilby sporting/eyes-glazed-over indie band.

They’re a band who are economical with their writing: they work on the songs they need, that are good enough to pass muster. Focus on the job at hand. Be right. Be tight. Be concise. The Rakes will get through. Their songs – sharp, meaningful, glorious – will see to that.


Ten New Messages (2007)

1. World Was a Mess But His Hair Was Perfect
2. Little Superstitions
3. We Danced Together
4. Trouble
5. Suspicious Eyes
6. On a Mission
7. Down with Moonlight
8. When Tom Cruise Cries
9. Time to Stop Talking
10. Leave the City and Come Home

-Capture/Release (2006)

Track Listings
1. Strasbourg (Video YouTube)
2. Retreat (Video YouTube)
3. 22 Grand Job (Video YouTube) (Video LIVE YouTube)
4. Open Book (Video YouTube)
5. Guilt
6. Binary Love
7. We Are All Animals
8. Violent
9. T Bone
10. Terror!
11. Work, Work Work (Pub, Club, Sleep) (Video YouTube)
Everyone in music is an amalgam of their influences. For the Rakes, this means they're a lot like a meeting where Wire and Gang of Four get together and play melodies that less are less astringent and angular and more, well, melodic. Luckily, they exceed the shadows of the past exuberantly. It's tight art-punk, tense and a little furious. Then, though, the backing vocals on "Open Book," bending "aws" and "ohs," are just fantastic, measured pop set against minimal guitar jangles that propel the song effortlessly and simply. Elsewhere, on "Binary Love" for example, there's an insistent, classic vocal choppines that's so 1977-78 – with choked guitar tones that fully jar the memory. "Violent" is a perfect past-and-present brew, with dub bass lines and old school guitar riffs that ultimately burst into a completely "now" throwdown, shaking off the obvious Entertainment-era Dave Allen nod. So these guys don't just genuflect to forbears: They know enough to mete out pop hooks and singable choruses and not just blast "12XU." Would that be such a bad thing, though? --Andrew Bartlett

Product Description
The Rakes debut album features 11 total tracks including 'Retreat', 'Violent', 'Terror!', 'Open Book', 'Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)' and more. V2. 2005.


-The World Was A Mess but His Hair Was Perfect

-We Dance Together

-All to human (Video YouTube)

Mika cancela su actuación en el Summercase

por motivos de salud.

Sinnamon, organizadora del Summercase, ha anunciado la suspensión de las actuaciones que Mika tenía previstas para el próximo fin de semana dentro del festival. Los problemas de salud que el británico arrastra desde hace semanas, al parecer una neumonía que ya le hizo cancelar sus apariciones en otros festivales europeos, entre ellos Roskilde, han sido la causa de su caída del cartel.

Mika no tendrá sustituto en el Summercase 2007. El único cambio que tendrá lugar será el retraso en quince minutos de la actuación de Astrud en la Terminal S, concierto que dará comienzo a las 00:00 y no a las 23:45 como estaba previsto.

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2007

Canciones para ti

Robbers On High Street "Crown Victoria" MP3
Grand Animals

It’s not often that you welcome robbers into your house, but when it’s Robbers On High Street, you’ll make an exception. Their latest release Grand Animals, due to be released on July 24th via New Line Records, is a quirky power-pop tour de force, where their wry storytelling style comes fully to the fore, with enough eccentric oddball characters, tall tales, and music hall melodies to fill a Brooklyn bar.

The band are currently on tour, and you can click here to see if they’re in your neck of the woods. Get a sneak preview of the album with the “Crown Victoria” MP3, demonstrating their way with a lyric and idiosyncratic songwriting.

Pronto nuevo disco de Stars, después de su anterior disco versionando por sus amigos :)
Stars "The Night Starts Here" MP3
In Our Bedroom After The War

Having extensively toured the world in support of 2004's acclaimed Set Yourself On Fire, Stars then took a break and temporarily went their separate ways. Torquil Campbell released a third album by his side-project Memphis, while Amy Millan released her country-folk solo debut. Their fourth studio album, In Our Bedroom After The War, was recorded in Vancouver and mixed in Toronto by Joe Chiccarelli (The Shins, The White Stripes.)

The first track to be lifted from the album, "The Night Starts Here" is a slow, building duet between Torquil and Amy. It's got an electro drum-beat, a rumbling bass line, and even an outro replete with laser beams. Stars' In Our Bedroom After The War will be released Sept 25th via Arts & Crafts.

Fields "Song For The Fields (Ewan Pearson Remix)" MP3
Everything Last Winter

As it stands, London-based Anglo-Icelandic rockers Fields are critical darlings, riding high on a wave of ominous, awe-inspiring space-folk and touring behind their dramatic, expansive debut Everything Last Winter. The talented quintet has only been around since early 2006, but their anthemic (perhaps definitive) number “Song for the Fields” has already thrived as a sturdy EP pop-experiment, an enchanting, elongated LP highlight, and a sweaty, planetarium-appropriate slab of dance electronica, courtesy of producer/remixer extraordinaire Ewan Pearson.

What awaits you in Pearson’s frolic through Fields is a gentle but captivating reexamination of the band’s musically morose, lyrically livid single. Where the original haunts, the remix prods and pulsates. Where once it was the wide-open outdoors, now it’s high church ceilings and subterranean basements. Were you longing for lasers in the old version? Man oh man does Ewan Pearson have good news for you.

Jesse Harris "I don't mind" MP3

In many ways, New York native Jesse Harris is something of a ghostwriter. His wonderfully simple melodies and words have been performed by the likes of Bright Eyes, Cat Power, Feist, Willie Nelson, and (most successfully) Norah Jones, but his commanding gaze and unassuming name have usually taken to the dark corners of the liner note or live photo. The thing is, you can’t release an album as lively and lovely as Harris’s Feel without stepping into the spotlight for a little recognition. The record (out July 10th on Velour) is only half of the songwriter’s output for 2007, as his compositions for Ethan Hawke’s new film The Hottest State will grace the star-studded soundtrack being released later this year.

Feel’s title track is a sprightly affair carried along by a coral reef of percussion; congas, bongos, kit and shaker rustle beneath the singer’s friendly, strangely comforting vocals as he sings in perfect lyrical threes, tracing a relationship from uncertainty to unwavering ambitious affection. What a guy!

Bad Brains "Give Thanks And Praises" MP3
Build a Nation

There isn't much you can say about Bad Brains that's not already considered common knowledge. With a career that began in 1977, a list of their respective accomplishments would read as follows. An inspired blend of punk and reggae? CHECK. Live shows that will forever live in infamy thanks to equal parts intensity and vulgarity? CHECK. A continuous cultural and musical importance in an always evolving musical landscape? CHECK. With so much history behind the Washington D.C. natives already known, Bad Brains are adding yet another chapter to their legendary saga.

On June 26, Bad Brains released the highly anticipated LP, Build a Nation. The 14 track disc was produced by Adam Yauch, whose own relevance is equally paralleled through his own Beastie Boys notoriety. The opening track, "Give Thanks and Praises", is Filter's gift to you. In hopes of inspiring both legendary and vulgar feats on this Monday, enjoy.

martes, 10 de julio de 2007

Blue States - Allies

Otro a la lista de los que hay que investigar.

Video for the track Allies by Blue States, from the album First Steps Into...

lunes, 9 de julio de 2007

Editors - Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors

Es el tema que abre el último disco de la banda y ha sido elegido como primer sencillo. Una gran canción que sólo a veces pierde si te recuerda a temas de Snow Patrol o el Life is beautiful de Vega4. Quiero decir que parece como si fuera a ser el nuevo TEMA para la nueva temporada de Anatomia de Grey. Que no tiene nada de malo, pero que le resta brillantez. Algunos han dicho que el nuevo disco es aburrido. Ya me dirás que opinas tú.

Quality first single from the new Editors album, 'An End Has A Start'. Released June 18th (UK) on Kitchenware Records.

The Coral - Who's Gonna Find Me

Mencionamos la vuelta de The Coral, gracias a la información y el MP3 que nos facilitaba IguessI'mfloating en su blog. Aqui tienes el video del primer sencillo del nuevo trabajo de esta banda que se llamará Roots and Echoes.

Manic Street Preachers - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

Tampoco habiamos dicho que Manic Street Preachers tenian nuevo disco. Como Nina (The Cardigans) y James nos caen bien, aqui esta el video el primer sencillo del álbum.

First full single from the new album Send Away The Tigers, which features Nina Persson from The Cardigans on guest vocals.

Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High

Hará más de 1 mes que esta banda aparecía en otros blogs. Y junto a otros 20 son de esas bandas que tengo pendiente por mencionar, muchas de ellas ya han sido mencionadas en forma de video o MP3. Asi que, de momento con esta haremos lo mismo. No he podido escuchar aún nada de ellos, sólo este video y creo que suenan bastante bien, haber si pronto puedo escuchar más para poder hacerme una idea mejor.

New video for the single that comes out on May 14th 2007. A bit like Night At The Museum but without Ben Stiller.

Otro video:

What would Steve do? -Video YouTube-

Broken Dolls

Hoy sale a la venta el single Stronger, cuyo vídeo ya pusimos en el blog. Pronto el disco de debut.

Indie / Electronica

United Kingdom

We've just confirmed live sessions for 6MUSIC 9th JULY 8pm - 9pm (Tom Robinson Show)


Radio 2 July 22nd 12 midnight (Janice Long Show)
-Broken Dolls UK


Novedades en el Sonorama 2007

La organización del Sonorama, cuya edición de décimo aniversario tendrá lugar en Aranda de Duero los próximos 17 y 18 de agosto, ha anunciado a través de su página web la celebración de una fiesta de bienvenida el día 16 y de un concierto matinal el día 18 en las Bodegas del Centro de Aranda. En la fiesta de bienvenida participarán Euphoria y Gato Idiota, mientras que el concierto del 18 de agosto a mediocía contará con Horthy, Underwater Tea Party y Ovni.

Por otro lado, Sonorama 2007 ha hecho pública la distribución de su cartel por escenarios. Ya la puedes consultar en la página web del festival.

-Noticia recogida en Supernovapop-

El Bulevar se despide con fiesta en Madrid

TEXTO: Guillermo de la Madrid | 09/07/2007

El programa de Radio3 que dirige Chema Rey se despide de la parrilla de la cadena pública con una fiesta con más de diez grupos invitados.

Mañana martes 10 de julio tendrá lugar en la sala Joy Eslava de Madrid la fiesta de despedida del programa de Radio3 El Bulevar, dirigido y conducido por Chema Rey. En el homenaje participarán más de diez bandas del panorama independiente nacional, entre las que se encuentran Deluxe, Jet Lag, Sidonie, The Sunday Drivers, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro o Tulsa.

El Bulevar se despide de la parrilla de Radio3 como consecuencia del muy anunciado y comentado reajuste de plantilla que el ente público está llevando a cabo desde hace ya bastantes meses.

-Noticia recogida en Supernovapop-


Para aquellos que a las 12 disfrutabamos escuchando esta sintonía porque se "abría" el Bulevar.
Pop Will Eat Itself "Def Con One" MP3

domingo, 8 de julio de 2007