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Hace mucho hablamos de ellos,su tema "Maybe this time" me gustaba muchísimo. Por fin este año han editado sus temas en forma de un EP que incluye 3 temas.


LOS ANGELES, California
Estados Unidos


Doug(Guitar-Vox) Joe (Drums) Cory (Bass)

Info en su Myspace:

Its difficult to describe Casper, and their sound, without sounding like the cocky bastards that they are, and rightfully so. Experimental massiveness reverberates throughout their shows without the added help of props or an indie-band uniform; just pure working-class rock and roll with a captivating catchiness that leaves you desperate for more, and kicking yourself for not demanding this kind of song writing out of every band for the last few years. Under the Punk sound of the 70's and the Manchester sound-influence of the 80s and 90s, Casper evokes a Brit-rock nostalgia with influences ranging from: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,The Who, T-Rex, The Stone Roses, The Kinks, The Smiths, and The Happy Mondays, to early RadioHead (The Bends) and Oasis. Casper is the other side of Tinseltown; where pimps, pushers, and some of Angelenos roughest gangs rule over the red carpets and glamour thats captured by the media, then rolled away over the weekend. Despite being Hollywood natives Casper wont fit in to the typical LA Band genre, but successfully create an amazing sound that will remind you of why you fell in love with rock and roll in the first place. Ingenue Magazine ~Morgen la Brecque~ )


So here it is, the debut EP from Casper. Sure to put a smile on the faces of fans that are already aware of this bands potential. With the opening track "Maybe This Time" starting the pace, Casper take no prisoners in what can only be described as a very promising BIG sound. The second track "Break it Down" sympathies with the listener by allowing you to get your breath back but before too long it hit's you with that massive sound again. The final track on this EP, released on the ModRock Music label, "Exhibitionist" has a darker sound and perhaps unfolds a side of Hollywood that many don't talk about? The band themselves have had first hand experience of the dark side of Tinseltown, coming come from that area. We say keep experiencing it!

Listado de canciones:

1 Maybe This Time
2 Break It Down
3 Exhibitionist

Video "Maybe this time"

Casper Maybe this time

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