viernes, 3 de abril de 2009

Lucky Soul "Woah Billy" SINGLE

More like "Woah, Lucky Soul!" Since shimmying and shaking their way to one of the best indie pop albums of 2007, these English guitar romantics must've been hitting the gym. Sweating to the 1970s, no doubt: "Woah Billy!", the first offering from the band's upcoming sophomore effort, adds glam muscle and disco glamor to The Great Unwanted's already-keen sense of girl-group melodrama. Why shimmy when you can strut?

The easy critical reference points have changed, but influence-spotting was never really part of Lucky Soul's appeal, anyway. Luckily, soulfully, "Woah Billy!" has the confident songcraft, teenager-sized emotion, and overall pop immediacy that made them such a fun, likable band from the start. Never mind the giddy handclaps and oohing backing vocals-- the old outsider's sadness is here, too, from an opening warning of "dark times ahead" to instant insomniac quotables like "sleep's for the brave." Keep the dark times coming, please, woah or whoa, whoa oh oh.

-Marc Hogan (Pitchfork)

MP3 thx to TheYellowStereo

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