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DIRECTOR -"I'll Wait For Sound" Nuevo disco!! 8 Mayo

Se me ha hecho como larga la espera, desde que los descubrí con su tema "Reconnect" que supuso una "revolución" de comentarios por los blogs musicales.
Por fin este año el 8 de Mayo tendremos nuevo disco de Director.

(Albums usually need a cover - we liked the one that was on the front of the last one so much we decided to get another.

It will look something not unlike thi






* Michael Moloney - Vocals, Guitars, Keys;
* Eoin Aherne - Guitars, Backing Vocals;
* Shay Lawlor - Drums;
* Rowan Averill - the Bass Guitar;

Listado de canciones:

The album is done, finished, completed - absolutely out of our hands and we couldn't be more delighted. It is called I'll Wait For Sound and it comes out on the 8th of May.

The following is the tracklist you can expect to find on the back of some if not all copies of the album

1. Play Pretend FREE MP3 in their MySpace

2. Don't Think I'll Know
3. Sing It Without A Tune (*1er Single*)
4. Laser Point
5. I'll Wait For Sound
6. Moment To Moment
7. You See
8. Hold Up Now
9. At What Point
10. Can't Go Home

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