sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

Player 2007 #2

Este post se escribió el 1-Febrero-2007, lo recupero, porque este año, más de dos años después ha sido censurado, algún link de los MP3s que ahora no se considera "legal".
No voy a poner los links de los MP3s de nuevo, simplemente lo posteo para no perder lo que sonó por aquel entonces en el blog.
I want to make a different player, but I had a lot of problems with the links of fileden and some creator mp3flash players. So finally this is what I could do. Enjoy it!

Great nothern- Home (mp3)

Moving units-between us & them (mp3)

Gruff Rhys- Candylion (mp3)

Sophia-Oh my love (mp3)

Wheat-I met a girl (mp3)

Cloud cult- Take your medicine (mp3)

Mika - Grace Kelly (Pull Tiger Tail remix) (mp3)

Crystal castles vs. the little ones-lovers who uncover (mp3 remix)

Editors- Munich (mp3)

The Meligrove Band- Everyone's a winner (mp3)

Big Red Button- Let the old ways die (mp3)

Emily Simon -I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges cover)(mp3)

Little man tate- What?What you got? (mp3)

The western states motel- Powerlines (mp3)

FUJIYA and MIYAGI- ankle injuries (mp3)

The one AM radio- In The Time We've Got (mp3)

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