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Passion Pit - Álbum de debut

Primero fue el EP del cual hablamos por aqui, y pronto llegará su largo, las primeras impresiones nos las da :

First Impressions: Passion Pit, Manners
by Staff | 03.27.2009

Passion Pit
Frenchkiss Records
Release Date: 5/26

Track list:
1. Make Light
2. Little Secrets
3. Moth’s Wings
4. The Reeling
5. Eyes As Candles
6. Swimming In The Flood
7. Folds In Your Hands
8. To Kingdom Come
9. Sleepyhead
10. Let Your Love Grow Tall
11. Seaweed Song

First Impressions:

- While Michael Angelakos vocals aren’t exactly to die for, he more than makes up for it with his intricate lyricism. In “Moth’s Wings,” Angelakos sings a metaphor-filled letter to a drifting friend: “You come beating like moths wings/spastic and violently wiping me into a storm/shaking me down to the core/but you run away from me/and you’ve left me shimmering/like diamond wedding rings/spinning dizzily down on the floor.”

- “Fold In Your Hands” is like a shot of pop straight into the veins that leaves you in a trance of synth. With quick angst, Angelakos announces, “Leave me alone/leave me alone/leave me alone I’m fine,” as the track progresses into a crash of synthesizers and high pitch chants.

- Passion Pit retains its synth pop sound. If anything, Manners is a more developed version of Chunk of Change: smarter lyrics, bolder beats and better mixes, aside from the returning “Sleepyhead.”

Key Tracks:
“Moth’s Wings,” “Folds In Your Hands,” “Sleepyhead”

If you liked Chunks of Change, chances are you’ll like Manners. Filled with danceable tracks perfect for a sunny afternoon spent thinking about the complexities of life, Passion Pit’s first full-length is a definite crawl out of the “sandbox.”


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