viernes, 18 de julio de 2008


Mencionamos a esta banda sueca por Febrero, aprovechando que los tiene esta semana entre sus 5 destacados, vamos a volver a mencionarlos por aquí, además hay 3 temitas para descargar, para que tengas nueva música para este finde, entre concierto y concierto del Summercase o del FIB. ;)

Pasen buen fin de semana!!!!!

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Editor's review
Inspired by beaches, ocean and sun, Pacific! seeks to remind us sonically about the stuff we love scenically. The pair that make up Pacific! are electronic music light bearers who sound more like Daft Punk-loving French producers than Swedes who dream about the sea.


You've spent a sun-drenched day relaxing on the beach and you're looking out at the ocean � see that very strong bright light on the water? That's what new band Pacific! are all about, and it's a warm sunny emotional feeling that imbues all of their music. "We have been very inspired by that light and we wanted to capture it in our songs," explains Danny.

It is no wonder Pacific! - the duo of Daniel Hogberg and Bjorn Synneby - from Gothenburg, Sweden - are already making serious waves in continental Europe with their sumptuous debut album Reveries.

MP3s descargables:

Hot Lips (3:01)

Sunset Blvd (The Touch Remix) (6:10)

Runaway To Elsewhere (Breakbot Remix) (4:37)

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