lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

The Drug Models Love

Es el proyecto de uno de los ex-componentes de Ursula Points. Su álbum se llamará Slow Hope Parade, y puedes escuchar parte en su MySpace.

Minimalista / Electroacústica / Pop

Estados Unidos

Here's a taste of the new record. It was recorded over the last nine months in NY. Wonderfully mixed by the great and talented Alex Newport. Digital downloads will be available hopefully end of week. Artwork up soon. Wanted to put up the tunes anyway because of your sweet demands for new music. Thanks and enjoy!

Slow Hope Parade (CD - 2008)

01 Wrapped Up In Honey
02 Sometimes A City Street
03 Heir Apparent
04 ...and shorelines
05 Palm Satellites
06 Last First Light
07 Sara Los Angeles
08 Obviously
09 Slow Hope Parade
10 From the Earliest Hours
11 Myth Glorious

Recorded, Written and Performed by Kevin McGinnis
Cello by Karen Satterthwaite

Mixed by Alex Newport

Mastered by Jeff Lipton

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