miércoles, 16 de julio de 2008

The Kiss-Off

Es la banda sin-descubrir del mes de Julio en Filter-Mag.com. Debutan con un EP llamado Brace.

Brooklyn,New York,Estados Unidos



Sam Tyndall,
Oliver Edsforth,
Nate Lithgow,
Adam De Rosa,
Michael Chap Resnick

Undiscovered Band Of July: The Kiss Off:

The Brooklyn based quintet pushes boundaries by combining motorik beats, pulsating virtuosic guitar riffs, and infectious synth-rhythms with poised self-assurance. Singer/songwriter Tyndall's hauntingly powerful baritone compliments the group's unique charm, exuding a raw yet polished, pure and honest sentiment. The group's debut EP, Brace, features distorted melodies, kraut-rock sensibilities, art-pop overtones, and minimal yet memorable hooks. The assembly of songs focuses on personal identity, originating from Tyndall's perspective. Brace was self-produced and recorded at The Space in Manhattan, and is a prime indicator of the band's DNA, with hints of how they will evolve.

Who are your main influences:
David Bowie and Echo & The Bunnymen

Where did the band name originate?
Depends who you ask- either a Twilight Zone episode or a line from 'Joe the Lion'

Favorite Bands?
St. Vincent, Apes & Androids, Big Bang TV, Bellmer Dolls, & The King Left.

MP3 incluido en su EP "Brace":

-Laying Dead (mediafire)


"Amplify" video shot by Jae Song

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