lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Radio Wars

Es el título del segundo disco de los australianos Howling Bells.

Track Listings
1. Treasure Hunt
2. Cities Burning Down
3. It Aint You Nightingale
4. Lets Be Kids
5. Ms. Bells Song
6. Radio Wars Theme
7. Golden Web
8. into The Chaos
9. Digital Hearts
10. How Long to L.A.
2009 sophomore album. If their debut could easily be the soundtrack for the beautifully haunted world of Twin Peaks, their sophomore effort would be their leap into the blockbuster mainstream. There s a formidable richness here, a glorious depth and maturity and growth which takes the Howling Bells sound into hitherto unexplored terrain, aided, in no small part, by the expertise of producer extraordinaire Dan Grech-Marguerat. Independiente.


Cities Burning Down

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