lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008

Love is all

Tras su debut Nine Times That Same Song (2006).Su nuevo trabajo A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night saldrá el 11/11/08 en What's Your Rupture?

Insound Staff Pick - 2008! From seemingly out of nowhere, Love is All turned up everywhere after their release of Nine Times That Same Song and then, impossibly, disappeared to the fate of hype, broken promises and seething expectations. A full three years later, the fanciful-anachro-charm of Love Is All has matured with the marriage of several members, kids and a true appreciate that love is all. The new album harnesses the same raw energy and music which captured our hearts, but this time magnifies it through the complex emotions and experiences the band has struggled with.

The recording of A Hundred Things Keep Me up at Night reveals the unsatisfying realities of success. Years in the works, A Hundred Things is a record about excitement, frustration, regret, disappointment and figuring out what's important in finding the relief of the morning's light at the end of a bad nights sleep.

Un par de canciones del disco:

-"Big Bangs, Black Holes, Meteorites" MP3 thx to Pitchforkmedia.

-"Wishing well" INFO


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