jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008

The Legends


The Legends "Seconds Away"

After two years of absence The Legends return with the noisiest pop single to ever come out of Sweden.
”Seconds away” balances perfectly between the unbearable and pure loveliness.

I need noise now, so this new single sounds like someone drilling a whole in your head. In a pleasant way that is. It’s called "Seconds away" and is about the wonders of tryptizol. The B-side, "Over and over" is actually one of those sad love songs I had promised myself never to write again. But it was out of my hands; life forced me to write it. Sorry about that... Pallers has done a truly wonderful remix of it. It might actually beat the original, which is both a very good thing and slightly depressing at the same time.” Johan [aka The Legends].

"Seconds away" is released on November 5.

Track listing
1. Seconds away MP3
2. Over and over
3. Over and over (Remix by Pallers)

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