viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Este año BRMC volverá, decir que a su alineación se ha unido una chica, en sustitución del batería.

Robert Levon Been | Peter Hayes | Leah Shapiro

Estas son las noticias de su nuevo trabajo.

The first single is the title track "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" - AOL Spinner will be world premiering a stream of the track starting this Friday, January 22nd starting at 11am Pacific Time.

As some of you heard, Nick Grimshaw at BBC's Radio 1 in London gave the track it's radio debut on Wednesday night. Please give the station a shout to tell them what you think.

Album Release & Formats:

1. Beat The Devil's Tattoo
2. Conscience Killer
3. Bad Blood
4. War Machine
5. Sweet Feeling
6. Evol
7. Mama Taught Me Better
8. River Styx
9. The Toll
10. Aya
11. Shadow's Keeper
12. Long Way Down
13. Half-State

"Beat The Devil's Tattoo" will be released March 8th in the UK & Europe and March 9th in North Hollywood and will available in a variety of formats. The first 50k copies in the US will come on a special edition black disc. In the UK & Europe, there will be a standard jewel case version containing the 13 album tracks, as well as a deluxe version that comes in the same special packaging as the US release and contains the 13 album tracks plus two B-Sides.

A Vinyl edition will be released as well and will contain the track "Annabel Lee."

The album will also be available for pre-order on iTunes starting in the US on February 9th and in the UK & Europe on February 8th (awaiting confirmation). All pre-orders will come with an instant download of the track "Beat The Devil's Tattoo."

The US iTunes Version will have the album only track "Annabel Lee," a Digital Booklet of the album art as well as the B-Side Track "1:51" (exclusive to the pre-order period). The UK/European iTunes version will include the album only track "Annabel Lee" and the Digital Booklet.

Exclusive album bundles will be available for order soon from our new merch store which will be launching soon, and will be featuring some new items.

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