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Indie / Alternativa / Pop

Reino Unido



Vox/Guitar: Paul Hampton
Lead Guitar: Jonathan Baker
Bass: Matthew Cross
Drums: Richie Grinter

Album de debut (27/10/08 -3/11/08 Split Records)

--'Before The Walls Came Down' Out 03.11.08

'Before The Walls Came Down' was written and recorded in an intense nine-day burst in Moles studio in Bath with acclaimed producer Paul Corkett (Radiohead, the Cure, Placebo).


1. Glorious
2. Before The Walls Came Down
3. Your Enemy
4. Some Kind Of Love
5. Beat Connection
6. Reykjavik
7. Tremble
8. This Is On Fire
9. Stop
10. Fragile Minds
11. Turn The Lights Out
12. If Only We Both Believed This Is True

bonus track : Electrons & Particles


Before The Walls Came Down

Electrons & Particles

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