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Love Psychedelico

Pop / Rock

California, Estados Unidos




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The band was formed in 1997 by singer Kumi (born April 11, 1976 in Chiba Prefecture) and guitarist Naoki Sato (born July 21, 1973 in Shizuoka Prefecture‍[1]),while studying at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. They signed with major label Victor in 1999. In Japan they are often called Delico for short.

Their first album, The Greatest Hits, sold over two million copies.[2] Their second album Love Psychedelic Orchestra, released in January 2001, sold 90,000 copies.

They have released two albums since, Love Psychedelico III, in early 2004, and compilation album Early Times, in February 2005. This best-of compilation received a positive response in the Taiwanese J-pop market and the group visited Taiwan in June of that year. They held a concert in Taipei on June 22 where many fans gathered, including a sizable number of celebrity attendees. It proved to be a very successful concert for the duo who do not usually appear publicly.

Love Psychedelico also toured extensively through the club and bar circuit in the United States, garnering largely positive reactions. American cities the band has said to have enjoyed playing were Nashville, Austin, and Kumi’s childhood home of San Francisco. For the promotion of their new album, Golden Grapefruit, Love Psychedlico will be making their first televised music program appearance on Bokura no Ongaku. It is also notable that they will be interviewed by Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon.[1]

Último disco: (Discografia según

-This Is Love Psychedelico (2008)

HackTone Records

Track Listings
1. Standing Bird
2. Your Song
3. Everybody Needs Somebody
4. Lady Madonna
5. Fantastic World
6. Unchained
7. My Last Fight
8. Last Smile
9. All Over Love
10. O
11. These Days
12. Neverland
13. A Day For You


THIS IS LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, the forthcoming album on HackTone Records, is the first album by LOVE PSYCHEDELICO to be released outside of Asia.

Kumi (vocals) and Naoki (guitar), two obsessives of the British Invasion and 70 s classic rock, formed Delico (as they re affectionately called by leagues of fanatics) in Tokyo 1997. With an ear for big hooks and even bigger guitar, the duo digested and reconfigured their influences with equal nods to the dance floor, the mod squad, and Laurel Canyon.

Kumi s lyrics slide almost invisibly between Japanese and English, emphasis on the latter. A mistress of the two languages, Kumi is fiercely devoted to creating a third through her music. No throwaway, nonsense choruses. No cartoon caricatures. No stale bubblegum. Instead, it s futuristic rock n roll swagger with a big heart...not unlike Sheryl Crow makin babies with Noel Gallagher to the throbbing flicker of Technicolor strobes.

-Final Fantasy

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