viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2008


Me encanta su canción "Fascination". Pensaba que ya habia hablado de ellos por aqui..Pero se ve que no.





Anders SG /// Vocals
Stine B /// Vocals
Lil Anders /// Guitar
Rasmus /// Keys
Anders Reinholdt /// Bass
Troels /// Drums

-This Is Alphabeat (2008)

Track Listings
1. Fantastic Six
2. Fascination VIDEO
3. 10, 000 Nights VIDEO
4. Boyfriend VIDEO
5. What Is Happening
6. Go-Go
7. Touch Me Touching You
8. Rubber Boots
9. Public Image
10. Nothing But My Baby
11. [CD-Rom Track]

Editorial Reviews:
It’s difficult not to like Danish six-piece Alphabeat. Their retro-fuelled ‘wonky pop’ is pure optimistic fun of the kind that only po-faced too-cool-for-schoolers could possibly diss. This Is Alphabeat is a version of their platinum-selling Danish release minus some of the cheesier moments and with three brand new tracks produced by Mike Spencer (Kylie, Beverley Knight, Jamiroquai). 80s-style pop is still very much the motto here, with singles like "Fascination" and "10,000 Nights" manifesting more than just a casual aura of fame school about them. "Boyfriend" is reminiscent of 80s Madonna and the skewed electro of "Touch Me Touching You" is ridiculously saccharine and highly infectious. One of Spencer’s additions is worth noting--a cheerful romp through PiL's "Public Image," chirpy whistling and all, that will undoubtedly make John Lydon purple with rage. This Is Alphabeat packs in the musical clichés for sure, but there’s no denying the band’s zest and sincerity. At only ten tracks, this is a short but defiantly sweet statement.--Danny McKenna

Product Description
Japanese pressing of the 2008 debut album from this poptastic Danish outfit, now relocated to London. Includes four bonus tracks. With their first commercial single release, 'Fascination', selling over 100,000 copies, it's clear that Britain has taken Alphabeat to it's heart. Ever since they made the move from Copenhagen to a shared house in East London, these six young Danes have been winning over critics, club kids, indie scenesters and fashionistas alike with their infectious brand of high-octane, organically produced Modern Pop and incendiary live performances. Now with a bona fide breakthrough single under their belts you know that this band aren't going to stop until they have made 2008 their own. Also includes the second single, '10,000 Nights'. EMI.



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