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The Cinematics -Love and terror *NUEVO DISCO*

Por fin, sale el nuevo trabajo de The cinematics, hace unas semanas pregunté a la gente, y nadie sabía nada, y ya me parecía raro que hubiera salido el single, y del disco nada de nada. Pero, por fin saldrá el 6 de Octubre. Aqui os dejo el tracklist, y el video del single, el cual da título al álbum, y del cual ya hablamos.

Listado de canciones:

1. All These Things 3:18
2. She Talks To The Trees 3:04
3. New Mexico 4:00
4. Love And Terror 4:30
5. Lips Taste Like Tears 3:02
6. Wish (When The Banks Collapse) 3:25
7. Hospital Bills 3:55
8. Moving To Berlin 3:22
9. You Can Dance 3:52
10. Hard For Young Lovers 4:47



When their debut Lp, A Strange Education hit stores in 2007 via TVT records, Glasgow's The Cinematics were poised for superstardom. Having already received accolades from everyone from Spin to Teen Vogue to The
New York Times and toured with the likes of interpol, The Bravery and We Are Scientists, it seemed that the new wave inspired foursome's next big break was just around the corner. Until the unthinkable happened in
early 2008--powerhouse independent label TVT records filed for bankruptcy.

A lot has happened since then and that first single. Original guitarist Ramsay Miller was replaced by Larry Reid, The Cinematics recorded a new album on their own and The Orchard purchased TVT, making it possible
for the band's sophomore masterpiece, Love And Terror, to finally see the light of day. The album, dark and brooding, yet full of sharp hooks and vocal melodies that would make Ian McCulloch proud, is about young lovers struggling to make their way in a world in
meltdown. Singer Scott Rinning describes Love and Terror as a truly honest record of our times.

The old record label business model would not fit with the sound and feel of the band or our music, asserts bass-player, Adam Goemans, every production quirk on this album has been created by the band. There was no record company pressure on us to compromise.

And compromise they didn't, creating a haunting and powerful record that proves that The Cinematics are back in full force, and they are here to stay.


-Love and terror

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