lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

Music For Your Heart

Regalitos que llegan al correo del blog. Se trata de un proyecto de Sandra Zettpunkt, en el que han colaborado personajes de Teenage Fanclub y Calexico entre otros. El disco sale el 25 de este mes, mientras tanto disfruta de sus temas "The one" y "Unwound".


Info gracias a Sandra Zettpunkt:

Music For Your Heart is the alter ego of Sandra Zettpunkt. Her coaxing timbre slips into the ear,suggesting thoughts fed on experience and expectation – mostly in English, sometimes in German. Time and again, stunning vocal harmonies arise from the substrate to open up familiar territories, a voice couched in transparent arrangements.
Playing all of the instruments herself, discounting the occasional guest presence of a double bass, Sandra weaves a timeless and sensitive fabric of sound embellished with a thread of nostalgia – not unlike the album title's 19th century optical illusion: a piece of paper on a string, printed with images on either side; two components that come together in rotational movement,yet remain separate nonetheless. A sentiment reflected in the album's clear arrangement of its individual parts. A few strategic interventions and the quiet magic runs its course. Turning Marvel is a touching, immediate recording, an album steeped in carefully honed detail, a golden deliberate analogue slipstream.

On Turning Marvel, Music For Your Heart's palette ranges from indie anthem to pastoral gem and pays knowing reference to the raw sparseness of early Cat Power, Slint's aural intensity,Nico's dark elegance and the welcome transparency of the Radar Brothers. To this end, a select few have contributed to Turning Marvel: the recordings took place in Glasgow and Hamburg, supervised and coaxed to perfection by Raymond McGinley of Teenage Fanclub, Bob Weston (Shellac) added the mastering touches and Volker Zander of Calexico played double bass. Sandra Zettpunkt herself used to play drums for bands like Fünf Freunde, Camping and Kajak, yet also moonlights as a radio DJ (from 1996 to 2007 for Sunday Service / FSK and now for ByteFM with Golden Glades). Due to a slightly sinister twist of fate, she currently resides in beautiful Bern (Switzerland).


Release Info
Artist: Music For Your Heart
Album: Turning Marvel
Format: LP / Digipack / Download
Kat.Nr.: sunLP19 / sunCD19
Label: Sunday Service (LC 00082)
Release Date: 25.09.2009
Distribution: SRD (UK), Forced Exposure (USA)
Indigo (Germany), Art Union (Japan)

1. Unwound (video YouTube)
2. Her Blue Dots Theory
3. The One MP3
4. Embrace The Change
5. The Sky Seems Lower
Than Before
6. An Evening With
7. Steve McQueen
8. Gleaming Hearts
9. Another Day, AnotherDawn
10. So Nah
11. Insight Into
12. When The Night Begins



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