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Ojeando el gran blog de Lu de UnaPielDeAstracán , me he tenido que fijar en THE XX, porque según parece se está hablando mucho de ellos y yo ..sin enterarme. Se nota que estoy algo descolgada.
El caso es que The XX se caracterizan por voz masculina y voz femenina, cosa que a mi me encanta, y recuerdan un poco a Chairlift y sobre todo a Cocteau Twins. Un sonido etéreo que entra fácilmente, y que hace la escucha de su álbum XX muy agradable.

En septiembre estarán de gira con Florence and The Machine.

Pop / Soul / New Wave

Reino Unido



Oliver, Romy, Baria, Jamie

Info en RoughTrade:

xx - rough trade exclusive with bonus cd

Release Date: 17/08/2009

rough trade exclusive with a bonus cd of three cover versions of kyla, womack and womack and aaliyah. the xx are four precocious 19 year olds from south west london who provide the hushed minimal strokes of young marble giants and early cure but through the minds of a young act obsessed with the r&b turns of ciara and aaliyah, having gone so far as to cover the latter's 'hot like fire' as the b-side for their first single, 'crystalised' and having first been picked up after recording a sensational version of womack and womack's 'teardrops'. having signed to xl sub-label young turks earlier in the year the band began to record with a host of the finest producers going, including brazilian giant diplo and up-and-coming hotshot kwes the four eventually settled with the option of recording at xl's in-house studio, with 'xx' eventually produced by the band themselves. this is an inspired, broken and uplifting record, packed with melancholic charms that recalls the suburban disillusion of the previous burial records and portishead's 'dummy'. this is a remarkable debut record from a remarkable new act.

Listado de canciones de su XX (17 -Agosto - 2009)

01 Intro
02 Vcr
03 Crystalised
04 Islands
05 Heart Skipped A Beat
06 Fantasy
07 Shelter
08 Basic Space
09 Infinity
10 Night Time
11 Stars

*** Escucha del disco en el Spotify ***


- Basic Space

- Crystalised

Directed by Alex Flick and Masato Riesser

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