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Indie / Pop

USA y Canadá



Tiffany Garrett Sotomayor
San Francisco

Cameron Fraser

Charla McCutcheon-

Info recogida en su MySpace:

Bella are a trio whose music gets you all tangled up in a West coast indie pop synth dream, complete with soaring guitars and unique vocals. Bella are known for their energetic and unpredictable live shows that feature multiple instrument swaps and hip-shaking dance moves to entice the audience. They have been critically acclaimed by local music magazines across the country, and Britain's NME called their song "Didn't Mean to Break Our Love" a "standout tune"... -Exclaim!

Bella is set release their second full-length album NO ONE WILL KNOW Sept 18 2007 on Mint Records. While recording No One Will Know, Bella called in their friends Roddy Bottum and Will Schwartz (Imperial Teen) and Jason Martin (Starflyer 59) and joined forces with producer/understated mastermind Dave Carswell of JC/DC Studios (Tegan and Sara, New Pornographers). The result is a sparkling Mint Records debut that channels its influences from a synthier time - but in a gorgeous, non-ironic kind of way.

Bella has performed with bands such as The New Pornographers, The Breeders, Imperial Teen,The Most serene republic, Billy Bragg, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Brunettes, The Organ, and Viva Voce.


Give It A Night (Live at the Railway Club) (Back-vocals by Immaculate Machine)

Disco homenaje a StarFlyer 59:

Track listing

1. Prayer Breakfast — “When I Learn to Sing” (MP3/FLAC)
2. The Late Virginia Summers — “Messed Up and Down” (MP3/FLAC)
3. husband&wife — “Fell in Love at 22” (MP3/FLAC)
4. First Natural — “Shut Your Mouth” (MP3/FLAC)
5. One Wolf — “All the Time” (M4A)
6. Uncle Pete & C-Pelch — “It’s Alright Blondie” (MP3/FLAC)
7. Jono — “No New Kinda Story” (MP3/FLAC)
8. The Valets — “You Think You’re Radical” (MP3/FLAC)
9. Casey & Finnigan — “West Coast Friendship” (MP3/FLAC)
10. Microwavable Martian — “Card Games and Old Friends” (MP3/FLAC)
11. Paul A Harper & His Duologue — “Give Up the War” (MP3/FLAC)
12. Lucy the Valiant — “The Hearttaker” (MP3/FLAC)
13. C-Pelch — “Loved Ones” (MP3/FLAC)
14. The Smiths — “Help Me When You’re Gone” (MP3/FLAC)
15. JVSS — “I Drive a Lot (instrumental)” (MP3/FLAC)
16. The Victoria Line — “Just Try” (MP3/FLAC)
17. Second Selves — “The Party” (MP3/FLAC)

El resto de Mp3s o en comprimido en .ZIP. Aqui-Full album here

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