lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

3ª entrega de Little Toys

El tema en cuestión da título a su álbum que se publicará en verano.

LETRA: Mario Orellana     
MÚSICA: Pablo Maqueda    
INSTRUMENTOS: Sintetizadores

I’m from other world, a lost empire,

I alternated the current way of life.

Electric wars, radio-robots,

stolen honors.

A blanket of energy all over the sky, through and through,

From my tower I’ll see it come true.

The same pigeon everyday, death is a white glow,

a final blow

The night we loved Nikola Tesla

The night we loved Nikola Tesla

The night that I loved

The night that I swear

The night that I lived

The night that I kiss you

Turn the dessert into a lake of light,

Millions of watts from outer space, a clue to find.

Tunguska event, ten megatons, daytime of the night.

Last days of loneliness, totally peniless, I lost my mind.

**MP3 en su tumblr**

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